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Alright choking it isn’t working. I think as I stand up. I move on to the acid breathing head and begin kicking and punching its neck.

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Pale Fang

Someone’s talking to me while I’m handling this business with Lavender and Rose.

…Whoever you are, you likely don’t know why Rose is unconscious. That being said, allow me to enlighten you on the matter. Rose is unleashing an attack on the creature’s mind. I suspect making a mental attack leaves her body vulnerable, as noted by her lack of consciousness. I will do what I can to protect her. You haven’t given me your name, have you?…

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Christopher Athánatos

“Hehe…” The girl laughed softly as she and the boy lay together under the silken sheets.

“Hmm? What’s so funny…?” The boy looked at her quizzically.

“It’s nothing…” The girl said as she gently squeezed the boy’s hands. Her heterochromatic eyes sparkled with joy as she looked into his. “It’s just that, well… I’m so happy right now, and…”

“Oh…” The boy murmured. He always found the girl’s beauty absolutely mesmerizing. But now, looking at her sweet, gentle smile, coming from the bottom of her heart, overflowing with such warmth and happiness… All his worries, all of the world’s problems seemed insignificant in comparison. And to think that it was he who made her this happy… It was almost too much. “Uh… Me too. I love you, Silvia…”

“I love you too, Christopher…” The girl whispered. Closing her eyes, she snuggled even more closely into the boy’s arms, sighing in bliss as his hands ran over her silky hair and soft skin. “I love you very, very…” the rest of her words were drowned away as her lips again found his.

The boy was perfectly content. He didn’t know what he would do or even think if the girl wasn’t there with him… but there was no purpose in thinking about such things. As their tender kiss grew deeper and more heated, he stopped thinking altogether…

My eyes blink open. Except they don’t truly. No, this isn’t real… This is only in my own mind. The voices have taken over. Thorny chains bind and dig into my consciousness, unyieldingly holding me in place. And they burn with a stinging poison and fire, as painful and heavy as my self-loathing and despair.

As I look ahead, I see a mental projection of the silver-haired girl kneeling before me, streaks of tears running down blue eyes filled with sorrow and anguish. Her throat moves as though trying to speak, but it appears that words fail her. What… Has she seen some of my memories? If so, she should have some clue as to how I feel, at least a little…

Immediately after, I notice the other girl kneeling beside the first. Her face and body shape is identical to her silver-haired counterpart, though her eyes are a fierce but alluring red, and her hair and clothes jet black rather than silver. She too is kneeling, arms wrapped protectively around her almost-twin, though trembling with something akin to desperation. Her face is stricken with just as much pain, but her teeth are clenched, bared in a defiant snarl. And rather than icy sorrow, within her eyes is a fiery, smoldering anger.

So you’ve seen… My telepathic voice comes out as a hoarse whisper, shaky and pained. And tired, too; I suddenly realize that I’m just so tired… Heh heh… Welcome to my mind. How can I help you…?

[You guys are now allowed to control the monster’s actions, but do try to be reasonable. The monster has four claw attacks, two feet stomp attacks, two tail sweep attacks, four slashing or stabbing wing attacks, seven bite attacks, and seven different breath weapons. It may also do a body slam or something, possibly. Assume your attacks deal small to medium damage to the creature, and its attacks deal small to large damage to you, depending on how much of the attacks actually hit you. The monster regenerates, but quite slowly. It can aim, but has a short attention span, so it can be quite easily distracted or tricked into hitting itself. If I see anything I don’t like, I’ll simply object.]

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Rosalyn Lightfell


“How can he help me”…? That tone, so bitter, so bleak… I want to help him instead, but… What can I do…? I’m only eighteen years old. If no one could help him during all those centuries, what can I possibly…

Duh! Lynn gives me a light slap on my metaphysical head. You never know till you try! C’mon, snap out of it!

