(Finished) Dr Who Mafia 3! Winner is..... squidward568 page 14 (locked)

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Squid, you have already given an answer to to this. With all the things going on at the moment on kongregate and off, I’ve decided to give Bc another chance at things., but to make it fair, if Squid wants to change his mind about the whisper, he’s already given me. He can, but if you want to keep the same whisper then fine Squid.

(By off kongregate, I mean, the earthquake in Hati.)

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so it is the final battle

squid vs bclegends
who will win

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Thanks kingzak. Well, I’ll thought I’d be fair as a lot has happened this year already. Its only Jan.

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i know
i mean earthquakes, snow and all the rest

also walford when this slot opens i am going to try and get it

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Day 12 has started. Who will win?

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Seriously, though, I honestly have no clue as to what you and squid could possibly be. :\

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I have no clue what BCLEGENDS and Walfordking are.
When do we get the results? Because i don’t want to be sitting down the whole day waiting for the results lolz.

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I am just going to take random guesses. Maybe you could do the same, then walford gives out the results. K?

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Ok then, as you two are the last two. I’m going to help you to find the clues. On page 2, there is a clue.

and page 8 there’s a clue.

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Right, before I declare the winner of the Dr Who Mafia, I’m going to do the answers to the quiz.

1. 3 Dr’s have died so the answer I was looking for was 8.

2. Quite a few aliens yet.

3. 13 Dr’s Peter Cushing starred in Dr Who and the Daleks. David Morrissy had been the next dr.

4. 1963

5. (Squid’s favourite question) 3rd Dr Jon and it was called Worzel Gumridge. (Don’t know if its spelt right or not.

6. Tom baker

7. The 1st Dr was the oldest.

There you are. Later on today I will declare a winner.

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Right the time has come to declare a winner, but first I would like to say. Well done all of you who have played the game.

Right here we go.

Bc and Squid had said I was the Master. They were both right.

Squid had guessed that Bc was a water zombie. That was right too.

Bc had guessed that Squid was Wilfred Mott. Sorry Bc, that’s the wrong answer.

So we have a winner.

It is Squid as the Dr. The 10th Dr David.

It was so close! Thanks for playing and watch out for Cursed! Another game by walfordking, coming soon!

I’ve got to declare this game closed now in the sign ups.

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Besides, I changed my vote to the Pyrovile as well. F_F

EDIT: And how exactly did you work out who I was, anyway, squid?