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Aaron Jask
It’s like hell out there, with thousands of guns firing and thousands of zombies attacking. I’d probably be dead the moment I stepped foot outside, but I don’t care. I just have to avenge my father. I leave the airport, clutching my golden pendant in one hand and holding my hunting rifle in the other hand. My father was like, well, a father to me. I always respected him. Why did he have to be taken by the zombies? I’d rather I had died than him. My mother, well, she had died before I was born. I had no friends because I was “different”. I had little education and had spent most of my time hunting. My father was the only one I could depend on. This thought remained in my head as I trudged toward the action.

At first, I thought I would just rush into the crowd of zombies, stabbing everything I could with my pocket knife. However, that would be stupid, and I can’t allow my father to have died in vain. I carefully devised a plan. Well, not really a plan, but a method. I would shoot from afar with my rifle, trying to kill as many zombies as possible. I stood beside a couple other fellows with rifles as I shot at the zombies. I attempted to start a conversation.

Me: “Hey, there! I’m Aaron Jask! Who are you?” I yelled over the rapid gunfire noise.

Leon Kad:“I’m Leon Kad, and this is my partner, Ji Blue. If you don’t mind, we’re busy killing zombies here!”

Me: “Sorry, I just wanted to make allies, and decided to start with you too!”

Ji Blue: “Okay, we’ll be your allies, but you got to prove yourself worthy of being allies to fine gentleman like us.”

Me: “How so?”

Leon Kad: “Well, first of all, you’ve got to help us win this battle. Then we’ll consider you.”

I’m determined to make friends with the two, so I just keep on firing, trying to kill as many zombies as possible. Just the more reason to keep on fighting.

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“Hey Emilie, how are you feeling?”

I wasn’t fully awake, but at least I was conscious enough to recognize the doctor’s voice. I turn to look at him, and notice the guard standing on the corner against the far wall. “I’m okay, still in a little bit of pain though. How’s the eye?”

He shuffles his weight and sighs, clearly a bad sign. “Well, I have good news and bad news.”

“Give me the bad news first, please,” I add without hesitation.

“Okay. The reason you can’t see from your eye is because the virus found its way into it. The cut wasn’t too deep, but it still penetrated the surface. On a more positive turn, I highly doubt your retina was injured, so the damage may be reversed. It’s really odd that you haven’t turned though, are you somehow immune to the infection?”

I think for a moment, and recall what Gerald had told me. "Actually, we were given an antidote to fight off the infection, I’m guessing that’s it.

“Ah, yes, that did it. The virus it still malicious in nature, hence your lack of sight, but if I can get my hands on the antidote we can inject some of it near the eye and that should completely kill it.” He turns to the guard and tells him to leave, that much I knew because a few moments later we were alone. “Get some rest for now, your eye is bandaged and it’s healing as we speak. It won’t take long for the anesthesia to completely wear off, so get some sleep now while the pain remains minimal.” He exits the room and closes the door behind him, the light automatically shutting off.

“Might as well do what he says.” I lightly tap the bandage and sigh, then turn over to sleep. I’d further worry about this later.

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Danvers keeps on unloading from the rooftop. Hakurai begins to unload .50 salvation unto the walking corpses. As Danvers takes down three zombies and stumbles a few more, he notices someone with an old rifle trying to help.

Danvers looks at West and passes his Type 96 to him.

Danvers: Use this instead of the Arisaka. Better to knock them back and get a few kills than get many accurate kills and let them flood in. Remember where the ammo box is in case you run out. I’m going down there to provide support.

Danvers descends from the roof to the second floor of the airport. He spots Ai talking to Kendall.

Danvers: Ai, please come with me. We need to check up on Emilie since she was wounded by a zombie and then we need to head outside to aid my men.

Ai: I understand. I will be in my office in a few minutes.

Danvers walks off to the infirmary.

Ai: Kendall listen…to initiate the AP drone’s laser targeting mode, just activate your laser eye and aim at it. Then aim at your targets and let Hakurai do the rest. I have to check on Emilie. I can’t ignore my duty as a doctor.

Ai runs off and catches up with Danvers to enter the room where Emilie is staying.

Danvers: She’s sleeping.

Ai: Yes…one of my colleagues must have take care of her. Gerald won’t be happy to hear that his woman has been injured again.

Danvers: Yeah…We have to tell it to him straight though.

Ai: I will tell him. It’s better for it to come from a woman than a man.

Ai gets on the phone to KDC.