But… I whisper, a trembling sound full of despair. Why bother trying if we’re just going to…

Heh… She’s right, the man, Christopher Athánatos, lets out a dry, raspy laugh. Now that we’re inside his mind, I can feel his emotions, feel just how much he’s cursing and hating himself for not being able to change anything despite all that power he has. You’ve seen how I tried, child… How I tried and failed. Every. Single. Time. His lips twist into a snarl, and for a moment he strains against his bonds. But an instant later he relents again, overcome by a dreadfully heavy fatigue. We cannot change this cruel world… It will just be a waste of effort if you try. It will bring you nothing but false hopes, suffering, and despair…

Listen to you…! Lynn says through clenched teeth. With a flash her mental image suddenly appears right before Christopher. Even I feel it and cringe when she slaps him in the face, hard, her nails leaving some vicious red marks. You’re pathetic. Tell me, how old are you?!

Christopher’s doesn’t do much more than blinking as he eyes Lynn with a mixture of pity and annoyance. If I can say so myself… A thousand years, give or take? His expression once again becomes terribly weary.

No you fucking aren’t! Lynn growls, reaching out to grab the collar of Christopher’s tattered grayish brown shirt. You are four years old! FOUR!

For the first time, something akin to shock appears on Christopher’s face. His eyes widen. Really, his face is that of a handsome young man, if somewhat rugged, no more than a few years older than me… It’s simply his expression, his eyes, that make him appear so ancient and weary… But finally something resembling a spark of life flares in those eyes.

C’mon, don’t give me that look, Lynn rolls her eyes. Even I could figure it out! She glares directly into Christopher’s eyes. You have your weird reincarnation thing. If you get killed, you die, and someone new takes your place, with your memories but not personality. Did you live all those years?! She hisses, jabbing a finger at his chest. Did you try and fail all those times?! NO! It was THEM! She angrily gestures at all the demented red blots whirling and howling around us. THEY tried and failed! YOU did NOT!

Christopher simply looks at her blankly, with a slightly stunned look on his face. I too… What Lynn just said actually makes a lot of sense. Maybe…

She is correct, you know, an icily cold voice rings behind me.

Turning around, I see a humanoid creature of similar size to Christopher, covered in a black chitinous exoskeleton. It has three pairs of arms; the topmost pair are slender but wicked-looking praying mantis blades, the second pair segmented tentacles, and the third clawed but surprisingly human-like hands. Its legs resemble those of grasshoppers, and its wings dragonflies, though all of them also slightly resemble the limbs of dragons. A tail similar to its tentacles trails behind the creature. The creature’s head is a cross between that of a black dragon and an ant, with the dragon’s horns and ant’s mandibles. Its eyes glow coldly blue, compound like an insect, but lidded like a dragon. As repulsive as they may be, all of its features exude a slender, deadly grace. That must be Christopher’s previous incarnation, Kristor the Undying… Like Christopher himself, Kristor is bound by barbed red chains, likely the making of these hateful voices.

We are not one and the same, Kristor states with chilling calm. I will remain, long after you become a fragment like them, he gestures toward the indistinct red presences with one of his tentacles.

See?! Lynn says heatedly, leaping at the chance of getting her point across. It doesn’t matter that they tried and failed! You didn’t try yet, and you’ll never know until you do try!

Christopher is silent for a few moments. …what can I possibly try if they have tried the same and failed? He says. The pain and bleakness is still there, but I can just barely feel a sliver of something like hope…

That doesn’t matter! Lynn says. We’ll think about it later! The important thing is, don’t give up! Don’t EVER give up!

Heh… Christopher laughs. But this time, it’s less bitter, with a hint of actual humor in it… Fine then, child. I will take this gamble, if only to humor you. After all, it’s not like I have anything to lose…

I’m not a child! Lynn seethes. I’m a beautiful and sexy la-

But before she can finish, the entire mindscape begins to shake. The voices suddenly howl louder and move faster in a mad, panicked frenzy. Just as Christopher’s chains begin to snap.

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The Voices of Destruction

The voices howl in agony as it is struck by explosive lightning shards and blasts of demonic fire. The howls suddenly increase almost tenfold, as they suddenly find their control over the body weakening. In their mad rage, the dragon heads begin to shake violently, with enough strength to send the minotaur hurtling away.

And one of the heads breathes a huge gout of flames directly toward where the little faerie girl is hiding, with enough power to burn her to cinders.

