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DAZ, post already.

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Fuck no…I wrote it out and I accidentally backspaced. :/

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The next time you do that, hit Alt+[Right Arrow]. Then click Reply to topic as usual and everything you typed will be right there.

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Originally posted by aturtledoesbite:

The next time you do that, hit Alt+[Right Arrow]. Then click Reply to topic as usual and everything you typed will be right there.

Or write it in microsoft word and push undo :P

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He watched in amusement as the humans individually tried to take him down. As if they could take down him, Tokolo’sh, The Gifted Hunter! A small crease of mild concern swept his face as he saw the people below him begin to regroup. Then he remembered how strong he was, how powerful and devestating he was, how destructive! Fueled by his ego, he relaxed again, confident he would come out on top.

“Guys, guys!”
Owen was beginning to rally and organise his fellow teammates.
“We’re getting nowhere like this. There must be a weakness to the beast and we must find it. I think it’s high up like his neck. If Nutt was right then we will have a slim chance into beating this beast. The question is how do we get it to rear up and roar?”
As he posed the question to the others, he stood back and began to ponder.

Conrad had obviously realised the same thing. Paralysed with shock, he stood there helplessly and watched as the monster battered them down with a single stroke or action. His mouth was dry with fear. His weapon and armor would be useless against such a thing. Then he realised he was standing there and berated himself. He began to charge at the monster, axe in hand when he realised this was exactly the kind of behaviour the monster would expect.

“Guys!”, Conrad says urgently. “Don’t waste your arrows, and don’t waste your energy. You saw how that massive boulder didn’t even leave a mark on its armor.” He explained that they needed a different approach and he suddenly had a crazy idea. He began hacking down a tree and got ready to make the trunk fall and hit its head.

Gamma stepped back, readying himself. It was impossible how something was so enormously big. I must be dreaming…I swear. He heard a person he didn’t know begin to speak about a weakness; their only chance. Thinking about it, he decided that was true. They had barely done any damage like this.
“Don’t worry, I have an idea.”

Wondering if he could pull this off, he sprinted forward towards the creature. Tokolo’sh swiped a lightning slash across the air, leaving Gamma with a bald spot on his head. Gamma, feeling the adrenaline and rush course through him, landed and leapt off of Devourer’s Head to gain height and speed. The monster, not expecting him to intentionally hurt his teammate or manage to keep his balance in the attempt, swiped low, smashing into Devourer’s head instead of his target. Unwittingly, he had provided the ideal platform for Gamma. He wasted no time and ran up his arm. He had reached the face and was preparing to swipe his ear when the creature jumped up, then smashed into the floor. His weapon fell into the ground, impaling the earth while he hung desperately from the monter’s hide. So um…I didn’t really plan for this kind of scenario.

Meanwhile, Hamster had thought of an answer to Owen’s question.
“Hey, Owen, I think I can go up to that high tree. Then you guys get it here, I climb up to his neck, and he’s done for.”
Then he re-thought his plan.
“Actually, I think I’ll do the distracting job myself. When I jump up to him, just slice his legs and distract him. If he deems me more important, then just do your best and try to cut his leg off and immobilize him. I’ll just try and pray he doesn’t catch me. Best of luck, all.”
After watching Gamma’s plan go wrong spectacularly, he had lost some faith in these strategies. But he had to try, or they’d all be dead meat. Quickly, Hamster rushed to a tree and cut it down with his sword. The beast noticed, and Hamster judged that he had to climb now or it’d be too late. Clambering up the tree, he reached above the beast and saw a new oppurtunity. It was a risk, but hey, what was a battle without risks? He dived down, sword in front. Tokolo’sh, shocked and surprised, stared up and saw a sword strike his right eye. The beast let out a horrible wail, closing his eyes.

Hamster landed and tried to pull his sword out and get the hell out of there. Tried. The sword had gone deep and it had gotten stuck. Then the beast opened his one good eye, and out of an impulse, opened his mouth. Hamster, caught off guard by the movement slipped off and landed with a resounding ‘thunk’ on the ground.

Ssssssss-bang. Three arrows shot in succession fly through the air towards the brute’s exposed underjaw. Hopefully it proved to be a weakness. The distinctive arrow showed that Mark Nutt had done the shooting. Two of them hit well, and a third went and landed near Gamma who was slowly slipping off.

