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full name: Satan

Age: 666

Race: Demon

Bio: Has more hatred for humans and all goody races. You can’t see his body or face, but he’s got a long black cloak with a hood. You can see his bright red eyes and that’s it.

Extras: He’s got the ring of life, but nobody knows if this is true because no one has ever come close enough. He has the staff of power.

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Up and running again. Genbot refused to use his darn generator machine.

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Originally posted by FelineForumer:

Character’s Full name: Kitaska ‘Kitty’ Reinor
Character’s Age: 17
Character’s Race: Wizard
(Optional) Bio for your Character: A classic ‘raised by wolves’ story, that is, until the fact that her parental wolves were kill by a warrior looking for wolf fangs to make a quick buck. With her family gone, wild cats from a nearby terriotory took her in. She grew up with animals, and understands them.

While she was still pretty young, she discovered her affinity to magic. The bad thing was that the first spell had started a wild cat on fire. It was a catastrophic event, where one thing lead to another, which eventually lead to half the forest burning and Kitty left alone crying. A brave villager came along when he heard the crying, risking his life traversing the flames, and took Kitty in to his care.

She swore never to use the dark magic again, but has instead focused on light magic in her free time when not helping to farm the crops, trying to find the spell to revive her wolven and feline parents.

(Long Bio. Sorry. =3)

Skincolor: Pale Tan
Clothing: Long brown robe, drapping over feet. No sleeves.
Headgear?: Brown pointed cap, with cat ears pointing out the top.
Footwear?:Boots (Can’t really be seen because of the robe… =P)
Extras/Accessories: Fake cat ears (Could also go under headwear category…)

Go below for char picture

Originally posted by Jimbo14:

Race name: Minotaur
Race Basic Appearance: Large bull-men hybrid, often bipedal but with a bulls head.
Race Abilities: Very athletic, but lacking in intellect and magic.
Race Accessories: A pretty cool chain link collar/necklace, a gold bullring that can be enchanted and well ummm horns.

Name: Taurosapien The Untamed
Age: 109
Race: Minotaur
Bio: Will do, when not on tablet.

Skin Color ~Black
Extras ~Golden Bullring

Go below for race/character picture

Originally posted by ilovekirby12:

Character’s Full name: Kirbalicious the malviolent
Character’s Age: 17
Character’s Race: Christmas Elf
(Optional) Bio for your Character: Once a helper of santa himself, he put aside his goody goody magic for some more powerful skills.
General: Fairly shortish, pointy ears, light tanned skin.
Skincolor: lightly tanned skin
Clothing: Christmas robes red and green.
Headgear: elf hat
Footwear: green shoes
Extras/Accessories: Christmas bow and magic golden bells.

Here’s what I want him to look like, or you can use this image directly.

Like it? :)

What I said to the other two

Originally posted by overfrost:

Race name: Satyr
Race basic appearance: Legs and horns of a goat. Face and upper body of a human. They are carefree and heavy drinkers.
Race abilities: great musicians, can easily travel for hours without getting tired, magic limited to bardic magic
Race accessories: goat horns

Name: Garyn
Age: 25
Race: Satyr
Bio: A traveling musician with a habit of appearing at parties uninvited.
Skincolor: White
Clothing: Brown fur covers his legs
Headgear: his horns and brown hair
Footwear: his hooves
Extra: A pan flute in his hand


You all know which character you are, I’m making all new races more detailed than it would with few pixels.
 photo RacesandChars_zps2eb5dfbc.png

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I guess I’ll take the first action.

I wake up in the middle of a log house, It’s half burnt down, and there were several elf corpses. Only two of my (npc) elves survived. It was Jelfin and Marriane.
“Tell me everything, dear elves.” I told both of them.
They told me the whole story.

We were attacked by demons, when Drivelis made the biggest mistake. They simply used their basic fire magic to burn the whole forest. Many elves died, but Jelfin and Marriane got to the hut in time. They knocked me out hard, but the two rescued me. Without them, I would have been one of the victims. Time passed, and this one half-burnt log house was left. And that is now.

All three of us asked a (NPC) lumberjack for some lots of wooden planks to rebuild He let us have it, but for 9 pixelia coins. (We had 15.) We started rebuilding the elven kingdom, but in the biggest tree of the world, which was only a mile away from the human village.