AAAAAAAAAAIEEEEE!” The little girl screams. Suddenly, her wings and aura glows very brightly, while changing colors to the orange and yellow hues of autumn leaves. At the same time, a powerful gust of wind erupts from her, interspersed with specks of glowing orange and yellow magic like leaves swept up in the wind, completely blowing the gout of red fire away. An instant later, just as abruptly, her wings and aura become chilly, frosty white and blue. With a terrified and confused look in her eyes, clearly having no clue what she’s doing, the girl raises a slender hand and points the palm toward the big bad monster far away. A seed of blue and black ice forms in her hand, surrounded by a harsh, biting cold.

The seed is shot like a bullet toward the monster. Immediately after contact, massive tendrils of black and blue ice erupt from the seed, expanding and wrapping themselves around the monster’s body like the gnarled roots and decaying branches of some great leafless tree that has withstood the onslaught of winter. The monster howls in surprise and pain. Wherever the dark ice touches, energy and warmth is quickly drained away, the skin and flesh rotting and decaying far more quickly than mere frostbite should induce. The twisting roots and branches become larger and larger, more and more numerous, until they’ve entangled the monster almost completely, leaving no room for escape. Far away, the little girl suddenly collapses, unconscious and exhausted, wings and aura back to their original colors but now dull and muted.

The monster lets loose a roar, more loudly than ever. Then its skin begins to crack, lit and torn apart from within by a brilliant yellow light. Finally, the massive creature explodes, the waves of lightning and force surging forth from its innards destroying its body along with the dark ice that binds it. When the explosion abates…

A brown-haired young man lies naked on the ground. With a gasp, his eyes snap open; the exact same thing happens at the exact same instant to the silver-haired girl far away from him that has been unconscious until now.

Christopher Athánatos

With a gasp, I open my eyes. My entire body is wracked with pain… but I’ve experienced far worse. No… My previous incarnations have experienced far worse, as that girl said… I don’t even know her name. I don’t suppose it’s Silvia…? Heh.

Wheezing, I slowly get up… and realize that not a single strip of cloth is covering my body. Sighing, I conjure clothes out of magic, energy rippling to coat my body in the usual plain shirt, pants, and tattered gray cloak. Better, I suppose…

Turning toward the creatures the voices in my head have been fighting a moment ago, I gaze at them impassively. I suppose I should agree to help them leave this fallen city… But they may easily still remain hostile because of what the voices have done. In that case, so be it. I am not obligated to help them, nor do I need to curry their favor. Heh heh…

[I think I may play as Lavender in the sequel of this game, if we ever get that far. I’ve decided all of her spells already.]

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The walls are coated with grime. Or is that slime? I’m not really sure, but as long as I avoid touching it I probably won’t be poisoned. If it is slime. For some sort of horrible monster lair, this place is sparsely guarded and surprisingly monsters don’t pop out of nowhere whenever I take a few steps. I’m here to get rid of some undead… Abomination, is the word for it. Maybe I’d forget if I didn’t affirm my goal every few steps. Walking in an endless tunnel has never been fun. I feel as though I’m punctuating an endless experience with random collections of thoughts. Surprisingly well worded thoughts. The tunnel isn’t really endless. I can see light up ahead.

Red light isn’t particularly natural, and neither are my surroundings in general. The light probably helps creatures with night-vision of some kind to see, but is relatively dim so that Magi can’t see, assuming random Magi would enter a base like this. They’d have to be mad. I’m here to try and eliminate some sort of undead monster, but really this place resembles more a vampire’s hideout. Liches seem to have some sort of preference for blue or green lighting fixtures (not that I really have much experience to speak of) so logically I’m probably dealing with someone with unusual taste in lighting. The base is too structured for some weak undead creature, since those ones are stupid and wouldn’t know how to make lights. My train of thought and general appreciation of architecture is interrupted by a flash at the corner of my eye and a sudden and violent burst of force at the side of my head.

