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Originally posted by Jimbo14:

[Well its less no weapon, just the lack of armor. I’ll make due however.]

Mark Nutt (BCLEGENDS) has two swords, maybe he could lend you one? XD

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The Turtle

Well then. These demons don’t play around, do they? But…if that thing is a demon, why did the host demon run away? Will this thing attack them too? Heh. That should work. Running near the boundaries of the make-shift arena, I can already see the demon ready to whip me back in. Then, yelling, I taunt the beast. “Hey! You want me? Come and get me!” Standing between the beast and the demon with the whip, I prepare for it to lunge at me and attempt to dodge just before it reaches me.

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Tireris – Group 2

Standing back, I shot several arrows into the demons kneecaps, trying to slow his walking.

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Okay, so, I guess I have a bow, fifty arrows, and a sword. That’s what I want. :D:D

Nicholas, Group 1

I stare at the demon for a moment before running forward, circling it’s legs and slashing at them with my sword, being careful of the enemy.

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Ara, Group ONE

I had picked up enough arrows for this next round, as well as a double-edged sword that appeared to be rather sharp. The creature was ridiculously tall compared to the rest of us though, so the latter wouldn’t work.

I grab an arrow and aim for its neck before firing, figuring it was worth a shot.

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Owen – Group 4

‘Good job for the rest.’ Thought Owen. I saw Turtle taunting the beast, shouted at the Turtle to stop. I said, “You should’ve got some rest while you could back there. We should group up and then kill the beast. If we alone then the beast could crush one of us. We’ve got to think this though.”

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Hamster (Group 3)

I become extremely angered at the demon that sent that 7 metre tall monsterous beast. However, I knew I could do nothing but fight it. I quickly go to its leg, without the huge beast noticing. Then, I slice, saw and slash at it uncountable times with my sharp sword. I then quickly run off to the forest, to make it bulldoze some trees down, that’ll be important later. “Hey, do you wanna let me get away with slicing your legs so much? Really, you can’t be such a coward. Your mother would be ashamed by you!” I say, then I run around him, confusing him to the point when he starts getting dizzy. Then, I continue to slash his legs in an all-out effort to make him unable to move. After 20 minutes of running away and slicing, I finally go to the boundaries and just before the demon whips me, I grab it and say, “Hey, I’ll take this for a while, thanks.” I go and whip the beast 20 times, then whip my legs 2 times and give the demon the whip. “Thanks again. I whipped myself just for you, hope that’s enough.” Then I run away (although it hurts like hel- wait, I’m already in hell), without letting the demon say anything to me other than “Bu-but”.

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@hamuka: you know each action is only a couple of seconds right? XD

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Originally posted by gammaflux:

@hamuka: you know each action is only a couple of seconds right? XD

lol. Make that 20 minutes, say, 3. I don’t think changing actions is acceptable.

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Mark Nutt
…okay, let’s take stock of the situation. On my person, I currently have a leather-mail armour combination, plus a bow with sufficient arrows to deal reasonable damage to it and two rather slender swords. On my side are fifteen other people, each armed with their own assortment of weapons. Ranged against us is a being more than three and a half times taller than us, and significantly larger to boot, with a variety of natural weapons and armour granted by both its size and its demonic status.
Clearly, the targets to aim for are its eyes, or the roof of its mouth. Hitting either of those enough times will, hopefully, severely damage its brain tissue, killing it for sure. Since the eyes are a relatively small target, the inside of the mouth might well be more prudent… if somewhat more dangerous, given that any great level of accuracy would require a close-range assault. On the other hand, no risk, no reward. That being said, I pull my bow and cock an arrow. I just need to wait for the right time, now…
…any time.

Okay, I might need to speed things up a little.
‘Somebody make it rear up and roar at the sky! I have an idea!’

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The Devourer

When I see the menacing demon, I laugh loudly to myself. With absolutely no weapons, I should have no reasonable way to fight back against the creature. And as much as a bloodthirsty urge compels me to rip the best to shreds, I restrain myself with reason.

It would be best to let the others handle things, as badly as that seems to be going. Each individual seems to have his own plan, with absolutely no regard for another’s. Without even taking a moment to communicate, they each lunge into their own actions, leaving no time with reaction. Unless some sort of leader figure rises up and knocks some sense into these wretches, I see no way for the disorganized group to take down such a challenge.

Internally, I sneer at their efforts, feeling a slight disdain for them. Logically, I should only be annoyed with such pathetic actions. But some uncontrollable emotion tells me that it’s right to look down on such lowly creatures. And despite any protests my reason may have and any logical urges I may have to bring order, it just feels right to just watch and despise the creatures.

Of course, my survival depends on the survival of this very group. And their opinion of me, which it seems like I should start bolstering. Gathering a bundle of sharp rocks, I proceed to chuck them somewhat accurately at the beasts eyes. And while they would definitely make the target had I the arm strength, I apparently lack the ability to throw rocks seven meters into the sky. Unfortunately, they only end up knocking loudly at his chest.

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Mark Group 3(hey, we still usin’ groups or what?)

