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December 20: Start the Art!

Today, we’re finally getting into the art biz. I’ve got you three tasks and three tokens.

TASK 1: Put a Face on It
Make Santa’s face using this template and any image editing program you want to use.

TASK 2: Christmas Spirart
Go to Typeisart and create a festive image. Please include a short description with your image.

TASK 3: Christmas Avatars
Create a christmas avatar using any image editing program you want. It should include a reference to your Kong username.

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I did this about 2 days ago and forgot to post it

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I think the .jpeg artefacts really add to it

Santa’s Sleigh. I really like the way it looks. the tassel was on the wrong side of the hat, so you can’t really see it :(

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Sorry, no activity today, but two tomorrow. K?

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A tad late, hope you’ll still accept it ;D

A ‘uni’ gift with my tag

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I approached Gua Rusa, or Cave of Deer in English. The mountains interspersed with other Guas dot the panorama 360 degrees around. It’s a very humid place, around 65% humidity, even this high up. There are trees and plants endemic to the tropical realm, and animals of wondrous galore. Tapirs, those decolourised baby elephant-kin or orang utans, those browned fur-apes which traverse the canopy of the lower montane rainforest. I love this place.

I’m home.

Ignoring the occasional buzzing of a mosquito, travelling across the dense, primary jungles proves energy-sapping as we try to trudge our way through the undergrowth. It’s hard: as if we’re trying to plod our way through molten asphalt or maple syrup streams, but that’s in another story. So, anyway, we have to stop midway innumerable times as our fitness levels are rather meek when contrasted with even an obese sloth sitting on a hammock with a week’s worth of jungle fruit. So, we pause.

During our intermittent journeys of around 1km (initially, but dwindling to 250m at the end) we did manage to get a good glimpse at the toucan, or enggang, Malaysia’s national bird. “Hmph”, I sound, “there are barely any toucans in Malaysia. I don’t get this ‘national bird’ business.” Carrying on, our guide proved undaunting and happily provided us with information in whatever we could query. Our guide led our way towards the gunung where Gua Rusa lay in wait.

Of course, a real guide would be better, but an improvised guide written in squid ink on parchment paper graciously donated by ol’ Cousin Jenkins was all we could get, and so we did set off with it. It’s a wonderful guide, I might add. ‘Function over form,’ he’d always quip before shooing us off.

“We’ve finally reached the castle!” shouted someone in our group. It was evident that she was hallucinating. Some gave her a sideways stare, while others just ignored the old woman, probably entering her senility. Though, it’s amazing that a 110-year-old could make it through the journey just fine while us in our teens and twenties were coughing and panting twenty times a second.

As we entered the cave, it was dark and we couldn’t see anything. That rendered us as helpless as a bat in complete darkness with no wings and no ears and no eyes. That analogy is probably more fit for a bowling pin than a bat.

Oh, darnit. It turns out that Ol’ Man Jenktin had forgotten to pack our flashlights in. And we don’t have any nightvision goggles, save for that uptight Brazilian guy, Richemanne von Munnibags who has a pair of 3D nightvision-infrared Google Glasses, possibly so that he can browse Kongregate while hobbling about in the still darkness.

Ugh, it was a treacherous, horrible journey trying to walk about in the cave. That idiot Richemanne tripped me and I landed face-first on the sharp, pointy rocks smeared with bat guano and cocroach carcasses. They had to stop the entire thing to get me to a hospital, with the nearest one being in Kuching, the capital city, which is 5 days away.

Fortunately for me, they were just foam spikes, although I doubt the artificial-ness of the batpoop and cockroach-corpses. I’m never going in there again. Nuh-uh.

*Kuching means cat.

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A++, as usual.

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December 21: Your Favourite Activity

There have been all kinds of activities in the last 20 days. What has been your favourite and why?

December 22: Holiday Poetry

For today’s activity, get your rhymes ready, as you’re given a task of writing a Christmas (or other winter holiday) poem. The poem must be at least two verses long, with each verse containing at least four lines. The poem must also rhyme.

A simple task, a simple token to earn.

Weekly Challenge 4: A blocky Christmas

For the last weekly challenge, which you by the way only have a couple of days time for, we’re playing A blocky Christmas and going for the completion of level 16, the final level. This task can be quite tricky, so start it today already!

Here’s an example screenie.

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This poem is going to be good and bad for very different reasons

So lets handle this challenge today
I have to choose my favorite challenge in this game
it is one of the earlier ones we play
it was the snowflake challenge though it could use a better name

Now all I got left is to do this rhyme
and of course the weekly challenge looks like fun
With any luck it won’t take a lot of time
I will be back again when I am done

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21) Probably Merry Clickmas or Promo Puzzle. The clicker games are always amusing and kept me occupied for a good while. The Promopuzzle, well, I just love puzzles. Can’t wait for Snowfall!