I raise my hand to the plate of ice covering the side of my head, as it falls to pieces. That could have, and probably would have killed me if I hadn’t reacted in time. I don’t think I went entirely without damage, either. But this explains why the place is sparsely guarded. This thing looks as though it would eat anything that came too near. Being a generally mutilated and gory mass of flesh and bone, I don’t really want to study the details of it and I somehow think I’m not capable of describing it accurately. I probably shouldn’t let myself sustain too much damage, and I don’t want to feel pain anyway. As I cast the spell that will heighten my reflexes, the monster apparently decides it wants to try another punch that may or may not decapitate me, and if it doesn’t it’ll still be nasty. Naturally, I form armour made of ice around myself, that ends up being a lot larger than myself (but still smaller than the monster). Deciding it’s probably a useful touch, the ‘hands’ of the animate suit of armour that contains me become bladed weapons. Simple swords, actually.

This time, the monster’s attack only pushes me back a little, and barely dents the harder and denser ice. The monster raises another fist, but stops when a blade enters its ribcage. And it stops moving entirely when a blade enters its head, where I should’ve aimed the first time.

The monster was probably stronger than it let on, given that it didn’t use any sort of special ability other than its titanic strength. I’ve probably been affected by the standard undead energy draining aura. The effects would likely have been more noticeable if that had lasted longer.

I decided to stay and clean up the place, just in case. A few monsters attacked me. Mostly, the monsters I found were dead. Much more plentiful than the monsters were a series of winding corridors, much tighter than the previous open rooms. I feel for some reason someone who should be on guard here isn’t. Just as well. But oddly enough, I’m heading to a light source that looks almost as if it let in sunlight. This isn’t a vampire base as far as I can tell, so that’s not impossible, but I wouldn’t imagine undead like bright sunlight.

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Pale Fang

I thought Lavender and I were doomed when that fire started coming but unexpectedly, Lavender took action and destroyed the creature. Immediately after, I put a hand on her shoulder, hugged her and reverted back to my human form. She was unconscious so her speaking was out of the question.

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Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos
The demon dragon thing is now a wanna be the guy again. Now I am not allowed to kill it.
‘Awwwwwww. We were doing so well, and now the wanna be the guy isn’t allowed to be killed.’ .
I pause.
‘Or is he.’ .
I move over to the wanna be the guy, who has just received his clothes as a reward, and tap him on his chest.
‘Haaaay. What happened to your die-ier form, wanna be the guy?’ .

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“Ow my head.” I had not fallen a great distance when I was thrown off the dragon but my head hit a rock when I fell. “Where did that dragon go?” I look around where the dragon used to be but all I see is a human that wasn’t there before.

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And so the monster explodes, leaving a certain unpleasant man in its wake. Regrowing my aqueous body and patting myself gently on the back in compensation for not dying, I float casually over to the scene, where the group of people are gathered. Lying down in the air and pressing my head against my enclasped hands, I start to speak.

“Nice job guys,” I say, smiling pleasantly. “I see that you have made some new friends,” I continue, speaking to those that had previously seen me at the orphanage.

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I raise my hands up in the air be fire lazily falling backwards, “Woo! We got him!” I shout before hitting the ground and stare at the sky.

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Daryl McDowell


The moment Carmilla Carmine, the Crimson Lady, returns to the central monitoring chamber of one of her hybrid fortress-laboratories, she finds herself violently assaulted by a roughly human-shaped object squealing with the energy of a hyperactive six-year-old on a perpetual sugar high. Said object proceeds to tightly glomp onto her with all four limbs, and playfully chomp at her neck with short little fangs, yet somehow manages to simultaneously maintain her high-pitched, overexcited squeals. A vein almost pops out on the elder vampiress’s forehead in irritation. Reaching out with a hand, Carmilla closes her fingers around one of the girl’s ridiculously long twin pigtails, and begins to roughly pull.

“Nuuuuuu~!” Daryl McDowell squirms comically, a “DX” expression clear as daylight on her face. The pun may or may not be intended.

“Perhaps do try to act your age once in a century, Daryl?” Carmilla sighs as she stops pulling. The teenage-looking vampiress will get off on her own. Eventually.

“But I’m five bil-” Darryl begins.

“Yes, yes, you are a five-billion-year-old alien from another dimension,” Carmilla sighs again, and rubs her temples. “Please, Daryl. I am only here to examine my servants’ progress and ensure nothing has gone awry. As you know, I am rather busy, and would rather not dawdle here for longer than necessary. Is it not impossible for you to go bother some other vampire lords?”