I hear the phone ring in the staff room and answer it.

“Go ahead.”

Phone: Gerald, it’s Doctor Tajima from the ODC. I have some bad news to share with you.

“Bad news? What is it?”

Phone: Your girlfriend…the Western perimeter of the airport is loaded with zombies. Emilie was outside when she got injured by a zombie. Her right eye is damaged.

“What!? Damnit…Do me a favor and tell Danvers that I would like extraction expedited.”

Phone: Okay, hold on.

A couple of moments pass and Danvers gets on the phone.

Phone: Danvers here. Listen Gerald, I contacted someone about extracting you but I don’t know how they feel about it.

“Did you give them my name?”

Phone: No, I didn’t.

“Call them back and give them the name of the person who needs to be rescued. Gerald “Kold” Kincaid."

Phone: Alright…I’ll give it a shot.

I hang up the phone and wonder if he will succeed this time.

Danvers calls his contact back.

Danvers: It’s me again. I have positive identification of who you are rescuing. His name is Gerald “Kold” Kincaid. He is an ex-serial killer in the KDC headquarters.

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[Sorry, I’ve been sick.]

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(It’s fine…unless you want to post, I ask that you just get some rest until you get better.)

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joseph miller

about 5 mile from kobe, the squad lands to catch a breather and get their gear ready for the entrance, they set minor defenses around the rest stop

Mark: “ok, i just got off the phone with our contractor, we have to save a serial killer named gerald kold kincain.”

jake: “serial killer, what kinda fucked up logic is that?”

mark: “dont know, but we got to do what we got to do”

they rest for that night before returning to the copters, and find robert, marks right hand man at the contol

robert: ok fuel is ok for now, we just gotta move fast, otherwise we will be walking some of it home."

mark: “ok, back in the choppers.”

the helis take off with all the men, the rescue was going to be under way soon

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(So, which one is the one who has known Gerald somehow?)

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Originally posted by WillItBlend:

(So, which one is the one who has known Gerald somehow?)

(im making it so that mark has a connection to danvers, not gerald.)

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(Ah, alright then. Make sure you space out your posts so that time doesn’t really conflict.)

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I overhear the voice on the phone ‘’Oh no! Is Emilie hurt?’’ I say sarcastically. I suddenly remember ‘’You have no transport back, so she is…screwed…’’ I laugh.

Abbey climbs up behind Alex and taps him on the back, trying to scare him.

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Alex West
“Woah.” I jump forward a bit and turns around. “Don’t scare me like that Abbey.” I smile at her. “So, how are you doing?”

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’’I’m fine, are you okay? We haven’t been together for a while’’ She draws her bow and aims it at a zombie which is slowly making it’s way out of the jungle. She fires an arrow which hits the zombies head ‘’Still got it…’’ she says grabbing another arrow.

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“Much to your disappointment, she’s fine James. A zombie injured her but due to the antidote back in Puerto Rico, she’s immune, as are you and I. Not only that, the ODC has a set of doctors that have likely looked into the problem. You fail at sarcasm just as you fail at being a good brother, husband and leader. It’s like you set yourself up to lose everything to me…a man who claims you as his prey.”

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Alex West
“I’m great, you miss me? I sure missed you.” I laugh. " By the way, when was the last time you’ve fired an arrow again? It’s like you didn’t become rusty at all." Alex lines up his rifle for another shot and takes out two zombies with one bullet. “Lucky me, two birds with one stone.”

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Danvers and Ai get to heading for their rooms to arm themselves. They step out into the fray afterwards. Danvers is armed with twin sabers. His white captain’s uniform is soon to be marred with zombie blood. Ai shows up unarmed, oddly enough but dressed in a student’s uniform.

Danvers: No weapon? Take one of mine.

Ai: Thanks but it’s not necessary. You know I’m a master artificer when it comes to limb and you know my brother specializes in cybernetic implants and surgical procedures. I had my legs and arms amputated one at a time before all of this and replaced with some of my work coupled with my brother’s Neophyte muscle augments. This is before he released the newest set of implants. With my arms and legs artificial and so tough, it would take an Indian elephant’s weight to crush them, I am a killing machine coupled with the augments.

Danvers: You had all your limbs removed so they could be replaced by fake limbs? Why?

Ai: That can be saved for another time, captain. Let’s deal with these guys first.

Ai punches the closes one to her left and hear some bone breaking.

