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History, as if I have a choice.

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Round 6, Task 18: Mini-tasks

So, for your final task before the final round, you have personal tasks, related to the theme you picked. This task is worth $46,000, but that doesn’t divide evenly between the three of you, does it? So, Woon1957’s task was to assign each of you an amount of money: $0, $16,000 or $30,000. You earn the money for the pot if you complete your task. Submissions are to be made in-thread, bolded, but discussion between the players during this task about this task is not allowed.

Your deadline is April 4 @ 4:00 PM (GMT +3).


Turn this string of letters into a mathematical constant.



Turn this string of letters into a group of three countries which fought on the same side in a war.



Turn this string of letters into three Kongregate users.


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Lol at this task. Interesting…

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Figured it out while I was eating dinner. Along with the other too puzzles. Two easy.

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Dammit Lou.

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Originally posted by LouWeed:


Correct. But how much did you earn for the pot? We’ll see…

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Do I take letters from the string and put them in any order I choose?
Or do I have to keep them in the order they are?

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Stop trying to troll me with idiocy. It doesn’t work.

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These are all Kongregate users, but I’m not sure if they’re what you wanted.

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Originally posted by LouWeed:

Stop trying to troll me with idiocy. It doesn’t work.

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To both of you (devourer & Silent): You need to use all letters. Re-check, because I’m nice and give you a chance to do so.

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Task 18 Results

All three tasks were completed, and let’s see how did the money share go.

devourer359 — $30,000
LouWeed — $16,000
SilentSand — $0

So that’s how Woon divided it.

The final execution quiz (final because the quiz on the final round is not an execution quiz) will be posted on:

April 4 @ 11:00 AM (GMT +3)! Note the odd posting time!

If you aren’t fine with this, please inform me.

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Ugh, I made two mistakes here:

1) Not April 4, but May 4.

2) Too little time.

The official new EQ posting time is:

May 5 @ 11:00 AM (GMT +3)

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IMPORTANT: Now that the execution quiz has been posted, you may not look back at any posts, game-related PMs or other game-related material from Round 6for the rest of the game. In addition, you may not look at your notes while taking this quiz. Finally, NO discussion between the players regarding this game is allowed until the results of this quiz have been posted.

Pot Summary:
Task 1: $40,000/$40,000
Task 2: $40,000/$40,000
Task 3: $35,000/$35,000
Task 4: -$15,000/$40,000
Task 5: $10,000/$60,000
Task 6: $38,000/$68,000
Task 7: $30,000/$40,000
Task 8: $13,000/$50,000
Task 9: $0/$35,000
Task 10: $15,000/$32,000
Task 11: $33,000/$49,000
Task 12: $0/$35,000
Task 13: $15,000/$50,000
Task 14: $35,000/$35,000
Task 15: $0/$35,000
Task 16: $20,000/$40,000
Task 17: $30,000/$60,000
Task 18: $46,000/$46,000

The quiz answers are to be submitted through PMs. If you have any questions about the quiz (or about the game in general), please PM them to me. DO NOT post them in the thread. PLEASE INCLUDE THE ANSWER LETTERS.

Execution Quiz #6

1. Which envelope did the mole take in task 16?

2. Which game did the mole submit for task 17?
a) Pel
b) Dangerous Dungeons
c) Achievement Unlocked

3. Did the mole earn money for the pot in task 17?
a) Yes
b) No

4. Whose score / time did the mole face in task 17?
a) LouWeed’s
b) Woon1957’s
c) SilentSand’s
d) devourer359’s

5. Did the mole volunteer pre-task 18? This counts all volunteers made in thread, the one that passed and any that were too slow.
a) Yes
b) No

6. What task did the mole pick in task 18?
a) Mathematics
b) Kongregate
c) History
d) The mole was the volunteer.

7. How much money did the mole’s task earn in task 18?
a) $0
b) $16,000
c) $30,000
d) The mole was the volunteer.

8. Is the mole an official FGF regular?
a) Yes
b) No

9. How many characters are there in the mole’s username?
a) 7
b) 8
c) 10
d) 11

10. Who is the mole? Please also provide reasoning.
a) devourer359
b) LouWeed
c) SilentSand
d) Woon1957

Good luck to everyone!

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Results will go up tomorrow or perhaps Wednesday for reasons I can’t affect. Sorry.

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Is it tomorrow yet?

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Originally posted by LouWeed:

Is it tomorrow yet?

You skipped the ‘or’ bit.

Apparently, ‘perhaps’ is in effect.

EDIT: Oops, forgot that I was dead. Sorry.

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I’m a little suspicious, but I’ll let this pass. Hover over the names to see who passed.





I’m sorry to tell you that you are the mole’s final victim.

Round 7, Task 19: Secrets

Each of the remaining players has been assigned tasks. You may not discuss with the other players about these tasks at any point. I expect answers as soon as possible.

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Woo(n), I’m set! I’m ready to add another chapter to my legacy:

June 14 2011
Down to One for One Last (?) Time
Finished second

September 3 2011
Kisame’s Gauntlet
Finished second

September 5 2011
The Elephant-y Competition!
Finished second

March 12 2012
Optimise This!
Finished second

May 13 2012
Drop-Off TOO
Finished second

June 28 2012
Finished second

August 23 2012
Best of the Bunch
Finished second

March 14 2013
Drop-Off 3
Finished second

I’m sure there’s some other Samster competitions that I finished second in, but i can’t remember what they might have been called…

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What, are you Shawn or something?

meep forgot

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Almost forgot:
April 3 2012
Element Kingdom Series: Fire Shadow
Finished second

Also, Lebossle’s VOK, and Bluji’s TBA. That’s 11 second places. I am the true king of second place.