“But you’re niiice! And they’re all meeeeeeean!” Daryll pouts. Finally she is no longer biting on the older vampire’s neck, but still more or less attached piggyback on top of her. “So I’ll have to kill them! And that’s no fuuun!”

It’s rather chilling to hear her talk about killing ancient vampire lords with such casualness, and Carmilla is not one to underestimate the girl’s power… but she chooses to give it no further thought. “In that case, can you not simply be somewhere else at the moment?” She tries to say to Darryll in a very patient tone.

“But what kind of mean are they?” Daryll wonders aloud, now frowning and looking at nowhere in particular. “And do I weight them? By fang pointiness? But how do I measure that? Agh! This question is too hard! I don’t wanna do my homework anymore!”

“Please, Daryl. Can you at least get off of me?” Carmilla says through clenched teeth. “Even my patience is limited.”

“And what’s homework if you don’t do it at home?” Daryll proceeds to ignore her completely. “Waaaaah! I miss hooooome~!”

“…” Carmilla sighs. An instant later, a pair of large, batlike, dark red leathery wings burst from her back, beginning to push the younger vampire off.

“きゃあああああああああ~!” Darryll squeaks, grabbing onto the fabric of Carmilla’s red dress with both hands and both twintails. The dress, not covering that much to begin with, ends up being ripped, exposing almost the entirety of Carmilla’s back in the process. “Ooooooh!” Daryl instantly perks up, the three strands of hair on her head standing straighter than before.
[The random Japanese says “kyaaaaaaaaa”, which is what anime girls say in response to perverts or what they perceive as perverts.]

Carmilla responds with nothing other than a chilly stare, plus a large number of dark red spikes that have suddenly appeared out of nowhere around her, as her dress slowly regenerates.

Daryll gulps. And suddenly flashes a beauty pageant smile, surrounded by lots of rainbow sparkles. Then she promptly blinks out of existence.

“Nuuuu… She’s no fun either…” Daryll pouts as she floats around aimlessly in the castle. The dungeon’s too icky, and in the labs the little critters try to hit on her, or maybe just hit her, all the time… Then she comes across the light room where they test out sunlight resistance. Mhm, maybe some sunbathing is in order.

Grinning and humming a tune to herself, Daryl happily floats into the room filled with sunlight, and instantly begins sparkling. Not even looking at it, one of her giant twintails wriggles to mash all of the buttons on a control panel on one of the walls about five meters or so away, somehow turning the sunlight intensity to maximum. As focused by all the mirrors on top of the castle, this room now feels like some tropical beach.

As more and more rainbow sparkles surround her, some of Darryll’s articles of clothing begin to morph while others begin to disappear. A few seconds later, all that remain on her from the neck down are a flame-patterned bikini top and black leather microskirt so short that it’s practically a bikini bottom. The cross pendant dangles between her breasts, which may or may not be intentional. Then, letting out a content sigh, Daryl flips herself over, and lies down on… nothing in particular. Or is that just still floating in midair, maybe. Either way, a vampire like her begins to sunbathe, like it’s the most natural thing in the world.
[The bikini top belongs to Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, while the microskirt belongs to Etna from Disgaea. Yes, those are parts of the characters’ regular costumes, not their beachwear or underwear.]