Ai: Too easy…

Danvers decapitates one and dismembers another at the legs before stepping on its skull.

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‘’I don’t know, it’s been so long and a lot has happened in that time that I don’t remember’’ she tells him.

‘’Well Kold, it’s been a pleasure talking however I’m afraid I must leave. I have important business to attend to.’’ I take my leave heading back to the camp.

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Aaron Jask
I just keep shooting them zombies, alongside Leon Kad and Ji Blue. Eventually the crowd of zombies near us diminishes. My head hurts. Ugh. It’s too painful. I think I’m going to fall down. I drop my gun. I spin around, dizzy for a second, before finally dropping to the ground. As my eyes slowly open and close and my vision blurs, I hear some words.

Leon Kad?: “Aaron? Get up! This is no time to take a nap!”

Ji Blue?: “Yeah, get up Aaron! You need to help us fight these zombies!”

Leon Kad?: “Aaron! If you can hear me, say something!”

Me: “Ji.. on… I… dizzy…”

Ji Blue?: “What did you say, Aaron? Come on, talk to us. You’ve got to stay alive!”

Me: “I… can’t…”

I fade into darkness. I wake up in a bed. There are 3 blurry figures standing over me. As I regain consciousness, I recognize two of them. Ji Blue and Leon Kad.

Me: “What happened?”

Leon Kad: “You fell asleep while fighting the zombies. Ji and I finished off the zombies in that area and then took you to this bed, so you could rest.”

Ji Blue: “That was a mighty bad fall.”

Me: “Who’s he?”

Alpha Wolf: “Oh, allow me to introduce myself. I am the ‘Alpha Wolf’. I am part of a little team. All of our members are named after Greek letters and animals. For example, one of our members is ‘Gamma Duck’. Your friends here are ‘Kappa Lion’ and ‘Mu Cow’. We will accept you into our team, ‘The Resistance’, as in resisting the zombies. Your name will be ‘Pi Pig’ if you accept.”

Me: “I guess I’ll accept. I don’t really have much of a choice. You guys saved me, and I should thank you.”

Leon Kad: “Oh, and if you didn’t know, we’re allies now.”

Ji Blue: “Greetings, Captain Obvious.”

Me: “Thanks. You know, I never saw my mom, and my dad was taken by the zombies. I had no friends.”

There’s a small growling noise. The window smashes as a large group of zombies leap in. I leap off the bed in reaction. We all try to run, but Ji Blue was too slow. He tripped over a pebble and the zombies got him. I grabbed my gun off the table and ran out with Alpha Wolf and Leon Kad. Shit just got real. I don’t know if I should learn to trust anyone, or even make a tiny bond. If they get taken by the zombies, I’d just be more depressed. Anger and confusion clouded my mind. I shoot back at the zombies as we run back to safety.

Alpha Wolf: “Damn it, Leon! I told you to watch for zombies!”

Leon Kad: “Well excuse me for trying to help this guy!”

Me: “Hello, there’s a big crowd of zombies behind us!”

Leon Kad: “Oh, yeah.”

They resume shooting at the zombies as we retreat to the Airport. Will I survive?

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As Captain Danvers and Doctor Tajima fight the zombies in close-quarters, Danvers spots some of his men with the random person from before with the old hunting rifle.

Danvers: Ai…

Ai: Yes, captain?

Danvers: Let’s start heading for those guys over there. They are trying to get to the airport.

Ai: Alright then.

Danvers continues cutting and dismembering his way through the undead. Ai stops from time to time to bust up another zombie or two. Her muscular augments in combination with her incredibly durable, artificial arms and legs are working wonders.

Ai: Typical zombies…no challenge at all…

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[Swimmers ear.]

Kendall Rose

I return to my senses when I notice my fellow survivors entangled with a horde that is attempting to assault the airport. They seem to have things under control, but with the sheer numbers involved, I could definitely make an impact. She mentioned something about laser designation and a .50 caliber machine gun. I think I can be of use. I just need to avoid distractions. Last thing I want to do is glance over towards a friend and not a foe.

Walking out to a clear vantage point, I remove my eyepatch and switch my eye so that it functions as a laser designation device. Using this, I allow my gaze of steel death to sweep across that battlefield, aiming from one cranium to the next. Careful to avoid my peers.

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Hakurai continues following the laser, shooting at each painted target. A warning message blares.

Hakurai: Rēzātāgetingu wa, kassei-ka sa rete iru. Subete no yunitto wa, undō ni wa chūi shite kudasai. Attention, attention…laser target has been activated. All units, please exercise caution.

