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‘Yeees… this can be signified by the fact we are now outside the ship and on solid ground. Well, you are, anyway.’

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“Fair enough.” I say, and walk up to Class A.
“Hey…. Aren’t you the guy thats meant to bring us back to life?” He shouts at me. I take a peice of his blood from my backpack and place it on my hand. I set the command, and then look up.
“Bye.” I simply say and hit the Go! button. I had set the command to reverse.

Class A howled in pain as he was slowly de-aged into Death.
I killed someone i was meant to be healing.
I turned around and set target to 10 of the Strafers at once.

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[I will end this game now. We will continue after FAW Mafia. Good luck in it! Also, please give me some characters and what they do for the Mafia.]

Shadow Core faded out of the world and went onto where Earth was meant to be.
A large crack.
Large bits of rock flying everywhere.
The world destroyed.
Shadow Core laughed in delight.
“The world. Its ended.”

“The FAW Team will be next.”

[Sorry if any inconvenience is made by the end of this, but i had to have room for the new Mafia, and i’ve run out of Storyline. Please post Character Epolouges. Also, ideas for the new FAW name? I mean FAW VI?

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The winner….. Of FAW V….. Is……… a tie between Flasdeath30 and Crimsonblaze! Well done!

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[Well done, Crimson and flash. squid, count Joseph’s ‘suicide’ as part of my epilogue.]

Well, this sucks. I’m host to a deadly hypervillian which could easily destroy everything in the Universe if released… Joseph is dead now, or should be dead, when really he could be anywhere in the Universe, plotting his revenge…
Still, I have Anne with me in sweet form if ever we need her. I place her into the space-time rip near Alex, then, with the remains of the evil forces around me, dead or dying, I consider our next move…

And now an informative segment on how Nightmare came into being. Enjoy.

Florida, 1950
I am working in a laboratory. The mansion it is placed in apparently has the ability to rebuild itself if destroyed. I am currently doing research on a ruby of sorts, unearthly in origin. It’s going well.
But I am not comfortable here. One of my predecessors was murdered here about eight ago, when I was just starting out. Nothing was left of the mansion afterwards… until it rebuilt itself, of course. Now I am here, somewhat in his place, and I have the worst feeling that something along those lines will happen to me too… I sincerely hope not.
Suddenly, a rattling noise behind me. I spin around, but see nothing, barely noticing the accidental cut I have given myself with the surgical knife I am holding – the ruby is apparently alive, but it’s outer layer has been nigh impenetrable so far, aside from a few scratches. The rattling continues. I place the knife down, then follow the noise.
There, in the wall. I break a section off, to find a small jar. It’s contents are invisible due to the darkness of the cavity. I pull the jar out, just before the hole seals itself.
I look at the jar.
Some kind of shadowy wisp is inside it, frantically trying to escape. I tap the glass, and the wisp smashes itself against the glass where I tapped it.
LET ME OUT.’ a dark voice says. I almost drop the jar in surprise, then place it on the table, where it continues rattling.
I slowly back away, towards the door.
‘Wait.’ The voice seems calmer now. I stop, realising that the voice is emanating from the wisp in the jar.
‘Release me from my prison.’
‘…why?’ I ask.
‘I can grant you power beyond your wildest dreams.’
‘And make you the richest being in the entire Universe…’
‘Richest… really?’
‘Yes… but you must release me first. And allow me to touch the rock.’
I look at the ruby, then back at the jar. ‘I think it’s alive, actually…’
‘I must touch it to grant these wishes of yours, nonetheless. So, let me out.’
‘I never wished for them.’
‘You are, now that I have mentioned them. Do not deny it. I can read your thoughts.’
‘Okay, thought reading? More to the point, power and riches? This seems really unlikely…’
‘DO NOT QUESTION ME.’ I step back, slightly scared now. ‘The rock is the key to these wishes being granted. I must be released to reach it. Let me out.’
‘Well, if you’re certain about this…’ I move closer to the jar, and unscrew the lid.
‘Bring the jar to the rock. Allow me to reach it.’
I move to the ruby, and turn the jar upside down. The wisp falls onto it.
The ruby explodes immediately, throwing me backwards into the wall. I am unharmed, but the ruby has shattered into pieces – some are glowing perfectly white, whilst others are pitch black. They all disappear, leaving a black sludge where the table was.
‘Perfect.’ said the voice, now rather a lot higher and stranger sounding. ‘I have the ruby’s power, the fragments are scattered across the Universe… and my kindness, my mercy and my weaknesses with them. All I need now is a form…’
The sludge slowly begins to slither towards me. I stand up, attempting to get as far away from it as possible, but I know that I was doomed from the moment I found the jar.
‘Stupid humans. You never learn anything, do you?’
The sludge touches my foot.
It immediately climbs my leg, and enters the cut I had made with the knife.
I fall to my knees, clutching my skull in pain, yet unable to scream.
My body is enveloped by shadows…
…and implodes into oblivion.

