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{ Dang! We have four shifters, five magi, and only one beast… }

{ I wanted to be another magi, but I could make a dragon beast work… }

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Originally posted by Sierrasama:
Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

Also, I will start the game by crashing one of the giant Utopian floating cities to the ground. That dramatic enough?

{ Make sure you have an enemy do it, and possibly some minor mininions, like a huge golem and mini golems? }

If I remember correctly, B_S has already planned out the beginning of the plot. I can’t remember where I read this though.

By the way, the players will have to travel seperately

Wouldn’t that be assumed :P?

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You mean the players will have to travel, not with you.

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Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:
Originally posted by Firespread:

I can haz accept?

Sure, but you still need to fix your strength thing. No human is strong enough to tear out someone’s heart without stopping unless he uses some sort of strength-enhancing spell.

Also, I will start the game by crashing one of the giant Utopian floating cities to the ground. That dramatic enough?

Done and yes.

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I am assuming that they can choose to travel with others or by their self.

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I’ll have Dawn walking to Uptopia for studies, I guess.

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Cogito Ergo Sum is returning from a mission to kill a pack of Beasts when he spots the city crashing to the ground. He knows that there’re Shifters on that city, and now is the perfect time to take them down.

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I am sleeping in a cave high above the floor of the undersphere, on the side of a cliff face.

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Arkenarken, we are not posting yet, this is the Signup thread!

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Originally posted by Sierrasama:

I’ll have Dawn walking to Uptopia for studies, I guess.

Originally posted by helltank:

Cogito Ergo Sum is returning from a mission to kill a pack of Beasts when he spots the city crashing to the ground. He knows that there’re Shifters on that city, and now is the perfect time to take them down.

Originally posted by arkenarken:


I am sleeping in a cave high above the floor of the undersphere, on the side of a cliff face.

Originally posted by therealsirmark4:

Arkenarken, we are not posting yet, this is the Signup thread!

It sounded like that was what they where doing.

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I’m going to be gone all weekend, so I’ll start playing on Monday.

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Naw, they were just talking about how their characters would see the crash of the city, and get into the plot.

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Ok fine i plan to have my character get woken up by the sound of the crash and in anger of getting woken up he goes to the surface to kill whoever woke him up.

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You didn’t really have to say that, I think most of us are just saying it because we are bored.

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Actually, you know what? When I start the game tomorrow, I’m going to give it a couple of days so people can develop their characters a bit. Then I’ll crash the floating city and start everything off.

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How about you open the Game thread now, we talk about our character’s daily lives and basically do some mundane RPing until tomorrow, when you break it up with the gigantic crash.

That way we can develop in the game thread.

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Character sheet is edited. Can I have your approval?

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Primary Name: Sana

Other Names: Echis Ana, The Musical Dragon

Class: Beast

Species: Drakaina

Gender: Female

Age: 105

Human Appearance: N/A

True Appearance: Sana appears as a half beautiful woman, half deadly snake/dragon thing. Twice as tall as an ordinary human being (not counting her tail, which is also several feet long), she is human up to her waist, though large dragon scales cover her skin from the chest to the tip of her long tail.

The human part is that of a fair skinned woman, with flowing, waist-length dark green hair, very narrow, brilliant eyes of the same color, fiery red lips and sharp features. Her hands are lean and muscly, and her fingers have sharp nails, almost to the point where they appear to claws. She has a pair of fangs that can be retracted into the jaws, which are lined with shining, knife like teeth.

The snake skin is mostly a mixture of varying shades of brown and silver, with black and white spots at regular intervals, covered evenly with dragon scales. Two great, black scaly wings, almost as wide as she is tall, sprout from her back, and are lined with spikes near the margin. Barbs line her serpentine body at regular intervals, growing smaller near the tip. Two longer strands of hair beside her ear are tiny snakes that sometimes move their heads around, and are completely under her control.

She wears a wide necklace of pure gold around her neck, which has a rather large emerald set into it, a diadem of springy green branches on her head and some broken, rusty chains dangle from her wrists.

Personality: Sana has very limited speech, confined to only a few vowel sounds and less than half of the consonants. While she can pronounce her self-given name properly, most of the time, she conveys her different emotions through facial expressions and gesticulations. She can rub different parts of her snake body together, which produce a “sizzling” sound, serving as a warning for aggressors. She is a good listener and extremely patient from years in the wilderness, but she doesn’t trust people easily either. She doesn’t attack unless provoked, and regards the Magi and Shifters with a mix of careless respect and disdain.


