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(I’m not reading any posts other than Dawn and the Faceless Man’s, so if you want to interact with the little three-way between us you’ll have to do a brief explanation of how you got there and any important events.)

[Seriously? How are you going to know if anybody is interacting with you if you don’t read other posts? For example, if I remember correctly, Nimbus and Pulsaris have entered your location. And even if you don’t miss information pertaining to your area, you could miss information important to the future.]


Ahh, nihilism. A curious trait, but not the most pleasant of them. No matter the risk though, this guy is an entertaining one. A true enigma amongst the world.

I ask, “What makes you think that the world is nothing? Why make the world out to be purely black?”

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Cogito Ergo Sum
Someone shouts something at me. I turn to face him, but for some strange reason, he has already slumped into his seat, head thudding on the table.

I address the strange man. “We at Magus Mechanicle will be happy to provide men to exterminate those of the impure blood. We are the strongest allies of all right-thnkers such as yoursef.”


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[I highly advise you to try to read all the posts, Helltank. As Devourer said, you could miss information important to the future.]

Christopher Athánatos

I let out a harsh, bitter laugh, and turn my gaze onto the female hydrioth. Her human form appears quite young, still in her late teen years, though looks are deceiving more often than not… “How old are you, creature?” My eyes lock onto hers. Few can withstand my unsettling gaze without flinching, but I am not in the particular mood to care at the moment. “This world holds nothing but sin and suffering. If you think otherwise, you simply haven’t lived long enough and experienced all the depravity the world has to offer.”

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Suddenly, another memory comes in.

‘The tower has fallen! The tower has fallen!’ A high tower fell in front of my eyes. Countless creatures flew out to avoid their impending doom.

However, a group of flying humans started to fire assorted magics to the fleeing creatures.

A pile of rubble is covered by a sheet of flesh.

Hellish headache soon follows. I hold my head, slowly falling to the ground. The sunlight passes through my eyes, which gives me a little bit energy. I struggle to stand up, and then slowly approach the coffee shop.

I say in a weak voice, ‘one coffee please.’

‘Large or…’

‘Small!’ I shout desperately. I barely place my buttocks on a chair, but my upper torso is already collapsing on the table…

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“Novus Ordo Synthesia does not tolerate incompetence,” whispers Qing Long, the Azure Dragon, one of the Four Rulers of the great Eastern Kingdoms. His icy blue eyes burn with a terrible cold anger, and traces of his long, jet black hair shift back and forth from the blue mane of an eastern dragon. Portions of his flowing blue robes flutter and writhe also, transforming to and from draconic scales of refractive, translucent icy blue. “Nor do I.” A pillar of ice suddenly erupts from the ground, impaling the terrified war troll servant through its stomach despite the enchanted, high-tech armor protecting its whole body. Brilliantly cold energies erupt from the icicle, totally encasing the troll in a slab of ice.

Every other creature present in the room are frozen with terror. Seemingly an eternity later, a brave but foolish insectoid creature finally dares to speak up. “W-W-What shall we d-d-d-d-do next, Your H-H-Highness?”

“Is it not obvious, cretin?” Qing Long hisses. “Dispatch the Third if you must, but recover the Fourth Synthesis Spawn at all costs!”

[Floating city crash incoming in a day or two, guys.]

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Geez, what a jerk. I almost return an equally rude laugh, but am quickly stopped by my inner peace-loving self. Raising an eyebrow, I gaze back into his eyes, aware of his intimidating intents. An unnatural yellow, his eyes would otherwise have nothing to bother me if it isn’t for the strange, miniscule images within. As I stare in, I swear that I can see things, balls of colored light moving frantically within, a slave screaming in pain as she’s whipped, stripes of nondescript colors spinning in varying speeds. Simply raising an eye, I have a strong urge to look away. And while I mostly continue staring in order to maintain communication, I find myself entranced by his eyes, greedy for more psychedelic visions.

But I quickly shake off my state and give the man a response. “Seventeen years, if I remember correctly. Age has no relevance to experience though. Seventeen years with magical transportation is more than enough to view the world. And if you think some aspect of the world has been hiding from me, tell me how hard would it be for that same aspect to dodge an ancient immortal?”