“Damnit all to hell.” I start panicking as I see the huge ass monster before us. “What would strong and brave Rose do in this situation?” I mutter to myself as the thought rang through my head, “Lower her head and charge in recklessly!” I almost shout before taking an arrow and preparing my bow. “Raaghhhh!” I shout as I charge the creature, shooting bows at it.

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The beast watched the group began to mobilise and attack him. First, they had thrown a big bloody boulder at him, and now these puny things dare to attack him, Tokolo’sh, “The Hunter”, The Mighty One! Well he wasn’t going to take this lying down. He was going to show these things who was the King around here.

Gamma was sneaking around behind the monster, hoping it would not notice him. Unfortunately, he had already been noticed – trained from years of chasing and killing prey, he was used to such a tactic. Luckily for him, Turtle had come up with a devious plan and had just started phase one. Taunting the titan, he sprinted as fast as he could towards the boundaries of the clearing. The demon hissed, and prepared his tail to whip this insolent being.

Then it all went wrong. The beast saw the taunt, and quickly dispathed Turtle with comtemptous ease. “The Turtle” had been expecting a lunge, but he had underestimated the size of the creature. It reached out his paws, leaned out, and pushed down onto the floor, causing a groaning rumble from the earth. He lifted his front paws, saw a demon and a Turtle both lying on the floor in agony and pain, and turned to face the other humans.

They were beginning to clutter around him, and arrows were flying from multiple points from the sides of the improvised arena. People like Tireris had been aiming at the monster’s kneecap in rapid succession, while Ara had fired her arrows for the neck. Then there was Mark. Cursing and panicking, he didn’t know what to do. IN the end, he got an arrow and began to fire. The trio had the same result. No matter how many times they shot, it barely punctured the monster’s hide as he brushed the projectiles off.

This did not discourage the group though; they were relentless in their attacks. Nicholas had observed the demon then with sword in hand, charged towards the demon and began to run around and slashing at its legs.

Hamster seemed to have similar thoughts as Nick. Angry at the demon who had provoked the brute, there was nothing he could do now except fight for his life. He rushed out till he was near his legs, then sliced and diced it several times. Tokolo’sh noticed the blades moving up and down and he began to shift his legs. Hamster ran as fast as his legs could take him to make him bulldoze some trees down, but it hadn’t noticed him. Not really, anyway. Its attention was focused on Nicholas, who was intent on cutting this creature. Tokolo’sh waited a moment, then suddenly his claws were in mid-air, scooped Nicholas and launched him above the trees. He landed with a loud smack somewhere in the trees, where he was being forced back into this hellhole. It let out a deep chuckle and turned its attention to the others.

Again, he flicked the arrows off himself, and sat down again contently. Two of the humans already suffered injuries within a matter of seconds.

Meanwhile, Devourer and Owen could see this disorganised advance was not going to get anywhere. Owen began to call out to them, telling them to group up and work as a team. Even if he didn’t have any experience with a gigantic beast, it doesn’t take a genius to work out you can’t attack with no set plan and expect to win.

Devourer meanwhile, sneered at the feeble efforts of them all. Attacking individually, they stood no chance. These fools were going to get them all killed. Sadly, he was part of this group, and if he wanted to get himself out of here alive, he would have to take a hand in the battle. He sighed, then gathered some rocks. He then attempted to throw them at the beast’s eyes. It was pretty accurate, had he been able to throw the rocks higher. Instead, the beat loudly on the chest in a rhythmical pattern. Devourer stuck his tongue out in distaste. He was disgusted with his throwing, when he was so much better than the other members that were inferior to him.

Nutt was having similar thoughts, doubt implanted in his head but he decided that if he somehow got it to rear up and roar, then maybe he could land an arrow…hmph. Either way, defeating this thing was going to be the very definition of hell.

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Therealsirmark4, the Groups were only for the first challenge.

And I’m going to need to find a way to differ BC/Therealsirmark4.

I’ll be calling BC Nutt more from now on, but it really would be better if I wasn’t limited to using BCLegends surname.

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“There must be a weakness to the beast and we must find it. I think its high up like his neck. If Nutt was right then we will have a slim chance into beating this beast. The question is how do we get it to rear up and roar?” said Owen.

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I take a step back and reorganize myself within the group. A man I do not know then talks about the beasts weakness being his neck. “Don’t worry I have an idea.” I go back behind the group. Then sprint as fast as I can, I jump towards Tokol’sh, who in turn prepares himself to swipe at me. I then use my trump card by landing and jumping off of Devourer’s head to gain extra height and slightly more speed. Tokolo’sh hopefully claws under me by accident allowing me to land on his arm and run up it. (If I do run up his arm) I attempt to go to his ear and stab it. Hopefully bursting the eardrum.

Also another question: If Tokolo’sh was distracted for a bit attacking the Turtle does that mean you forgot to add my behind stab? Or did my character decide to back-off, knowing that the enemy would easily hit me from behind?

