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[I feel so stupid right now; I keep forgetting to go on Kongregate :( Damn GCSE stress…]

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Originally posted by Squidward568:

[I feel so stupid right now; I keep forgetting to go on Kongregate :( Damn GCSE stress…]

I done my GCSE’s and i am not sure what you are talking about.

But good to have you back
Now start stabbing zombies

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I begin to stab zombies, so to say. I swipe to the left, slicing off the arm of one victim, and feint, spinning around to slice the neck of another one.

[You don’t have the stress of GCSE’s? Or at least, in my case, it is just constant studying XD]

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(Well when i did my GCSE’s i felt no stress until i had to go do the exam (literally like 10 minutes before))


MZ runs towards a group of zombies and vaults over them with his weapons.
as he is launching overhead he begins to flame at the zombies

He lands straight on one of the zombies and slashes at the others.

He then turns and continues running deep into the crypt

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[Jeez. What’d you end up getting?]

I begin to head after MZ, the zombies crumbling as the steel edge bit through them. Blood spurted out of the bodies, me launching myself over them. With a final cut, I cleared a path large enough for me to sprint after MZ. My lungs burnt as I kept running, a sharp feeling erupting from them. A couple of zombies erupted out of the ground in front of me; I dodged them swiftly, slicing them behind me as I ran.

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(Cs and Ds with a couple Bs)


MZ continues to charge through the zombies and kicks open a door that lead down another long passage way

“Its probably this way” MZ yells and charges down the passage way

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I nod in agreement, picking up one of my water balls and crushing it in my palm. Taking control of the water, I send it to push other zombies out the way while I surfed on the top of it.

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MZ keeps running and slashing his way through zombies approaching some big double doors

(I have something good planned for the morning)

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Bashing the skull of the undead with the crossbows, I continue forwars, following MZ towards the door.

[Sorry I have been inactive.]

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[Drayis Neros]

Shortly after I had bound my 2 new undead my spirit returns. My spirit tells me that the other passage leads to some form of tomb, there is a hole in the wall that opens up to this cavern. The room that he had seen had three undead in it and several passages leading to other places but he didn’t go down there.

One passage had a large double door which he had heard what sounded like combat on the other side. I tell my spirit to go and ward that door. If there are other undead on the otherside of that door we should try and prevent them from joining the 3 already in the room. My spirit then goes off to ward the door. me and my undead go down the passage.

My spirit arrives at the door and casts his ward spell on it. The door now has a blue aura on the door, sealing the door shut with magic.

Meanwhile at MZ’s location.
The doors near him begin to glow with a blue aura, sealing the door shut.

Back at Drayis’s location.
me and my undead have made it through to the tomb. I tell my undead to hold down the other undead while I Bind the undead. shortly sfter I had managed to bind the undead. I now have a total of 7 physical undead and 1 spiritual undead.

I see the warded door and get my undead into position to rush in and grabe any one on the other side of the door. I tell my spirit to unward and open the door. Shortly after the doors swung open my undead charged. shortly sfter they began to charge I yelled “STOP!!!” and all my undead stoped their charge. I then say “MZ? What are you doing here?” As I see MZ and the other members of the squad on the other side of the door.

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“what does it look like we are doing. we are clearing out a burial crypt” MZ says

The group continue to charge through the crypt reaching a rather large circular room

“Good we have reached the shaft” MZ says thinking that sounded a little dirty.

in the middle of the room there is a wooden platform with a handle

“Everyone get on” MZ says and goes towards the wooden platform
“This is a shaft which allows people to go to the highest and lowest levels of a crypt” MZ says

MZ begins to turn the handle and the platform begins to descend.

The undead continue coming, even jumping in to the shaft after the group.

“Keep me covered” MZ yells to the rest of the group who are also on the platform with him.

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(come on guys do something)

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Thomas Begins to kill the zombies

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The platform continues to go down but suddenly there is a loud crack

The platform then begins descending even faster

“Guys i think the platform broke” MZ yells out

as the group drop faster and faster they formulate a plan to survive.

About 15 foot from the bottom the group jump off and grab onto the wall using there weapons to keep them stuck and slow there drop

The group arrive on the bottom

“Ok the main room is just at the end of this corridor” MZ says “Theres still zombies so be ready” MZ continues

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Thomas Follows MZ ‘’That was a close call…’’

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“And i think things might be getting closer soon” MZ replies

The group arrive at a large steel door

“Ok this is the main chamber” MZ says “be ready” he continues

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“Ok lets roll” MZ yells

MZ kicks straight in the middle of the door and falls on his ass

“Ok we need to find a better way to do this” MZ says

“Everyone use your head” Bob Lollypeppers says (Deal with it Turtle i am borrowing him)

A shot of the door opening from the other side is seen and it reveals that the team used Lollypeppers as a battering ram.
“Not what I meant” he says and the team drop him

Across the room there is a glowing blue gem

The team walks up to it and looks at it

“This is quite obviously what is reviving the dead” MZ says “Drayis any idea what it is”

“It seems to be an energy crystal of sort” Drayis says (I will edit this if Arkenarken dislikes the wording) “A necromancer can put a little bit of energy in it and revive the undead in an area, However they are only a fraction of the potential power a undead can have.” Drayis continues

“So how do we fix it” MZ asks

“Like this” Bob says as he runs up and pushes over the podium with the gem.

The gem stops glowing and the undead stop moving.

“F&CK YEAH that worked” Lollypeppers shouts

“Well I guess we head back now” MZ says and the group heads towards the door and prepare to leave.

Just then a loud crack echoes throughout the tomb, the team turns back to look at the gem and a huge creature drops down from the ceiling. It looked just like a zombie except it had armor, and was about 10 foot tall. The creature grabbed the gem off the floor and inserted it into a groove in its armor. The zombie glowed and the armor grew bigger (now looking slightly like a draugar death lord from Skyrim), and more worryingly two large axes shot out the armor into the demons hands.

The zombies out in the hallway also begin to get back up.

“Quick block the door” MZ yells and team quickly board up the door to stop anymore zombies getting in

“Now all we got to do is deal with this massive f%cker” MZ says and the team draws their weapons to battle the giant

(This is a boss battle so it may take a little while)

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(Everyone start fighting the boss, it is only the first boss)

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Thomas Draws his sword and charges at the beast

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The monster smacks Thomas away and then swings one of his axes at him while he is on the floor

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(Okay it is week days. you guys normally post on week days.)

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Thomas Fights the boss “You don’t get me that easily!”

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The zombie quickly dodges out the way of thomas’ sword and swings his axe at the group

The door starts to break, Bob Lollypeppers quickly runs up and blocks the door shut.

“They are getting restless guys” Bob yells “Hurry up and kill this thing” he says

MZ blocks the axe and hits a quick slash across the zombies chest to little effect

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Thomas “Keep fighting!” James tries to cut its legs so it can’t move as freely

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the blade digs into the creatures leg leaving a considerable dent in the armor

The zombie gets pissed off and starts spinning around very fast with his axes outstretched to cut anyone who gets to close