And now to move off of the point of discriminate ageism. “With what I assume to be your lengthy experience, perhaps you’ve turned a blind eye to the virtues of the world? It’s remarkably easy to make everything out to be terrible if you force it to be. A logical fallacy resides in the remark that the world has no virtues because of a plentiful of vice. Perhaps I haven’t experienced as much depravity as you, or even any of what you consider depravity.” Peh, the things I say to make my point. “But that doesn’t prevent me a single bit from enjoying what there is to be enjoyed in the world.”

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Some seconds later, I regain my consciousness. My mentality is as strong as a gemstone. Maybe that’s the effect of the constant memory-explosions and headaches. But the headaches are getting more frequent, it seems. I only had four headache fits last month, but this is the fourth fit this month. Counting the frequencies, I may have to suffer once or twice more. Damn it.

On my table is a cup of coffee. I take a sip, and a warm flow starts to mend my brain. It’s a wonderful feeling.

Remembering something, I glance at those people outside.

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Spikes come out of the shard that separates the bunny and I, killing the damns thing. I push the wererabbit off me and stare at it. “I’m a need a bigger fire for this one.”


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Christopher Athánatos

“Seventeen years, hmm? Ha ha,” I begin to laugh. “Ha ha ha ha ha! Only seventeen years, and yet…” There is no mirth, no humor in those laughs, only pain, hatred, sorrow, regret… “Let me tell you something, infant. Recently I’ve visited a desolate little village up in the north, ruled by a bloodline of vampires, treated and fed on like nothing more than cattle. Every year, the vampire lord would take one of the young women in the village and add her to his harem, publicly corrupting her body and mind until she becomes another one of his perfectly obedient playthings, while forcing each and every villager to watch, simply to demonstrate his power over them all. And next year he will display her to the villagers again, showing how inhuman and unrecognizable from her previous self the woman now is. So you know what I did?” My lips curl into a savage, bloodthirsty grin, showing my teeth that may be just slightly sharper than normal.

“I killed them, the elder vampire and every last one of his spawn, like the vermin they are! But what does that change?! NOTHING!” As my rage swells, the water composing my body spontaneously vaporizes, transforming into a cloud of scalding, boiling steam. “Without the protection of its vampire masters, the village would not last even a week against the hordes of Beasts that roam the wilderness. Oh, yes, of course I could have stayed in the village and unconditionally offered them my protection for the rest of my miserable existence,” I say with dry, bitter sarcasm, the mockery half aimed at the world and half at myself, “but what of the countless villages everywhere that suffer from far more torturous fates?! In the end, nothing changes whatsoever.”

My form is cooling down again. It keeps cooling and cooling, until it becomes frigidly cold, causing layers of frost to condense over the forest soil. “Feel free to enjoy your ‘virtues’ of the world while you can, infant; others are not nearly so fortunate. While you wallow in your own ignorant bliss, millions are brutally slaughtered each day. And soon enough, it will be your turn.”

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{ Dawn } Magi of the Shadows

My head, throbbing and cloudy, tried to think. I couldn’t put my finger on what happened. Dizzyness won over my senses and, even though I tried to lift my head, I failed, and continued to be montionless. I couldn’t really speak, but I was (slightly) aware of my surroundings. Some shouting was going on, but I couldn’t comprehend. It went in one ear and out the other. I forgot about fighting the struggle in my mental sanctuary. I just lay still and hope I can think clearly soon.

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A small smile emerges from my lips, and I look this man up and down in amusement. Mixed emotions of annoyance, amusement, and rage flow through me as I listen to his one-sided argument. It doesn’t help that he feels the need to incorrectly use the word “infant” to emphasize his amazing ageism. Even better is the way he says it, the way he puts a derogatory spin onto it. I would like to say that I’m mostly entertained, but I’ll give him the credit in that I’m more or less pissed off.

And so I continue talking, because I’m smart like that and care for my well-being. “I’m not a saint, and I’m content ‘wallowing in my ignorant bliss’. It would be a lie to say that I haven’t endured any pain, and it would also be a lie to say that I care for the pain of others. The world cannot be changed by individuals; perhaps if you didn’t force that mindset onto yourself, your efforts wouldn’t be so futile. But I tire of this conversation. So good-bye, Mr. Saint, and feel free to continue shoving the world’s burdens onto yourself.”

