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If you find me suspicious for THAT,hamuka,then remember that you’re doing it too.

What. What is this. Me no comprehende.

Hamuka at least posted reasons (bad or not) for voting Time. You, on the other hand, just quoted a part of his sentence (can u even sarcasm m8) and agreed to it to kill him. Review back on your logic. I don’t believe sebba is scum, just a VI that can’t improve.


1) The useless questionnaire, then yourself saying it had silly questions. Why did make it in first place when the questions were silly even in your own opinion?

I can’t help but wonder how this point makes him a scum and not a VI.


So I’m inclined to vote sebba. I trust ham’ka.

Hamuka had yet not posted any point against sebba. Rather, he posted points against Time. I don’t see why you’re going to vote sebba if you’re going to say that you trust hamuka.

For swearing,you used it excessively.

This makes lots of sense. Trust me, you want this guy as your swear detector.


But, y’know, I’m just too tempted by your behavior.

So, you’re basically saying you’ll lynch a(n?) VI over a mafiaso?

Also, you said you flipped your three-sided coin, what’s the third side for?



You said Cowfriend is the worst example of mafia newbies earlier (And I am sure he meant for scum), so I am not exactly sure why you’re following his advice.

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You still didn’t answer my question of “Am i not right?”.

I think his last post naturally implies that you were right.


bq You cant be the doctor, because I am it. Can’t you bandwagon someone else? Your most definitely scum!

How is he bandwagonning if its just one vote? Me no comprehende.


So, just resolve the matter between yourselves – doctor, doctor yourself, scum, target him.

How do you know the doctors can protect themselves? Also, you’re basically telling mafia to waste 2 nights, in hopes that at least 1 night is a kill.


…yeah, Jask has just skyrocketed to third place in my suspicion list.

How does a second sentence repeating what I already said earlier suddenly raise myself? Seems like a shit excuse just to get people on your sus list.


…so I’d like to suggest to the Vigilante, whoever that may be, that they go ahead and NK Jaskaran in the next night phase, on account of both his sudden loss of helpfulness and his generally Unidentified Alignment Idiot behaviour.

“boi oh boi the vig should totally kill sum1 who is unhelpful and totaly ignor ppl whom we think is scumy! jesus i is smart”

So, my point here still applies:

Also that makes me the same as walf and sabin, ur logic is shit, go away troll :)


Jask’s vote has been bought, so nothing he says today is likely going to be his opinion, which is likely a fact he’s exploiting. Let’s just ignore him for now.

Yeah, let’s just ignore an opinion that could help us find scum.



Minnkaht, why the hell did you post a screenshot of second life ._.

You people suck at referencing. I jokingly said that I will kill him, so he presented a picture of second life which means he has two lives so I can’t kill him.



This does not clear you of guilt, Jask. I’m still suggesting that the Vigilante NKs him in the next night phase, on account of his general scumminess.

And you fail to point out where I am being “scummy”


Ask Jask why he’s acting stupidly

I need my lulz.

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EBWOP: There, that’s easier to read. Sorry for triple-posting, formatting on Kong sucks.

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Also, you said you flipped your three-sided coin, what’s the third side for?


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I am the cultist :P

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Originally posted by T1M3_15_1337:

I am the cultist :P

Whoever doesn’t vote Time should be brutally murdered. Mafias, even, should vote time.

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I am surrendering! This should of went peacefully!

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T1M3_15_1337 (6): DJrockstar, Myhome16, Hamuka, Sebba, BCL, T1m3_15_1337.
Sebba (2): Bluji, Minn.

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I was tempted to say something along the lines of

Not actually ever posted by Minnakht:

Well whoop-de-flocking-doo. Well, if you’re offering your life, I will have to take it. Jeer. It’s not like you’re leaving me a choice here.

But I’m too lazy to change my vote and Time’s dyin’ anyway.

(also, spot the game reference)

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Was sure exiting to play, maybe my role was too much for me. See you in another game everyone i guess :P

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Yeah, there’s no way he isn’t getting lynched at this point. 7 is the hammer vote, right? Vote for Time

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[I’ll be back to run the totals and write the story in a few hours. Not quite yet.]

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[Since there are no death-seeking roles, I find it appropriate to add this rule: You may not vote for yourself. I’m sorry for having left that loophole open. Yes, I am aware that it does not make a difference right now, and that is why now is a good time to apply this usually (in my experience) unwritten rule.]

Morning came, and evening followed. The second night.

The assembly came together at precisely 9 PM. Perhaps the incessant ticking noise throughout the college lent itself to this punctuality. Again, the stage was curtained. An eerie wail went up around and in the main hall, drowning out the ticking. Then the wail subsided and the headmaster’s chilling voice exited the intercom speakers. “Some of you who have been here before – a thousand curses on you for escaping – know how this works. The sacrifice involves the victim, a painful and gruesome method of death, and…” The curtains part. “This large, transparent container.” The clear tank does not appear to hold anything currently.

“Victim, come forward.” The student, thus bidden, steps forward, even fearlessly. Name? The tag says, ‘T1M3_15_1337’. Then the headmaster continues. “Although I appreciate your service here, my follower, I will obey the will of the people and take you for my own. Come, your job is done. I show not mercy, however, so get in the tank.” Obediently, the student does so, but not with the hypnotic trance familiar to such students in such situations. A number of visible, focused lights shine on the victim, increasing in focus and intensity, eventually burning through the student in several places. Afterwards, the corpse is little but a pile of ash. The statue (last on the left, first on the right) is not, but it is thoroughly charred. Many, many gold pentagrams – and some scars, as if in sacrificial cutting – are still visible on the statue’s surface. The headmaster is silent for a moment. “Such a rare type of student. Almost wish he did not have to go. But it was his time, and yours is soon, and he will rejoice with me when we have crushed your weak wills.” He ends, without inflection, “Go in peace, maggots.”

