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you arrive at the docks

“hello there are three bodys….”

“You will be mine marius” says the voice

“…the thrid body is leaking blue gas so we won’t open it.” They say

the first two coffins are opened.

they were marius’ parents

marius turns shadowy and kicks the third coffin and a blue explosion happens.

the dark hole starts in the center of the cloud the land starts to break.

It was rakons corpse in the coffin.


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Epic twist and stuff. And things. Or something.]

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time to end this
this is such a big post i am using grammer

one month later

It was a month after satan was slayed.

Everyone had made there wishes,

Mega z walked into the freelancer HQ, full of life and energy.

Joe was now running the whole thing and there was even a new batch of freelancers being trained.

Bob walked in with his old body which is what he wished for.

Mega z sat down on a chair and waited.

Bob and Joe asked what he wished for,

“You know” mega z said “i had a thousand thing i could wish for”
“I could have stopped satan ever exsisting”
“I could of wished for world peace”
“I could have even got some petty revege and wished the dark lord to get a sex change”
“But the only thing i needed was always there”
“My friends and my job”

“Yeah but what did you wish for” bob asks

Just then a woman carrying a baby walks in

“Hi Z” she says

“Let me guess you need another job done” mega z says

“Yeah” she replies

“Well what is it” mega z asks

She whispers into his ear

“Ohh” mega z replies “joe look after the baby i got to go do my job”

he walks off thus ending the mega z chronicals

the end

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[You…..ignored….my last…..post. FUUUUUUUUUU.]

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one month later

can’t be or everyone would be dead

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Oh come on, now you are just trying to ignore me.

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no im not and you can start there in the next game.

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Originally posted by randomturtle:

one month later

can’t be or everyone would be dead

ok then
this post should explain the whole thing

after bob and joe made there wishes they where teleported away

mega z began to talk with god
“i have thiss feeling the world is doomed” mega z says
“well it probably is i have been watching some stuff and it seems this world is boned” god replies
“well then i know my wish” mega z says “are there ny planets thaat you can send me to”
“i can only send you to planets that belive in me” god replies
“right where is that” mega z says
“well there is planet not far from here but it is pretty weak” god says “stupid alternative religions”
“ok then send me and my friends to the other planet” mega z
“it is called earth and you will be sent to a island called england” says god
“ok see you there god” mega z says

mega z and the team where teleported to the planet earth
he later met a girl and they started going out
she was already pregnant at the tme bu mega z didn’t care

they where sent to the year 2010 on earth
joe started up the mercinary school

then my end story post happens