I do not exist yet.
My new body is forming.
But I don’t need it.
Not yet.
I have gathered the nanobots from the mansion, and reformed the substances into my machine.
The machine which will doom the whole of existence.
All I need to do now is wait for a sufficient opportunity to begin my existence.
I can then begin collecting the fuel needed for the machine to function.
My predecessor will be sorry he ever abandoned me.

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‘Well, this part seems to be done, right? I don’t know what should we be doing next, but-’

Higher Plot Being

I appear.

“Yeah, um. You are in another realm where I brought you to avoid collateral damage, so… so I’ll just reverse it now.”


It’s dark. We’re not likely to be eaten by Grues, as… I open a portal. Its shine lights the area up, showing uniform brown walls all around us. As the ceiling and ground, too.

‘Get through, everyone.’

They do, without discussing, and we find ourselves in a large area, kind of a square with Greek style pillars around it. In Hammerspace. Or on it, as it’s a planet… Well, I rise higher to do a speech thing.

‘I hereby declare you all have free time now.’

I then bow down and float over to a boring piece of space Catherine. And stay there trying to not look suspicious.

Nick, Brian, Magda, Maz, Atimey, the rest of Great Seven and pretty much every character I called to exist

We all appear through portals.


Magical Girl

Meh. I don’t get to exist during that part.

[Cut-off prevention got cut off, along with a large chunk of the story, I see.]

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well done you crimson and flahdeath

anyway for a mafia you should know the teams

here are some roles

most maifas have a nightkill
and then they have one that knows the rest of the team

the towns people are the ones that vary from game to game
so i wouldn’t be much help there

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[Also, the only sort of mafia I’ve played is the simple one – townies to mafias are in about 3:1 ratio, there is one nightkill preventer and one freelance nightkiller, and either mafia dies or mafia wins. Two sides.]

[I can’t think of any way to mess.]

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Cut-off prevention got cut off, along with a large chunk of the story, I see.

[Yeah, my fault. I pressed submit before it was finished.

Anyways, possible team rotas, based on the character’s roles in-game and/or controlling user’s behaviour on the forums overall:

FAW Members
Martin Bryant – Has various one-shot abilities. (Jack-Of-All-Trades)
Zackary Seld – Attracts night actions to himself. (Lightning Rod)
Mega Z – Needs one less vote to be lynched. (Hated Townie)
Unown Entity – Knows who the other Shadleans are. Gets one nightkill a night, but must discuss it with other Shadleans. For all intents and purposes, Joseph is not counted as a Shadlean. (Mason Leader)
Alex – See above, but cannot nightkill except through Unown. (Mason Member)
Catherine – See above. (Mason Member)
Fred – See above. (Mason Member)
Charlotte – See above. If Unown dies, Charlotte will kill herself during the next night phase. (Mason Member/Lover)
Hob – Knows his brothers. Cannot nightkill except through Gin. (Mason Member, G2)
Gin – Knows his brothers. Can nightkill once a night, but must discuss it with brothers. (Mason Leader, G2)
Toby – Knows his brothers. Cannot nightkill except through Gin. (Mason Member, G2)
Chris Crippler – Knows other Cripplers. Can nightkill once every night, but must discuss it with other Cripplers. (Mason Leader, G3)
Nathan Crippler – Knows other Cripplers. Cannot nightkill except through Chris. (Mason Member, G3)
Jake Crippler – See above. (Mason Member, G3)

Can’t do any more right now. Be back soon.]

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dude why is my guy got a bad roll

Originally posted by Minnakht:

[Also, the only sort of mafia I’ve played is the simple one – townies to mafias are in about 3:1 ratio, there is one nightkill preventer and one freelance nightkiller, and either mafia dies or mafia wins. Two sides.]

[I can’t think of any way to mess.]

anyway i think the ratio is 2 townies to 1 mafia

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[Because you got bad _______, and a higher ratio would be kind of deadly. I mean, lynches happen to townies, and so on.]

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Ok….. Any ideas for the mafia?
Well, i have a pretty good idea:

Shadow Core.


Mega Z.
R Slayer.

Please tell me anymore you can think of.

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[More FAW members and evil guys quickly:

David Burnanen – Can prevent a nightkill, and heal
Jaye Granger – Can prevent one person’s night ability a night. (Roleblocker)
Marius Embelus – No special abilities. (Townie)
R Slayer – No special abilities. (Townie)
Miles ‘Tails’ Prowler – Knows other Sonic characters. Cannot nightkill except through Knuckles. (Mason Member, G4)
Knuckles – Knows other Sonic characters. Can nightkill once every night, but must discuss it with other Sonic characters. (Mason Leader, G4)
Sonic – Knows other Sonic characters. Can nightkill once every night, but must discuss it with other Sonic characters. (Mason Member, G4)
Jeremiah – Can nightkill once every night. (Vigilante)

Shadow Core’s Forces (Mafia 1)
Shadow Core – One nightkill every night. Knows the roles and names of everyone in mafia 1. Chooses one member every night to perform a nightkill. (Mafia Godfather)
The Master – Knows the names, but not the roles, of everyone in Mafia 1. (Unlisted)
Class A – Is known by everyone from the beginning, but cannot be nightkilled. (Bulletproof)
Carnage – Same as Class A, but can activate his immunity at any point and be immune for the next night phase, at the cost of that night’s nightkill for the mafia if he is chosen to perform it. Cannot use this ability twice in a row. (Commuter)
Strafer Leader – Cannot be stopped by roleblockers or doctor protections. (Mafia Hitman)
Strafer Soldier x3 – No special ability unless chosen to perform the nightkill by the Shadow Core. (Mafia Member)]

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Thanks BC!

