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1. Are we completely ignoring the fact that drayis didn’t know that the group or himself had turned into dragons? or the fact that when he saw the group he thought they where enemys that had captured his allies.

2. What about the necromancer? we never confronted him. The group just killed the current undead and destroyed the crystal but the necromancer is still in the crypt so he could still raise them even if he needs to do it one at a time like drayis.

3. What is the point of the stats on the character sheet? From what I have seen my magic power is no different then if I had only 1 point in it then the 30 points that I have. Also if the points do matter and since from what I can guess you where intending for my undead that I control with lvl 30 magic to be taken control by the crystal. this would mean the crystals influance would have been stronger then 30 magic which since you stated the crystals streangth was only a 4th of the caster that would mean the necromancer would have a magic skill of more then 120. This would also mean that the streangth of each undead would be higher then 30 which would mean people in the squad would have had dificulty taking out even 1 of the undead without dying even though people where swating them like flys.

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1. He was turned into a dragon too but obviously didn’t notice. (it affected the whole group)

2. Ok i will make a little post for that.

3. Well it is how i adjust someones skills, EG 30 magic would let stronger spells while it gets less as we go along.

The necromancer looks down the hole as the zombie collapse.

“Damn” he says in a cold steely voice “Best leave before they get here” the necromance says and disappears from sight.

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Come on we need to keep going

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Thomas Walks with MZ “New clubhouse?”

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The group walk into the barons house, though it was more of a palace than anything else.

“Your dead are completely dead again” MZ says

“Good what was causing it” the baron asks.

“We believe it was a necromancer” MZ says “We are in the process of tracking him down”

“Fine. Here are the deeds to the land” the baron says and hands a couple sheets of paper

The group leave the area and walk to their new clubhouse. Inside there are a couple of beggar looking people.

“Get out of our building” they yell at the group.

The homeless run at the group to attack them.

“They are unarmed” MZ says “leave them alive but get them out our building” MZ continues

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Thomas Draws his sword ‘’Hey, no need to be like that. Im sure we can work out an agreement…’’

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A homeless walks up and slaps Thomas in the face and begins yelling incoherantly at him

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Damn the weekend started agian
I can now expect barely any posters

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Sorry for not posting but I seem a bit stuck at the moment.

On one hand Drayis saw the group as an enemy and so wouldn’t have followed you (Plus he didn’t know he could fly so he didn’t know he could) and since he would have thought they captured the group he would probably spend several days in the crypt animating the dead to spread out and search the crypt for the group and giving up after a few days and return to the city fearing the worst had happened. however with Drayis’s undead wondering the crypt for days, when the locals come the visit they would see the undead in the crypt and tell the baron, which he would think that the undead would be the same ones as before and think that MZ had not really did what they say they did and clear out the crypt. and since all Drayis knows about the mission that the group was on is “we are clearing out a burial crypt” from when he met MZ in the crypt. he wouldn’t now that this is actually a crypt that is still used as most crypts are ancient and aren’t used anymore so he would think it unlikely to find anyone else here other then the squad so he would have told his undead to bring any living people they find in the crypt to him. so when people visit the crypt not only would they see undead they will be brought deeper into the crypt by the undead. [This is the most logical one I could see.]

The other one is that everyone completely ignored the fact he didn’t know he wasn’t aware of the fact that he was in dragon form or the fact he was yelling at the group to tell them where the group was or the fact he had his ghost attack MZ when he was trying to get to the crystal and made most of my post not actually happen and he went up with the group. [This one seems very godmodded, and I don’t really like it.]

So which do you think I should do? I would much prefer 1 because most of my post wasn’t made so it never happened and if number 2 happened I would have no clue as to what Drayis did actually do or how he reacted, so I would have no clue on how I could RP him properly and would probably need to quit the game.

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I think the best thing to do would be revive a couple undead and head to the city to get the town guards help.

it make sense and would allow you to continue

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Has everyone who plays this left Kongregate or something?

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ok last bump before i close

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(As much I would like to play this, not enough people are participating)

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I am going to close this and use it as chapter 1 and we can comeback another time, continuing from this point.