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“Are you sure?” I say getting up, looking at Chris closely, “‘Cause, I don’t wanna get shot in the back.” I grab a shard and lazily throw it at christopher, it barely travels midway before landing on the ground pathetically. “Screw it, takin’ your word.”

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He offers to heal me. He’s lying, of course. His “Multi-personality-disorder-of-doom” thing just too far out there. I tense up to bolt. That is until Rosalyn in her ever so fluid idea of fashion says he really does have the MPDOD. At which point i just accept it.

He could’ve convinced her to help him kill me, but that seems unlikely because she saved me earlier. He could be surpressing his want to kill me, but he is so powerful that doing that isn’t the most efficient way to wipe me out. The only real possibility is that he is telling the truth.

So, there is nothing to do but say “Yeah, he did do … something to me. I can’t really tell what it is, but it is just … an off feeling. So, um, thanks.” I add afterwords “And i am sorry if i made you lose control when i slapped the plasma mage person.” At the moment of his name, i feel an unbridled rage. This mostly all powerful being just told me that he did something to me. NOW he TRULY is on my kill list.

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Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos
Well, FINALLY. I mean, he could totally have said that to me, but he apparently wanted to be a dick instead. I always thought defeat meant friendship, but nooooo. Apparently, you have to kill them first, and since this guy dying isn’t a dear ballsack her clothes are short.
‘Heeeeey! Hey, girl in the short shorts dress short shirt! Dress.’ .
I walk, then trip and stumble over to the girl for the last however much distance, recomposing myself briefly before grinning maniacally at her.
‘You. Yesm YOU. I am the- no, nono, no. No. You cannot look the sexual. That is an ille-gal-ity. Yes. I mean no. No- something…’ .
I lean backwards slightly, and stare at her.
‘Woooooo.’ .

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Fenix Antioch
Peace. That was all there was. Nothing else mattered.
I kept myself aloft half a meter from the ground with a cushion of air, constantly circulating to create a ball of spinning air currents. In front of me lay a vast expanse of land, ranging from icy mountains on my left, merging into thick forests, then to jungle interspersed with rivers and finally turning into a desert on my right. I, myself was perched atop one of the icy mountains, alone in a great plain.

I closed my eyes and let out a breath. I’ve been here for years, trying to remember, but no memory ever comes. I know that what I did was wrong; I don’t know how I know, I just…do. And I know I hurt a lot of people, and now I have to redeem myself. My face was stoic, but my mind was beginning to fight itself. How can I be expected to atone for a sin I don’t even know I committed? Slowly, I rotated on my cushion of air 180 degrees around, to gaze at the wondrous floating cities of Utopia. Their beauty always calmed me.

But when I opened my eyes, I was not calmed. Crashing through the Overshpere was one of the great cities, falling with such speed. From its position in the sky…Caelum Fortis must be it. I dispel the air below me and stand abruptly.

A little ways down the mountain lies my residence, a small house nestled among twelve others, ringing a larger main building, not impressive by modern standards, but when juxtaposed with the other simple establishments, it looks quite magnificent. An angel from…house three I believe floats up to me, all calm passivity. “Sir, have you seen the calamity that has befallen Caelum Fortis?” My face going from one of shock to one of determination, I nod. “I assume you wish to go and help with relief operations?” Another nod. “I shall keep your house ready.” I put my hand on his shoulder in thanks.

First I head to my house and grab my staff, thinking to myself, It’s a good thing I’ve been storing energy in here since I arrived. I have a feeling it will be needed soon. making a small sheath of psyce on my back, I insert my staff [which I will name later for convenience] in its place. Once I arrive back at the peak of the mountain, I form light wings of psyce and take one last breath. And then, I fall.

Twisting in mid-air, I begin to glide toward Caelum Fortis, using the air to my will only when it is needed to keep myself aloft.

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[My apologies for the absence, it’s been a few rough weeks and I had no motivation to write whatsoever.]


