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I’m hereby bumping this thread. Please remember that the days have a time limit, and this day is almost 13 days old.

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End-of-day announcement

The current votes are:

  • efar: 2 votes;
  • CowFriend: 1 vote.

The voting scheme is:

AdeebNafees → CowFriend
SilverEvil → efar
CowFriend → efar

You’ve got 24 hours left until the day ends.

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vote CF

to save my ass

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New rule: votes can only be cast in this thread itself, not by whispering them to the host.

(Looks like I still had to change the rules after all, but not doing so would probably break the game.)

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it’s the deadline, what’s up?

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End of day

Looks like this day got unintendedly extended due to this strange phenomenon of me falling asleep when I do not want to sleep (which of course comes coupled with difficulty falling asleep when I do want to sleep.) At any rate, this extension did not seem to matter for the votes at all.

The votes are a tie between efar and CowFriend.

The voting scheme:

AdeebNafees → CowFriend
efar → CowFriend
CowFriend → efar
SilverEvil → efar

This means that we’re going to copycat Crossing LIIIes have a rock-paper-scissors competition once again this time. The rules are the same as the previous time:

Originally posted by Vara:

1. Both efar and CowFriend send me three actions (eg. 1: rock 2: scissors 3: scissors.) This, of course, happens through whispers.
2. The first choices hold a match against each other. If one loses here, the other two choices don&‘t matter at all;
3. In case the first choices end in a draw, the second choices match against each other. In case of another draw, the third choices will be used.
4. The first one to lose gets lynched. Note that this is not a two-out-of-three-wins type; the only reason I’m asking to send more choices is so I don’t have to ask you to pick again in case of a draw (saves time.)

Protip: you may make a reverse-psychology post in this thread (or whisper it directly to your opponent) if you think you can deceive him. ;)

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what is the deadline?

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Day 3, end

Not much archeology got done today. Nobody had gotten over the deaths of their comrades already, and nobody felt like working today. They were no longer enthusiastic about the bones lying around and didn’t care much about keeping their work secret from their fellow archeologists either. They’d rather just leave the place, but they couldn’t for their bosses would be mad at them.

CowFriend, who was born under the sign of the cow, brought up by cows, and loves cows above all, was visibly convinced that he had been spared because he had worshipped the Sacred Cow and this town was designed to punish the heretics. The cows had always spared him so far.

The others proclaimed CowFriend to be a lunatic for having these thoughts. There were no cows around here, so he couldn’t possibly be right. CowFriend felt the need to prove his point, so he prayed to the Sacred Cow for telepathic abilities and practiced at reading the minds of the local fauna.

However it appeared that the local fauna wasn’t thinking much, so he went to efar who was just sitting by one of the houses and asked him whether he could practice at reading his mind. Efar refused. “Why not?” CowFriend asked? “For reasons that needn’t be explained.” efar answered. “Do you doubt my telepathic abilities of something?” CowFriend inquired. “Yes.” efar replied.

CowFriend was surprised by the sheer close-mindedness efar showed. Of course he was used to people being close-minded, but there’s close-minded and then there’s close-minded. He had to establish that he was superior to efar for the Sacred Cow would help him with everything. “I can beat you at any competition!” CowFriend said “Just name one!”.

In response, efar CowFriend “If you’re as telephatic as you claim to be, then how about a game of Rock-Paper-Scissors?”. CowFriend accepted because he had alread accepted the challenge before efar even mentioned it.

“Rock… paper… scissors!”
Efar drew paper, yet CowFriend was stuck with rock.

“Now, who is telepathic?”
“S’cuse me, you started so quickly that I hadn’t even established the telepathic connection properly!”

Efar facepalmed at the amount of stupid.

“Done yet? I don’t have time for this.”
“No, no, I’m done now. I’m challenging you for another round. You won’t fin this time.”

Once again, the odds were paper versus rock, in favor of efar. This combination tends to have a 100% chance of winning.
CowFriend protested, so he lost a third time. Paper versus rock once again.

