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I agree with DAZ.

And, I just don’t like this game. It’s not compatible with me.

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Gaming Challenge has Ended

Team Drunken Fighters has won, quite easily too, since no one else participated. Thus. they attain 3 points.

Strategy Challenge 1: Co-operation or Not

In this challenge, members of the four teams will send me whether they wish to co-operate or not (if one team’s results end in a tie, then I will use RNG), the majority’s decision will be used. These votes should be sent to me via PM. If all four teams send in co-operate, then all the teams will get 2 points. If two teams choose to co-operate, and two do not, then all teams will get 1 point. If three teams co-operate, and one team does not, the team that does not gets 3 points and the teams that do get 0. If only one team co-operates, and three do not, then the co-operating one gets 3 points, and the other teams get 0. Lastly, if all four teams say no-cooperation, then the result will be that no one gets any points.

You have 120 hours to complete this challenge. You may use PMs to converse with people within your team, or within other teams. You are not allowed to discuss this challenge with anyone who is not in the teams except myself.


1 pt: Get to know what your teammates have sent in.
2 pts: A double-vote to one player in your team (RNG chosen).
3 pts: Know what another team has sent in.

Please state in thread if you want your team to have an advantage or not (if your team has any points), and if the former, then which advantage, within 48 hours of this post. The majority of that will be the decision.

If you have any queries, please ask here

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I vote not to use an advantage.

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Team Drunken Fighters will not be resorting to using advantages, therefore no team is able to have an advantage.

69 hours remain
I did not even intend for this number right now.

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Sorry, um, about the late deadline, um, there were some technical difficulties in the overall place where the tournament is being held, therefore resulting in a power outage for the wrath of chaos tournament.

Yes, that’s it. This is totally not my fault for being lazy.


Warriors in Lemon Trousers

Myhome16: Not Co-op
PuzzleDan: DNS*
DrMartian: DNS
TheCartm: DNS

Result: No Co-operation

Rock Miners

Behemoth542: Co-op
SilverEvil: DNS
DragonArcherZ: DNS
REALinsanemonkey: Not Co-op

Result: Co-operation (RNG)

Drunken Fighters

T6salt: DNS
Devourer359: Not Co-op
Hangman95: Co-op
Underlord: DNS

Result: Co-operation (RNG)

Banana Mages

Efar: DNS
ZombiesTookMyTV: DNS
eProdigy: DNS
JaumeBG: DNS

Result: No Co-operation (RNG)

All teams will be receiving 1 point.

All I really have to say is, What The F, Banana Mages?

* Did not send

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Yeah, um, let’s just screw the gaming component, many didn’t like that.

Challenge 3


”One who betrays with his own will, shall hardly get trust again. One who betrays without his own will, is the one to be trusted again.”

In this Challenge, the contestants will be shuffled into different teams. The teams are as follows:

Team A: PuzzleDan, SilverEvil, Underlord, Efar.
Team B: Myhome16, DragonArcherZ, Hangman95, JaumeBG
Team C: DrMartian, Behemoth542, T6salt, eProdigy
Team D: TheCartm, REALinsanemonkey, Devourer359, ZombiesTookMyTV

Each team has one betrayer, who will be informed if he is the betrayer if so. Players who are not informed of their role are non-betrayers. Everyone will be receiving a PM containing a quick topic link. You may only use this quicktopic to converse with your team that has been allotted for this challenge. Also, please note, that pretending to be someone while you’re not is not allowed. If I receive any information you’re doing this, your team will be in the danger of losing points + you possibly might get temporarily/permanently banned from my games. No discussion with your real team is allowed, and no discussion within the challenge-special team via PMs is allowed. If I am informed that such an action has occurred, then your team is in danger of losing points, possibly following with a temporary/permanent ban from my games. Please keep in mind you are not to discuss the challenge in public , nor are you allowed to converse about it with anyone who does not belong in the game.
As a non-betrayer, your job is to discuss with your task-special team to find out who is the betrayer, and PM me his name accordingly. As a betrayer, your job is to ensure that none of the people in your team send in your name to me. You may not change who you think is the betrayer after sending in the PM to me once, be careful, but be sure to not miss the deadline.
How the points will be allotted:

1 person or less in the real team completes his task, while the others fail: 0 points
2 people in the real team complete their task, while the others fail: 1 point
3 people in the real team complete their task, while one person fails: 2 points
All people in the real team complete their task: 3 points

There is no advantage shop for this challenge

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So, this is like a mini mafia?

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Everyone has been PM’d the link to the task for convenience.

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i hate my bloody lyf y r my activity levels so low

Round ends on 2:30 PM (GMT +5:30), 3rd March, 2013. Also, me demand more activity. if me no get more activity, me will replace, and me also need replacement if possible.

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I do realize it is past the deadline, however, I was just waiting for activity levels to rise, then be a bit lenient with the deadline. But hardly anyone has responded, I have a question to ask all players.

Do you really wish to play?

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I would if anyone else would be active