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Alice successfully evades the slimes’ corrosive spits. Blades of ice spin around her, successfully freezing and shattering two of the three black slimes. But at the same time, a fourth black slime creeps up behind her and shoots a pressurized stream of black acid directly at Alice’s core.

Aleph Ratel tries but fails to find any effective cover in the room, and Alice’s ice wall is too far away.

[You aren’t going to completely dodge this one, IE.]

[Also, your link doesn’t work for me.]

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Deadshot Drew

Is this what hell is? Chaos in an unknown land with strangers whom are out to get you? Regardless, we must prevail! I shout with all my strength DEADSHOT! DON’T PURSUE HIM! BURROW YOURSELF AND WAIT FOR THE PROSECUTOR/AGGRESSOR TO LEAVE AN OPENING!” knowing that the skies are much too dangerous for Deadshot to continue pursuit and that if Deadshot can ambush the clone at the right opprotunity, he surely will fall, or at least injure him.

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John Matoris
I saddle up and tell Darias to aim the Water Walruses towards Shadow Alison, and once they’re close enough, and aimed, tell him to separate them into smaller pieces of needle shaped water, and turn them into ice.

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Azorel Nilm
“M…Metalvine, Don’t be stupid and just attack randomly.” I yell out concerned that he may just get himself killed in the process. “Stay out of this!” Metalvine yells back. Forming two vine tentacles from his back planning to whip the heavily injured clone [Metalvine] “Go back to China you knock-off!” He screams while striking the fake copy.

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[That’s okay, you already know what it is.]


First, the satisfying cracks of frozen and shattered slimes. Then, pain. Not pain in the traditional sense, mind you, Alice felt none of that. It was presented to Alice not as a sensation but simply as more information, as most things were. Her core, that most vital part of her body, was suddenly flooded with a stream of vile ooze.

Just as she sensed this, she immediately began to freeze a thin layer of water around the core, to prevent further damage, but damage was done nonetheless. Normal acid would be a non-issue. The content of her being, after all, was simple water: it could not be dissolved or corroded, water was pure. This, however, was no normal acid. As the black sludge swirled around in her center, she felt its magic at work, felt it draining at her finite amount of magically-generated stamina. She couldn’t continue fighting like this, not for long. Escape, however, would take every bit as much energy as eliminating the two adversaries.

[Alice attempts to crush the two remaining slimes with sledgehammer-like appendages before freezing her entire body in a solid wall around her core, so that she can eliminate the acidic ooze before continuing to fight.]

[No idea where Randall is in all of this, but he damn well isn’t doing anything useful. He’s just a dentist, and any advice he could offer about the situation would be wasted on Alice’s superior mental acuity.]

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John Bugh
“…It appears that the opponents can damage each other…Perhaps we should use that to our advantage…” Orich attempts to throw a spear at Shadow Orich between the bars of the cage “…Or perhaps not…”

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I’m suddenly restricted, some dark chains attempting to stop my movement eh? They must be something to stop my movements at such momentum. I feel multiple impacts into the chest of my armour, moving plates from the sides in an attempt to deflect the projectiles, I prepare a downward stroke with my sword, adding metal magic to the edge in order to increase it’s weight on the way down, as insurance to make sure it has enough force to crush the chains that are constricting the core’s cavity. Although the core can move independently of the armour, I still need to make sure the armour stays with the core, thus pinning down the armour limits my movements. If the swing breaks the chains that are holding me, I’ll try to close the distance, this time using the Whirling Defenses to try and deflect any more projectiles, making sure to stay out of melee range and avoid the aim of the tank’s cannon whilst in Whirling Defenses, and deploy a storm in order to try and constrict the shadow clone’s visual information on the rest of the team.

[Not trying to God mode, I’m just setting up an action for if the first succeeds, if the situation changes I’ll update the second action in a further post.]

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Kat: I wince when I see the explosion. That don’t look to nice.

Sypher: Tears are streaming down my face in agony. This shit HURTS. Nonetheless, I take sadistic pleasure in slamming down my blade on the Clone’s prone form.

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[Guys. Focus fire. Kirby’s clones look like they’re the most dangerous :c]
“Okay. I think you should let me down. THAT dosen’t look so nice to me.” , says Eric, pointing towards the explosion.

Whatever.” Viper momentarily glides to the ground, allowing Eric to hop off, then soars back up into the sky, using his Viper Strike on Shadow Viper. “Fight poison with poison, muthasucka.” Viper then follows up his attack by firing poison orbs into Shadow Viper, then slamming into him. Welts of poison appear on Viper’s flank. “Crap. This bitch has corrosive as heck skin.” Viper continues pushing Shadow Viper, attempting to slam him into the wall or ground, while shooting poison balls right into his face.

