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Welcome to the Master Thread!

This thread is your basic necessity for surviving in the Forum Games Forum. Everything you need to know is here!

Last Update: 12:30 PM GMT on April 13th, 2014 by ..

The ‘Forum Games’ Forum Guidelines can be found here. Please review them before you make a game!

Table of Contents

1. Information, Tutorial & Editors
2. Frequently Asked Questions
3. FGF Regulars
4. Wins – List of FGF Champions
5. Current Games – Competiton
6. Current Games – Continuous
7. Current Games – CYOP
8. Current Games – Mafia
9. Current Games – Puzzle
10. Current Games – Roleplay
11. Current Games – Strategy
12. Threads – Miscellaneous & Settings
13. Future Game Ideas
14. FGF Council
15. Statistics
16. Miscellaneous – Notepad & Update Battle

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A must read for all players, new and old!

  • The FGF has a General Thread! Feel free to join us. It is for all kinds of socialization and discussion, so share your opinion and receive those of others today!

  • To promote anti-troll movements, and to make it generally easy for the community to avoid getting drawn into a pointless flame war, please use the Forum Mute script. (Note: With the addition of Guild Forums and the forum layout tweak, the Forum Mute script breaks the layout.)

  • Important! If you see any topic out of place, whether it be a troll thread or a thread about a game that belongs in General Gaming, don’t post, just flag.

  • Important! Please do not discuss (non) FGF topics here. We have the General Thread for that purpose. Regulars are encouraged to flag and ignore any off-topic posts here.

Forum Games Forum Tutorial

Making Forum Games

1. Participate in other games before making your own. There is no substitute for experience, and seeing a few of our veteran’s games can give you inspiration for your own. Also, even though it isn’t really absolutely required, it helps if you are at least fairly well known around the forum, since people will see your quality work as a player.

2. Use proper grammar. This is even more important for making a forum game, especially when you make a title and description for your game, although it isn’t an absolute requirement outside of an Role Play. However, it just matters that your posts be mostly legible; you don’t need to capitalize every ‘I’ or place every comma.

3. Get a good idea of the game. This is very important for long term games. A poorly made game will fail quickly. So please, before you click “Post Topic”, look over your game, and think “Would other people be able to play and enjoy this game?” if not, then take a little while to correct some wrinkles in your game.

4. Commit to the game. Even with a great idea, lots of willing and active players, games (usually) can’t last without an active game host. If you’re going to make a game, you need to be sure you can commit to it.

Joining Forum Games

1. Play the game! Many people signup for a game, and then never play. While in games such as Role Plays, this may not be as much of an issue, but it can ruin others, such as Mafia. So if you’re going to signup, make sure you can play!

2. Use proper grammar. While this isn’t required, it’s definitely an important courtesy. It’s not necessary to make sure every post is perfect, but make the post legible. If your post has to be read more than once because it cannot be understood, there’s a problem.

3. Follow the game rules. While this mostly applies to Role Plays, some other games have rules specific for the game. Follow them, or risk being kicked from the game by the host.

4. Don’t post to increase post count. This also applies to mostly Role Plays. If it’s a serious Role Play, chances are a one-to-two sentence post isn’t going to cut it. If the host took the time to think up the game and was kind enough to put it up here for you to experience, return the favor. Take the time to make a decent post with some detail.

Specific Types of Forum Games

Game Status Legend

(!) – Indicates that signups are open.
(X) – Indicates that signups are closed.
© – This game is considered Classic.

FGF Editors

The requirements are:
1. HTML/textile capability, if you don’t know how to use HTML, go here;
2. FGF Regular and approved by current editors;
3. Must have good grammar;
4. Must have our personal trust;
5. Willing to volunteer to contribute to updating/editing/fixing constantly;
6. Must be sexy, like us. ;)

Active Editors – An (X) denotes if the editor has not updated for 3+ months

Inactive Editors

Retired Editors

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What is FGF?