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[Nightmare’s Forces, separated into two posts because textile will probably break otherwise.

Nightmare’s Forces (Mafia 2)
Nightmare – Chooses which mafia 2 member will make the nightkill, but will choose who gets killed for them instead of letting them choose, unlike mafia 1’s members. Has various different forms, which he can change to in lieu of anything else that night, and remains in that form for two phases before returning to normal. (Mafia Godfather)
1. Liquid Form – Immune to nightkills. (Bulletproof)
2. Plasma Form – Can choose someone to injure, and they will die the next night phase. (Poisoner)
3. Solid Form – Makes the nightkill for the next night himself, and cannot be stopped by roleblocker or doctor protections. (Hitman)
4. Energy Form – Stops one person from making their night action that night. (Roleblocker)
5. Interdimensional Form – Will kill anyone who tries to use a night action on him. (Paranoid Gun Owner)]

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Thanks BC! But how would Nightmare change forms?

Also, the game is now fully up, with all the roles on there!

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you make the abilities

also mariuses final story part.

(details unknown)

I remove my hood.


“It is you”



A letter flies in.

Dear Mr. Em bel us and Mrs. Em bel us.
Your friend Rowland Slayrus is to be executed soon.
Also Mrs. Em bel us the museum camera shows you assaulting Rowland and you killed King Xiger Kolados.
Mr. Em bel us, We have reports that you Illegally built a potentially dangerous device in the skys of a planet.
All three of you will be killed in the prison.
from hyperspace prison

A police ship shows up and takes us.

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[I didn’t expect to win. It was a great game. The sequel will be even better. Best luck to the person helping to organize it.]


“Another day, another problem.”

I laugh out with a small grin on my face. I say this to nobody in particular and don’t notice if anybody heard me. Truth was that the grin was holding back the sorrow. It had been so long since I had talked to my other friends. I had the FAW team, but I wanted to see the others. Maybe one day I can return back to Earth and everything will be normal again, or maybe not. I had lost so much so far, but had also gained so much. A small, single tear glided down my face as I stared into the distance. Another grin spread across my face.

Just smile when down.

AL. That was AL’s voice. He’s still alive after all. I give another smile, this one larger than the last one.

How are you? Why can you talk to me like this?
I heard the conversation that you had with Martin. I know that you wanted to talk to me, to see how things are.
Why did you never talk to me to assure me that everything was alright?
You’re rather optimistic, I expected you to think it automatically.
Good point.
Just to let you know though, I can talk to whenever I want now. It’s the new evolution. The other AIs are still alive, but are weakened. We will keep evolving and aiding you.
Why are you so nice to me when you could easily take me over?
Cause our intelligence comes from you.

AL fades out at this point. I know that he will come back though, but only when I need or call upon him.

“Just smile when down, eh? I’ll promise you that much.”

His words gave me new hope. I will conquer whatever lies in my future, regardless of how strong or tricky it is. I won’t let my friends down, and let my emotions get the best of me. I, David Burnanen,will be the strongest I can be and will one day return to my normal life, but until then I will fight for my future. I think that’s what FAW is about. FAW is the group that fights for the future, but not just their future, the whole universe’s future. In my mind, the FAW Team are the guardians of the future.

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RPM Epilouge
My life was surreal. Totally different from an average robot. I was told to heal all the bad guys. I did. And then i was told to kill the bad guys. I did. Everything i did was ordered about my someone else.
But not anymore.

Matts Epilouge
We had shut most of the cracks, but then we came to earth.

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Jaye’s Epilouge
I see Earth. “We were doing so well…Apparently not well enough.” I didn’t have too many losses, but many group members inevitably would have lost those dear to them. We’ll just have to work at finding a new purpose…whenever the time comes.

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I laughed from my place inside Matts head.
He had lost his place to become God, so there wasn’t any mind protections. I wedged myself in his mind and took on my new form.
Matt X.

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What laments could suffice for all that is now gone? I thought that such corruption as had crushed my home would not reach the other bright points of sentient life. Since another war appears lost, I greive, singing the most mournful songs I instinctually know. I also shed many tears, and I notice as Jaye contains some for possible future uses without being insensitive.

Well…something doesn’t seem right. What happened? I had been watching the battles with intrest, but when I kept to the shadows following the group to Earth, it was gone. I could also tell…exploitable evil was becoming prevalent among the group. Yes! The shadows have arisen again!