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[Each Cunsune when he is split using Disperse has their own perspective, and manages to converse to each other through a medium that connects their minds with Catherine. Each split Cunsune has a different personity, but the personalities are not always the same each time. When Catherine speaks to the Cunsunes, they all hear her, and if they all respond, it mostly becomes a cluttered mess.]


With every Cunsune bein surrounded by the posionous mist, they start feeling the effects. All their minds raced as they tried to decide what to do.

Where are you! The-The mist cleared but I can’t see you! The voice cut in on their thoughts, sounding desperate to get an answer.

The voices are try desperately to talk to Catherine, but end being a jumbled mess. We are - HELP - Get out - Think - HURTS - Come on!

What’s happening!? The voice sounded slightly relieved, but no less panicked. Your… incoherent at the moment!

Suddenly cutting again, the voices still cannot find unity. We're in - PAIN - Trouble - Clouds - Posion, no Chemical - Aggg! - STOP! MISTRESS! All but one of the voices quite down, but the pain to each one was still felt. We - ugh - split up like the clone, - ahh - and we are in the clouds here! We cannot - urk - decide to whether to neutralize, - guh - or leave them be and flee!"

Neutralize? The voice questions before turning concerned. Neutralize it! Don’t stand there you idiots and slowly die!

Finally managing to focus on the task at hand, they try to decide quickly how to proceed. They did not know how to proceed, and debate on what to do. One halve tries to suggest using the Air element, while the other halve try to debate on using the Electric element.

One voice become clear above the others. It suggested using Electric, since Air got them in this situation, and it didn’t seem like Air could neutralize at this time. Hearing this, the voices slowly all became invested in this decision.

But what to do was the next idea. One suggest sending balls of electicity, but that was shot down by the others due to the linearity of it. When one suggested doing what the clones did and send sparks all around, they all agreed.

Feeling ready, they begin to send sparks in each direction, [Shock and Awe] hoping it will work.

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[Everyone did get hit by Shadow Alison’s Hallucinator attack, remember? So you’re all experiencing minor hallucinations.]

No idea where Randall is in all of this, but he damn well isn’t doing anything useful.

[He’s a human mana battery then! :D]

Deadshot burrows under the ground unnoticed.

Darias shoots numerous needles of ice at Shadow Alison. However, due to the minor hallucinations he’s experiencing, his aim is a bit off, and only about two thirds of the needles fly toward the intended direction. Shadow Alison immediately activates Volt Barrier, creating a shield of black electricity around her, destroying some of the needles. In the end about a sixth of all the needles manage to pierce into her body, causing her to wince in pain and fall to the ground with a thud. The fall momentarily stuns her.

Metalvine begins to repeatedly whip his clone with two vines. But before he can get more than a few blows in, the clone launches the shard of metal that he has been charging, driving it into the real Metalvine’s head with the speed of a bullet. Metalvine feels a sharp pain, and the world momentarily goes dark.
[All of Metalvine’s attacks are much less accurate unless he gets healed. His eyes (or whatever sensory organs that fulfill the function of eyes for him) are damaged, the extreme pain of having a piece of sharp metal lodged in his head distracts his focus, and the magical equivalent of nerve and brain damage makes his movements less accurate.]

Slimes aren’t particularly fast, so one of the offshoots of Shadow Erubetie is not able to move out of the way in time and thus frozen and crushed by Alice’s ice hammer. However, Alice is trying to hit two opposite directions at once, and is also afflicted by minor hallucinations at the moment, so her other attack misses. She also forms a wall of ice around her core. The fourth and final offshoot of Shadow Erubetie begins to move back, and at the same time shoots a black icicle propelled by a jet of pressurized water; the icicle buries itself into Alice’s ice wall but does not pierce through. Shadow Erubetie prepares to shoot another icicle.

Orich attempts to throw a spear at his clone, but Shadow Orich immediately bends the bars of his cage to try to catch and stop the spear. Since the two of them are so close to each other, this only partially succeeds, and about a quarter of the spear pierces into Shadow Orich’s body. The clone flinches in pain, but quickly recovers, and commands the black metal poles to tighten around Orich’s limbs and restrict his movements.