FGF stands for Forum Games forum. Forum Games was once part of Off-topic.

What are Forum Games?

Forum games are text-based games you play over the forums. While pictures and graphics can be involved, it’s fundamentally based off posts made by users.

What are the different types of Forum Games?

Summary that might not be very up-to-date.

Continuous: In a continuous game, the game will most likely never end (unless ended by the owner). They can vary from a multitude of things such as King of the Hill or Picture Wars.

Competition: In a competitive game, there are either teams or everyone stands for themselves. You compete to have the highest score either by playing games or answering trivia.

Role-Playing (RP): In a Role Play game, you act as a character in the game and follow the storyline provided by the owner. Useful link 1 & Useful link 2.

Mafia: In a mafia game, there are usually two alignments. The first alignment is the “Mafia” and the other alignment is called the “Town”. The Mafia is smaller and knows who the Town players are. The Town don’t know who anyone is, and must kill who they think is in the Mafia during the Day phase.

Werewolf: “Werewolf” forum games are a variant of Mafia games. Instead of there being a team of mafia, there is one werewolf. Like in other mafia games, the “Town” try to figure out who the werewolf is, while the werewolf kills off Town players one by one.

Vote: In a voting game, the storyline progresses as you vote for what the main character/characters should do next. Also known as a CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure, generally option based) or CYOP (Choose Your Own Path, generally keyword/action based).

Miscellaneous: In a miscellaneous game, the game is either unclassified, or has no certain agenda that matches with the above game types.


God Mod: To control another person’s roleplaying in an internet forum or chat room; to abuse “God-mode” cheats.

Role: A role is a character you play in a game, typically a Role Playing game or (more commonly) a Mafia game. In a mafia game, roles are generally privately sent to the players by the host.

Sign-Ups: If a game is open for signups, it will have the (!) symbol beside it and if the signups are closed, it will have the (X) symbol.

Replacements: If someone is inactive, the host of the game may call for a replacement player.

Reserve: If a user signs up for a game, but all the slots are full, they will hold a reserve spot, which means if a player becomes inactive, the reserve player will then take their place.

Game Related: If a thread title has “Game Related” in it, it means the thread is not a forum game, but it has something to do with forum games.

Mafia Specific

Town: The large side that does not know each other in a Mafia game.

Host: The person who runs the game.

Day: The phase in a Mafia in which people vote, and occasionally, perform actions.

Night: The phase in a Mafia in which people (usually) use actions.

Lynch: Elimination of players via gaining the most votes during the day.

Majority lynch: The elimination mechanic where the day ends when the majority of the remaining players vote (for the same person).

FoS: ‘Finger of Suspicion’. Used to indicate that you find someone suspicious but are not going to vote them, for whatever reason (often because you are voting for someone even more suspicious).

HoS: ‘Hand of Suspicion’. Means you’re saying ’He’s either the bad guy, or I am!’

NK: ‘Nightkill’. The elimination of a player via an ability during the Night phase, or the actual ability itself that performs the aforementioned effect.

DK: ‘Daykill’. The elimination of a player via an ability during the Day phase, or the actual ability itself that performs the aforementioned effect.

RNG: ‘Random Number Generator’, or ‘Random Number God’. In a Mafia-specific context, it means to randomly pick someone to vote.

Protect: Protecting someone from a Lynch/Night Kill. (Depends on the role, if there is one.)

Reveal: Revealing someones role to yourself or the team. (Depends on the role, if there is one.)

Scum: Mafia-sided player.

VI: ‘Village Idiot’. A Town-sided player that acts in a manner that hurts their alignment.

SI: ‘Scum Idiot’. A Mafia-sided player that acts in a manner that hurts their alignment.

Bandwagon: A large amount of votes on someone because someone else voted them, for whatever reasons or lack thereof.

Hammer: A very quick bandwagon, usually orchestrated by the Mafia. Also, in a mafia where majority lynch (see above) is used, the final casted vote before majority is reached.