Fighting: Drakainas are born fighters, and Sana has the natural balance of strength and intelligence to dish out good damage with any melee weapon, or even unarmed. Besides, having been placed in close proximity of many hostile beasts, she has a lot of experience in violent encounters, and isn’t easily scared or baffled under attack.

Singing: While most other beasts used their voices for instinctive shouting and roaring, Sana, having never used her voice for hostile communication, decided to use it to entertain herself instead, mimicing a wide variety of birdsong and, mixing it with the song of the snakes, creating an almost ethereal music that she is in the habit of singing at least once every day. Besides, her voice has developed itself to allow for different utilities (see advanced abilities).

Flight Proficiency: She is pretty good at lifting herself off, and when she puts her mind to it, she can fly very fast, and has remarkable control of herself in the air, making the sharpest of turns with ease.

Survival: From experience, she knows how to survive in the wilderness, avoid getting killed and hunt for food. She knows which plants have medicinal values and where they can be found, and how to distinguish hostile beasts from timid ones.

Animal Language: She can “converse” with lower animals, although it really isn’t as much of conversation as knowing what sounds can elicit what kind of responses from those animals. Certain animals, such as snakes and lizards, are easier to converse with in comparison to others, particularly non-reptilian varieties of creatures.

Spells and Abilities:

Basic Abilities:

1) Poisonous Bite: Bites from a Drakaina usually hurt a lot if they pierce skin, and they have a secondary effect of causing lethal poisoning, which kill faster than bites from any ordinary snake. The poison secreted from her fangs are much stronger than the other forms of poison that she can produce from her body. It can spread through water, and has acidic properties as well.

2) Poison Resistance: She is immune to almost all forms of poison, whether herbal or animal derived, no matter what the source. A notable exception (among others) to this ability is her own poisonous bite; all other forms of poison produced by her will have their effect nullified.

3) Poison Breath: She can breath out a cloud of toxic gas produced from her lungs which, while being less potent than the poison from her fangs, can be projected to a much larger distance, can poison multiple creatures and also has a weakening effect on anything it touches. It can mix with water to poison it as well.

4) Reptilian and Dragon scales: They are quite tough, and can reduce damage from physical sources greatly. The reptilian scales are easily and rapidly replaceable, but the dragon scales, discernible by their larger size and different shape, are much harder to regrow, taking many days. Almost no ordinary weapon can cut through either form of scale.

5) Ambient Regeneration: Sana can heal away all sorts of wounds and injuries, though the rate depends on the nature of the injury as well as how much the injured part is moved during the process of regeneration. As a rule, any part, kept still, will heal much more rapidly than a part which is moved.

6) Flight: Using her wings, Sana can take to the air, lifting her whole body. While in the air, she can hover by beating her wings rapidly.

7) Poisonous Secretion: Beside poisonous breath and bite, Sana can also ‘sweat’ a sort of poisonous liquid from any part of her body, which is much weaker than the other forms of poison. However, unlike the other forms, its symptoms take much longer to set in, giving the victim longer to cure himself of it.

8) Dendritic Serpents: If required, Sana can convert all strands of her hair into a swirling, wiggling mass of green serpents, which can each be directed individually to bite attackers. Their poison, however, is very weak, and their fangs are also not strong enough to pierce all kinds of skin.

9) Refined senses: She can see things clearly (and doesn’t have any eye disorders), and has a finely attuned sense of smell, taste, hearing and touch. Notably, she can decide to ‘deactivate’ any of her senses to lend further power to the other senses, though no more than two senses can be safely shut down at any time.

10) Draconic Anatomy: Though she is quite strong by her human self, Sana derives much of her physical power from the fact that her muscles are effectively similar to those of a dragon, her lungs can take in massive amounts of oxygen-equivalent and her heart is many times stronger than an ordinary human’s. What this means is that she has a lot of stamina to work, and a lot of physical power as well. She can’t be killed easily by asphyxiation or drowning.

11) Rapid Scale Growth: In order to protect her vulnerable human part from damage, Sana can rapidly grow scales across it, encasing it in a natural armor which is as strong as the rest of her partly serpentine, partly draconic body. The scales can be made to slowly disappear by will.

