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Coldplay – Viva La Vida

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…So. Completely different than what I was expecting. Apparently Vida got lucky against a bunch of easy songs, because it had three technically-unanimous rounds. However, today was not its day. At a game-ending score of 10-3…Simon and Garfunkel – The Sound of Silence is the winner of Musical Fanfare! Congratulations to Zzzip50, for most accurately representing the ever-changing opinions of the FGF populace!

And with that, my friends, this tournament is ended. It’s been fun. It’s also gone on far, far too long. Oh well. I leave it to you, fellow forumites, to decide what to do from here. Will you host one of your own? Will it ban video game music? I don’t know, because I definitely won’t be at the head. :P

It’s been fun. Peace out.