“Take care of him, Amie. He’s the only family I’ve got aside from my two youngins.”
“Don’t worry, I promise I’ll try my hardest to keep him alive for ya.”
The kids came running outside, each of them taking a turn hugging their uncle. This seemed to deepen the emotions everyone was feeling at the moment, aside from me of course. Although they had given me food and shelter, I was unrelated to them and therefore didn’t have that special bond relatives usually have with one another.
“Shall we go then?” I asked, placing a hand on Desmond’s shoulder. He stood there for a moment before turning around and walking off. What an awkward situation.

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Christopher Athánatos

“Made me lose control? You?” I laugh. “Don’t flatter yourself.”

But why did I lose control of myself? Was it because of that girl, Silvia, in those memories that have been surfacing recently? I do not know which incarnation of mine those memories are from. They do feel like they are from so very long ago… And from what glimpses I’ve caught of the world around me in those memories, it almost seems as though…

Could those memories be from the time when I was human? The polymorph spell was invented around a thousand years ago. Could I have been alive, and human, at that time?

But I wonder if I should really care. That incarnation of mine clearly loved this girl named Silvia. But memories of her simply gives me a dull, throbbing emptiness inside. Whoever or whatever he was, I am not the same person. I should not allow his memories to affect me to such a degree again.

As I mull over these things, I grasp the were-leopard on his forehead. The brunt of my power is focused and forced into him, the green and white aura around me coalescing into a blinding flash for a brief moment. The creature violently spasms. Having such a massive amount of energy roughly shoved into his being, even healing energy, will no doubt feel quite unpleasant, but I care little for his comfort. I can feel a taint in him, the presence of something insidious, disgusting like a disease, suffusing the greater parts of his body and slowly destroying it from within. I apply enough power to ensure that the vile magic is obliterated without a trace, utterly consumed and erased by my curative power. Then I release my hand, and the were-leopard collapses, still shivering. Judging from the physical and magical fortitude his displayed earlier, these symptoms of magic overload should last for no longer than a few minutes. After that he should feel better than ever, every single wound on his body gone.

“Don’t worry, he is fine,” I say dispassionately to those who may think I’ve hurt him. “Now, does anyone else need healing? If not, you should not linger here for long. At the moment I am willing to help you leave the city; I suggest you don’t wait until I change my mind.”

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Rosalyn Lightfell



I blink, and stare at the… androgynous-looking person. Did he… or she…

Then I slowly grin. “Oh. You jealous?” The grin turns into a snicker. “I can look like whatever I want, dude. Or dudette.” Glancing at that werewolf woman, whatshername… Oh right, Pale Fang. Glancing at the corset, panties, and boots she’s wearing… Why is she wearing those things? Whatever. Anyways, I morph my clothes into the same corset and panties, except they’re black. I like black. It contrasts against my skin and shows it off nicely. And it’s just plain sexy too. But no way I’m going to copy those military boots. I instead cover my legs with very sheer thigh-high black stockings. My shoes become black slip-ons and their heels become stiletto heels and get a couple of inches higher. Striking a haughty but provocative pose, I smirk. “I look better than you, sexually indeterminate person. Deal with it.”

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Daryl McDowell

For a second Daryl just returns the guy’s stare. And tilts her head as if slightly puzzled.

Then all of a sudden she’s very close to him. The sparkles seem even more sparkly up close. Still staring back at him, Daryll frowns slightly, her face only a centimeter away from the man’s. “Staring at a lady like that isn’t polite, you know,” she says.