Twas the month of December, when posted each day
Naught but a challenge, accepted we play
The Artwork was coloured, and the stories were told
And some were just references, memories of old

Our dear swell host Bluji, fell sick stuck in his bed
Triple activities but not much extra was said
With the end drawing near, begin the last lap
The scattering bonus, remove the hard cap

I think I have got this, with a hefty point lead
But the rest of the points, I really do need
I pretty much ripped, off this famous poem
So I hope you don’t give, more than 3/4s a damn


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So, I’ve been taking advantage of Bluji’s reprieve since I’ve been busy the last couple days, but I’ll get back to doing this now.

Dec. 20 ACTIVITY (part 2; parts 1 and 3 coming tomorrow)

Here’s a Type Art Christmas tree.

Meticulously decorated with orb and ornament, candles and candy canes—and wrapped in ribbon—this Christmas tree stands in stark, starry glory next to a single present, mute evidence that Santa has already arrived.

I also did a Type is Art Nativity scene.


What do I want for Christmas this year? I hate to repeat what’s already been said, but I need a new laptop. The one I’m currently using is showing its age in several ways—image problems, battery problems, a malfunctioning trackpad…


My favorite activity was the original short story project, back at the very beginning of the calendar (Dec. 1 Happy Birthday). I like writing, and I like humor, and it provided an opportunity to experiment with both. While my longer entries certainly took the most work, that effort forced me to really engage with them, which allowed me to express a little bit of personality, I guess.

The other two images and the poem will be coming tomorrow.

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December 23: Part II

Today’s activity comes from Woon1957’s suggestion from the day 2 activity. There’ve been a plenty of writing challenges about short stories or diary logs:

  • Dec 1: Happy Birthday to Me!
  • Dec 7: Choco Loco
  • Dec 13: Encounters at the Top of the World
  • Dec 18: Meanwhile in Borneo

Your task is now to choose one of the texts written by someone else, not yourself and write a sequel, prequel or anyways, a second part to it. Be creative, there are a lot of things you can do here!

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Me? Forget about this? No way.

An exact replica of Santa’s workshop. Who said all my stories have to be in some intricate crossover timeloop thing? Santa’s working on a new toy, he’s working on making it not look like a murder weapon. His sleigh is parked outside. The Finnish weather can be cold sometimes.

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Dec 19:
I wish for this to last forever, this week has been absolutely wonderful<3(Endless Eight, anyone?)

Dec 21:

I have to say I liked making the Get Well Soon card, though that time period might not have been so fun for you. You should get sick more often so we can make chicken soup for you.

Dec 22:

Merry Mary was a Joyful Elephant,
She had traveled the universe, transcended planes.
She was the very kindest and affectionate
Elephant with brains.

Merry Mary was a Joyful Elephant.
She grew tired and weary,
The elephant grew hairy.
She left the stage with elegance.

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December 20 Activity, Part 1

Walrus Santa

December 20 Activity, Part 3

Obviously a precarious situation; robotic Santas do not have a good reputation.

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December 22 Activity

Christmas Eve


As soft, silent snow sleeps in drifts by the Workshop,
As Christmas lights flicker, fluorescing in ice,
As their carols repeat, the season sung nonstop,
No creatures were stirring, not even the mice.


Where were the elves, artisanal masters?
Where were the reindeer, guides into the dark?
Was the North Pole abandoned, the site of disasters?
Had Santa gone missing, without even a mark?


But—there! By the stables, stood St. Nick a-shiv’ring!
There were the elves, all dressed up in red!
There were the reindeer, soon to be delivering
Presents piled like a mountain in the back of the sled!


They took to the sky, aloft in an instant
They blazed like a comet, a blinding white light.
Then Santa cried out, as they soared into the distance,
“Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

December 23 Activity

Identity (A Sequel to Woon’s Birthday Story)


Bluji was flickering.

More ghost than guest, more hologram than human, Bluji was wavering, refracted as he reflected on his circumstances. Still lost in thought, he sat quietly next to S_98. Snine, for his part, looked concerned. Bluji had never previously been the type of person to value style over substance, but he seemed awfully insubstantial at the moment.

Bluji knew what it meant. It was time to proceed. Snine would be harvested, the Birthday Machine would wax in power, moving ever closer to its goal of world domination. It was a scheme equally mechanical and diabolical, and it had endured for hundreds of years, buried away in the earth’s secret molten heart.

It was time to proceed. But Bluji didn’t want to.

His eyes distant, Bluji considered the situation. He wasn’t quite sure how he was doing so; he was just an image, light bent into human form, a machine’s deception. There shouldn’t have been any thought (there certainly wasn’t when he was Reagan), and yet here he sat and pondered (albeit ponderously). He liked his life, the world he had been cast into. And he certainly didn’t want to turn Snine into a battery with Matrix fusion, or whatever the Machine intended. But for all his thoughts, he was still just an illusion, and a glitchy one at that.

He sighed.

Snine looked up. “Bluji, are you okay?”

Bluji steeled himself. It was time to make a stand. “Snine, I…”

And then he heard it, echoing in his mind. The grinding grate of earth giving way, the machine tunneling for the surface. He would have to act fast.

“Snine, get out of the house.”


