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I spend Half an hour making my two pencils out of wood and the graphite. I then write a letter to Ros and leave it on his door I then knock, and leave. The letter: /Hello Ros, I am new to town, my name Bartholomeu Maice, Mau for short. I’m sure you’ve heard of me in one way or another. I have created a non-portable stove, and I was wondering if there were any open marketplace stalls that I could buy and modify to my own will to make a food and tea store. If there is, I will simply need a price and I will buy. You may contact me, I have a lumber house not too far from the marketplace, whether by letter or in person.
Sincerely, Mau Maice/

I head home and finish /the last 10% of my secret something/ taking about 15 minutes. [1 hours spent] I then spend 1 hour making 50 Strips of moose jerky and cutting them into 150 square pieces. I spend half an hour picking herbs and flavoring the jerky with them. I spend another half hour Eating 20 of the Jerky pieces while I cook ribs for me and Andy. They finish much faster on my metal stove, and me and Andy eat outside. We finish off the milk. I go out into the Woods with my moose skin and use my shovel to break a hole in the ice. I use the moose skin as a water container and carry it back. I shut the moose skin tighly and use my other moose skin in a hole, dug by my shovel, and make a pool of water. This all spends an hour. I spend an hour mining metal and creating a pot and cutting off a bit of moose skin from the one I used to carry the water to make a handle. I begin boil the water with some pine needles and herbs, taking me a few minutes.

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/Mau, I have heard of you. I am in charge of processing almost everything in town. There are market stalls, and they are free. But they are not for sale. If you modified one, you would need to take the time to revert it back to normal. But, you may be able to make a small resturant or cafe there. I may even help. A cafe sounds lovely and I would love to help. But you do know that you would need to gat the food yourself, or buy it from a source. Also, if you sell things everyone can make for free, you wont make any money. Use secret recipies, and copyright your foods so no one else may make them. Thats how you make money. Also, if you make it in the marketplace, I will advertise it on the buleten board. I hpe you open it soon!

I will soon post maps of town. (in simple format)

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I spend a few minutes writing back to Ros on the back of his letter.
/That’s awesome, I will certainly find a secret ingredient or two to put in my tea. I will also begin to make some different types of food./
I spend a half hour in the woods gathering a few different interesting ingredients. I then come home and expiriment with them. I manage to make a few interesting tastes, but one sticks out more than all the others. I decide that will be the Mau Maice Special. I go to Cut down lumber for half an hour, to then make a sign with my C-Knife.
Regular …………….$2.00
Herbal Green Tea …$2.25
Sweet Tea ………..$2.50
Blueberry Tea ……..$2.75
Mau Special Tea ….$3.50
Moose Jerky ……….$1.00 for 10 pieces
Sweet Moose Jerky $1.50 for 10 pieces
Moose Ribs………….$4.00
Moose Burger……….$4.00
Mau Maice Special-
Moose Burger or Ribs with
Mau Special Tea……$6.00

I spend 1 hour mining and then another making 5 boiling pots and 5 more handles. I move my water seperately into these pots. I begin to boil these under my different recipes as I write more to my letter to Ros. /P.S. I found some good recipes, I will bring my stove over with my Bison Andy tomorrow after I get some sleep./ I leave that at his door and then sleep in my bed. As I fall asleep, I decide that I will make a matress tomorrow evening. I take a one hour power nap.

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I was thinking about copyrights and i just got an idea to copyright my circuits. They will soon be vital part in every home, and i just finished after 3.5 hours of hard working 1/3 of my computer. Also, i’ve made a small carbon battery. I don’t know if this one will be good enough to be useable, but it’s a battery. I start writing another letter to Ros.

I have two things. 1) I want to copyright my circuits, 2) i’ve just created small carbon battery. It’s my first prototype, but i heard before moving here that carbon batteries are very efficient. Maybe it’ll be usefull for your plans?

I spend half an hour on wandering around, watching stalls and other stuff.

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I would be happy to copyright your circuts for you. I believe with all the copywrites going on, people shall need to have a advertisement for their stall. I am also going advertise non-marketplace buisnesses on the town bulliten board soon. How does the name, “Circuitry Conjunction” sound? That is just a suggestion. I you want a copyright, please put a copyright somewhere in your advertisement. (see the 2 current advertisements for ideas)

I’m glad your cafe is going so well. If you wish to copyright your food, involve a copyright in your advertisement, which is required to have a copyright.

