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thijs has been inactive in this topic for 36 120! Hours! I demand a new Punemy (Different theme please, I don’t know anything about Mythology, considering I don’t have Latin at school D:)

Sorry for that… and I agree about having a different theme, if you want ;)

Hey, no sweat! I was just joking. Bring it on, Sir. Mythilojicus!


Hades (Pronounce “Hey, these”) puns you made are pretty bad, you know, you should really consider quitting this game. When I’m done with you, you’ll be moving to another country, change your hairstyle to an Aphro(dite), and your name to Artemis Fowl (lol reference). But that won’t stop you from being sent to the Underworld!

(I know these puns are bad and some of these names might be Greek Mythology.)