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Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos
‘Hey, HEY. No. Look. Don’t look, I mean. Stop the look area thing.’ .
I move in such a manner that I end up trying and failing to cover her incredibly skimpy clothing without actually making contact with her, then stop after a moment and glare at her slightly.
‘No, okay, you look at me then. You have to understand, miss yes sexual, that you are embarrassing yourself and your curves in front of everyone, regardless of sexual inderminerminity. You’re insulting me, you’re insulting the wanna be the guy, you’re insulting the bitch, who-’ .
I glance at the bitch for a moment.
‘-whose clothes you’ve obviously definitely stolen, yo- OH, that reminds me!’ .
I scamper off towards the bitch, staying as silent as I can until I’m right near her, then yelling at her: ‘HEY! YOU HAVE INSULTED MY HONOUROS EARLIER. I DEMAND SATISFARIBUTION, I MEAN RETRIBUTION.’ .

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Pale Fang

I pick Lavender up and walk towards the group over at the chaos’ former epicenter. I scope Lynn up and down, eyeballing the stilettos for a moment.

…I’m wearing these because there was no other clothing I could find except military fatigues but those reeked of death, if that’s what you’re wondering. Clearly, the smell makes them a weapon in their own right. You saw how I was wearing a drape over me before all this, right? I was desperate for clothing and settle for this. Aside from the physical aspects of the outfit which actually don’t look bad for her, I don’t see much of a reason except that its a hot combination…

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Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos
She’s ignoring me. How dare she do that! I am so offended!
HEY, don’t IGNORE me, bitch! I was actually SAYING THINGS in your DIRECTION.’ .

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Rosalyn Lightfell


My grin gets wider. “Tee hee. Ignore the sexually indeterminate person. He slash she is obviously just jealous! Hahahaha! I mean, what can I say!” I say smugly, feeling very good about myself. “I’m the sexiest and most beautiful girl in the world! Of course she’d be jealous, when she can’t even decide if she wants to look like a girl or a guy! Hahahahahaha!”

Um… L-L-L-L-Lynn…

Mhm, what?

T-T-This is s-s-s-s-so embarrassing…! Rose stammers.

Oh, come on, I roll my eyes at her. We look good, so what’s wrong with showing it off a little?

B-But there’s a little girl here! She says frantically. We can’t let her…

Oh, you mean Lavender? I look at the little faerie girl Pale Fang is carrying. Nah. She’s asleep anyways.

What about the o-others…? W-What if they…

The usual, I smile to myself. Look as much as they want, but try anything funny and we beat the shit out of them. Simple.

But… We don’t have any energy left!

Oh… Well. Shit. Uh, this is the part where you help me think of something.

Um… Christopher…? She says timidly.

Right. I begin to saunter toward the guy. Ugh, he needs a stylist or something; that cloak looks horrible. “Yo, Chris!” I call out. “I need some healing! Actually, no. You got any energy to spare? I’m all out and need some right now!”

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Christopher Athánatos

The girl calls out to me, the one with dual minds. It seems like the one with black hair and red eyes is in control now. It irks me that she’s addressing me with such familiarity… But she has already seen much of my memories of the past thousand years. I suppose if anyone in this group can address me on familiar terms, it will be her. Her will must be quite remarkable, having seen much suffering and despair through my eyes yet seemingly remain unaffected? Or is she simply uncaring? No. She doesn’t feel like that kind of being, from both her words and the feeling of her mind in contact with mine.

My eyes widen slightly when I take in her visage. I must say, she really does look incredibly beautiful and titillating. The… outfit she is wearing hugs her lithe body tightly, accentuating every bit of her perfect curves. Its alluring black color matches her glossy black hair, and contrasts wonderfully with the fairness of her flawless skin. Even without any supernatural glamor or other sort of magical aid, her entire being seems to emanate an aura of sensuality that begs to be touched and kissed. An image flashes before me, a mental image of this girl lying on a luxurious bed in a provocative stance, an inviting smile on her beautiful face. I imagine myself approaching her, touching the side of her neck with a finger and running down to the cleft between her perfectly-sized breasts, feeling the exquisite softness and smoothness of her skin; a moan of pleasure then escapes from her lips…

I shake my head. What am I thinking? I did not want pleasures of the flesh. Otherwise, with my power, I’d be having a harem of beautiful women at my beck and call, and endlessly indulging in carnal desires without a thought about the grander schemes of the world… What an empty existence that would be. Heh. Yes, this girl is undeniably beautiful, and I cannot help but to appreciate her beauty. But that will be all.