For a more comprehensive list of mafia abbreviations, click here.


Qualifier: A game that is played to see who gets into the competition. Most commonly at the beginning.

Screenshot: A screenshot of the game, with the green plug visible and the high-scores tab open.

DQ’d: Disqualified. Different games may use different words to signify disqualification.

Redemption/Requalification round: A round in which eliminated players get the chance to join the competition again. A competition may or may not have such a round.

Credit to Marh for assisting with the creation of the F.A.Q.

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If you feel you should be included in this list, you may post that you want to be on the list. If three other regulars verify you, you will be included. Active Regulars are active within a three month period. If a Regular is inactive for more then 3 months but less then a year, they’re considered an Inactive Regular, and over a year is Retired Regulars.

Active Regulars
























Total: 58.

Inactive Regulars – 3 months of inactivity.


















Total: 44.

Retired Regulars – Banned and/or over a year of inactivity.




















Total: 45.

Grand Total: 146.

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A forum game win needs to be backed by the rules to be included on the list. Winners of a game that did not win the proper way (such as the game maker choosing them to be the winners of a game that died because they were the most active) will not have their win included in this list. However, this rule may have exceptions, though those exceptions will be rare.

[ 34 ] AdeebNafees

[ 29 ] Bluji

[ 21 ] Woon1957

[ 20 ] Darkboy5846
[ 20 ] JaumeBG

[ 18 ] CowFriend

[ 17 ] myhome16

[ 15 ] Morrrr
[ 15 ] reaper765
[ 15 ] Sabin7
[ 15 ] tracymirkin123

[ 14 ] S_98

[ 13 ] devourer359
[ 13 ] Kadleon
[ 13 ] Knoob85687
[ 13 ] yiu113

[ 12 ] Drovoxx
[ 12 ] MaistlinRajere
[ 12 ] Squidward568

[ 11 ] Pigjr1
[ 11 ] racefan12
[ 11 ] WiiPlayer113

[ 10 ] LouWeed
[ 10 ] MyNameIsNothing
[ 10 ] ocelot

[ 09 ] SamsterSamster
[ 09 ] Zzzip50

[ 08 ] Fogfun
[ 08 ] Helltank
[ 08 ] walfordking

[ 07 ] Behemoth542

[ 06 ] BLOODYRAIN10001
[ 06 ] DragonArcherZ
[ 06 ] Mysterymason
[ 06 ] N1NjA546
[ 06 ] RaceBandit
[ 06 ] Vara

[ 05 ] AbusedZebra
[ 05 ] EEESMAN2424
[ 05 ] Firespread
[ 05 ] kashuushian1542
[ 05 ] Kidudeman
[ 05 ] Precarious
[ 05 ] Pulsaris
[ 05 ] REALinsanemonkey
[ 05 ] Sellyme
[ 05 ] SilentSand
[ 05 ] t6salt
[ 05 ] Taiboss

[ 04 ] coolo2011
[ 04 ] djrockstar
[ 04 ] LightningBO17
[ 04 ] Minnakht
[ 04 ] SilentSam
[ 04 ] Stone667
[ 04 ] therealsirmark4
[ 04 ] wizard96
[ 04 ] Zeeco

[ 03 ] Aax5
[ 03 ] CoolNoah23
[ 03 ] Ben_B
[ 03 ] hamuka
[ 03 ] HappyYay
[ 03 ] Helkaine
[ 03 ] jimbo14
[ 03 ] Kranix
[ 03 ] M_Blox
[ 03 ] Mebomb
[ 03 ] Micron15
[ 03 ] NinjaMaster131
[ 03 ] Serpentes
[ 03 ] SupHomies

