Lynch Mafia: The Nightless Mafia [Day 4] page 5 (locked)

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…So we can’t RC?

This is ridiculous.

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Replace me, please.

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Role revoke.

Roleclaims are an integral part of mafia game tactics usually, it’s all in the mind games, people can either believe you or not and that makes it good to play. It doesn’t make townside OP to make roleclaims legal since mafia can easily lie about it.

Yet now I have claimed cop and it’s been removed, surely people still know I am townside since the copbuster is dead and there were no other people with investigative roles?

Therefore surely you have to modkill me, after all, having a clear town member is not very good in this sort of mafia, you know, the sort of mafia where all people do is lynch each other and all people do is what is essentially RNG each other since nobody is allowed to know each other’s allignments.

What if somebody is a target and everyone is about to lynch him, then is he supposed to say “I’m not a target but don’t lynch me because I am a vanilla townie.”

I don’t see how you can drop scumtells if you are simply bandwaggoning. We have to vote or we will lose a random town member, but that means even town are encouraged to lynch, meaning we will be exhibiting similar behavior patterns to mafia: Lynch or be lynched, or survival. It’s also easy to confuse the survival tactics of mafia with targets.

Because of all this, all this mafia can possibly be is just a lynch-fest without any scum hunting possible. The only way we could find a mafia was to threaten him with investigation, which is against the rules, without that they have been found.

And for these reasons I am formally requesting to be replaced.

I am a Target too btw so now i’ve roleclaimed twice I should be replaced.

But how are you going to replace me now that people know the role? The only possible course of action is to simply modkill me without replacement since if I was replaced now people would know the replacement’s role.

I’m not mad because of having my role taken, since now the GM has comfirmed me as a townie I could easily have just won this game by saying nothing, but I’ve got to speak up and say that the mafia game is not just a game of bandwaggoning people, roles are there to keep things dynamic, roleclaims are a tactic that is supposed to make you think, is he really the vigilante? Is he really a cop? How can you know he can be trusted?

That’s why we keep the investigations to only the cop, if the investigations are spoken aloud it just makes it into an OMG LOOK HE’S A LYNCHER LET’S ALL KILL HIM! game.

I’m not trying to INVOKE YOUR WRATH or anything, I just don’t enjoy this sort of mafia and wanted to voice my opinion on why. I assumed based on the anti-cop’s role description that roleclaims were in fact allowed since it literally just says that they can claim cop in their role.

Sorry for editing some more stuff in but I figured there’s no point of EBWOP if I’ve already broken most of the rules.

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Put me up for a replacement or a modkill. I’m sorry, but I don’t really like where this mafia is going.

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Originally posted by devourer359:

Put me up for a replacement or a modkill. I’m sorry, but I don’t really like where this mafia is going.

Also, I’m a Target Townie. Whatcha goin’ to do now?