And with this, I revert back to my hydrioth form and slither forward, shooting at the speed of a bullet. Perhaps I can find some more suitable entertainment in the next village.

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[Finally back]
I sit perched in a tree, like a bird watching its prey. There was a group of Magi aligned with the Mecahicle in a small clearing from the woods. I guess they wanted to stay secretive about it since they were far from the roads, unfortunately they picked a bad place to set up camp. There was a group of Beast carcasses lined around the clearing, hung from trees as both a warning to others and a display of their trophies. Usually I had no sympathy for Beasts and I still don’t, but s Skarr grew more powerful I felt more like a Beast. We both held a hatred for them, but unlike Skarr I knew not all humans are like them.

Skarr scoffs, “They call us Beasts” he says.
“No, they call you a beast.” I say
“What’s the difference between us?”
“You’re a wolf”

He sighs, usually I’m the tormentor but it’s always an amazing moment when I get on his nerves. I could have moved far away from this group, keeping Skarr as far away fro his prey is what I’ve been doing for days. I could feel him claw at my mind, he wanted out. “Don’t even try to defend them” he says, “Remember that village last year?” I did, it was painfully scorched into my memory. I was just passing through, me and Skarr arguing as normal when I heard screaming. I ran towards it and now I wish I didn’t. They had cornered a family of Shifter into a house and lit it ablaze. There was too many of them for me to do anything so me and Skarr agreed we’d just turn and try to forget it. Forgetting was something I couldn’t do. I wonder if Skarr only agreed with me to get his way more often, if he did it worked. I allow him to break free.

He stays perched in the tree still examining them, he wasn’t completely savage, he always liked to have a plan. There was five humans, three male two female. We weren’t close enough to get much more information about their spell preference or anything of the such. He cocked his head to the side, then he turned it to the sky and het out a long howl. That appeared to do nothing but give away our position. Sure enough, the Magi were turned to us, their hands glowing with magical energies. I was about to question his actions but he’s usually clever, also I was curious about what he had planned. Perhaps he wanted his victims to be aware before he tore them to shreds, I have witnessed many of his brutal eviscerations to know he was twisted like that.

As soon as he got his first replies I knew what he was doing, wolves all around this forest answering his call, the clearing was surrounded by a wave of howls. The thing about Beast is that sometimes you can’t distinguish between their cries and normal animal’s. That’s what he was hoping for, now the humans were frantically looking aroudn as the myriad of wolf howls rang out. Everyone knew that a horde of Beasts is extremely dangerous, able to roll over entire villages in minutes. Now that their attention was away from us, he dropped down silently. He rushed at two of the males, they were close enough together to be dispatched simultaneously. They turned too late, in their shock they couldn’t cast any spell that could have saved their lives. Skarr’s powerful arms ploughed into their chests and knocked them on their backs. In the fall his hands shot up to their heads, his large hands blinding them. With a mighty yank the decapitated them both. The other three turned to see their ally’s heads in the grasp of a mighty Werewolf. He let out a mighty roar, adding to the fear of the remaining three. He slammed down the heads and rushed them.

One of the female’s hands lit up, she threw her hand back as fire engulfed it, the fireball is sent at Skarr but his course is already changed, the ensuing explosion doesn’t even singe his fur. His course is changed to the last male. He smiled, knowing Skarr was walking into a trap. He takes a knee and shoves his palm against the ground. The ground between the two begins to crack, Skarr leaps right and continues his charge. The ground where Skarr stood cracks open and a rock spike appears out of it, a move that would have impaled him. Another crack begins to form, this one much wider. right before it reaches him Skarr leaps, a rock wall adorned with spikes appears from the ground. Skarr would have ran right into it but his leap planted him on top of it, another leap sends him far in the air, far away from the Earth mage’s reach. His eyes looked up at the leaping beast with amazement and fear, for in seconds he’d be just another casualty. Skarr came down hard on him, pinning his shoulders to the ground. He then regained his posture and began tearing into him, he screams didn’t last long as razor sharp claws tore through flesh and caught intestines, ripping them from his body.

