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good plan.

a small shape appears on the horizon,through the shifting sands and the turning dunes of tihis desert you see a person coming top you. as he gets closer you notice the smell. he smells like rotting flesh. He gets closer, and you can see him clearly. he wears a tattered janitor uniform, but he isnt human. one eye is swollen shut, and the open one is irrated and pink. his skin is breaking out in terrible boils, and rashes. he only has half his teeth. he stumbles up to the building site with his mouth hung open. his breath is terible. you finaly notice him, and you all scatter. a brick hits his mouth, knocking out his remaining teeth, and he is angry. one hits his good eye, blinding him. he stumbles madly forward, with no sight. he accidently steps on one of the sledgehammers you have been using. his foot lands on the head, and the handle flies up and hits him in the nose. with a broken nose, no teeth, and no sight, he falls to the ground. a large block is tosed at him by two people, to make sure. it snaps his spine, killing him. you must all now figure out what to do.

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this is getting inactive so why not lock the topic?