“I, um, left something at the airport. We need to get it now.”

“Well, okay.”

They were roughly two hours away when the Birthday Machine broached the surface.

The timbers and brick and paint were absorbed instantly into the Supercomputer’s biomechanical being. It grinned. With Snine assimilated, it was closer to its goal.

It paused, suddenly shocked. Something was wrong. No thoughts had been stolen, no DNA analyzed. Snine hadn’t been there. And there was only one explanation. A rogue program.


The chase was on.

Logically, they were vastly overmatched. The machine was ancient and terrible, a blight beyond imagining. It was in close pursuit, and they had no weapons. Fortunately for them, Precarious was really tired, and was looking for a ridiculous deus ex machina to complete the story. And of course, being sleepy, he fell back on a tired joke.

The Machine, enraged, stopped suddenly. Its AI was behaving strangely. He had sent Bluji to Kongregate as a step in its plan, and so had frequently visited the website. It inadvertently opened Nuclear Eagle.

The Machine destroyed itself to escape the experience within the first five minutes.

Having defeated the Monstro Machine, the Blue Fairy turned Bluji into a real boy, and he lived happily ever after. The End.

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Yay, I didn’t triple post!

Woon1957’s Borneo Experience

Dear diary,
Today was great! Uljib and I had a great time in the Deer Caves. It was raining, obviously. The people here are pretty rude though. Uljib said they’ve seen an African elephant and an Asian one together before. Whatever. They sort of ran out of the caves screaming as we approached too. Maybe the rain had flooded the caves. Oh well, we couldn’t really turn back.

The caves appeared to be lit by magical oil lanterns like in RPG’s, but besides that there weren’t really any enchantments or mythical creatures to speak of. We enjoyed ourselves in a dark enclosed space and snacked on a couple humans. We left after our activities caused a few cavequakes. Not our problem.

All in all, pretty good day.

Taiboss’ Borneo Experience
Result: ??? END

Alternate Timeline:
Day 1:
It was the afternoon of the 18th of December. Our plane got delayed by a couple hours due to thunderstorms.

If you are reading this, because I gave it to you to read, then tell future me that she is a complete idiot, if she survived this.

If you are reading this because you found my body-
Please put a stop to the lies, that’s all I’m asking for.

The cave doesn’t look scary at all. It’s well-lit and cheery, like how all the arcs start. This feeling I have- It’s not fear. I just can’t place it.

Ah, yes. My name is Frederika Vulkaneifel. I’m a 41 year old Finnish cavologist. Yes, that is my real job. There’s something else I should tell you…maybe another time.

Day 2:
We started as a crew of 6 girls. Me, Julie, Nikki, Camy, Yuuki, and Bob. We all knew each other for quite some time, and it became clear that we all are cave enthusiasts. It took us a while to get permission to explore these caves, but we did it. They gave us a map so we wouldn’t get lost.

Day 3:
We didn’t get lost. I thought Bob would be the one who got spooked by a bat that would get us lost, but no, that would be silly.

Day 4:
It doesn’t really make any sense to stick around such a dark and gloomy place when there isn’t any crisis going on, seeing as nobody has died yet. We’ll be leaving soon. The exit is just about an hour’s walk, we might as well enjoy it while it lasts.

We stopped to rest. No, we’re not lost. We can see the strange curvy rock that we marked when we came in.

We’re finally out. Phew! The feeling I felt before – it was definitely just my imagination. Everything turned out fine.

I hear a voice in my head. It keeps apologizing. Something about this being a glitch in the system. This…was never meant to happen. The universe…will delete itself? Auto-loss, we cheated? What…does…that…mean…

When the Deers Cry
The Never Ending Loop
A broken piece of the puzzle.
Dear God, why did they start another game board?

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December 24: Home Stretch

Time for the very final activity (or, to be exact, the last two activities).

First, all you need to do is to wish someone Merry Christmas! Please be creative with it — although, I’ll accept a simple text as well, but since we’ve been doing all kinds of art in the last 23 days, I’d prefer some sort of creative take on this simple task.

Second, post some constructive criticism to me. This is the third year I’ve been hosting a christmas calendar and I hope to improve every time around. So, any comments, things you found fun, things you found boring, things I could improve on — anything is welcome!

Then, finally, I thank you all for your efforts on all of the activities and say…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to Everyone!

(Don’t forget to follow Santa’s journey across the world.)

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Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.


There’s honestly not a lot to criticize, Bluji. I thought most of your activities were pretty interesting, and there was a good balance between art, writing, games, and puzzles. I guess we could have had more puzzles, though.

I would recommend relaxing the “finish x by the end of the day” requirement that we had most of the way; I realize that they’re daily activities (and kind of mimics the advent calendar idea), but I found I was able to do better work when I had more time.

Ultimately, this was done really well. I don’t really think there’s a lot to improve on, honestly. I guess my advice would be not to change it up too much.

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It can be a gif or a video?

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Originally posted by Behemoth542:

It can be a gif or a video?


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I hatred you, Bluji. >:(

Oh, and Merry Christmas!