He was barely concious, Skarr looked down at his battered body with a smile before hearing the crackle of the other mage’s spells. His large hand wrapped around the dying mage’s body and turned and flicked him at the incoming fireball. The body and spell meet and an explosion ensues. The female mage is straining to see past the flames, to see if she hit her mark. Then she sees him, unfortunately he was leaping over the flames, continuing to carry out the devastation he promised would fall upon all those of her kind. She readied another spell but it was too late, Skarr’s hands grabbed a hold of her arms, pinning her to the ground,s he began frantically struggling and let out a shrill scream. Her scream was stopped by Skarr’s massive jaws, they closed around her tiny neck and tore everything vital out of it. Blood began to spray, soaking Skarr’s fur in the liquid that he knows so well. Then he fell silent as he heard the quiet whimpers of the final mage. He slowly turned, his golden eyes locking onto her. She had done little during the battle, she had thrown a few spells but Skarr was much to fast and she was much too inexperienced to do much. Her nerve started to break with every one of her comrades torn apart. She stood ther shaking in fear. Skarr grinned, and let out a roar, signalling her retreat. He dropped down on all fours to give chase.

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Alright, so he was pissed. Maybe it was best if I would have attacked first, but it’s too late to think about that now. Without a second to spare, I jump back and shift into my regular form, enclosing myself within my wings for protection. This annoying creature thinks he can hurt someone like me, but truthfully, he has no chance. After feeling the strike hit with little pain inflicted on me, I decide it’s time to end his pathetic attempt. My hand suddenly jolts forward, and I get a goop grip on him as I slowly start to squeeze, my claws digging into his neck for added effect.

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[Kind of need Xandrya to make a response post to mine in order to continue. Any time, Xan.]

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Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos
Haaaaahahahaha. She is such a stupid-face. Because she really doesn’t know me and my crafting. Hehehehehe. Hee.
My sexual features go completely haywire for a couple of seconds; then, without warning, they melt and explode into a seething mass of dark flames. Not super-hot, because they really don’t need to be to make her into full burning – around 250 degrees will do for the moment. Regardless, the hand that was around my throat catches fire almost immediately, and removing myself from the hand to remove the pain she was causing me by being inside my form, I pass around her and back into a human form, ready to backstab her face out.

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“You pathetic PRICK!”
The flame wouldn’t give, it seemed as if it was one of those that was nearly impossible to extinguish. But of course, I had a solution for even that sort of problem. Concentrating most of my energy, I’m able to telekinetically remove the burning flame from my hand. It was an instant relief that couldn’t have arrived at a better time, but just as my troubles were over for now, his were only beginning.
There’s a low rumble all around as a dark cloud slowly takes shape out of thin air, growing by the second until it blocks almost all light. Spikes begin to fall out of the cloud like rain, slowly at first, but then picking up speed as they multiply. It’s hard to make out anything past a few meters in my line of sight, but maybe the fire demon underestimated my abilities. The poor sap…

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Christopher Athánatos

So she left. I spare the hydrioth no more than a glare of contempt. That thing is nothing more than just another monster, just another one of those selfish, heartless souls that deserve all the atrocities inflicted upon them. If they don’t infest positively every corner of this planet, perhaps the Worldsphere would be much better off. No matter; the hydrioth will meet her end sooner or later.

The world cannot be changed by individuals? Ha. It cannot be changed by anyone. So what if I gather an army that answers to my every whim? It would simply be another speck in this harsh, uncaring world. And with their selfishness and greed, they will be more of a liability than help, prone to turning on themselves or I at any moment. This world has no hope for salvation, so all the better if it is reduced to ashes to end all that suffering.

I transform myself into a diamond the size of a man’s head, and settle firmly into the ground. There are few species whose physiology is as simple as that of an animated gemstone. And if someone is to pick me up in this form… Well, I care not what corner of the world they take me to; there is little that I haven’t seen.

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I take a glance at outside, and the girl who was hit by the blade fell down, losing her consciousness and going limp. If only my seizure didn’t come so timely…

“Huh?” Those people just stand there, watching her fall down. Why don’t they strip her of her belongings? Aren’t they robbers?

Aren’t they robbers?

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Rosalyn Lightfell


Um… Lynn… Rose fidgets in our mind. People are, you know, staring…

Looking around me, I do see that a bunch of people, mainly men but a few women as well, are leering at me and obviously undressing me with their eyes. I smirk triumphantly. Hmph, let them! Our beauty deserves to be admired!