T1M3_15_1337, the Cult Recruiter, died at sundown by laser.

Night 2 has begun. Send in your actions!
[Day 2 ETA: Thursday, May 30 @0300 GMT.]

[Also, a question out to all the players. Am I making it too dark and edgy? Please reply by shout or PM and not on the thread.]

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(Change title)

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[Oh. Oops. Thanks.]

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Evening came, and morning followed. The second day.

Another morning assembly. The headmaster is as direct as ever. “Eyes, stage front. Now.” His tone carries a compulsion which seems indeed otherworldly. The stage is open, the statues are there. Another one is desecrated, much as one was yesterday morning.

It is the very first on the left; the very last on the right. The statue wears a black cloak, hood back, and were it not for the brighter stage floor and wall it might even blend in invisibly. The eyes – what’s left of them on the statue – carry a clear and focused gaze, now focused on nothing in the wake of death.

There is a body behind it, and three bullets, perhaps for good measure against the vocal student, or perhaps for multiple killings. Or, perhaps, for both reasons and more. But the body and the bullets disintegrate in full view. “We accept your offering of such a loud voice. Voting commences immediately to satisfy the next appeasement.”

Two students were differentiated from the norm this morning. One – nametag ‘walfordking’ – held a wad of money before quickly stuffing it away, having agreed to exchange voting influence for worldly funds. The other, tagged ‘myhome16’ was wincing in pain, jaw clenched tightly after a painful operation last night which involved a complete teeth removal and fitting for dentures. After that, talking was out of the question until the pain went down some.

Jaskaran2000, the Witness, has been thoroughly killed during the night.
Walfordking’s vote was bought by the Persuader.
Myhome16 was silenced for the day by the Dentist.

Day 2 begins now. If you’re missing information from me, let me know ASAP.

[Night 3 ETA: June 2 @0300, GMT.]

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So,many people have accused me of voting without a reason.Well,did you not see me say that I agree with Hamukas reasons?

Originally posted by sebba:

You did not bold,vote does not count.Besides,does it even need mentioning that I go along the same reasons as hamuka?I can already tell your response:Yes.

I know that was stupid not to say that I agreed with Ham,but come on!And he was the Cult,so that was helpful!I even predicted him as cult!


I am a newbie on mafias.

This is the guy who would pick AdeebNafes.

And said prediction was correct.

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Also,Bluji,about the swearing thing…

Hamuka said “I was going to swear.”.Not exactly swearing.

Jask censored his swearing,and when it comes to swearing,for me,it’s quality over quantity.In other words,it does not matter that he used three times.

You said " Shait ".Complete and actual swearing,not implied,not censored.

But it doesn’t raise suspicion for me.

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[Have fun for 6-8 days without me, guys.]

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Sebba, I’m getting suspicious of you. Your “C’mon, I was so helpful, why do you vote for me, I know I was stupid to not say that I agree, but I predicted that guy was cult so dun lynch me pls :c” (“translated” version so more people understand what I think it means) basically cries to me that you’re a desperate scum who grabs into any opportunity to defend his bum from getting lynched.

Just my opinion, though.

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BTW, I just realized: Why in the world did you even bring up the massive one-word swearing? First of all, what you just said is incorrect since that was not the swear word I used, so stop twisting my words. Second, _as I have said to you, internet is a place where you can’t expect everything to be nice and the way you want it to be. I mildly cursed, and I will continue to if I find it necessary. As well, I ended up with the result that you have no idea what the word ‘excessively’ means, so here’s what it means:

going beyond the usual, necessary, or proper limit or degree; characterized by excess

This is the end of this discussion, because I don’t want this taking space from my posts just because I don’t agree with my one warningless swear word being “excessive swearing”.

So, I think I believe Jask after his trolling. Vote GotterakaThing because Jask witnessed Gotter target Adeeb the night Adeeb died.

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EBWOP: Oh, and sebba, you keep ignoring the question I’ve presented you now twice.

Originally posted by Bluji:

Oh, and something…

Originally posted by sebba:

Not only is deeb a smart person,he always gets lynched early.You are all making fools of you’re selves.

Provide examples of such games, please.

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As a reminder, Bluji, there’s still the possibility that Gotter is the Vigilante, rather than a Mafioso. That being said, FoS GotterakaThing for his role in AdeebNafees’ death, but vote sebba for his continuous scumtells.

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I really have to agree here . Vote sebba, because he’s nitpicking unimportant details more than he is defending himself, and ignoring the fact that Time gave himself up, the Cult weren’t Pro-Mafia.

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Gotterakathing was one of the killers of AdeebNafees

This is something Jaskaran pointed out, I was quite hesitant to believe him, but

Jaskaran2000, the Witness, has been thoroughly killed during the night.

Seeing how he was indeed the Witness, Vote Gotterakathing
I still have a gut feeling that he isn’t Vigilante, and is indeed, scum. But that’s just me

Also, I highly doubt that Gotterakathing is the vigilante, because of previously stated reasons and a ‘possible’ reason.
Someone in the thread previously asked the vigilante to kill Jask, just for the sake of it.
(Now, this does assume, with reasons ofcourse, that the kill last night was made by Vig. and not Scum)
Let’s say Gotter was scum, a scum wouldn’t kill the witness who was pointing out that Gotter was scum, as that would just verify that Jask was indeed the witness and the town could use is provided information to lynch Gotter(assuming Gotter IS SCUM), scum wouldn’t kill him just to have their cover blown, so this makes me believe that Jask was actually killed by the Vigilante.

Also, Gotter’s lack of activity isn’t helping him either.