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Then get the highest score you possibly can before the deadline. Also check the highscores to see if he’s gotten anything higher than you.

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should i start with number three now

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As you like kingzak, up to you.

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how long till the challenge ends

that is most important thing

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Originally posted by JaumeBG:

Final challenge (7 June – 11 June)

This final round is only between Fogfun and Mebomb. They’ve managed to get the same amount of points, so this extra round must be played to have a single winner.

I hope you like the game. This round will be different from the rest, it is to get the highest Max Combo you can. Scores must be submitted under the scores tab, specifically on the Today tab.

Game: IndestructoTank! AE

What: Get the highest Max Combo you can, under the Today tab in the scores.

Example screenshot:

Highest score at or before 11:59 PM (timezone: GMT+2) on Friday, 11 June 2010, will win.

Good luck!

The winner of the Final Challenge will get 1 ₧ which will make this person be the winner of AtB2!

But kingzak, you must realize that this might not be the best time to make the game as there is already King of Kong and The Colloseum have started already and Element Kingdom Series: Electric Explosion will start soon. Just saying.

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they are all just a diffrent version of achieve to believe

so i wait till a few of them end

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I’m just going to forfeit. Sorry guys. I’m not too good at that game. Congratulations Mebomb! What’s your secret? How did you not die from fuel loss?

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Congratulations, Mebomb! You are the winner of Achieve to Believe 2!

Thanks for playing everyone, and I hope you enjoyed this forum game!

By the way, I’ll leave this thread open for a few days, once I see it has died, I’ll lock it.

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well done mebomb

you will be co mod for ATB 3 when it comes out

which i won’t do for a while as there are too many games out at the moment

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Okay, that was an unexpected ending 0_0. Fogfun, did you try to actually get all the enemies maxed out? That rewards you with infinite fuel.
Anyway, it was a great competition, and I’m glad to be in it, and to be the winner of it… I am honored.

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Yeah, you played very well Mebomb throughout the whole competition!

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Ironic considering I joined only during the 7’th challenge ^