She is looking at me expectantly. Ah, yes. She did ask me to replenish her energy. “Very well.” The flecks of green in my wings and aura become a fiery red, as the spring faerie lineage in my body becomes summer instead. Without warning I reach out to grasp the girl on her forehead, as I’ve done with the were-leopard. Once again my aura flares blindingly bright, all of it focusing and pouring into the girl’s body, carrying my own energy and ambient energy in the air with it. Like the were-leopard, she spasms due to the titanic wave of energy rushing into her… but not as much as I would have expected.

Strange. She did not seem very powerful when we were fighting. But why is my injection of energy not enough to fill her to even half full? I consider pouring more energy into her, but decide against it. I’ve never recovered to full strength since my previous encounter with Abaddon, and I am already rather close to running low at the moment, after all that ordeal since coming to the ruins of this city. And I may still need to heal the others. It will be best to leave her as she is right now. When I release the girl, she staggers, but does not collapse.

“Now, anyone else?” I once again sweep my eyes across the group of creatures before me.

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Justinian XXI

NOOOOOO!” The fire elemental shrieks, its multiple burning, jellyfish-like tentacles frantically striking the robed man levitating before it, but to no avail. “YOU CANNOT BURN ME! I AM A FIRE ELEMENTAL! FIRE ELEMENTALS DO NOT BURN!”

“Ha! Foolish vermin.” The Magus Supreme laughs, purple flames emanating from his being and rushing to consume the fire elemental. The fire’s unusual coloration is but purely cosmetic, but nevertheless it continues to consume the elemental’s own reddish orange fiery body. “Am I not burning you at this very moment?”

“NO! I AM IMMUNE TO FIRE!” The elemental screams, just as two more of its tentacles are reduced to nothing. “THIS IS NOT HAPPENING! NO FIRE CAN HURT ME! THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!”

“Listen to yourself,” Justinian’s lips curl in disgust. The fire elemental, shaped like some sort of magical jellyfish, writhes in agony. Streaks of glowing energy can be seen running through the body of this particular elemental, the subtle and complex network of magical energy holding it together that is normally invisible to the naked eye. As Justinian’s purple fire spreads, the streaks of magic quickly disintegrate, destroyed by a heat far surpassing the temperature of their own flames that the streaks hold together. “Immune to fire, you say? Then will you survive if I plunge you into the Sun itself?! Your supposed immunity means nothing to me, abomination. You are weak. Power matters, and the Almighty Deus ex Machina has gifted me more power than anyone and anything in this wretched world! You will burn, fire elemental, immunity be damned.” With that, his flames flare to more than twice of their original intensity, releasing a wave of heat felt even by the Enforcers standing more than ten meters away.

AAAAAAAAAARGH!” The fire elemental can do nothing but scream. Within moments, not a trace of its body remains.

“And now, you,” the Magus Supreme sharply turns his gaze toward a pile of rubble to his right. A blast of force pushes the rocks aside, revealing the terrified young fire elemental child hiding behind.

The purple flames, not yet faded after burning the other elemental, suddenly solidify into slabs of glowing purple energy. They move toward the smaller fire elemental with incredible speed, closing around it and trapping it inside. The next instant, the prison is compressed to a tiny speck around than the size of Justinian’s thumbnail, brutally crushing the fire elemental inside despite its incorporeality. Moments later he releases his magical hold. The little purple pebble promptly explodes, releasing all the air, heat, and magic compressed inside. The fire elemental is gone without a trace.

Without another word, the most powerful Magi in existence turns briskly and begins floating further into the ruins of Caelum Fortis. His most elite Enforcers silently follow, their streamlined full-body armors making scarcely a sound.

