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“No, I suppose we don’t need real food. Though, I bet its still nice.” Looking around the room I smile a bit. This wouldn’t be a bad place to live at all, though it is a bit lonely…

“I…I’m gonna try and call Azorel down here, just so I know how to do it if the need ever arises.” Concentrating with all my might I imagine that the film blocking outside contact dissipates. “Azorel? you there?”

Azorel Nilm (I assume Mirai’s physical body disappeared?)

Sh…Shion’s voice? “He…hello.” I respond somewhat awkwardly. “Where are you both? After a bit of time I couldn’t feel Mirai’s hands anymore, and to be honest, it was a bit frightening.” “A…about that. We’re inside your mind.” “Inside my mind? Surely you can’t be serious? W-wait, it’s not what it looks like! I definitely wasn’t looking at Mirai or anything! I…I barely know her after all.” I spouted nervously. “Umm…, we weren’t looking at your memories?” Dumbstruck I realized something important about myself. I really was an idiot. I just hope Mirai wasn’t able to listen into that. I sighed. “Anyways a…Azuril, err A…Azorel, you should j…join us for a bit. Just this once though, I…I don’t want to make a habit of it or anything.” “Alright but how?” I asked. “Uhm, just try and focus your mind. Try to reach my voice or something?” “Alright, I’ll try.”

Taking deep breaths I was able to calm myself down a bit. I slowly felt myself slipping away from the real world and before I knew it I was right next to the main entrance of my house. Aside from my house there was nothing else, just a big black void which seemed to stretch on endlessly. Wasting no time I knocked on the door and waiting a few minutes I was met by Shion and Mirai. “H…hello.” I greeted them. “H…hi A…Azorel.” Looking at Shion’s face I noticed her features were more prominent, just not fully fleshed out. She must be close to fully forming then?

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Mirai, and glancing towards her I saw that she was eating some strawberry ice cream. Where did she get that? Did she possibly create it? Was it already here? Maybe she brought it with her? Snapping myself out of it I realized that this whole time I had been staring at Mirai. Probably for an uncomfortable amount of time. “I…I was wondering how you got the i…ice…ice cream. I…I wasn’t staring and, oh… I’m sorry.” I muttered before looking away out of embarassment. To make matters worse Shion was staring at me perplexedly as if I had really just done that. Did she think I was some sort of raging pervert who couldn’t keep his hormones in check or something?
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Yeah, it was definitely a bath. That was what I needed. I think with another sigh as I get up and towel myself off.

I pop several of my joints as I walk, glancing around the room. I hadn’t bothered to give it a thorough look-over when I first walked in, too focused on my tasks at hand. But, now that I did have the time, I no longer had the interest in taking in details about it.

Ignis? You’ve been quiet. I say, hoping I don’t come off a little pleading. I come off as pleading anyway.

…I am. I can hear him distractedly respond. I’ve been preoccupied.

With..? I leave open for him to answer. There’s another pause before he does.

Talking with the new entity. He’s just been quiet this entire time.

I frown and scratch at the back of my head. I thought I would hear if you showed up. Or if you started talking.

Partially. It refuses to answer me. Doesn’t seem you have passive access to everything in here, either.

My frown vanishes and is replaced with what I’m sure is surprise. Are you shitting me? Who’s in there?

Surgeo. I hear as a whisper that makes me shiver. I take a deep breath, and decide to summon both Ignis, and this…Surgeo. I take a step back as they both materialize.

“What the hell!?”

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“I… would like to learn the basic now.” My mind was focused. I was ready.


Hovering idly nearby Catherine, he does some little flips to pass the time. She is trying hard to keep it together, huh? He simply asks Maternex before slowly stopping and hanging leisurely upside down.

As cool as ever, she responds. facing your own morality can do that to you. Bending his back, he does a quick half-loop downwards, ending up facing the now-squat Entity sitting on the white bedsheets while floating right side up.

Good thing we don't have to. He speaks before lowering himself to so that he could lie on the bed himself.

Maternex tilts her head slightly to the side, almost inquisitively, before replying a second later. but it still hurts her. Her exposed lip had turned down, as if indicating she was frowning.

