CYOC, closing speech at last page. Players please read. page 10 (locked)

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You know, I think I will close this now. It has been a good game. But before I lock this, I would like to make a speech.

All of you guys here have made me have a great time. Besides slothman. But hes not here, is he. I hope you guys know that you have all performed beautifuly, taking less than the essentials and turning it into a comfortable living enviornment. You have all helped eachother and been understanding, and developed things I never thought to create here. Again I have had a great time, and for that I thank you. I hope to re-open this eventually, with a fresh start. Now, goodbye. I hope you join when it opens again. Oh, and the person who created this originally was dinjin spell, on the Runescape forums. These are my finial words in the original cyoc, a game which has had a great life, but must sadly be retired. May it rest in peace.