B-But what if they… Rose’s voice trails off.

Then we beat the shit out of them, I grin. A sexy young lady alone is only in danger if she can’t protect herself.

“Hey, babe!” I suddenly hear a gruff voice somewhere to my right. Turning around, I see three guys, all of them big and ugly. Oh, right; this is the seedier part of the streets. “Wanna have some fun with us?” They’re running their eyes upon and down all over me, obviously mesmerized by my delicious, perfect curves, which makes me feel smug, but one of them licks his lips with an unnaturally long greenish tongue that instantly makes me cringe in disgust.

“How about no,” I give them a withering glare before moving on.

“Come on, sugar! Don’t be so hard to get!” The middle of the big ugly brutes puts a hand on my bare shoulder, while the other two are still drooling over my chest, butt, and legs.

A fuse ignites in me at the skin contact. “Fuck off!” I hiss at the gonk, forcefully brushing his hand off of me.

“What?!” The brute stares at me, lips twisting into a snarl, baring some sharp teeth. “Got some nerves, huh bitch?!”

Lynn! Rose whispers to me urgently. We should, um, really get out of here!

“The little slut thinks she’s tough, huh?” One of the other gonks begins to rise, crackling his knuckles.

“Heh, we’ll show you tough!” The third brute says. All of them start transforming, becoming even bigger and uglier with green scales all over. “Dressing like the whore you are… You asked for it!”

Um, Lynn? Rose says with a trembly voice. Don’t-

You asked for it, you pieces of shit!” I snarl. A blast of what looks like a black shadowy sledgehammer comes out of my right hand, and smashes right into the middle thug’s chest, slamming him painfully against the wall.

Now that I can see that those three are trolls, I can rough them up a bit; with their regeneration they’ll deal. Gaping in surprise, it takes a couple of seconds for the other two trolls to growl and come at me. The one to the left is closer, so I duck under his claw swipes, and kick him viciously in the balls. I then bury my heel into his stomach, the heel sharpened to a stiletto point, and grin in satisfaction at his howl of agony. The third troll charges at me, but I toss a ball of black and red energy his way, burning a nasty wound into his chest that takes longer to heal even with a troll’s regeneration. The other two trolls are recovering, and angry, but their rage soon turns into more pain when a number of shadowy blades rise from me, infused with dark energy, messily puncturing a number of holes in the trolls’ bodies.

“W-What the hell are you?!” The third troll stammers, eyes wide with fear.

My lips curl in a haughty, savage grin. “See for yourself,” I say. A pair of batlike wings, made of something similar to black shadows, bursts out of my back, and a slender black barbed tail pokes out from under my skirt. My jet black hair writhes, and transforms into a number of wicked blades. My fingernails lengthen and become black talons. For added dramatic effect, my red eyes now glow with an ominous light. Okay, I know I’m not really a demon or succubus or anything. But Rose pretends to be an angel all the time when she works part time as a healer, so why can’t I do something similar? “If you fuck with me again, I’ll cut off your dicks and shove them down your throats. Got it?!” I spit at them, and storm off.

Um… Rose begins to say something.

No, I didn’t overdo it, I say exasperatedly and roll my eyes. They’re fucking trolls! They can regenerate!


I sigh; she’s just too much of a pacifist. Enduring her lectures, I quickly get the hell out of the mean streets so I won’t have to deal with more perverted assholes.

A few minutes later, I see a coffee shop not far away from me. Mhm, a morning coffee would be good. Geralda is nice and all, but she never has coffee. But then I suddenly see someone collapsed just outside the shop.

“Hey! You all right?!” I call out and dash toward the person. She’s a woman, or at least looks like one, a bit older than me. Dammit! Rose, take over and heal her!


I blink a couple of times as the body comes under my control again. “Eek!” I squeak a little when I realize that my body still has the demonic features Lynn conjured up, so I quickly remove them. Then I squeak a little again when I see that I’m still wearing Lynn’s incredibly revealing clothes. Blushing furiously, I quickly fumble around until the outfit becomes my usual white dress again. Then I kneel down beside the woman, and begin to bathe her in an aura of soft bluish white healing and curative energy. “Hey, um… Are y-you all right?” I ask nervously.

