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numbers go up to infinity
if you were to graph a rock, it would have an infinite amount of points within it.
Since this thread died, and is now alive again, it could be considered a zombie.
Little red Stapler.

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if you used a little red stapler on a zombie, it would not kill it.

this thread was unslotted.

ma! the tvs done explodin again!

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This thread has a problem with legality then.
The TV has a problem of exploding…mulitple times.

should be keep the game going then if its slot-less?
clowns are creepy.

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This did have a slot, if I can remember…

Now then…

I’ll continue…

Pluto is a planet

I like french fries.

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It doesn’t, please don’t revive your own games after over a week and a half of disinterest.

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I didn’t notice the date. Sorry. I usually check those things…

Anyway, Gev removed all of the sign ups anyway…


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Pluto is also a dog, and people feed their pets fast food on occasion.

The regional zoo got closed down.

I like cheese.

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Some people like zoos.

I’m an Orange!
Blue Keyboards are bad.

EDIT: I am closing this thread, so I can make another game. Good day.