Efar was done with this show. He told CowFriend that he was not a telepathic, that it was dubious that he managed to become a doctor, that his university’s standards were way too low, and some other rude things which would surely entice the wrath of the Sacred Cow.

CowFriend defended himself. “So, what if I were to have actually won those three games? You’d blame them upon luck! No matter what I’d do, your closed mind would never accept the Sacred Cow’s glory! I used telepathy to lose on purpose; to demonstrate that I do not need followers to be able to follow my beliefs! In the end, the Sacred cow will protect me, and you will die like all the others!”

At this point, CowFriend had attracted the attention from the other archeologists. Pretty much all of them had noticed that CowFriend was a lunatic (they already knew this since the first day.)

Efar replied to CowFriends tirade simply with “Begone!”, CowFriend wanted clarification: “What?”, efar clarified that with “Go away! Leave me alone!” as he was pretty much tired of Cowfriend talking to him.

Cowfriend, who was angry too, wend took another walk in the forest thinking about how angry he was. If he was smart, he’d have noticed that both of the deaths (one dead, one missing and probably dead) during the day both happened because the victim went walking through the forest.

It happens that there was still a pitfall around here which was more than a century old, which would make you wonder why no animal had ever fallen into it before (we know none had because it was still camouflaged). The unfortunate CowFriend, however, tripped over a root and fell in it. And strangely, the pitfall was deeper than you’d need it to be to catch animals, and the ground was not soft either, and CowFriend was falling with his head downwards because he tripped.

So he wasn’t seen again.


  • CowFriend: 2 votes;
  • efar: 2 votes.

The competition:

  | CowFriend | efar
1 |   Rock    | Paper
2 |   Rock    | Paper
3 |   Rock    | Paper

Flawless victory to efar during every single round (but only the first round counted.)


  • CowFriend got lynched. He was a doctor;
  • If a NK gets send in, we’ll have a LyLo situation tomorrow.


Night 3, start.

The night will last about 48 hours.

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End of night 3

In case you hadn’t figured this out already, this game is the sequel to Fate of Herrevald.

Observations of Limbo:
The whole area is black; pure darkness in every single direction. There does not seem to be a sun.
Both the floor and the air are black. There is a floor, but you cannot see it; you can only feel it.
Despite everything being black and the lack of a source of light, you can still see yourself and other humans clearly.
There is one old-looking woman near you, you don’t see anyone else.
Despite there being no indications about space, you think this area stretches infinitely in all directions except downwards.
“Did you happen to die at Herrevald?” she asked.

If it is true that I am dead and this is not just a dream, then I did indeed die at Herrevald. I don’t recognize her at all though; she does almost look like a witch like they’re portrayed in fairy tales.

“You did not answer my question yet: who are you?”

“My name is Adena. I should tell you the tale of Herrevald.”
“About one and a half century ago, there was a village called Herrevald, wherein I, my husband and my daughter lived. I and my daughter possess magical talents. However, my daughter – Eseni – had a rather unfortunate ‘accident’ with this magic. To summarize it: she died, her soul possessed another vessel, and thereafter the vessel died. According to ancient scriptures, if your unnatural body dies while your soul is locked up in it, your soul gets destroyed too, leaving scattered fragments around the area. Likely, you died after having had lots of contact with my daughter’s fragments, due to which you spawned close to me.”

This does not quite make sense to me, but it is true that I do vaguely remember dying, this place is rather strange, and strange things have been happening all along. Could it be that afterlife and god actually existed?

Adena continues, “If I am correct you are an archeologist?”

“I am indeed an archeologist; I don’t have a clue about your daughter though. Did her soul suck me with her to this place?”

“I don’t know; I’m not god. I don’t think her soul sucked you to this place though, it did at most determine where to spawned when you got here. It seems that family tends to spawn together. However, it may be her soul what killed you. Once again, according to ancient scriptures, a shattered soul has no wishes or desire, but still the ability to act. It adapts to the emotions and wishes of living souls, and may thereafter influence human actions or seemingly random occurrences; slightly granting wishes. Despite ‘granting wishes’ sounding great, if many people wish for somebody to die, that person may actually die soon. This has eventually killed pretty much everyone left in Herrevald.”