Rolling onto his back on the bed, Cunsune paws at the air as if trying to catch something. We are meant to fight, not her. She should leave the fighting to me! With that, he swipes his paw across the air, giving off slight yellow sparks that quickly fades as they fell.

Maternex just turns to look forward, not denying or agreeing, seemingly ending the conversation. Cunsune continues to gleefully paw at the air, seemingly absorbed in it now.

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I curl in a corner, flinging occassional daggers at the boss while I try to minimize my exposed flesh. From the corner of my eye, I see my master charging up a dark bolt to hurl at the knight’s chain, and a weak smile tips blood down the corners of my mouth.

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[Remember you have a one-use full heal per dungeon, Helltank.]

@ Eric and William

This time, with more effort, Viper successfully spits out balls of corrosive liquid at the knight’s flail. As the acid makes contact with the chain of black metal, the chain begins to erode away, rapidly becoming too weak to support the heavy ball of metal attached on its end. The ball abruptly snaps off and goes flying in a random direction, smashing a crater into the wall, then dropping to the floor, now completely useless.

For a moment, the black knight just stares at its broken weapon in shock. Then it lets out an enraged growl. Raising its shield, the knight shoots a number of fiery spikes at Viper in vengeance.

[Mirai’s physical body disappeared, yes.]


“Hehe, it’s all right,” Mirai giggles lightly. “This is a place of imagination, so you can create basically anything you want. Oh, um, as long as it’s logically consistent, I guess. You can’t make four-sided triangles or anything like that.”

[I’ll do Platina Knight’s response when I get home. Explaining the basics of magic to a muggle requires more time than I have right now at school.]

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Quickly pressing the button on my bracelet, I wait as the healing light energizes me enough to move forward, a shadow kukri springing into hand to cut viciously into the gaps between the knight’s armor.

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Viper quickly retreats, retaliating with another salvo of poison balls in attempt to deflect the spikes, or at least put out the fire.
That was pretty good. Nice one. Now you’ve got a mound of spikes flying towards you. But still, nice one.
Eric’s voice echoes in Viper’s mind.

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@ William and Eric

The black knight blocks Outline’s shadow kukri with its tower shield. It then attempts to shield bash Outline. The shield has a lot of spikes, so getting hit by it would hurt a lot.

Some of the fiery spikes are deflected by Viper’s poison balls, but a few get through, hitting Viper in the wings. His wings are not too damaged to fly, but nevertheless he still flinches in pain and begins to drop to the floor.

Platina Knight

“Very well,” Platina Knight nods. “Before we begin, I should explain to you the bare minimum of some of the fundamental principles of magic. Contrary to what some may assume, what we refer to as ‘magic’ is simply a set of phenomena that, while beyond humanity’s current understanding of science, do strictly obey certain rules that are consistent with the laws of physics. Or, at least, that is what all of our experiments so far suggest; the rules of magic themselves are complex and still subject to our ongoing research. In other words, magic is a science and, with sufficient understanding, can be fully modeled in scientific terms.”

“Magical phenomena is powered by a state of matter that we, for the lack of a better term, refer to as ‘mana’. In its simplest form, pure mana does not interact with most other substances, and thus it is so far undiscovered by humanity. However, as you have already seen repeatedly, mana does indeed interact with the world when shaped into magical phenomena. In fact, mana can be converted into other forms of matter, and other forms of matter can be converted into mana as well. Since mana only interacts with other forms of matter in cases of magical phenomena, we quantify and categorize mana by its capacity to interact with other forms of matter, i.e. its energy content. Because of this, we use the term ‘magical energy’ interchangeably with ‘mana’; in most cases it is simpler to treat mana as a form of energy rather than matter.”

“Humans, and most animals that have brains, possess an organ composed of mana that we refer to as ‘soul’, and it is the place where the person’s consciousness and memories are stored. Souls are exceedingly complex structures, and our understandings of them are limited at best. However, we are certain that most of a being’s mana is stored in its soul. Each soul’s mana is different, possessing its own unique ‘energy signature’. A soul is able to consciously manipulate its own mana, akin to moving a limb, to create magical phenomena. Extending from this analogy, a person who is unable to use magic is lacking the ability to manipulate its own mana. The magnitude of a magical phenomena is proportional to the amount of mana that powers it; virtually all magic can be strengthened by increasing its mana content.”