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Alex West
“Well I’m glad you still remember how to aim properly. Anyways lets try to pick off the rest of these zombies ok?” I aim my rifle at another zombie and shoot and quickly reload. “The faster we do this, the more safe everyone will be.” I tell her as I aim once more, my finger on the trigger.

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As Danvers and Ai fight their way toward the group on the ground, Ai spots a guard having trouble with a zombie within the region that Alex and Abbey are firing at.

Ai: Hold tight for a bit. I have to help one of your men. That zombie looks like it hit the gym for a while before turning. He’s mine.

Danvers: Alright but hurry it up.

Ai: I’ll be back in two shakes.

Ai starts running to aid the guard. When she gets there, she separates the two.

Ai: Anata wa, kama reta koto ga arimasu ka?

Guard: Īe, kare wa hotondo watashi o shikashi eta.

Ai: Watashi wa kare o otoshita nochi, wareware wa senchō e no wareware no hōhō o tsukuru koto ga dekimasuga, watashi o kabā shite imasu.

The guard reloads his SMG and fires at more heads.

Ai: Just you and me, zombie…let’s do this.

The zombie snarls and gets enraged.

Ai: That’s right…get angry. Let the parasite in your brain get out of control.

Ai and the zombie start grappling.

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Kendall Rose

As I stand on my vantage point, mowing down the horde with precision and ease, I hear a desperate cry for help. Human instinct kicks in as I glance over towards the man. “Hold on mate, I got you,” I shout to the man, but he probably does not speak English.

However I made a great, yet simple mistake. I looked directly towards the source of the plea for help. I didn’t hold the gaze long but it was held for long enough. The horrifying plead for assistance is replaced with the echo of gunfire and the silence of death. I’ve killed a man. All I wanted to do was help, but instead I brought forth an end to a bright soul. I doused his fire when all I wanted to do was cup it from the wind. I am as useless now as I was before.

I try to put the event behind me and focus on eliminating the threats, but with every lock on, and every shot fired, I hear his plea, and see his face. With every drop of blood erupting on the battlefield, I imagine the tears of his family. I ca only hope the siege comes to an end.

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Ai continues to struggle with the zombie for a minute before slamming him into the ground and snapping his neck for the kill.

Ai: The body cannot operate when the spinal cord’s connection to the brain is severed but just for good measure…

Ai lifts her foot and drops it on the zombie’s skull, crushing it. She looks at the guard she protected.

Ai: Sā. No wa, kyaputen ni shutoku shimashou.

Ai and the guard start rushing back to aid Danvers. Danvers is keeping his cool with the bodies and pieces of bodies on the ground around him.

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The Second Walkers seem very active today. How delightful that is, my friend. What say you ,and I snatch a few of them for ourselves? They are the next step in the process anyways. I grab by machete, some chains, and throw my stave over my back. This will be my first daytime trek in a while. It should be a nice change of scenery.
“Just stay focused ,and get the ingredients.”

Fine, I guess you don’t appreciate the finer things in life.
“I appreciate the finer things in death. I know, oh so drab. You will understand one day soon.”

I walk through the concrete jungle that houses my makeshift base. It is along this route that I see a cluster of about five of the Second Walkers, slowly meandering, but not aimless. They seem to be moving towards the airport, albeit an inefficient, round-a-bout way of doing so. Who knows, I can be probably catch them all at once if I am careful about this. Now the question, is how can I round them up and transport them, but keep them from getting too close.
“Just go for it. You’ll figure something out.”

Although my that advice seems a little bit poor, whatever you say. I rush the group, chains in hand, ready to be hurled. Taking the lightweight links, I swing the chain at the pack, like a whip. It makes contact at about their waist, and wraps around the other end. Quickly moving in, I grab the other end and loop it over the end that I held onto when I swung the chain. Having created a chain-link corral, I back away, holding only the end of the chain. Standing as far away as possible, I notice the zombies are moving closer with much more coordination and speed than expected. Now what?

I take my staff from across my back and wrap the end of the chain around it, suspending it in the air. I now have a solid, hard, boundary between me and the zombies. When the chain goes limp, the stave shall remain elongated and maintain a minimum distance between the Second Walkers ,and I. Quickly, before an error can occur, satisfied with my work, I begin to travel back to my parking garage.
“Oh so nicely done, I would applaud you but I am beyond such simple gestures.”