[I’d prefer that the anti-Shifter individuals are reasonably far away by now, as I don’t want a fight at the moment.]

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I take a seat on the bed in my hovel. It is quite interesting how few people even seem to know we exist. Our villages are small, yes, but we make very little effort to hide them. Perhapse it is the forest. The dense trees prevent arial view…also makes ground view somewhat difficult. Yes, that makes sense. There aren’t many Arachnians, I beleive the larges village had…six hundred people? I get off my bed and pull a shirt out of my small wardrobe by the bed. Made of our silk. Interesting material, very strong yet light. Very usefull. After putting my shirt on I walk outside and start to walk around the surrounding areas, just looking. Looking at well, everything. The trees, the plants, the bugs, the animals. I’ve walked through this forest a thousand times, and yet I still come back. Then again, I have been wandering farther away on these walks recently. I guess it makes sense that I would eventually get bored of one area.

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He stopped for a few seconds, tapping the ground with one of his massive claws. Now I actually regretted letting him go on a rampage, sure we both hated the Magus but these people didn’t deserve this, torn to shreds by some maniacal wolf. This girl is where I drew the line, he fought off all forms of resistance now he was just being a sadist. “Skarr! Let it go”, after muttering the words I realized how futile it was. He had his mind made up and there was nothing I could do about it. “Why? This is the best part” he says, and with that he bolted after her. He had given her a good headstart but no human could outrun lupine beasts. Speed and savagery were his specialities.

When he seen her in the distance he begins to speak, his tone holds a worrying excitement. “Watch this Tarn, they consider us inferior but watch how easily their bodies are ripped apart.” I didn’t even want to talk, to him, I could have lived my life but he is taking it a bit too far. The fact he is making a game out of her death was just him putting salt on a wound. She turns and sees his snarling face, beaming with excitement. She would have quickened her pace if she wasn’t already running full speed. Then the most unfortunate thing happened to her, her foot got snarled on a root and she went flat on her face. The force of her fall even made Skarr cringe, he lets out a slow laugh as he started to slow his pace. She was done, well, I;d say she was probably dead the second he laid eyes on her. She is momentarily stunned and when she finally turns around to see the gigantic wolf marching towards her her eyes go wide all over again. She frantically tries to back away but her path is blocked by a tree.

Skarr bares everyone of his teeth he can, shaping a wolfish smile. She screams out for help, too bad she was in enemy territory. Skarr raised his claw and the woman’s eyes looked as if she’d stumbled upon some marvellous discovery. Her hands now had a magical aura around them, Skarr’s head turned in curiosity, his attacked purposely delayed. Then there was a blinding light and an ear shattering noise, a magical version of a dog whistle. What a primitive spell, yet it worked wonders against Skarr. He lot out a pained howl, and when his vision returned he let out a roar, his prey was gone. With a quick sniff of the air, he found her location. He darted in that direction, she had made another horrible mistake, now her death was going to be personal. He’s probably never ran that fast in his life, now he’s was fuelled by his wrath, something that can keep any man or Beast going.

Now she was in sight, I bet she thought she had escaped with her life, perhaps a basic biology course would help her realize she’s already dead, or perhaps a bit more common sense. She looked around, I seen her expression turn from relief to terror in an instant. He caught up to her in no time, he was just toying with her before. He leaped at her and his huge frame rammed her, causing her another brutal fall. She was flat on her stomach, when she peered up at Skarr he was long recovered from the fall, she tried to get to her feet but he pushed her onto her back. It’s must have been a horrifying sight, a giant wolf filled with a psychotic rage, a rage directed towards you. She attempted to use the same trick but Skarr was too smart for that, he grabbed her glowing hand and tore her arm from its socket. She stared up in shock, her severed limb laid limp in his hand, he flicked it aside, to be forever lost in the woods. Her eyes slowly followed it. Now she was disarmed, literally.