Archangel cuts through Shadow Egiool’s chains without too much difficulty. As he starts to close the distance between him and Shadow Egiool, Shadow Egiool instead flings himself toward Archangel at great speeds using a Ramjet Ball, while extending a number of sharp claws and blades from his body. Due to his inferior physical toughness, the impact damages Shadow Egiool quite a bit, but he succeeds in breaking through much of Archangel’s Whirling Defense; a few of the sharp claws are now coming dangerously close to Archangel’s core.

Sypher plunges his sword into his clone’s body. The clone screams for a moment, then becomes still, and dissolves away into black shadows.

Viper and Shadow Viper begin to grapple and spit poison at each other, and also damaging each other with their corrosive skins. As the clone is quite a bit weaker than the original, it will likely die first in a battle of attrition, but it will be a somewhat long and torturous experience for both.

All of the mini-Cunsunes send out sparks around themselves, destroying most of the radioactive mist. The pain and poison damage dies down to a negligible level.

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[I used the word fluid because it includes both gases and liquids. Those flow.]

Arcady Feldman
The feeling of actually hitting something is chicken soup to Egiool’s feelings. The bowl-claw got purchase on the thick walrus hide and flesh underneath, then tightened, looking for underlying structure – like bones.
Now obviously Egiool has no way of pulling THAT to himself, so he does the next best thing, which involves the same action – reabsorbing the chain, leading to himself being pulled to the heavy target, more gripping claws figuratively itching to join in. When they do, the tearing will begin.
!haha ,fresh meaT
Looking around again, Egiool still can’t discern which version of who is which, because they’re all colored – except for one. That one is also colored, but still discernible – the clone of himself, Egiool knowing which one is real. Mid-pull, Egiool launches a veritable, if short, salvo of meter-long chains at his shadow clone – once again, seeking to weigh the clone down and bind its many limbs together, either to each other, to other shadow clones or the floor.

Shadow Egiool instead flings himself toward Archangel at great speeds using a Ramjet Ball

[What a lucky version of Egiool. real!Egiool can’t do that right now because if he wanted to take the blast of a ball, he’d have to take the water blast too. And the clone got a nice solid impact, too, so it got to resharpen…]

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Sypher: I smile as the Clone disappears. Glancing down, [I’m still on the ceiling, remember?] I see two dragon’s attacking at one another. It looks ugly, and I doubt the real dragon is enjoying it much[Viper and his Clone] I should do a good deed. I think to myself. I take in a deep breathe, draw my sword, and spring off of the ceiling into the not so waiting arms of the cloned dragon, flaming sword first. “SUPRISE, MOTHA FUCKA!”

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It all happened in a moment.

The blow is fast and it already half shattered my stance. A few of my spinning plates fly off, making a jarring screech as the metal slides along the hard floor. Sparks burst from my armour, showering a spectrum of prismatic lights across my vision.

The strange creature manages to break straight through. Sundering my breastplate so easily, that thing is surprisingly durable withstanding a collision at that momentum. He begins to slice through my chest cavity, going straight for a finishing move in one action, but he’s put himself in a very dangerous position.

A direct assault on the core, looks like these shadow clones know what they are doing, but it’s naive to run headlong into melee against a melee fighter such as me. Fine, I’ll show him my prowess.

Breaking out of the Whirling Defenses, leaving my equipment to fall, I take a heavy step back in order to throw off my opponent’s balance. I engage this weird midget entity with my hands directly, attempting to grapple him, whilst summoning a Judgement diagonally from my head area, using the line of sight of my halo to aim straight at this thing’s current position, making a thrust straight towards my opponent’s current location and following through. If he gets caught in an attack like this he definitely won’t come out unscathed, and if he tried to go in any other direction he’ll be forced into a grapple. If he is forced to back off, I’ll follow straight up with a sword strike aiming to finish this thing off in one fell swoop.

“Don’t underestimate the ability of a close combat specialist, fool!”

[If these simply had knowledge of the original but turned against us then there would be no reason for Egiool to have gone straight towards the chest cavity like that, but then It’s probably not unlikely anyway, since these things were set up by Telerius in the first place. They would obviously have been programmed by him even if he hasn’t assumed direct control.]

[Eh also Archangel sees the sparks from Cusune and thinks it’s from the collision. If there’s one thing Archangel can’t do, it’s multitask, so concentrating on anything but his current assailant will be very difficult for him. Basically, he has combat blinkers that render him horrible in 2v1 situations, which is why he has to result to wild AoE tactics in fights against groups, but 1v1 being his specialty I shouldn’t see why he wouldn’t win against 80% of the other entities we currently have when fighting at this kind of range.]