I work to find a fairly large piece of wood left over from projects using wood outside of peoples houses. I find a suitable after 1 hour. I then spend an hour making it rectangular and of a certain size. I then spend 3 hours making it a sign saying:

Hunting Shack[b] hunting supplies for the common man[i]
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I go out into the woods and collect a lot of soft leaves and other soft material. I spend half an hour until I am satisfied with my sleeping bag matress. I then go out andget one of the marketplace stalls. [However that is done] And leave the menu sign out front. I leave a Folded piece of paper held down by a few rocks with the AWAY sign facing outwards. I go gather indredients for an hour, and then spend half an hour hunting. I spend an hour prepping all my meat and ingredients. I carry them all with my and carry my stove on Andy’s back. I place the stove in the stall, It fitting just perfectly. I travel back. I dig a hole with my shovel and then put in snow. I chop down a single tree and use it for firewood. I then make a fire, create water and mud, and repeat this process until I have a rather large amount of mud. [Using the rest of my time.]

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[IT’s been two days, and I’ve gotten a little impatient, sorry for the bump] I cut down trees for an hour, getting 10 lumber, then molding all my mud & clay into mugs. I start a fire at my marketplace stall’s stove and harden them all into ceramic mugs. I embed the quartz crystal in one of them, and put them under the counter. I spend a half hour cooking up a cup of tea and etching “All food under copyright of Bartholomeu Maice” at the bottom of my sign. I load my baretta, put it under the counter, and flip the paper over to ‘Open’. I spend an hour cooking up all my different foods. I decide that I will hire someone soon, and stand at my stall, making food for 3 hours and snacking with Andy now and then.

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That’s great name for it!

Here’s advertisement:

“Paul’s Circuitry Conjunction”

“Here’ you can get circuits, basic or advanced (copyright both), and sometimes computers (copyright) at reasonable price.
You can also get some metals and alloys if you are lazy or don’t want to loose time.”

Could you put that on bulletin board please?


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I would be glad to, but I may change it a bit to be more friendly and… better then you can make it (no offense)I am sure you will love it. Will just change a few words. Otherwise good job. Please understand I have the liberty to change your advertisement, and terms of copyright or remove the copyright.

In order for a copyright to be official, you must have an advertisement with a copyright in it. I will make the copyright official, and you must understand I have the liberty to change your advertisement, and terms of copyright or remove the copyright. Please post the advertisement in your words so I may revise it and post it with the copyright.

I decide I shall go to Mau’s shop.
I get a moose burger and a cup of tea.
I devour the burger and take a sip of the tea.

I spit it out in disgust!
“I say, mesour, this is the most disgusting tea I have ever tasted!”
Now, having been cut off from civilization, and therfore tea, I had quite forgoten I only liked Earl Grey tea, like a young Irish boy, the age of 13, who is smarter than all of us, and a criminal mastermind.
I then remember about Earl Grey tea, and ask if he may find a way to make Earl Grey tea. I appologise, comliment his cooking, give him a $4.00 tip, and leave.
I now have $3990. (when will the banker be back to keep track of my money?)
that scene took an hour. I then decide to makesomething very… unusual.
I cut down trees for an hour, gathering their roots. Due to this, I only cut down 15 trees. I then use the logs to make 30 of a curved piece of wood which is flexable, and make 1000 thin and short shafts of wood. I then thin the roots and attach them to the curved wood. I then hunt bird for an hour, Sharpen the sticks, and put feathers on the pack of the sharpen shafts. I put these in my store, and decide to sell the extra roots, or strings. Bow and arrows FTW!

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I get a sudden idea, and close the stall for the rest of the day. I go mine for an hour and upgrade my axe. [Is it ten metal for every upgrade?] I then cut down lumber for an hour. I form it into a cart. I take the rest of my animal skin and make a large collar for Andy. I mend the cloth of my tent into long strips, and then weave them all, making the first sort of rope. This all takes an hour. I connect the cart to andy. I put my supplies on the cart, which are very easy for him to move. I then remove his collar and we have one of our 6 meals. I take a stack of papers and begin writing a journal. I make a promise to myself to update it every few days. I cut slits in the side and then use vines to bind together about 30 pages. I spend a half hour writing what has happened since I came to Canada. My pencil runs thin on lead. I spend a half hour mining then form the metal into 5 different pieces, one barrel to hold the pencil, one to sharpen it, one to hold the one that sharpens it, one to connect to the sharpener to rotate it, and one to keep them all a few inches off the ground. I assemble them, using another half hour. I decide to mine for 2 and a half hours, devoting one hour to silver.