Her eyes crept back to him, her mouth was slightly ajar, probably due to the fact her arm was just ripper away from her. Skarr’s arms raised and quickly dropped, his claws tore through her chest which snapped her out of her state and forced her to let out a pained scream. Unlike the other woman her life wasn’t taken away from her quickly. Her death was slow and dragged out. His claws’ vicious strikes slowly descended upon her body, tearing her chest up and exposing her heart. Then he moves to her stomach, now her inteestines were hanging from the side of her body because his teeth decided to dig their way in. He stopped momentarily to survey his work, she was miraculously alive, albeit barely, her mouth was twitching ever so slightly. Skarr decided she had enough, it was painful for me to watch so I was glad to be done with it. His claws were going for her face now, it’s almost a shame, she wasn’t half bad looking. After two swipes her features were totally ravaged. Now his jaws encased her face and began to jerk his head back and forth, snapping her neck. He wasn’t content with that, now his feast began.

I was walking back to the clearing, not sure why, normally I’d just get as far away as I could. My face was lined with blood, a little gift from Skarr. As I approached the clearing I seen that the bodies weren’t alone, luckily it wasn’t their vindictive comrades coem to avenge them. It was the wolves Skarr used as a distraction, thwy were enjoying a feast. Now the bodies were even more mutilated as some wolves fought over the scraps of their flesh. I was in my form now, not Skarr’s. They probably would have tore at me just the same, but for some reason they didn’t, but they all watched me as I walked by them. I did the same thing I do after every battle, I lean against a tree and think about how much of a savage I’m becoming. I looked back at the wolves, some were gone back to their meals but others were still staring at me, heads tilted. I just closed my eyes, let out a sigh and tilted my head back. For a few moments there’s silence.

What? You didn’t enjoy that as much as I did?
[The last part should be in quotes, but it really fucks up my post.]

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Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos
A sky attack. That would be a good solution, if I weren’t incorporeal. A ghost demon person. Someone who can go under ground, anyway. That being said, I sharply increase my own temperature, then simply sink downward. The ground begins to melt and bubble slightly as I contact it, and shortly, my entire body is hidden below solid earth, just as a spike strikes the ground where I was. Normally, physics would dictate that I be extinguished instantaneously, having first incinerated everything within a reasonable distance of myself; however, considering the fact that the flames of my person are kept active through magical means, alongside my use of magic to keep the air (or ground, as of the moment) beyond my immediate person relatively cool, I simply end up unseen below the ground.
And without sight, of course. That’s one of the big things about that, I suppose. Blinding yourself tends to be bad for stuff. I’m going off track here. The point is, I was facing her when I went to the ground, and now I can go forward until I’m right underneath her. Or where I think she might be. I move forward slowly, half a metre at a time, until I get to a point where I’m either directly under her, or slightly in front of her and down. Either way, my goal is achieved. Yes. She outsmarted me with the fire removal skin trickery thingamajiggser.
I have yet to meet anyone who can outsmart magic lasers to the feet. I fire a Reductor upwards and at an angle, blasting a hole into the ground from where I lurk. Hopefully, she’ll either be hit by a magic laser or covered in rocks and molten rocks and burning rocks and burning molten rocks. That’ll be fun to watch. If I could just SEEEEEE. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF.

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It seems he was nowhere to be found, so the possibility of my opponent being dead was out of the equation. He must have somehow escaped, running off with his tail between his legs. How typical. Either way, I couldn’t help but bask in the obvious victory.
Just when I turn away from the mess I’ve created, a blast of energy shoots up from the ground, grazing me in the shoulder and then full-on hitting my right wing. Such force knocked me off my feet, making me land on the jagged rocks scattered on the ground. The pain was inevitable, but I kept an open eye out for the attacker.

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[Caught up with RP! … well at least a little …. well at least Blood_Shadow’s posts… well at least Chrisopher’s posts…. well at least most of them.]

That is a fuck load of rabbit stew. I thought as I get the last amount into another thermos, my backpack which was relatively empty, barring a few important supplies, is now filled with with rabbit stew and meat. I spin around a few times and stop myself, a little dizzy I go towards the direction I was facing.

A few minutes later I sit down to get some rabbit stew into my system, as I put my thermos down I see something in the distance, I rub my eyes. Could it be? I walk towards this giant ass diamond. Holy shit, either this rabbit stew is slowly killing me and I am hallucinating, or I am really lucky! I think as I pick it up. If I remember correctly, diamonds were very valuable, I think they get a nice price, maybe I can get someone to cut it for me so I can sell it in pieces, I think that’s what people did anyways…

With the diamond in my hands I start walking forward humming a simple, upbeat tune.