Yet no matter how many they monster took down, they assault was relentless. The blows were coming out of nowhere, brilliant, blindingly brilliant ideas flashing in the brains of those below him. A tree fell down and crashed into his side, knocking him off-balance slightly but then he recovered.

Then the arrows came. Shot from Nicholas, they hit him in the head multiple times. Tokolo’sh was a beast of endurance but he had never seen such competition from his prey. For a second, he felt doubt in him for the first time in centuries. Then he re-thought. They would not best him. For he was Tokolo’sh, and he was the Almighty One. He let out a mighty roar, and prepared to strike.

He had no idea that, Jordan had been thinking the same thought. Let’s beat this guy.

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“I’m not out yet guys.” I said as I grabbed hold of the arrow next to me propping myself up to gain more balance. I then quickly dislodged the arrow from Tokolo’shes hide. I started climbing towards his ear again, arrow in hand ready to burst the eardrum I had failed to do so earlier. (Note: When I get to his ear I’ll start screaming as loud as I can into his ear canal, hopefully disorienting him for a second. (then I stab his eardrum :D )) (If none of these methods work or I fall off I pick up my rapier instead. (possibly stabbing his leg with the arrow first))

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I’ve been incredibly useless during this Life or death scrimmage, however one good thing originates from that, I can easily move without drawing attention. This is incredibly useful, because I’ve finally developed a plan.

The behemoth has strong fur, encasing its massive body. Could his strength be his weakness? We are in a forest, with timber and strong stones. If memory serves correct, fur is incredibly flammable, and we have the tools to make a fire. I will transform this beast into an inferno.

Setting my plan in action I scavenge a large, dry branch, that is still moderately strong. After doing so I search for a nice cluster of rocks. I use them to make a small fire pit, that I fill with branches and.bramble. After some frantic kindling whilst the battle roars, I get a small spark. It catches, it spreads!

Whilst the fire grows, I begin to sharpen the stick to a fine point and then dip my shoddy weapon in the flame until it is ablaze. Now, I prove mg worth. Dashing towards the creature, burning stick in one hand, gladius in the other I plunge the stick into the thick leg of the beast before jumping back in a defensive stance.

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I fall down of Tokolo’sh. “GAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” I scream at the top of my lungs, then suddenly… I land. I feel like few of my smaller bones have broken, but my anger is bigger than the pain. That sucker dares to shake me off and steal my sword! Now this, is an unforgivable thing for me.

In a blink of an eye, I jump on the branches and after I reached a high enough point, I take a deep breath, then grab the branch and start spinning, gaining quite a momentum and a case of motion sickness. After a bit of spinning, I let go and fly high in the air. “Excuse me…” I throw up midair, then see how high and fast I really am. I must be going at a train’s speed, at the very least. Then I recognize an opportunity in this. I turn my steel-toed boots towards the monster and ram into its head.

Seeing that if he’s not unconscious, then he could catch me in a second, so I go to my sword, grab it, get all my strength and pull it out with a big yank. However, I gathered quite a force, so I get knocked back, almost falling down. So, in order to save my life, I stab the sword in its neck, then climb up. Pulling it out again, I think of what to do now, and finally I stab the sword in his left eye, now with less strength so I can pull it out. Making it completely blind now, I go and stab him multiple times in the neck, hopefully finishing this menace off.

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The Turtle

Ugh… I had most definitely not expected that. Luckily I jumped out of the brunt of the attack. It still caught me pretty good in the legs, but the solid iron greaves stopped it from doing too much damage. Slowly standing up, I’m noticing that the others are continuously assaulting the beast with various attacks: arrows, blades, and even trees. Running up closer to where the beast is now – an action proving slightly more difficult now with my dented armor – I get an idea. It’s a good thing I always had good aim – and arm – with throwing. Waiting for it to slow its movements after attacking, I spin my greataxe around me, while simultaneously letting its mass spin me around. Once I get enough speed, I release it, letting it fly toward the beast’s head.