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I suddenly have an idea. “Hey, Owen, I think I can go up to that high tree. Then you guys get it here, I climb up to his neck, and he’s done for.” I think a bit, then I change my mind. “Actually, I think I’ll do the distracting job myself. When I jump up to him, just slice his legs and distract him. If he deems me more important, then just do your best and try to cut his leg off and immobilize him. I’ll just try and pray he doesn’t catch me. Best of luck, all.” I then rush at a tree and cut it down with my sword. The beast notices, then I climb on the tree with my sword on my belt. I sometimes feel a very strong pain; that sword is damned sharp. I do manage to reach the top before the beast arrives, and figure that I climbed a bit… too much. I can see his head being under me, maybe it’s about 2 metres below me. I figure I have a new chance, and look at my sword. Half a metre… That’s more than enough for me. I look at the beast’s head, search for weak spots, and quickly find one. “Okay… Here goes nothin’…” I mutter, then I jump down, shouting “Geronimo!!!”, and with my sword facing downwards. In a blink of an eye, the beast looks up, and I find myself going towards its right eye. “Gee, this is better than I planned.” I grin, then puncture my sword through its retina and right into his brain. This should render his eyes useless, and effectively make him blind. Plus some other brain damage, maybe. I get my sword out, get back on the tree, and jump from branch to branch, down to the ground.

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Mark Nutt
Aha! The creature is looking up! Immediately, I fire two or three arrows at the demon’s exposed underjaw, hoping that the flesh there is unprotected enough to allow for a clean shot through to the skull cavity.

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Holy Howitzer. This can’t be for real, can it?

In the shock of the moment, I stand helplessly, staring with awe as some of the players launch a half-hearted attack, and get beaten down one by one. My armor feels like an orange peel against the monster’s thick armored fur, and my axe seems so heavy that I can’t even list my hand….

Snap out of it! I order myself silently. Get a damn move on. Do something! I level my axe, and prepare to charge at the monster, when suddenly, I realize that this is exactly the kind of behavior that it is expecting from us at the moment, its crafty yellow eyes rapidly moving from one of us to the other, measuring us, challenging us. Sure it is large, armored and agile, but we have the advantage of numbers…

“Guys!” I speak out urgently, trying not to let my voice be heard above the sounds made by the monster’s attacks, jogging up to Mark and Ara, and within hearing range of Devourer and Owen. “Don’t waste your arrows, and don’t waste your energy. You saw how that massive boulder didn’t even leave a mark on its armor.” I pause.

“What we need now is something less than brutal force. His eyes are obviously fair game, but he seems to know that. You guys are going to have a hard time hitting him there while he is standing upright…” Before I can continue, the monster begins to move towards a tree, and I suddenly have what seems like a crazy idea. Running over to a pretty large tree on the other side of the arena, I turn the axe over in my hand, before proceeding to unleash my fury in the form of a series of energetic strokes against the side of the tree, measuring the distance between the monster and the tree with my eye. Just enough, and the sounds made by my companions is masking the sound of my endeavor.

When I am done nearly halfway through the tree, I pause, and decide that it is time to put the idea to test. With my axe poised, I prepare to deliver the blow that will make the tree fall on the monster. The axe head positively rattles as it strikes deep into the tree’s heartwood, and then, the tree begins its slow journey downwards, making more noise than I’d have liked. With any luck, the top of the trunk will hit the monster on the head, hopefully make it lose its balance and fall. Fall long enough for us to land some shots in its eyes.

At its worse, it will make the monster take a sudden interest in me. There’s no one in the way of the falling tree. Not now, anyway.

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I lifted myself up and sat down, staring at the creature. My weariness made way for a whole lot of anger. I got up and found my sword, hanging it on my back and grabbing the bow and some arrows. I ran towards the demon, and from afar, I fired a single arrow at the demon’s head. I loaded another in and fired it. One more went in and flew towards the demon. I then put my bow back and brought out my sword and charged at the demon, enraged. The sight of a tree falling down on the demon catches my eye, and I slowly start to back away. I brought out my bow and an arrow and aimed precisely at the demon’s eye. I released and let it fly.


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[You do realize there’s a tree about to hit the demon, right? There’s a high chance you won’t survive the fall.]

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I stand along the perimeter of the battle, observing my current teammates trying to attempt a wide variety of attacks upon the creature. It all makes me feel quite, useless. I have no weapon, minus a gladius, that I am unskilled with. I lack any armor, and I have never been the leader-type. I don’t like putting people’s lives in danger. Nor am I the hero. I am merely filler, I am here, breathing, and I even question how long that will last. I maneuver my way along the perimeter, keeping my distance from the creature, but being otherwise useless. Maybe, maybe, I will be struck my moment of strategic brilliance, but the likelihood of this decreases along with my hope and chance of survival.

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I think I should send out some Modprods to people who aren’t posting…

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[Oh, that reminds me. Could you describe exactly what that thing did to me? That wording is hard to follow.]

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Originally posted by aturtledoesbite:

[Oh, that reminds me. Could you describe exactly what that thing did to me? That wording is hard to follow.]

(I think he just leaned towards you and smashed both you and the demon with his bare paws.)