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Originally posted by Woon1957:

I was joking, change it pls.


Not gonna happen.

Finals: Game 2

Your second game continues the theme of running, yet again forward. You will be playing Rogue Soul and you’re obviously going for the longest distance run. I’m also reminding you of the deadline, March 13, 2013 at 4:00 PM (GMT +2) before which you will need to post your scores. The finals point system also is still in place, 3 points to first place, 2 points to second place and 1 point to third place. Good luck!

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I hope this is acceptable, the API is a bit odd in this game.

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@ Benjie:

That’s a perfect example of what to do. :)

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Just posting to say I have not given up, I’ve just been a bit busy…should be able to put some scores up before the deadline…is there a third game?

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I forgot about the third game, sorry sorry sorry

Finals: Game 3

Your final finals game is another runner: Dino Run : Mountain of Doom. Note that you will have to submit your score manually to report it to the API!

With my stupid forgetting, your deadline is extended to March 14, 2013 at 4:00 PM (GMT +2). Good luck!

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Pretty sure that’s only 2185, the 2785 is my best all-time

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Lou, I accepted your lower score.

Winner Announce

The deadline passed and it is time to reveal the results!

In Exit Path, Benjie was the only person to post thus getting the 3 points, while Lou and Woon get none (and Lou, before you come moaning or whutevr to me about this, remember the tourney basics: no score, you don’t pass).

In Rogue Soul, all three posted, so the highest score of Lou gets him 3 points, Benjie’s score him 2 points while Woon gets 1 point.

In Dino Run, Lou wins and gets 3 points while Benjie gets 2 points. Zero to Woon.

Final Scores

Benjie (3 + 2 + 2) = 7 pts
Lou (0 + 3 + 3) = 6 pts
Woon (0 + 1 + 0) = 1 pt


Benjie007 has become the third Drop-Off Champion! Congratulations!

If you have any problems with the scoring please contact me through private messages instead of raging in the thread.

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I knew it’d be 0 for no score (even though you failed yet again to explain the rules), I was simply fulfilling my destiny to come second, as I mentioned in my first post:

Originally posted by LouWeed:

Second place here I come.

Grats Benjie.

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Originally posted by LouWeed:

I knew it’d be 0 for no score (even though you failed yet again to explain the rules)

Yah, I know, I forget simple things. Thank god you can probably let this past your extra-tight Blu-fail sensors.

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Congrats, Benjie!