[I had to look up a bunch of physics formulas to get an idea of how much energy was needed to compress the small fire elemental to that tiny a volume. It should be around one megajoule, give or take, at least the same order of magnitude. It’s the kinetic energy of a 2-ton vehicle moving at 32 m/s, which doesn’t sound too unreasonable.]

[If you want to get healed by Christopher, do it now. Christopher can wait but Justinian XXI will not.]

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Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos
Well, screw her, then. I head over to the wanna be the guy instead, but forget to turn down the volume at first, before recomposing myself in a deliberately more polite fashion, as follows:
HEY, WANNA BE THE- wanna be- uh. Christopher. May I please be healed? Preferably in a manner that isn’t temporarily crippling.’ .

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Rosalyn Lightfell


“Agh!” I cry out when Chris shoves that huge burst of energy into me. It feels like my whole body is dipped into cold fire and hit by a truck at the same time! I stagger, and nearly fall. But no, he won’t get the better of me. A few shadowy black tendrils extend from my back, steadying myself. I shudder, take a deep breath, and stand up.

“Hey, is that how you treat a lady?!” I yell at Chris angrily. “Didn’t anyone teach you to be gentle or something?! That’s it! No more eye candy for you!” I say with a hiss, and shapeshift my clothes back into my usual outfit. “Hmph!”

Um, Lynn…? Rose says. Don’t you feel…

Whoa. Now that she points it out, I do feel really refreshed! Ha, now I can beat the shit out of them if they try anything funny. I’d almost thank Chris if he wasn’t being so rough just now.

Um, let me take over, please… She asks. Now I have energy to heal everyone, don’t I…?

But we already have Chris for that! Take a break, will ya?

I want to help him…!

Fine… I sigh. Just don’t spend all our energy on it.


I look around apprehensively. There are a couple of people I don’t know and haven’t properly introduced myself to… At least this time Lynn shapeshifted our clothes back to my white dress before giving me control. But my cheeks instantly begin to burn when I think back to the… outfit that Lynn wore earlier… I shake my head furiously to dispel the images.

“Um… I can help you with healing…” I look at Christopher and say nervously. “And, um… My name is Rosalyn Lightfell… Since… you know… I haven’t told you before, and…”

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Pale Fang

I notice all that has happened with Rosalyn. The change in personality, the arrogance…I had to bring it up.

…Rose, not for nothing but what’s up with your conceited sister? Doesn’t she realize that her arrogance will eventually be her downfall? Since you two share the same body, it would be your downfall as well…

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Christopher Athánatos

“You don’t need healing,” I say coldly to the, ah, “sexually indeterminate person” who appears to be the hybrid of a blue dragon and some sort of fire elemental creature. “You weren’t even going all out in the battle earlier.”

The girl changes. I feel ever so slightly regretful when she no longer wears erotic lingerie, but that feeling disappears when I behold her new appearance. A simple dress of the purest white… Without gleaming bits of metal, she appears almost human. And compared to her black-haired alter ego, the silver-haired girl invokes an entirely different mood. Just as beautiful as before, but now innocent, gentle, vulnerable. It almost stirs a feeling within me that has died already so long ago…


Then she tells me her name. Rosalyn Lightfell. A beautiful first name befitting her appearance. But the last name…

“Please!” The girl cried out, looking as though she’s about to burst into tears again. “It was my father’s will! You… You can’t…”

“Can’t what?!” The old wizened mage, the one directly facing her, spoke harshly. “What I cannot do, girl, is give the Seat of your late father to a child!” He spat, pointing a gnarled finger at the boy beside her.

“Why not, Deputy Archmagus?” The boy spoke. His voice was calm, but just as cold and harsh. “Do you doubt my competence? Or knowledge? Or experience?” He gripped one of the girl’s slender hands a little more tightly. “Or are you just unwilling to let go of the position left vacant after Master Lightfell’s passing?”

For a moment, the room became dreadfully quiet. The other highly distinguished mages looked around, from the boy to the old mage and back, hardly daring to even breathe.