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I refuse to believe this is happening. This is too lucid of an experience to be anything but some sort of dream. For my sanity, I hope it is. What kind of monster infested horrible dungeon contains sunbathing teenage girls surrounded by rainbow sparkle-things? She’s perfectly at ease, and rather than being a horribly mutilated corpse due to the monster infestation she looks well. Better than well. As well as being dressed in a ridiculous way and generally looking attractive, her appearance is probably engineered to be seductive in some sense given that she’s half naked. Or maybe three-quarters naked. Probably more than that. But that’s not important! Since this experience is so bizarre (and since she’s obviously some sort of monster to be in here with monsters, as well as being an attractive woman) she has to be some sort of Succubus. Or Siren. But those use their voices, don’t they? Because clearly I’ve either taken too many blows to the head from some horrible monster or this is an illusion. While she doesn’t exactly look particularly evil (she even looks innocent or something like it) there is absolutely no way this is not a trap. Even so, the scene is so absurd that it continues to draw my attention, and I continue to stare at the girl sunbathing. There is absolutely no chance of this happening, but it still is, no matter how much I stare. And then she looks back at me. And I’m even more sure that this is not real. Her eyes are red and slitted as a vampire’s should be, but rather than being predatory in nature they don’t really hold anything ill. I’m pretty sure they’re also sparkling. But the real slap in the face is that she is sunbathing. And she’s a vampire. And she’s sunbathing. And she’s a vampire. The fact that she hasn’t spontaneously combusted and isn’t even a smidgeon uncomfortable means this. Can’t. Be. Real. My staring only intensifies until I’m pretty sure I’m boring holes into her skull with my gaze. And so the staring competition begins.

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Christopher Athánatos

“Heh. Is it not obvious, minotaur?” I say with a slight mocking edge. “I am ‘that dragon’ you speak of.” And there is also that other creature, a curious hybrid of a blue dragon and some fiery elemental being… but nothing I haven’t seen before. Its demeanor irritates me. “And I will not answer questions that are perfectly obvious to anyone that has average knowledge and intellect,” I say to it dismissively.

“And look, isn’t it the selfish, carefree little hydrioth again,” I look at the hydrioth with contempt. “That single shot of yours sure helped tremendously in the battle, didn’t it? No need to praise them; they weren’t fighting to save something like you! Heh, why don’t you just run off and hide somewhere again, if you value your own wellbeing so much? I was trying to kill you a moment ago! How do you know I won’t try again?” My lips then curl into a sneer. “Or maybe I should brainwash you and make you my perfectly obedient slave? After all, it was you who said I shouldn’t shoulder the world’s burdens alone! Ha. It’s a shame that your kind is genderless, isn’t it?”

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Absorb sunlight. Turn on antigrav. Hold onto some rocks. Absorb sunlight. Turn on antigrav. Hold onto some rocks. Absorb sunlight. Turn on antigrav. Hold onto some rocks. Absorb sunlight. Turn on antigrav. Hold onto some rocks. Absorb sunlight. Turn on antigrav. Hold onto some rocks. …

“The ground. The ground! The ground, is near!”

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Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos
‘Uh, NO. It’s NOT obvious. You could be nice and NOT NOT tell us what happened, wanna be the guy.’ .

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I was intently watching the battle from the place we were hiding where Lavender deflected the bolt of energy. If she hadn’t, we’d be dead. And that is what made me cringe down into the hiding place and finally answer the question of the werewolf.

“Adrian. is my name.” I say. “And what would be your name?” I ask, actually not knowing. While I wait for the response, I look up to see what is happening, seeing that the monster had begun to shrink. And it shrank. And it shrank, until it became one Cristopher Anthanos, slightly used. I had a stong urge to go slap him, like i did with the plasma mage (Still on the kill list). I pushed that thought away, because it would be impolite to leave my question hanging.

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Praise? It seems as if he has misunderstood my intents. And judging by his other comments, it looks like he’s still as blind as ever. Still, I’m not the only one he’s showing hostility to. Perhaps I can use this to my advantage.

“Nice to see you too, Mr. Sex Fiend”, I smile. “And yes, I only fired one shot, but at least I did something. Who was the one trying to kill everyone again?”

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Pale Fang

As I hold Lavender, I look at Adrian and let out a slight smile.

…Adrian…attractive name…

He seems to be looking out toward a being that was in place of the previous creature.

…You think that the creature was due to that guy on the ground?…

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“Who else could it be?” I respond, in absolute surety.
Why are they not killing him? I think. He tried to kill us, WHY are they not killing him???

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The abyss below seems to stop churning up noises. I take a look below and admire the menacing magic energy there. Nevertheless, it’s none of my business. I don’t know why I’m inside this hole, but I need to get out.

“The ground. The ground is near!”

[By the way, Adrian, did someone cure what I have done on you? I can’t quite keep up now.]