“So, I died just because people hated me?”

“Probably, and you hated the others too.”

That night, SilverEvil died. It appears that he accidentally shot himself while maintaining the weapons. He was probably sleepy and not careful.


  • SilverEvil got NK’ed, he was – you guessed it – a common archeologist;
  • We’ve got a LyLo event today. If the corrupted archeologist doesn’t get lynched today, the town loses.


Day 4, final day, start

As reminder, you can’t vote for “no lynch”.

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LyLo event?

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Originally posted by efar:

LyLo event?

LyLo means “Lynch or Lose”. It means that if no mafia (corrupted archeologist) gets lynched today, the town will lose and the mafia will win.

Currently, we’ve got 4 players left. Three townies and one mafia (3/1). If you can lynch the mafia today, the town will win (although this is not inherent to LyLo; a 5/2 situation would be LyLo too.) However, if you do not lynch the mafia today and a townie dies (which is the case, for you cannot vote no lynch) then the situation will be 2/1 during the night. The mafia will send in an NK reducing us to 1/1 tomorrow, which grants victory to the mafia.

Tl;dr: lynch mafia or lose.

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well than vote devourer359 because I doubt anyone else is still playing anymore so I might AS WELL VOTE RANDOMLY (oops cap lock) and he has been inactive for a while (see earlier posts for an explanation of why I find this suspicious)

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come on Vara

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so then I auto-win?

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The killing mechanism clarified*:
*According to ancient scriptures.

A long time ago, some witch with the name “Eseni” died with a rather strange death, which is aid to have shattered her soul. These fragments are still floating around here.

Whenever a soul feels a strong emotion, this is sensed by those fragments, which will carry over to the fragments. Heavier emotions, or more souls with the same emotion will influence them more. These fragments spreading will carry this feeling over the closeby area. It kind of generates a system comparable to aura.

This aura will likewise influence the are too. They may inject these emotions into other souls (like democracy) or animals. It may modify the area slightly, wind and clouds being the easiest according to the desire of these emotions, or budging generally random outcomes in the favor of these emotions.

In this case, the archeologists desired privacy and wanted the others gone. When too many had focused upon wanting one particular human gone, the aura wanted this person gone too. The aura caused them to die by what might seem like accidents.

The game is not dead yet. (This is not an April Fools’ joke.)
I actually doubt that this bump will stir up activity since no activity happened even after everyone was modprodded, but anyway: you’ve got about two real-life days left for this day.

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End-of-day announcement

The final day (day 4) will end in about 24 hours.

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End of game

Darkness has befallen the town of Lycias, both in literal and figurative sense. It is no accident this time; everyone is dead.

efar was the first one to break down. Everyone was dying here, he lost his beloved brother, and he himself would die too. This could not be a coincidence. Somebody had to be managing these mysterious death and disappearances. Devourer359 – he had been the one who did not show up his face ofted! He did not seem to care much! He must have been the one killing others because he wanted to have this town for himself!

Efar took his gun, found devourer359, and shot him down without much drama. Then he stood there, wondering what he just did.

AdeebNafees and doctorew heard the gunshot and came to look what was happening. They did not expect that a man had been shot down, so it took them a second to process the image of efar holding a gun in his hand and a bleeding devourer349 lying on the floor. “Efar – did you…?”

AdeebNafees and doctorew drew their own guns for self defense. Efar concluded that they wanted to kill him, so he shot both of them down too before they could shoot back.

Then things clashed down on efar. What had he just done? He had just killed everyone on a whim. He tried to get medical supplies from the doctor’s tent, but he was too late to save anyone. A little later, he killed himself.

The game has ended. Victory goes efar, a corrupted archeologist.