“An Elemental Emblem acts as, among other things, a mana prosthesis attached to your soul. As long as you possess it, it enables you to use magic. However, similar to regular prostheses, you must be trained before you can use your Emblem magic effectively, or at all.”

“As magic originates from your soul, it is not directly associated with any of your five senses; we refer to your soul’s ability to sense magical energy as your ‘sixth sense’. All souls possess the sixth sense, but most are dormant. A functional sixth sense is vital for the usage of magic.”

A faint mechanical whirring sound can be heard within Platina Knight’s armor. A moment later, the armor opens itself, revealing an extremely high-tech interior that would have made Iron Man proud. The armor then shrinks itself down to Catherine’s size, with an intricate and visually impressive transformation.

“If you wear my armor, I will be able to link my senses with yours,” Platina Knight explains; its voice is coming from a speaker located in the armor’s helmet. “And I will be able to demonstrate to you the sensation of manipulating magic. Before we proceed, do you have any questions or other concerns?”

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“W…well thanks for everything. I guess we’re done here. Now how do we leave Azorel’s mind?” I ask content with all the information I had received.

(Yes I know this is a really short post. I just wanted to wrap up the conversation and possibly roam around the area.)

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Shrinking back slightly from the opening armour, my heel clicks on the hard wood as I step back. Leaning to look around after it opened, I see that Platina Knight has no physical body that I can see. Atleast… I don’t have to worry about a gorgeous body distracting me… Tilting my head, I listen to the choice that the helmet soon gave me.

My mind is sent whirling, streched thin with questions, but soon certain statements it made began surfacing. “You said: ‘our ongoing research’ and ‘we are certain’. Does this mean you are researching us to further your goals? Are we all just lab mice in a giant maze, given toys and told to find the exit?” Plopping down onto the white sheets on the bed, Cunsune is flung slightly into the air before he turns to me glaring with his golden eyes. I sit there thinking with my back to him. “And…”

This… could be just one giant test… a walking automatron might be explained this way… so can other things… holograms! Massive reactive holgrams… except for Cunsune… and Maternex… how are the explained? They seem so personal… How about the food appearing, fully prepared? And… the realistic heights. “And…” I try to think of another thing to add.

A though struck me, those teleportation booths could be hologram areas that react by walking, centering you while adjusting the flooring… but how could Azorel be seperated if that was so. Everything was so confusing. Gripping my slightly damp hair, probably already unkempt, tightly in my fists, I try to think some more before loosening my grip.

“You know what, nevermind,” I speak, shrugging. “You said you can’t speak about it. I’ll be a good little mouse and follow your instructions anyways.”

Standing up, I hear Cunsunes mischievous voice call to me; and I almost expected him to start attacking by the end of it. Foxes eat mice, you know.

Not wanting to know what was with him, I responded with a simple, Shut up. Walking forward to the hollow armour, I hesitantly enter it.

Edit: (Adding an Entity part, since I am bored. =P)


Silently sitting on the soft fabric of the sheet, I look forward at the wall, observing the aesthetic detail of it. It was not an overly complicated wall, but not simple either. The subtle grain of the dark hardwood that covered a good portion of the bottom was not overly bland, but added a slight hint of colour. The rest of the wall that was not covered in the wood ended up being a single-tone scarlet colour.

Adjusting my view to observe the situation so far, I see that the knight has shrunk, and the young woman was entering it. Curious, I tilted my head but said nothing as I observed the situation. When she entered, I turned my head back to the wall.

This room is expensive looking, but not in the same vein as the rest of this place. The other room has expansive, intricate, sometimes even having erratic details. Those coloured lines that crisscross in the main hall are a prime example, showcasing the massive area and showing attention to tedious things. The sheer size and detail must have taken along time, but this room is small compared to that room. No repetition, no massive free space, nothing that seemed meaninglessly placed.

Everything in this room had a purpose, fit the theme, and made use of the space in an efficient manner. The furniture looked like it was carefully chosen to fit into the general motif of wood. Almost every piece of furniture in this room, from the bed to computer desk, had some wood in it that worked well with the other pieces.