[ 02 ] adv0catus
[ 02 ] Aedan210
[ 02 ] afklol
[ 02 ] BestMte
[ 02 ] blazker
[ 02 ] commie_commander
[ 02 ] Evancolem
[ 02 ] FlameFlight
[ 02 ] flashdeath30
[ 02 ] funiax
[ 02 ] gaminguru
[ 02 ] gandalf5166
[ 02 ] Gastly101
[ 02 ] Glomple
[ 02 ] GotterakaThing
[ 02 ] henrythe7th7
[ 02 ] Hyped
[ 02 ] jerenator
[ 02 ] koopa
[ 02 ] KingofLlamas
[ 02 ] kingzak13
[ 02 ] Lebossle
[ 02 ] maxijeje
[ 02 ] Richard91
[ 02 ] Roliim
[ 02 ] SoundFXMan
[ 02 ] speedy250
[ 02 ] TailsTheFox12
[ 02 ] thelolofdeath
[ 02 ] wercooler
[ 02 ] wiiwonder

[ 01 ] Aran150
[ 01 ] arkenarken
[ 01 ] Benjie007
[ 01 ] boomyfun
[ 01 ] buzzerfly
[ 01 ] calebmock
[ 01 ] chesshawk
[ 01 ] Cllazyman
[ 01 ] CrimsonBlaze
[ 01 ] DarkEvilSoul
[ 01 ] Danaroth
[ 01 ] doctorew
[ 01 ] Dman18
[ 01 ] dreamsdragon1998
[ 01 ] EbilWulf
[ 01 ] efar
[ 01 ] Elldaman311
[ 01 ] ElLocoXII
[ 01 ] FelineForumer
[ 01 ] Godzillasrabbid
[ 01 ] GottaAskTheMan
[ 01 ] hangman95
[ 01 ] hero122
[ 01 ] hippyman27
[ 01 ] IAMMegamanX7
[ 01 ] ilvon
[ 01 ] InfiniteExpanse
[ 01 ] Jamuak
[ 01 ] Jazzaboy
[ 01 ] jittyot
[ 01 ] JoeySkywalker
[ 01 ] King_Matt
[ 01 ] kingboo19
[ 01 ] linkisgreat7
[ 01 ] locks888
[ 01 ] magik98
[ 01 ] marti000
[ 01 ] Mastercheif987
[ 01 ] MasterZekrom
[ 01 ] Mendacium
[ 01 ] michael222
[ 01 ] Mortinor
[ 01 ] MrCollect
[ 01 ] NimbusCloud26
[ 01 ] occooa
[ 01 ] OmegaDoom
[ 01 ] pludrpladr
[ 01 ] Pokarnor
[ 01 ] puzzledan
[ 01 ] Randomturtle
[ 01 ] RiddleOfRevenge
[ 01 ] sarothat410
[ 01 ] seanison0151
[ 01 ] sebba
[ 01 ] sgtawesome16
[ 01 ] shadow925
[ 01 ] shadowkirby21
[ 01 ] Shandys
[ 01 ] SilverEvil
[ 01 ] simeng
[ 01 ] SkieLight
[ 01 ] Speaksforthedead
[ 01 ] SuperCaliFragil
[ 01 ] tbenn14
[ 01 ] TheAznSensation
[ 01 ] thijs956
[ 01 ] tommiboy500
[ 01 ] TwistedCakez
[ 01 ] undeadcupcake3
[ 01 ] viper11475
[ 01 ] Xandrya
[ 01 ] zedd236
[ 01 ] ZigZagZombie

Credit to JaumeBG for creating the original list. New list created by Morrrr.

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GLITCH by Bluji (X)
Delve into the deadly world of GLITCH… ten companions join Bluji on a dangerous journey.

adv0catus’s Caption Contest by adv0catus (X)
A picture is worth a thousand words, it’s up to you to find the best words for these pictures!

Sunday π by Kadleon (X)

Majority Rules: A Social Experiment by TwistedCakez (X)
How will you go against a team of unknown people, with a team of unknown people? This experiment was made to find out.

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Coke Machine by LightningB017 (!)
Insert something, obtain anything.

Corrupt-a-Wish by emperor1212 (!)
The original classic. Shatter those wishes with your wordplay and thinking skills.