12) Strong Nails: Her long nails, which can almost be called claws from their size, do not break easily, and can create deep wounds in soft skin.

13) Serpent Body: Her serpent body can move rapidly on the ground, nearly as fast as a galloping horse at its fastest, and she can use it while in the air like a whip. Moreover, it can be used to rapidly dig into the ground, creating holes.

(There’s a wee bit more coming)

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Advanced Abilities:

1) Vicious Voice:

Although usually a trait of Sirens, Sana has the ability to focus her voice on any particular target. On non-living targets, it may cause fractures, which may be formed rapidly enough to completely shatter it, or deformities, which either exist forever if the body isn’t capable of returning to its original configuration, or are permanent only as long as her voice is audible. The extent of control over non-living objects depends on how well those objects can conduct sound, as well as the size of the object.

On non-living targets, it inflicts either mental or physical trauma, the extent of which depend on the target’s willpower and resistance to physical damage respectively. Minor exposure can cause a unique sort of excitement that is neither physical nor mental, and might cause weak-willed people to fall into a sort of hypnotized reverie, incapable of thinking about anything else. Prolonged exposure can cause unconsciousness and even death.

When it comes to blocking its effects on one’s mind, the solution may be as simple as blocking one’s ears to clapping a hand over her mouth. It takes some time for her to prepare her ‘song’, and the effectiveness depends, to a great extent, on familiarity with the target in question’s structure or emotional state. Traumatized or grief-stricken beings are more susceptible to its harmful effects. The sound is audible to the target, which means non-living targets usually don’t give any indication of being affected for some time.

2) Metal Magic:

Sana is greatly attuned to metals, capable of detecting them and manipulating them to a great extent. Metallic substances may be broken apart, moved or shaped without physical touch, but the exact effectiveness of the manipulation depends on the distance of the metal from her. It also depends on familiarity, as knowing the structure of a metallic object can allow for greater control. In case of metallic objects with souls, or those which contain foreign brands of magic, the effect of the ability diminishes, but it is still possible to affect the movements of the being, or damage it from the outside. The metal doesn’t necessarily need to be within eyeshot to be manipulated, but blind manipulation reduces the effect nearly to nil.

3) The Pact:

By concentrating on a target for sufficiently long, accompanied with prolonged physical contact, Sana can create a “Pact” between her and it. Forming the pact requires some magical infusion as well, so the target is capable of resisting it or slowing it down, depending on its power. Breaking physical contact during the formation of the Pact also restarts the process. Only one Pact can exist at any time. Even after formation, the Pact may be broken by either Sana or the target as long as they have sufficient willpower. The Pact may be formed with non-living objects or with living ones, though the nature of the Pact varies depending on the presence or absence of life (explained below).

The specialty of this is that it prevents both of them from straying away from each other to a particular, rather small geographical limit, the extent of which is determined at the time of formation of the Pact, and whose maximum value increases with increase in Sana’s power level. This area cannot be extended or reduced without reforming the Pact (breaking it off, and forming it again). Trying to cross the area will cause them to suffer damage and be pulled towards each other, depending on which one is stronger of the two. Stronger, here, refers to both physical as well as mental strength. The force increases with distance, and its limiting value depends on Sana’s magical power. If Sana and her target have different power levels, the stronger one will take less damage and experience less force, and the weaker one more, with the sum of forces and damage always being the aforementioned limiting value as separation distance approaches infinity.

On the other hand, within the limited area, the Pact has a healing effect on Sana and the target (persistent as long as Sana has enough energy in her internal magical reserves to fuel it. Energy can also be drawn from a living, magical target, though the target can restrict this flow with enough willpower) which increases with decrease in distance between them and also with Sana’s power level. Like in case of damage, the stronger one will be healed more and the weaker less. A Pact with a living target degenerates into a Pact with a non-living object when the target dies i.e. the Pact is formed with the target’s corpse. Only solid non-living objects may be targets of the Pact, so the dead bodies of liquid or gaseous creatures do not count. The difference between the two types of Pact is that Pacts with non-living objects do not provide the benefit of healing and are easier to break by third party. Losing multiple targets over a short span of time can cause weakness or death.