When I was making this observation, the fox suddenly drop his body onto the bed. Maneuvering my body to look at him, he laid on his back, his white fur almost blended into the white sheets if it was not for the general progressing into yellow near the ends of the fur. Staring for a few second, expecting him to talk, he did nothing but flop from his back to his side away from me. Not forcing him to talk, I slowly crawl forward towards him while making sure my dress does not halt the movement. Reaching him, I silently sit beside him and place my hand on his side, near his exposed foreleg. When I did, he turned to look at me with those pure-golden eyes before lying back down. He said nothing during this time.

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Kat: I unfold myself from my crouched form. Fuck this, I’m not going through this and not get anything! “Alright, boys! Once more into the breach! Let’s kick some ass!”

Sypher: Here here! I can agree with that sentiment. I toss a softly glowing orb down the large hole, it’s the size of a soccer ball and drifts down a bit like a balloon, lighting the entire hole up as I peer through. Then, when it touches the bottom, it esplodes in a fiery blaze of holy smiting death of awesome.

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I attempt to roll away and then stab again, buying time for Viper to finish off the knight.

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John Matoris
I open the link to Darias again and say “One threat; Corrosive and Electrical damage upon contact, immense strength, and possibly projectile spikes. Our main powerhouse is gone, but we still have an ice shield at least. Darias, construct one of your exploding doppelgangers, and then aim it at where his knee would go; We’ll try to begin immobilizing him so he can’t reach us, and it’ll be a much easier battle for us.”

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Joakim Byström

As I get to the wall I have no time to catch my breath, I quickly turn and attempt to get a good view of what’s going on. There is a flurry of bullets that spiral across my vision in a beautiful and brutal spectacle of sparks and the scraping of metal. Archangel spins quickly, bashing away the bullets, but fails to protect himself from the explosions that put him off guard, undamaged, but needing the time to recover from the blasts and solidify his stance.

The salvo of missiles doesn’t seem to have done as much as it was intended but it had done enough. I look on in awe as I see the dreadful events unfolding before me.
I scream internally.

But I fear his reaction is too late. I was too late.

Whilst I was running from danger I should have instead been arc’s eyes and ears. Our teamwork wasn’t solid enough, I should have seen it coming sooner. I recognised Therean’s speed form activating, and I recognised the trajectory of the beast too late.

As the dragon unleashes another, smaller salvo of missiles from it’s deadly descent, Therean artfully dodges the oncoming assault, leaving nothing between the flat footed Archangel and the direct attack of the monstrosity’s weighty claws.

I see a flash of sparks as the sound of rending metal fills my ears, the talons of the Dracolich driving themselves deep into Archangel’s chassis and exposing it’s volatile core. It immediately identifies the weak spot. The metallic dragon breathes Arc’s final requiem in the form of concentrated heat and light, slashing through Arc’s core immediately, and as the halo above his head explodes in a shower of light, the last thing I see is Arc’s inanimate plates collapsing against the metal as I am teleported from the dungeon.

Full of both anger with myself, disappointment about Arc’s skills, and my own lack of teamwork, I slam my fists against the wall of the teleporter room, sweat from the heat and furiosity of the battle still lingering on my skin.


As I spin the core’s vision is disrupted, and I begin relying on my halo for vision solely, and this is also obstructed by my own plates. The projectiles launched from the dragon clash against the plates at an angle, being deflected, but the missiles don’t go quite that well. The force from the blast does no serious damage, but it’s enough to put me off guard and obscure my vision from my halo. I hear cannon-fire, missiles exploding nearby, and it’s clear that the Dracolich is trying all of our concentrations. I try to regain my bearings-
-The warning came as the roar of the explosions had died, but too late, and the shadow preceded the descent of the dragon. It was coming straight at Therean, but he was clearly evading the attack. That left me in the wake of the beast’s assault.