  • T6salt → efar: corrupted archeologist; [WINNER]
  • DragonArcherZ: corrupted archeologist;
  • CowFriend: doctor;
  • Jaskaran2000 → Hyped: doctor;
  • Woon1957 → Behemoth542: doctor;
  • AdeebNafees: common archeologist;
  • Bluji → adv0catus → Jaskaran2000: common archeologist;
  • devourer359: common archeologist;
  • SilverEvil: common archeologist;
  • TwistedCakez → doctorew: common archeologist;

The case of CowFriend:
CowFriend, a doctor, decided to protect Behemoth542 during night 1. Behemoth542 was targeted by the mafia that night, but was still killed because Behemoth542 was a doctor himself too, and doctors are unprotectable. There wasn’t any rule nor any private command that prevented CowFriend from saying this.

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Unresolved issues and philosophical thoughts

Like I already said, this game is a sequel to Fate of Herrevald; it will probably answer your question if you were wondering about the history of Lycias.

The final day is out of pace with the other days. So far, we’ve only had deaths which were caused by “accidents”, provoked by the emotions of people. On the final day, efar generated negative emotions which influenced the aura badly, and then the aura influenced himself, augmenting these emotions. These piled up much enough to make him kill somebody.

Can this be classified as an “accident” too? The same thing happened during the other death: people were killed due emotions. The emotions on the last day must’ve been stronger than on the earlier days. However, would efar have killed anyone in a normal environment without this aura? If he wouldn’t, would that mean that efar is a murderer or a peon of fate?

Likewise, the victims on the previous day were killed by people’s emotions. Would that mean that they are responsible for that victim’s death? Can having certain thoughs be a crime? How about conspiring a crime and getting arrested before actually committing it? If a bully bullies somebody for a long time, and then that person commits suicide, is the bully (morally) responsible for that person’t death?

Two other unresolved issues are slightly more related to religion. It is said by “ancient scriptures” that the situation is caused by the presence of soul fragments (the story was written with that as axiom.) However, you may wonder about the implications of such a thing. According to the bible, god is able to forgive anyone, even at the latest moment. However, if a soul gets destroyed by magic, how can it still be forgiven by god? Does this violate god’s power? Can be argued “if it doesn’t exist, it doesn’t matter”? A soul is supposed to be sacred, and even god never destroys one. Can magic possibly be able to do so?

Lastly, afterlife: the only stage about which I’ve written is limbo*. Adena seems to know a lot about what is happening on earth, more than she’s supposed to know. You may wonder how she figured out the situation and some statistics. Did she collect information through others she met in limbo? Was she told things by divine messengers (like angels)? Did she just guess things ? She is a witch, so could she have used magic to figure out the situation in the real world? Are limbo and earth close enough to each other that magic can transcend their dimensions, or would such a thing be impossible?

*I also figured out that I don’t have a clue what my reaction would be if I were to wake up in limbo.

Everyone whose afterlife was described so far ended up in limbo. If you were the judge (god?) who decides who goes to what afterlife (heaven, limbo, hell), to which one would you send them and the others? (There’s no consensus on whether heaven, hell and limbo exists or not. Decide for yourself which exist.)

Note: this post does not express my opinion.

You do not need to answer the questions asked above, but you can think about them (if you like thinking / philosophy). The questions are subjective; you may even disagree with certain assumptions or logic used. If you feel like it, you can discuss them in this thread.

The game has ended now, so the rules “Those who are dead do not post in this thread or reveal confidential information until the game has ended.” and “If you have not signed up for this game, you do not post in this this thread while the game is going on.” does no longer apply.

Also, quadruple post.

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This is stupid. I do respect efar’s earlier efforts as impressive, as do his predecessor’s, but the only reason he got a win was due to none of the players except him active. He was so literally obvious in the last two days that even a blind person could figure out he was mafia (after having the posts read to him, of course) Honestly, I would consider this a victory by being active, but every host has their own opinion. I was sure that the mafia was efar or Adeeb, with 80-20 leaning towards efar after I was lynched, since only a bad scum would do the same, it would’ve been wise to leave me and silverevil alive so that, in the end, our argument would only result in one of us having a convincing argument against the other therefore lynching one of us.

And with that, the night after scum could’ve lynched SE, while having a bit of more advantage. I wish town hadn’t gone inactive, however, since the game went on for about 4 months, I half-expected that, people had forgotten about this game due to the days lasting so long, but meh, gg.