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“Shit!” I yell to no one in particular. Another Magi had just launched a bolt of magic at me from behind the wall of the burned-out building. Obnoxious humans. I couldn’t reach him without being blasted again, so I just became invisible and started to float quickly away from him. The Magi blasted again, barely missing me. What was he shooting at now? I glanced quickly behind me. He clearly thought highly of himself, this human, dressed in flowing green silk robe. His eyes seemed to be glowing a strange blue color, and I assumed he had some sort of ability to counteract my invisibility. Good thing he couldn’t aim worth a damn. I decided to try floating up this time, and luckily the Magi didn’t follow. He shot a few more times, but I was free, and could continue on to my client.

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Christopher Athánatos

“I share this body with a number of malevolent consciousnesses,” I say. “When my body was taken over, it was they who fought to distract the malicious spirits and assault their minds,” I gesture to the group of creatures who have valiantly fought the crazed remnants of my previous incarnations, “giving me an opportunity to regain control. But what have you done?” I sneer at the hydrioth. “An insignificant little bug bite, nothing more. Had I been the one trying to kill you, rather than those dreadfully inefficient spirits of madness inside me, it would have been something like this.”

Without warning, I suddenly reach out a hand with lightning speed to plunge into the hydrioth’s chest, breaching whatever pathetic defenses it may try to put up. As soon as contact is made, I release a burst of electricity so powerful that it almost instantly causes the creature’s entire watery body to break down into a formless puddle, causing excruciating pain in the process. As I grasp its core in my hands, I enclose the fleshy red orb with a shrinking, nigh indestructible shell of force, stopping just short of crushing the life out of the disgusting creature. Then I release the force and flick the orb away back to its puddle like a piece of dirt. “If you don’t want me to do that again, little worm, you’re going to have to show a little more respect to the others risking their lives so you could survive. Or you can run and hide in a hole again somewhere. The choice is yours.”

Without another word I begin to walk toward the were-leopard. “Remember the arrogant little piece of dirt who dared proclaim itself a god?” I say to him. “You may or may not have noticed, but it cast a curse on you just before its departure.” The tips of my human ears sharpen to points, while four thin feathery white wings with luminescent green insect-like ridges sprout from my back, accompanied by the emergence of a glowing white aura interspersed with green flecks and glitters; I have transformed into the mixture of an angel and a spring faerie, both possessing healing and curative abilities. “Would you like me to heal you, in compensation for trying to kill you earlier?”

[Yes, Christopher ignored Phirix-Therex completely. This is intentional.]

By the way, Adrian, did someone cure what I have done on you? I can’t quite keep up now.

[Christopher is about to do that.]

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Hmph, if the damn bastard wasn’t so powerful, I would call him out for hypocrisy and contradictions. But there’s only so much you can do when you’re weakened and powerless. If only I could get some others against him. But that looks too dangerous. I’ve lost my chance. Now is not the time.

“Believe what you want. I will argue no further,” I say with a tone of surrender, drifting off and out of the hole and smiling innocently. “Good luck and thanks for all the trouble!” I exclaim, without a trace of deceit.

Flash stepping upwards in order to ease me of the boredom of slowly rising out of the pit, I notice a crystal shape unnaturally rising up and reflecting an extreme amount of sunlight. Seeking conversation, I float gently towards him.

“It’s not every day that you see a giant floating crystal,” I say with a tone of friendliness. “How’s it going? My name’s Sophia. I see that you’re wandering in this accursed site too.”

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Rosalyn Lightfell


Let me take over…! Rose is begging. I have to go help him heal Adrian!

Come on, we’re totally out of energy and you know it, I say. Now if only that goddamned dragon-troll thing would come back, so I can get another mysterious surge of energy out of nowhere and be totally invigorated again. Blegh.

Struggling, limbs exhausted as hell, I begin to stand up. Ugh… I still look like Rose. So I shapeshift myself, turning my hair black, eyes red, and white dress into my usual black tank top and miniskirt. Even that feels tiring. Okay… “Hey, everyone all right?” I ask to no one in particular. “Oh yeah, he’s telling the truth,” I gesture to Christopher. Gah, name too long. Chris he is. “It was his crazy alternate personalities or something who were trying to kill us, not himself. He’s good now, I think.”