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I go into an airport and shoot all the guards with my AK47 before they even know what’s happening. Then I order everyone to assemble in the Main Hall through the announcement system, and pretend to be an airport staff. I have prepared lots of bombs and now I plant them under the main hall by forcing airport staff to dig up the floor at gunpoint. Then I knock them all down so they can’t talk. When the people assemble in the hall, I activate the bombs and they all die in the explosions.

I board a plane and shoot all the passengers with my AK47. I use my AK47 to hijack the plane and force the pilot and co-pilot to fly to Russia. There, I go to a nuclear plant. There are a bunch of old Cold War nukes there but they’re deactivated. I go into the plant and threaten to blow a hole in the reactor, killing everybody, if they don’t activate all the nukes for me.

Someone calls the police and I knock him down. The Russian police come, and I shoot them all. The Russian Mafiya are afraid my psychopathic tendencies will put a dent in their businesses, so they bring every single mafia member to confront me, and I knock them all down. The Russian Army comes to kill me, but by this time a nuke has been activated and I threaten to nuke them if they don’t retreat. They retreat to a far-away distance, allowing me to nuke them and kill them all without putting myself in the blast radius.

I take all the nukes, which are by now all activated, and I launch them towards America. America is blown to bits under a barrage of nuclear missiles, and when I fly there I see only a smoking wasteland. I knock the pilot down since he’s of no use to me now and I step onto the wasteland. The huge man and the money-grubber are still at the place where the genetics lab once was.

They seem to have acquired special powers. I suddenly feel mutation and powers rushing to me too. I knock them both down and shoot them both in the heads, but they survive. Suddenly I see a nuke dropping. The Russian Nuclear Plant Staff(RNPS) have betrayed me! I hijack a plane to Russia and I knock them all down, then I hijack another plane back to America.

When I come back, the nuke is still dropping. Then it hits me: time control! Someone must have that power and used it to make sure the nuke doesn’t hit us. It seems to be coming from a young man next to me. I knock him down, where he lies next to the money-grubber and the huge man. Without his power, the nuke lands directly on me.

I am crushed, then the nuke explodes. I stand up, not a scratch on my body, and I realize this is part of my powers. My powers are to summon a huge white beam that insta-kills anything it touches, so I use it to kill the time controller and he dies. Then I hijack a plane to Russia and launch more nukes until the whole world is wastelands. Then I take fifty nukes(I have forced all the RNPS to build new nukes on threat of being knocked down or shot by my AK47) and I go back to America.

I launch the nukes from America to Russia, destroying the last country with human civilization on it. Now all is mutants and superpowered people like me. By threatening to knock everyone else down, I am proclaimed eternal King of the World and I live happily ever after.

At least until my knocking people down urge fires up again.

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Originally posted by BCLEGENDS:

Rhea Mehkis
So I’m sitting at home, watching television. At the moment, my working eye is okay; I’ll be totally blind in about half an hour, though. It’s fine, though. I can still listen to the subtitles,

[This doesn’t make much sense.]

[So we are supposed to keep making posts, or should we wait for you to post something, Squid?]

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Thursday, midnight, the side entrance to the Mall. Bring no-one. Its about… (A slight pause) Mutations. If your interested, come along. Otherwise, we have… Assassins.

Edit: Ok, I did not end it with a speech mark. I just edited it to stop this, and put in no speech marks, and viola, its all gone.
This has happened twice. Basically, someone rang you up saying that mysteriously. Also, for the briefness, I have had to do lots of exams, and I just found out I got an A* in a Science Mock!

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Well, word of Bazooka-Pycho has gone down, and the experiments were safe! I pay off my debt and get a sub-par TV, a couch and a fridge. I go to my local mall to see if I can find my friends, but it’s empty. I do however see some of the techicians and scientists at the last place. They look more sinister…I try to get out, but the door was locked behind me! I still remain calm and wait for them to make a move.

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Drew, I have already conquered the world. The mall is demolished and replace with 13 giant statues of me.

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I punch Bazooka psycho in the face, stomach, and groin Ending his reign of terror for several weeks to come. I didn’t receive any money because no tests were performed on me but I respond to a call I had received earlier that week and head to the local mall thinking they might pay me for helping them with mutation experiments. I see the same man that was sitting next to me earlier entering the building and I try to enter after him but the door is locked.

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I reveal that the hulking man has just punched my decoy instead of me. I knock him down and ship him to Australia.

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[bramp for squid hopefully kicking helltank out]

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[Is there any chance this will continue?]

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Originally posted by overfrost:

[Is there any chance this will continue?]

[After what helltank’s done, the best bet is probably to just restart the game.]