I hear the scrape of it’s claws against my chest cavity.
The pain, as my steel is being pulled apart by it’s colossal grip.
I desperately clamour to force my chassis closed by slamming all my plates against the claws in a desperate last attempt, more sparks fly into the air as metal scraps fly from our bodies.
The gap closes slightly, but the Dracolich had already identified my weakness.
A quick, devastating lazer with pinpoint accuracy, incinerating my core…

And as the dungeon fades, into the blackness I descend, I begin to recuperate my energy following a sorry defeat.

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[Ocelot said that since he has a job now, he’ll only be able to participate in this game on weekends. To not slow down the group he’s currently in, he agreed to let me eliminate him from his current dungeon. That’s why Archangel got OHKO’d in his above post.]

[I still won’t be able to do anything useful in a while, due to my cold. The Tylenol seems to be working, at least…]

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[I still have a lingering cough, but otherwise I think I’ve mostly recovered…]

[Sorry, Helltank, but I can’t parse you until thenewampkit responds. Yes, I know he’s busy due to exams.]


“Um, well… You can only manifest in the physical world when Azorel summons you.” Mirai can see how this may make Shion uneasy… but it’s better to tell her now than to give her a white lie or an euphemism and have her find out the hard way later. “Would you please do that, Azorel?”

Platina Knight

“You may draw your own conclusions, but I will claim now that you are not here for experimental purposes,” Platina Knight says. “We do not need your assistance or participation for our scientific research.”

As the platinum armor closes around Catherine, she finds that it does not feel clunky at all. In fact, as she tries to move her limbs, the armor feels barely there at all. It also appears to have perfect air circulation, as she does not feel choked despite having a large metallic helmet completely covering her face. In front of her eyes is a high-tech HUD that again would have made Iron Man proud, displaying an impressive number of statistics that are updated in real time.

Then she feels a cool metal surface touch the back of her neck. This will connect your senses with mine, Platina Knight’s voice states in Catherine’s mind. Brace yourself. This may be mildly overwhelming at first.

And it is. An instant later, Catherine is suddenly, intensely aware of the mana coursing through her whole body, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. The sensations are rather clearly divided into four types. One resembles a gentle breeze that caresses her skin. One feels like a tingly spark spreading through her flesh. The third is akin to some thick fluid flowing through her veins. The final one is the most ephemeral, giving off little relatable physical feelings aside from a sense of purity and order.

Imagine your mana in motion, and it will respond, Platina Knight says. Try physically manifesting your Light elemental mana and solidify it into a tangible construct.

[Catherine can even use her other elements in basic ways here, if she’s an intuitive type who learns quickly.]

[I’m kind of too tired to parse Sypher’s group. I’ll do it tomorrow.]

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[Also, how do I finish off this knight o.o]

Chill. He’s almost down. I’ll heal you if needed.
Viper tries to get behind the shield and fire poison balls at the knight, attempting to stall.

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[Spmming acid just sounds pretty damn powerful, and sounds like it should be used sparingly. IDK.]

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Mel leaks explosive chemicals onto the monster, while pho lights it from afar with a jolt of electricity.

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This… feeling. This… consciousness. It’s… euphoric.

Taking a deep breath of the clean air, I close my eyes to get a sense of the suit. The metal around me does not seem hinder the body at all, and the feeling inside was calm. A feeling like a slight breeze, accompanied by the feelings of the tingling skin and rushing blood.

It was calm. It was almost like standing along in a field as a storm approaches, feeling the gentle breeze on the skin and practically feeling the charge around you as it approaches. The blood rushing and the impression of isolation and anticipation, a sense that whichever way it goes it was meant to by nature. It was all so enveloping, so… enamouring!

Taking another deep breath of the fresh air, I try to calm down. It was an illusion. There is no field. Just a room with a vexing fox, a quiet girl, a suit of armor and me. Opening my eyes, I am trasported back to the small room. My mind begins to wander, with me starting to question why I was here again before remembering it was because I was to harness my ‘mana’ or something.

Streching out my hand slowly, the metal arm feels natural to manipulate. Opening the palm upwards, I turn my head to look at it. Umm… Shield. Shield. Light shield. ‘Mana’ in motion…

Bringing my outstreched hand in front of me, I bring my other hand beside it also. Okay… Imaging it on my finger tips… that should be the easiest way. If I focus on it on my fingers, it should be easy to try it… I hope.