“I doubt your strength,” the old mage snarled. “Being the apprentice of Julius Lightfell does not grand you the power to sit among us, brat.” A white glow began to emanate from the orb of his oaken staff, while the sigils etched on its surface became starkly black.

“Oh, is that it?” A quick glance at the girl’s eyes reassured him that she would support him no matter what. But that did not soothe the anger that was beginning to well up within him. The boy’s other hand, the one not linked with the girl’s, twisted into a claw-like gesture, a sphere of purple energy forming between his fingers. “Do you want your doubt… alleviated, Deputy Archmagus?”

I blink several times. That last name, put together with those memories… So this girl, Rosalyn, shares not only her face, but her name as well with that Silvia girl in my memories? But how can this be? Her youth was unmistakable when our minds came into contact earlier. Could she be a descendant of…

I shake my head. Why do I even care? As Rosalyn herself said, those memories depict the life of someone else. Whoever those memories once belonged to, I should not concern myself with them.

The werewolf woman says something that makes me sigh with pity. “Listen to yourself, werewolf. If she herself thinks arrogance will lead to her downfall, will she be arrogant in the first place?” I turn away and laugh bitterly. “Arrogance eventually leads to downfall? Ha! If that’s true, why has the world for the past centuries been full of dictators with egos so disgustingly bloated that it makes me want to grind them to dust?! Yet they continue to rule, for hundreds of years and more. The world is not so just and fair, werewolf.”

I glance at the wolf woman, who appears to still be suffering the residual effects of my ice breath. The minotaur has chunks of his skin and flesh burnt away by acid. The human has his back wound tied only by some crude bandages. Are they mentally challenged, or are they simply adamant to not show any sign of weakness? Either way, I am not going to waste energy healing them if they don’t ask. My energy is at the moment limited enough as it is.

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“Ground! The ground!”

Oooohhh, the sunlight, the lovely sunlight, the sunlight of yet another day. “I survived! I won!”

I run away in joy.

[I may or may not encounter Antioch.]

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Pale Fang

I might as well get healing for all this. I walk to the man offering healing.

…That was a hell of a fight you put up there. Would you be so kind as to heal me so that I may take care of this girl I am holding?…

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[Eh, what the heck, why not.]
Fenix Antioch
As I neared a large hold in the ground, caused by Caelium Fortis’s rapid descent, Hmm, rapid descent? That doesn’t really cover it. I see a man float out of it, just over the lip. As soon as he reaches ground on this level, he rejoices. “Ground! The ground!”

Gently gliding down to him, my wings begin to fade away as I near the ground until, eventually, they completely disappear. The instant my feet hit the ground, I put my hand on his shoulder, “Sir, are you well? Have you seen others who may need help?” Behind him, the destruction of the city looms. Quite a daunting path of destruction.

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“Ah, hi there, flying one,” I say in an inexplicable euphoria.

“Personally, I am fine. However, you might want to take a look into the abyss behind me. The pit has definitely radiated some terrifying energy from below… but, can you really fly to the bottom of the pit?”

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I start getting closer to the group but I start feeling dizzy again. Boy, do those clouds seem to be getting closer? I mean they are like rabbits, like rabbit on rollerska- what the fuck am I talking about? I shake my head and get to the group, a headache is coming round town, but I ignore it.

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Fenix Antioch
I looked him over a moment. “Yes, I can. And I believe I could get us both down there if you’d like to.” Psyce formed at my feet and began spreading out, making a small platform just large enough for two people to stand on. Using a mixture of controlling the psyce mentally and willing the air currents, I lifted myself a couple inches off the ground and extended my hand to the man.

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I back off from this flying man. For once, I realize that I am afraid of something down there.

It is actually good to face my own fear, but I have lost all my memory and the fragile remnant of my mind urges me to learn about the technology. It’s not a good time to face my own fear.

“Thanks, man, but I’m not going down. No, not today,” I run in a random direction.