(Game) Dr Who Mafia 4! Back in Action. Day 12. Special Ending Challenge. Part 4. Clues revealed. Winner is revealed. page 19 (locked)

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Originally posted by walfordking:

@ Morrrr, it’s up to you on which way you would like to go. I’m not going to reveal to you what you have right or wrong.

I know, I can work that out for myself. I’m saying, for example, if someone guessed AbusedZebra’s role correctly the first time, but didn’t the second time, is the correct guess included in your statistics? I really don’t see what’s wrong in you telling me the answer to that, its not like you are saying what I have got right and what I have got wrong.

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Anyway, I have sent my final guesses. They will make or break me, and I suspect the latter. Still, I live in hope XD

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Just waiting for Jaume, Abusedzebra and Flamelight. All of you have a high chance of winning here or tieing it.

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Ok, I whispered my guesses.

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Have you put my scores up on the front?

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@ Squid, yes, I have, but I haven’t done todays.

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I think we hae had 5 days instead of 3…. Please either put the people that haven’t answered the 3rd question as 0 points for this day, or kill the people. Its getting boring now….

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Right, before I reveal the Answers, I will show you you where all the clues were. I’m really surprised that no one got Flamelight right. The clues are in bold.

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The 2 people that got kingzak’s role right was Squidward and Morrrr who said he was the Smiler.

Abusedzebra got me right as Captain Jack.

Morrr got Abusedzebra right as Dr Matt.

Squidward had Morrr right as Amy Pond.

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So you would like to know who won.

5th place: Flamelight 1 point

4th place: Abusedzebra 2 points

3rd place: Jaume 3 points

2nd place: Squidward 5 points

1st place: Morrr 6 points

Well Done to all the players that took part. Thanks for playing!

The ending story

Everyone who was left thought that was the toughest challenge yet, but there was one person that pulled it in and that was Amy. (Morrr) But the Dr came back to life when Matt was kissed by Amy so they still had adventures together. The Tardis was playing up again and they crash landed on a planet and they heard a voice “Dr, you will be Exterimated!”

Watch out for my Dr Who Mafia 5 coming soon!

What did people think about this Dr Who Mafia? As soon as I close this, I will be asking you all in a new thread, what you liked and didn’t like in all my Dr Who Mafias.

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pre sign up for game 5

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Well done morrr!! Amazing game, please can i pre-sign for the next one?

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As a prize, Morrrr can mod in my next Dr Who Mafia. If he wishes.

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Congratulations, morrrr!! You played very well!

Walford, do you know when you will start your next game?

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Thanks Walford, Squidward and Jaume! I’m really pleased to have won. Wow, I kiss Dr Matt at the end… that means kissing an Abused Zebra! I’d be the one abusing it XD
Sure, I’d love to mod in the next Dr Who Mafia, as long as I can still take part of course!
Its weird, I found a lot of the clues but got the wrong meaning from a couple of them. For example, when it said ‘Madpony’ I didn’t realise that it meant Amy Pond -I thought that Walford really meant AbusedZebra, and he had changed Abused to Mad and Zebra to Pony!
Good game Walfordking, the role-guessing challenge at the end was interesting and I liked the wide range of characters too.

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so who saw todays doctor who

fish aliens

the writers are becoming lazy

also did you see te next time

i saw a old lady falling off a roof


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Thanks Morrrr! Well Done in winning the game. I loved the ending too. Yes you can take part too. I bet now people will take more intrest in the game.

@ Jaume, When there’s a free slot of course. I wouldn’t like to break the rules of kongregate now, but first I’ll like your ideas for the next Dr Who Mafia in which a new thread will be created.