Bringing my hands together, the metal clinks together quietly. Imagining mana flowing through the tips, I launch my hands to the sides, forming a line with a slight yellow tinge before moving the left hand up and the right one down. It formed a mostly transparent, whitish-yellow rectangle. Can I make other shapes? I don’t think it makes much difference right now.

Pulling back my hands, I make them vertical and push my palms forward. Solidify! I watch as it becomes more opaque. I… I think I did it! Glad with myself, I smile. “Umm… how is that?” I ask the suit. “… If… that is all… this is all I wanted. I am ready to get out… Thank you.” I add the last bit hastily, trying to be nice.

The feeling of elation from wearing this suit was surprising, though, and I had to convince myself that I had to leave.

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Originally posted by thenewampkit:

[Spmming acid just sounds pretty damn powerful, and sounds like it should be used sparingly. IDK.]

[Please don’t be an idiot, wampkit.]

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[Not really an excuse for why I haven’t posted. But quiet you none the less.]


Yeah, a few moments were what I needed. Actually, it was probably more like three minutes. Ultimately, spawning Ignis was anticipated. However, conjuring up a bastardization of the creature from Little Shop of Horrors was a slightly different story. For its part, the creature had said nothing, but was content to settle on the ceiling. To do this, it had extended various long feelers to both ends of the room, pressing them together to keep it lifted into the air. It was a process that I was certain would be requiring constant effort.

It was knowledge of this that made it so unsettling. Mind, I understood it by now. It’s just how calmly the entity carried itself. How cold I could practically feel it was. I was always picking up stray bits of thoughts from Ignis, maybe from having being so open during the dungeon earlier. From this, I could hear nothing, and the plant-entity looked content at this.

“You’re Surgeo?” I finally ask.

“Yes.” It immediately answers, flicking open the closes thing it has to a mouth, and giving me another look at its teeth.

“Any reason you prefer to remain overhead?” I ask with a raised eyebrow.

“Yes, master.” I almost hear with a tone that has notes of…melancholy, maybe? “I observe otherwise ignored perspectives.”

It falls silent, and I’m left wondering what to do. Hungry, tired, and still extremely unsettled about being here. I notice Surgeo practically bristle as I run through the checklist. It occurs to me that there might be just a few interesting situations within the near future.

[Ah. This reminds me, I’ll be out for the next few days, so don’t bug me because it will be quite wasted.]

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Outline and Viper
Outline succeeds in rolling away from the knight’s shield, but her kukri stab once again fails to penetrate the knight’s defenses; for her efforts, she receives a shield’s worth of flaming spikes in her direction, getting struck by a number of them and receiving a significant number of burning stab wounds for her efforts. Viper’s poison balls hit the knight’s armour, but ultimately don’t do anything much, though they might have done if they were acid balls.

Darias, Sypher and Melanie/Phoebe
Sypher and Darias propel their respective explosive methods towards the slime monster, whilst Melanie begins dripping explosive chemicals down on to the creature from above. In anticipation of both of these, however, the creature fires two crystal spikes, one at each exploding object. The spike aimed at Sypher’s orb hits and detonates it well above its head, and it fails to damage it significantly; the other spike, whilst it hits Darias’ doppelganger, fails to do anything significant to it, and before it can do anything else, the doppelganger is upon it, exploding at the same time as Pho electrocutes the creature and ignites the chemicals placed upon it by Mel. The end result is a reasonably significant amount of Light damage, rather less Electric damage, and a burning slime monster at the bottom of the hole. The creature promptly fires a salvo of crystal shards upwards out of the hole, the spread making it likely that everyone will be hit by at least one shard if they don’t move out of the way.

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Platina Knight

The moment Platina Knight’s armor breaks apart and leaves Catherine’s body, she feels the connection fade away. But now that her mind has been awakened to its own sixth sense, the ability to sense and control her own mana is still there, at the edge of her consciousness; it can be easily brought to the front again with a little mental focus.

“I strongly recommend that you practice this barrier spell before attempting to use it in combat,” Platina Knight says. “Have your Entities attack the barrier with their own spells. Now, is there anything else you need?”