[Lastly, it’s quite difficult to run Metal / Earth and keep it interesting as someone who is simply a fighter type character, or Entity, so I hope I’m not boring people with the simplicity of his design / actions compared to the flashy elemental shenanigans going on.]

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Egiool pulls himself toward Shadow Darias, and begins to rip into the black walrus with sharp claws. The clone walrus, already gravely injured, quickly becomes mincemeat, then fades away.

Sypher plunges his sword into Shadow Viper. The black wyvern screeches in pain, but immediately twists his neck around to spit a ball of black poison at Sypher. Because of the injuries he suffered from his clone, Sypher does not react in time, and the ball of poison hits him straight on the face.

Shadow Deadshot flies toward Viper and breathes a torrent of black fire at the wyvern.

Egiool’s salvo of chains wrap around his clone’s body. Unfortunately, since Shadow Egiool is currently engaged in close melee with Archangel, some of the chains hit Archangel too and weigh him down slightly. Due to being weighed down, Shadow Egiool cannot move out of the way and is directly struck by Archangel’s conjured sword. A few more blows later, Shadow Egiool too begins to quickly fade away into black shadows.
[I controlled your Entity a little, ocelot, because I wanted to move the fight forward more quickly. As I said in the signup thread, a 16 vs 16 fight is like hell to manage.]

[List of clones dead already: Melanie and Phoebe, Darias, Egiool, Sypher.]

[List of clones that are almost dead: Erubetie, Orich, Metalvine, Viper.]

If these simply had knowledge of the original but turned against us then there would be no reason for Egiool to have gone straight towards the chest cavity like that

[The initial wave of Dark magic that healed all of you also analyzed all of your Entities, which is why all the clones know your weak points.]

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I smile sensually and circle slowly around the edges of the fray, searching for weak targets. Shadow Egiool caused me quite a bit of trouble- I contemptously wipe off the shreds of blackness from my shirt- but I’ve recovered from the attempt. As it seems the other Entities are handling the battle quite well, I see no reason to interrupt.

There is a tussle , and I spot Sypher grappling with Shadow Viper. As I watch, Sypher stabs it in the neck, causing Shadow Viper to scream and retaliate with vicious force, hurling a ball of poison into Sypher’s face. My Master’s voice echoes in my head again, a sweet and delicious sound. I think about his lips on mine and shudder in delight.

Go for Shadow Viper. It’s been weakened.

I send a silent feeling of acknowledgement down the telepathic link and leap in, knives whirling as I try to bring down the black wyvern.

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Before Outline can reach Shadow Viper, she is pelted by machine gun bullets from Shadow Therean. A second later, the black tank painfully slams into her. Shadow Outline takes this opportunity to use her sword to slash down viciously on her real counterpart.

[If you don’t respond to enemies’ attacks, they will hit you. I don’t want to be too merciful all the time. Read BC’s post more carefully if you don’t see that the clones of Outline and Therean were charging at the real Outline.]

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[Oops. My bad. I promise not to do it again q.q]

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Go on.. kill that little piece of shit! He looks like he’s fading.

It’s about time you died, you poisonous little brat.” Viper stops gliding, and spins so that Shadow Viper is on the bottom – Viper then drops to the ground, bringing Shadow Viper down with him. All while firing poison balls at him. Right before Viper hits the ground, he attempts to disentangle himself from Shadow Viper, and takes to the skies. Or the air. Whatever.

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Arcady Feldman
Egiool felt his detached chains grip onto the copy of myself – but also someone else. Since his copy probably wasn’t fighting another shadow clone, that someone is probably an ally. And the chains hit him and gripped him – it was purely instinctual. He hopes whoever it is won’t mind, and he really hope he didn’t bind any of that ally’s limbs together.
.arcadY ,i’lL have some apologizing to dO .remind mE
Egiool felt bad about only remembering his master now.
?are you holding up finE
Yes. I respond.
Thanks for checking on me. I’ll remember your task. I respond a beat later.
That lifted Egiool’s spirits, and with renewed vigor he looked around the battlefield, looking for ‘parity errors’ – clones of someone fighting their original, thus assuring the presence of at least one enemy in such a group. There’s two Vipers, accompanied by a Sypher and there’s two dark girls, accompanied by a tank. Still remembering, and even still weakly feeling the Viper toxin, Egiool decided not to touch either copy of Viper, and instead throws his other Ramjet Ball underneath him to fling himself in the air, then fires another tethered chain at the tank near the girls – figuring it wouldn’t mind one piercing anyway. That’ll be used for reeling himself in if it hits. Such a large target.
It’s also a good time to prepare another Ramjet Ball.