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I look in my old backpack. Few useless things, like bottles after beer (my brother usually drink that and put emply bottles in my backpack, duh.) or rubber balls.

I’ve found small sack with dry mint leaves and mug. Hmm… Mint. I always love’d mint.

I boil some water, then put few leaves to mug, then pour there water. Then when i wait for mint, i write letter to Ros.

If we want to get some luxury here, we will need to import and export things. I almost finished my computer, soon i will get router for it. If you could hook up your home to electricity grid, you could start exporting and importing herbs, materials, food once i will send you box with computer…
Also, thanks for “repairing” ad for my stall.

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I write a letter to Ros.
To get Earl Grey Tea, we will need some imported citrus from Southern Asia, unless you want to build a plane and mine some petrol. Also, I will write ad on back of this paper.
Sincerely, Mau/
I flip the paper over. /‘Maice Diner’ Then underneath that, ‘Freshly served food and drink’ Underneath them both, I write ‘All food and recipe Copyright Bartholomeu Maice’/

I then use 30 of my metal to make a lock and key. I use 70 metal to make a large door with a latch, hinges, 10 screws, and a screwdriver. I attach the door to my cart. I then lock it, And put the key in my pocket. This creation takes an hour. I then spend half an hour forming the silver into a ring identical to mine. I then take a small piece of wood and make a small holder for it, and also keep that in my pocket at all times. I cut out a 10 inch by 20 inch piece of woodAnd Etch OPEN in one side and CLOSED in the other. I harvest a couple rasberries and black berries, and stain the OPEN red and the CLOSED black. I nibble on the last little handful of blackberries. I go hunting for an hour, and gather ingredients for my remaining time.

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(Its been 4 days since last post?!?!?!? I may close this game unless inactivity is announced ahead of time. As for me, I was supposed to be gone for less than 36 hours, but something came up and a day and a half turned to 5 days. :( Anyways, pick up the pace. Btw, I forgot to post this, but flameflight is away. all others are unaccounted for, I am posting base rates, due to realized mistakes. My bow would make it so you got no moose. I am also making teir ups on axe and pickaxe add 5 extra resource per hour, so maximum is 20. 30 per hour is unfair.)

I spend an hour surveying the land. Too many plants for up here. The river ice is thinner. I realize it is summer. But still, I believe there are too many plants. Global warming. I hope the plants will thin by fall and winter. But we can still get blizzards.

Speaking of that, suprize blizzard!
Since there have been many inactivities, I will mark all but myself, dman, and magic as away. That means no one else is suspectable to the blizzard. Sorry dman and magic, but it would be kinda unfair to be away for a long time and come back to find you have nothing. The outcomes will be decided by coinflips. Re-enforced houses will not be suspectable. if you do get the dreaded tails, your house gets destroied. you lose no furniture, the foundation stands, and you can reuse 50% of the wood used in your original house.

Mau got heads, and me and paul are re-enforced. YAY! No catastrophie!

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Can i join also.

Last Name:Komini
Pet:Cat named Bengal
Personal objects:A Emerald neckalace
Bio:Cash was born in Lincoln,Nebraska,but moved north to canada
Profession:Pet store owner
Birthday: November 4th

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I see the blizzard outside. The snow is so thick that I can’t see even a few meters. I decide it would be safest to sleep under my bed, and then I take a long 5-hour sleep through the day.

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(Welcome cash!)