I can only hope my aim strikes true…

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Jim Bowe
Damn…no armor, no weapon, and no goddamn sense of strategy. I see people pullin’ off crazy moves and I’m sittin’ here doin’ jackshit. I mean fuck, a goddamn pineapple would be more useful than me. Unless…I’m pretty sure that giant motherfucker is a man….and I know a bit about the man’s anatomy and what brings pain. “Hey y’all, watch this!”

I grab two rocks and rush the gargantuan creature. Doing my best to mask my intentions, I attempt to display an intention to throw, but in reality I will fake high and dive in between his legs and attempt to crush any male genitalia it may have in between the two rocks.

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Originally posted by DragonArcherZ:


Sending out modprods to all players, even if you’re active.

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“Oh well!” said Owen. He charged at the beast with all his might. Suddenly he stopped in his tracks. He couldn’t believe what he saw, a demon playing with a remote control. He put 2 and 2 together…(Up to you Dragon)

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I might as well do something creative…

Grabbing two arrows, I scale up the beast’s leg, trying to reach his midsection so that I may try to inflict some damage with my axe.

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[walford, I’m pretty sure Tokolo’sh isn’t a robot, remote-controlled or otherwise. That’s why it can think.]

Mark Nutt
Alright, let’s keep this going. It’s eyes seem exposed at the moment, so I go ahead and fire a few arrows at them, on the off-chance that I succeed in blinding it.

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I switched to my sword and ran up to it’s foot. I started climbing up his leg, stabbing in various places. I continue to do so until I reach the back of his head and attempt to stab his brain stem.

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Omfg, 2 posts now that I accidentally backspaced. I’m definitely typing it in MS Word first now :/

Imma update tomorrow then. 24 hours for people who haven’t posted before they start getting replaced by anyone who signs.

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Originally posted by SadFire:


I’m just frustrated I backspaced. And that’s for 2 posts in a row :/ It was a long as heck post, took me 30 mins to think and write it.

Anyway, first come, first serve. Reserve signs will auto-replace.

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[Obviously, Owen saw a demon playing with a remote control to the Giant Laser Gun in the sky, BC]
[Sorry for late post.]
[Jimbo needs less craziness. Ham needs less OPness.]


Okay, that tree only managed to disorient it for a moment. Time for Plan B. When I figure it out.

In the meantime, I decide to utilize my time in dodging the monster’s vicious attacks. It seems to have grown a lot more aggressive under our combined assault, but the good thing is that it has also become much more exposed to our attacks. Taking one of my Tomahawks in hand, I survey the monster’s body carefully while leaping and rolling under its punches and swaying arms.

Then I nearly walk into a large tree, managing to catch my balance in the last moment. The tilt causes my leg greaves to loosen, and, cursing under my breath, I stoop to tie it again. That’s when I notice something that has fallen out of my pocket. My lighter.

My brain seems to spin in my head, and the very next second, I find myself harboring another crazy idea, much like the first. This tree seems to me like a chestnut of sorts, with a curious structural feature across its front that looks something like a ladder. That should let me climb it in really short notice. Heaving my axe, and blowing sweat out of my eyes, I plant the blade of my ax deep into the tree, measuring with my eye to make sure that this one falls on the monster as well.

Stopping when a couple more strokes would do the job, I watch the monster carefully, trying to gouge its level of alertness. It seems busy trying to handle the combined assault of my partners anyway. Hurrying up the tree, I sit in the middle of the branches, and try the lighter. On the third push, a bright blue flame shoots up, and I quickly hide it with my palm.

With so many of my companions crawling up and down the monster’s body, I need to wait a bit before sending my fiery gift to its unfortunate recipient. Just in case the monster comes lumbering this way and knocks the tree down, I put one foot on the ladder, tensing myself to leap down and sprinting off if that happens.

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(Adeeb, I am fully expecting my character to die or fail miserably.)

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Originally posted by AdeebNafees:

Jimbo needs less craziness.

I love how you mention nothing of the guy who’s trying to throw a greataxe at the thing’s head. :D

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Ham needs less OPness.

(Please note there’s no reason whatsoever to think I’ll definitely hit his head and not fly off to another continent.)

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[Honestly, would you want your massive, demon testicles to be crushed inbetween two rocks? Considering this is my first aggressive action towards the beast, he probably isn’t considering me a threat. Probably be focused on his other enemys and then, pop goes the weasel.]