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[I controlled your Entity a little, ocelot, because I wanted to move the fight forward more quickly. As I said in the signup thread, a 16 vs 16 fight is like hell to manage.]

[I need to pay more attention to the main thread anyway, so it’s mostly my bad. I was just going on the assumption that too much stuff for now would be GMing so I decided to keep it step by step at least. I’ll try to speed things up for now then.]


After lunging in for a hasty salvo of swipes, I deliver a Coup-De-Grace, cleaving the creature in half split directly down the center, the two halves then dissipate into the air.

Quickly consolidating my armour from it’s slight state of disarray, and grasping the annoying one’s chains followed by attempting to wrench the claws from my torso plate. What in god’s name, these claws won’t loosen. Well they aren’t too tight, and they are only around the chest and aren’t restricting me, so this should be fine as it is.

After deciding to ignore the chains I quickly make to swing at the nearby black metal golem, making sure it has a line of sight on me first, in order to avoid it becoming an ungraceful sneak attack. Hopefully he will have to divert his attention from the cage long enough for the bronze golem to break free.

“Release him immediately!”

The Greatsword is yet again imbued by increased metal magic, in order to make it heavier on the downward stroke. The energy used is more severe, but these shadows seem to be far inferior in terms of durability, so with a focus on dealing more damage, and hopefully crippling them quickly, the battle will be over more efficiently.

Joakim Byström

“Ugh I can’t believe this guy can rattle off all these embarrassing lines like some kind character from one of those corny classic fantasy movies.”

I’m sure you aren’t being entirely honest, after all sir, I am but a fragment of yourself.

“I wish you wouldn’t keep reminding me…”

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Viper manages to damage his clone enough with his poison balls that it dissipates before the need to slam it into the ground arises, though he himself does take a couple more poison balls himself before this occurs.

Egiool hits the Therean clone, dealing a reasonable amount of damage, whilst his chain sticks in the clone’s body.

Well, this is interesting. I haven’t done much more than attack the Alice clone this fight, and whilst analysis is always fun, I do feel the need to keep helping out… for one thing, the clone of the metal plant Entity is just lying there. I charge a Zapper shot for several seconds, then fire at it.

Alison’s attack finishes off the Metalvine clone, which dissipates after the attack ends.

Shadow Therean, having run over Alice and reached the far wall, turns itself around and changes to its Long Range form, from there beginning to fire explosive shots at the injured Metalvine.

Shadow Alison remains in the air, begins spraying more black chemicals across the room, these ones causing pain wherever they touch, and then charges up another Zapper shot to a high level of power.

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[From now on, please message me if my character is interacted with by a player character so I won’t not notice and ignore you. This does not apply to GMs as I read all their posts in detail.]

William Harbringer
My eyes narrow as I see Shadow Outline and Shadow Therean tag-team Outline. The Shadow clone of her seems to be wielding a large sword, and is smashing it down repeatedly on her flat, perfect stomach. Therean stands close by, peppering her with bullets.

Outline, roll to the right and scissor-kick your clone’s legs out from under her. Get behind Therean and use his lack of maneuvarability to dodge your clone’s attacks.

Understood, Master.

She immediately curls into a ball and shoots out her body like a bullet, legs aimed straight for Shadow Outline’s knees. At the same time, she drops her daggers, allowing her claws to spring out, and slashes them at Shadow Outline’s face.

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[I’m assuming Shadow Therean and Therean clone are synonyms.]

Arcady Feldman
“.no you don’T” states Egiool as he reels himself onto shadow!Therean by retracting the chain, noticing it’s firing at a Metalvine parity error – a clone would not care about hitting a clone if it meant hitting an ally, so this Therean must be an enemy. To stop him, Egiool puts several claws on the main gun barrel and grips, intending to crush and misshape the barrel to the point of projectiles not leaving it. His stance limbs also dig into shadow!Therean’s hull.

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[7 minutes to write this post before I have to go to school.]



The defensive shell had formed without incident and that irritating black sludge had been removed from her core when suddenly the world shattered.

Fortunately, the tank that did it seemed to be preoccupied with other matters at the moment and had not been able to do significant damage to the core. Effectively, Alice was safe and the plan had gone off without a hitch.

[Alice, having realized that the shadows are relatively fragile and would not require direct attention, fires a TUTORIALCOUGH shoots a water-propelled icicle at Shadow Alison.]

[School now, be back in 10 hours.]