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i set the tent and store.buying Hatchet for $15 and a log cabin for $1500

now selling:

3x hunting dogs-$50 each
10x dog food-$2 each
also selling hot cocoa for refreshments-$5 each

(am i doing this right?)
cash now:$2250

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(no, you are not. You dont come with hunting dogs, only the things listed under birth cirtifficate. Also, you already have a hatchet. I will build the log cabin. This is the legal transaction and you may not change the price. But people will do it for lrss, you know. 9×9 standard house coming right up, using your bricks of course. You also need to start stuff from scratch. If you wish, you can get animals to breed if pet owners are willing to breed with wild ones or you get 2 wild ones to breed, or just sell wild ones. But you would need to go 5 hours south, search for a few hours, and travel 5 hours again. Bout a 3 post trip. You would also need to develop cages and means of trapping. I will put you down for a stall in the marketplace. They are free, and you cannot be evicted unless under special circumstances. You also get an advertisement on the billboard.)
I lay down a foundation for Cash’s house. I then cut logs for 1 hour, and build for 2 hours. I get my money.

My money: $5490
Cash’s money (lol, cash’s money): $750.
I decide to give back $250
My money: $5240
Cash’s money: $1000
I then start digging an extension to the caves.
I have started an extension to the underground network. In this extension we will mine petrol. Then we can get earl grey tea and a lemonade substitute! Go citrus stuff!
I decide I shall have a public event soon. But what?

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I get the letter. I start mining, using 4 hours. I use an hour making aerodynamic designs for the plane. I spend a few minutes to update my journal.

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I notice you designing a plane. We found unusual minerals here, and I found and confirmed there is petrol in the expansion. And I do not authorize a plane.

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well i guess i’ll do this:
i start mining for 1 hour.
i also chop wood for 1 hour.
i plan a good cage trap.
i get a fire going using the rocks and lumber,and forge the metal i collected into a large cage trap in 2 hours.
i feed Bengal

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Why so you not agree in the buiding of a plane, I have degree for engineering, and I had to learn a lot of things like aerodynamics, trajectory, all that stuff, so why wouldn’t I be able to build and fly a plane?

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(kash, a large cage trap would take about 30 metal. 1 hour on an average pic axe would get 10 metal. And if your using wood, it would also take about 20 wood. If you wish to make a smaller cage trap, for stuff like racoons, squirls, and rabits, You could probably make 2 of them with that. A large cage trap takes more)

I do not agree to the plane because people would eventually use them to inport and export. I will not stand for inport and export, because that subjects us to import-export laws. I wish for us to flourish off the land, using the abundance of resources to live and making civilization, with its own laws, made among small comunitys where everyone is heard, out of only the surroundings. Also, as I said, you will find petrol in the new expansion to the cave network I started. It is not too abundant, though, so you will get half of your base rate mining it.
But still, If you know aerodynamics and trajectory, how about helping me develop new guns, bullets, bows, arrows, and other hunting and self defense weapons? I would love to work with you, and I will pay you for new things we develop. Please contact me about this offer. Also, be aware that no amount of profits from any product you produce with me should be expected. Or at least not at first. Heck, If ur good enough, maybe I’ll hire you full time at my store. Of course, I do pay reasonably. But remember, there is no minimum wage here. Be careful.
Oh, and here is some petrol. I also put a door on the expansion. The key is inclosed. I have the only other copy.

I decide to go to my cave expansion and mine /petrol/ for an hour, getting 10 /petrol/. I then inclose it with a note to Mau.
I then cut wood and mine metals for an hour together, and make a door, lock, 2 keys, hinges, and handle to the expansion. I send a key with the note to Mau.

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[I needed the petrol to import the citrus]
I keep the petrol. I write on the back
/The only use for this is if I use it in a plane to import the citrus/
I walk over to Ros’s house. about 60 feet away from his house on the way back, I begin to feel tired. I fall over in the snow.

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YAWN I should now… wait, i forgot to drink my mint! Now it’s cold.
But anyway, i remove leaves and take a sip. Nah, too cold. I just put it on stove and draw something.

A cargo helicopter. Could be used to import and export things. But, i don’t know if Ros, our Mayor will let me build it. And another thing, petrol. I’ll just draw this helicopter and eventually, ask Ros.

It takes 1 hour.

I go to mountains and mine there some metal for another hour. My metal depot is nearly without anything. Somebody already mined here.

I go to my house and start to build a small version of my helicopter. After 3 hours it’s done. I test it in my house, outside it could break easily on pointy rock or something.

It flies, but it have very weak battery. If i could put 6 of these i maked before…

Anyway, this could be a great toy to play with at enough big home.