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Originally posted by walfordking:
Originally posted by DwargJimmy:
Originally posted by Protoprey:

Dwarg can i be a moderator?

  1. you should refresh the page often
  2. you are spamming

So I just want to know why this is spamming? Then I will join, but only if you can give me a good reason why you think this is spamming.

because last time he got my fourm locked because of him saying stuff like that

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OK, I would like to do a like doungen or battle or somethin

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Overshire has battled in the forest for 2 days and gained 40000 exp gaining to level 25 and earning 5 new talent points
congratz Overshire!

Overshire has earned the dungeons
Doomstride Forest (medium)
Agamand Footsteps (25 mins) (5 bosses)
Hollowed Window (easy)

Overshire has entered the dungeon Agamand Footsteps (25 mins) (5 bosses)

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bold epic lolz