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Game Type: Space/Colonize
Name: Colonize III Final Frontier (The sequel to Colonize and Colonize II, made by myself.)
Basic Idea:Colonize star systems throughout the universe.
When It Will Be Out: After Picnic Wars II
Back-Story:Today, Earth sends out it’s first inter-star ships. You are at the wheel. Instead of rainstorms, hurricanes,hail,and the occasional volcano, deal with radiation,thick nebulas,devastating supernovas, and the ultimate danger,black holes.

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Type: RPG.
Name: FAW V: The Nightmare Begins. (Title made by our own, BCLEGENDS!!!!)
Description: The world is falling. Darkness is rising. A friend is possesed. Nightmare is rising. Everyone thinks this is a never ending nightmare.
But the true nightmare has only just begun.
When is it coming out?: After Dragon Eye, my first succesful Mafia.

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Yaaaaaay, you used my name! Hoo-yeah, mothertrucker.
ahem Anyways, I don’t plan to start any games until I’ve finished all the ones I am engaged with, but after that, you may or may not expect one or more of the following to occur:

Type: Werewolf/Mafia (somewhere between the two, but I’d classify it as more of a werewolf game than a mafia game)
Name: The Legion (Redux) and sequels
Description: A remake of my first and only game started to date, which didn’t go so well due to noobs not replying back to it.
An evil cult consisting of shape-shifting shadows rules a post-medieval world in secret. One of them, an ambassador, has informed a nearby village that some of their number have infiltrated their society over the years, and that the cult leader now wishes to play a game of sorts with them. A number of people, including the cult members, are picked to play this game, and are mindwiped so that they will not regret losing close friends – or, for that matter, know what jobs the players have. And so the game begins…
When is it coming out?: Not certain to happen, but definitely not occuring before I have tied up all loose ends with current forum games.

Type: Mafia
Name: Sonny 3 Mafia
Description: Based off of my Sonny 3 Storyline. Basically, Sonny and co. have been teleported to an arena and made to look like perfectly normal humans until their deaths, as have a number of ZPCI units. To escape and restore their true forms, the zombies (Town) must eliminate all the ZPCI (Mafia), and vice versa.
When is it coming out?: Probably after the first or second Legion game, but definitely not until I’ve finished the storyline, which is currently in stasis due to lack of story writing equipment.

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Originally posted by BCLEGENDS:

Yaaaaaay, you used my name! Hoo-yeah, mothertrucker.


Can’t wait for your mafia! First mafia game i will play thats yours!

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please, don’t make a mafia right now bc legends we have way to many. Trust me I am suffering too, I have 2 games that I need to put out, but It there are to many games.

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@its_a_alt: Like I said, I am NOT making any of the games until I have tied up all loose ends.

Type: Turn-Based-Battle (see here for description of TBB type games)
Name: Tournament of Elements
Description: The tournament has been set up. The challenge has been thrown down. Challengers from all over the Universe have come to pit their strength against each other in a bid to become the ultimate champion. Challengers begin with a single element. Those who survive round 1 can obtain a second element, or increase the power of their first, and the final few can realise the power of the ultimate elements…

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My next game will be Dr Who Mafia 4. I think the clues in the title for what it is.

It will have some new Aliens like the Smiler in it. It will have some of the old Aliens in it as well. Plus the Dr as well.

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Cede Point has started!

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I have decided that the ToE thing could also have sequels and such. Therefore, I shall likely do so, and things.

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Who it is by: FlameFlight

Game type: Puzzle/Luck/Survival

Name: Cube Thinkers

Basic idea: This game is about ten people (and three they may find along the way) who must navigate through a cube, playing minigames and dying off, until only one is left.

When It will be out: After I finish my mafia game and come up with some rough ideas about minigames.

Back-story: Our protagonists were in an airplane above the Bermuda Triangle. It vanished mysteriously, as planes and ships in that area are likely to do, but after the fog settles, they find themselves relatively unharmed in front of a giant blue cube. Dare they enter? If not, we have no plot.

Anything extra: Credit goes to speedy250, who had the idea on which I based this idea. A main reason I will make this game was my major annoyance when said author quit game and left nothing.

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Empire – Asia

The third Empire game after Empire and Empire – America (by JaumeBG)

When it is out: Summer-ish.

World Cup 2010

A quiz between people from eight different countries.

When it is out: World Cup or post-World Cup

Forza Camorra

The mafia’s back where it belongs.

When it is out: Not sure, probably late 2010.

The Forum Games Show

Presented by me, the Forum Games Show offers interviews, features, opinions and more!

When it is out: Probably late Summer – early Autumn.

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well at the moment i a busy with many other games

my next will be acheive to believe 3 and 2/4

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Card game
Trying to make a few people play a card game over ta internet
When it’s done and I fin an empty slot
If it turns out to be successful, I might continue it

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FAW VI: Unknown name……
When? After FAW V.
Type: RPG.
Description: Well, this depends on what happens in the V one.