The Pact still exists even if the target teleports away or something. Sana must always have a target of the Pact, or lose access to all her other advanced abilities. However, if she takes enough damage, either from physical separation or any other source, her body will forcibly break off the pact, which will still make her unable to use her advanced abilities, and the target will know that the Pact has been broken. A target with sufficient willpower may decide to “hold on” to the pact, preventing it from being broken off. The Pact is an invisible magical link that can be detected by magical means, and which can be broken by relevant magic. It becomes easier to break with increasing distance.

Just for clarity’s sake, Sana can’t form a Pact with herself.


Dual glowing poison-tipped steel scimitars. They are quite long, sharp, and can’t be easily damaged due to presence of a sort of regenerating magical barrier upon them, although they can still be manipulated by Sana’s Metal Magic as she is sufficiently familiar with them and can still be damaged if a force is strong enough to break the barrier and reach the metal. The scimitars also get a minor boost against whatever element they are brought in contact with. This does include the ground, but not the air or the water vapor in air to be technical.

Enchanted Steel shackles. She still carries them around in order to remind herself of her bitter childhood, to act as a warning against interactions with Magi.

Royal Amulet. The emerald in the middle is probably more valuable because of the history of the draconian family attached to it, though that’s not definite.

Faction: Neutral.

Biography: Since her birth, her only relation that she can remember is her father, a powerful dragon and the ruler of a small city somewhere, who took her away from it after he was convinced that she wasn’t her child, and left her to fend for herself in a dangerous world. She was found by a traveling Magi warband, who, realizing that she was a Beast, though of killing her in the beginning. However, deciding that she was too young to do them any damage, they decided to see if they couldn’t ‘discipline’ her instead to work for them.

Granted, they weren’t very kind men, and thought of her as nothing more (and possibly less) than their pet dog, but she at least got food, even if it was raw meat, and shelter, even if it was just rags during a shower. By the time she entered her human teens (and dragon fifties), though, she had realized that these men weren’t her kin, and tried to escape from her enslaved state. She was caught, however, and they decided to keep her chained as a punishment. It was during these long hours of solitude that she began to develop her abilities and, one day, broke the chains using her own brand of magic and dispelled the magical barrier surrounding her using the power of her voice.

After fleeing, and many adventures in different regions of the Worldsphere, she found herself in the ruins of a small city, bearing evidence of Magi retreat from a Beast horde. Seized by a tiredness that seizes dragons of her blood once in half a century, she found herself a safe position within one of the ruined buildings and drifted off. Waking up fifty years later, being in her thirties, now, she found herself within a bustling city. The Shifters, as it turned out, had allowed her to remain, for they worshiped dragons as a symbol of majesty.

She found herself not very welcome within the city after waking up, though, and was forced to leave after some people attacked her. Near the city, there was a tall mountain, near the top of which, in a cave, she currently resides. She has quite a lot of years on hand this time, and she isn’t quite sure how to spend them.

(Any corrections will probably take time, since I have exams day after tomorrow and the day after as well. Active participation should also take an equal amount of time. Sorry!)

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Adeeb, Poison Immunity seems a bit absolute against poison type attacks.

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There aren’t any other poison types attack as far as I can see

You are right, though. I will edit it into something like “Unless it is very, very poisonous” to make things fairer.

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We have quite the amount of singers, even the blood half woman-half snake/dragon thing sings!

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I would like to ask for permission to add or alter the following things to my character sheet:


1. (Skill) Lying

2. (Basic Ability) Demon Lungs: Can inhale a much larger amount of harmful gases, commonly used near volcanic areas of the undersphere.

3. (Basic Ability) Strong Mind: Most, if not all demons have a very strong mind which protects them against mental attacks or intrusions.

4. (Advanced ability) 4. Demonic Possession: The demon can allow the mind of the original owner to surface while still being able to sense things through the host’s body. The demon can also allow the original owner to witness things while he is in control or to make it so they just black out some or all of the experience.

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I guess Olo will just be wandering. He’s just come back from a self-imposed exodus, he’s going to be a tiny bit shell-shocked by all the stuff that happened while he was gone and decide to take a walk or something and see it fall.

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Oh, fuck me. So I start writing up a slime creature, then it turns out you made one already.

Out of ideas. I’ve had enough of those games which turn out to be mostly character generation, anyway.