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Sign ups are open still when others are roleplaying btw!

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Updated my charcter. =3



It also uses the same size pixels. =D

First action coming soon.

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My character seems good, and the most colorful out here :3

Kirb gazed out to the deep forest. It wasn’t at all what he expected. He knew it would be diffrent from his natural snowy climate, but not this ravished. The scene was brutal; animals scrampering around, trees sawed in half and into fine pieces.

The worst part of it all was the heat. His body could barely take it. Kirb noticed the source causing all the heat. The forest was ablaze. Luckily, most of the fire died out. He gasped when a nearby home was burnt almost to a crisp. This brought tears to his eyes, as he realized the same fate that happened to the once north pole. A swift whirlpool and a few chunks of ice is all that lies today.

He marched towards the home. “Hello? Is anyone there?”

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“Hey what are you ‘Hic’ doing?” I ask. “You weren’t invited to this party sir i’m afraid you must leave.” Said the guard. “I have ‘Hic’ as much right as anyone ‘Hic’ to be here!” I argue. “No you don’t.”Says the guard. “You’re right.’hehe’’Hic’’” I say. “I’m drunk.” I fall to the ground and pass out.

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I awaken abruptly and notice there is a forest in flames nearby. I decide to ignore it and begin mining in a nearby cave.

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Originally posted by sirwoofy:

I begin searching for a place to mine gold.


I’m pretty sure this isn’t a “Roll” Game like pixel warrior tournament or skyraid.

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Originally posted by ilovekirby12:
Originally posted by sirwoofy:

I begin searching for a place to mine gold.


I’m pretty sure this isn’t a “Roll” Game like pixel warrior tournament or skyraid.


Originally posted by ilovekirby12:
Originally posted by sirwoofy:

I begin searching for a place to mine gold.


I’m pretty sure this isn’t a “Roll” Game like pixel warrior tournament or skyraid.

ok i edited. but i am not sure how to play this. :D

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You can now create more characters and/or have multiraces (Demon Wizard, Elf Demon, Orc Wizard, Etc.)

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Character’s Full name: Dezerik Kromill
Character’s Age: 27
Character’s Race: Orc
(Optional) Bio for your Character: Since the age of 4 Dezerik has been trained in the art of arena combat. He has mastered a wide variety of melee weapons, and he is very charismatic, if a bit arrogant, as it is in his nature to excite the crowd in the arena.
General: A 7 foot tall, sturdy looking Gladiator.
Skincolor: : Very pale green skin.
Clothing: A leather chest piece, a sleeve of chain mail on his right arm.
Headgear?: An iron helmet
Footwear?: Sandals
Extras/Accessories: 2 orc war axes.

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God damn it!

I’m trying to work fast as I could, I got to fricken do stuff today!

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Elves have paper money, humans (mostly miners) have gold money. Creating a new character is $4 of either types. Every other race have either type of money, because of the wizards “moneymaking”. Starter money is $15, unless in any part of your bio you said you were poor with specified amount of money.

If you would like to purchase a new RANDOM character, just say this:
I would like to have a random character (name here) for $4.
Random characters are generated randomly, they can be any discovered race, any (future) class, any age, and any gender. If you dislike your generation, just say I would like a free rerandomise.

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Race name: Abelli
Race basic appearance: Bipedal insectoid (praying mantis) with carapace and 1-5 blank eyes.
Race Abilities: High jumping and general mobility, natural melee-resistant armor, antennae to detect movement without sight.
Race accessories: Light clothes and cloth. Abelli also find hats an especially important artifact of being complete; every hat has a different meaning.

Character’s Full name: Abelmad
Character’s Age: 43
Character’s Race: Abelli
(Optional) Bio for your Character: [further date, but mage]
Appearance: A tall mantis creature with red robes that spike at the end. His skin is a dark red and his three eyes light up amber. Being around him gives off a faint aura that indicates magic presence.

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Can I be a Wizard/Miw?

I will still use the same sprite.

Race name: Miw
Race basic appearance: Humanoid, with cat face and ears, paws and opposite thumbs. Tail. Fur.
Race Abilities: Always lands on feet. Retractable claws.
Race accessories: N/A

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Little busy atm. Will get the art done soon.