King of The Hill V by sgtawesome16 (!) ©
Do anything it takes to be the King. Just watch out, cuz everyone wants to do that!

Steal the Cookie by Evancolem (!)
Foil the previous poster’s attempts at protecting the precious cookie and claim it as your own.

That’s not a _____! by Thepenguinking2 (!)
Looks can be deceiving! Figure out an alternative to what the last person saw.

The List by Woon1957 (!)
Try to guess the contents of the List, with various topics and a leaderboard.

Live, Die, Die Live and Die by Criks (!)
Come up with a weird way to kill yourself, and the next poster has to save you.

Picture Wars 6 by undeadcupcake3 (!)
Each picture has to beat the last.

Last 3 Letters into 3 New Words by King_Matt (!)
Create new three words following the last three letters.

This or That? by gamemaniac101 (!)
A simple game of preference.

The Sandwich Game by Angried (!)
Create a sandwich, using ANYTHING. The 50th person gives last ingredient, and then eats it. Tasty? Your call!

The Never Ending Sentence by arkenarken (!)
This sentence never ends… your English teacher must be very proud…

The Empathy Game Returns by Pulsaris (!)
People have to guess the theme of a category of words, with the winner choosing the next set.

Fortunately, Unfortunately by nickyiscrazyy (!)
The way this works is someone says something fortunate that happened, and the next person says something unfortunate that happened.

Mix the titles by mar12345 (!)
Combine two different game titles into one awesome one!

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Fallen King by kilozombie (!)

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RaceBandit’s Bastard Dethy by RaceBandit (X)
Thieves and cops find themselves locked in a police station during a blackout.

Canyon Crossfire by Bluji (X)

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Samster’s Puzzle of the Day by SamsterSamster (!)
A new puzzle every day!

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Emblems of Fate (Signups) by Blood_Shadow (!)
A mysterious godlike being has kidnapped you and given you the power to summon and control mythical entities of elemental might. Now you must use your newfound power to complete your captor’s trials and win back your freedom… The freedom to use your power in any way you see fit.

8-bit RPG by ilovekirby12 (!)
Capture beasts, decapitate people, eat funky mushrooms, all in an 8-bit world drawn by ilovekirby12!

Defend The House 2 (Signups) by gammaflux (!)
Defend your cottage and learn new skills in this RPG.

The Realm of the Dead – Reformation (Signups) by BCLEGENDS (!)
A remake of RandomTurtle’s popular Real of the Dead RP.

Outloved (Signups) by TheBastardBrasta (!)
You’re the backbone of Politeia, the last hints of civilization in the post-apocalyptic world; it’s been so for a few years now, ever since the zombies ended it all.

RP the RPG by gammaflux (X)
A 1 on 1 deathmatch where your RP Skill makes or breaks you.

Zombie Apocalypse Chapter 4: Blood and Steel (Signups) by calebmock (!)

Glyph Seekers (Signups) by SypherKhode822 (!)
An alternate history adventure of espionage and magical words of power. You Are a Glyph Seeker, someone who has been contracted by your nation to find the Glyphs, mysterious artifacts that can alter the world around you.

Yet Another Generic Zombie Apocalypse Game (Signups) by hamuka (!)
You’re stuck in a stereotypical zombie apocalypse. Now, you must enlist in the army and help reclaim the Earth in this parody of zombie RPs.

¡DUEL! by uruguay_noma (!)

Dungeon Master by ZigZagZombie (X)

Magicka 1243 (Signups) by BLOODYRAIN10001 (!)
A sandbox roleplaying game in which players generally fuck around the Eastern Hemisphere with magical powers in the mid-13th century. Nuff’ said.

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Risk: Europe I by thijsel (!)
Wage war with your enemies to be the ultimate ruler of Europe!

Rivalry by DragonArcherZ (!)

Dangerous Doors by Cade642 (X)
Choose a door and hopefully it contains something good. But watch out for the Monster!

Half the Average [Again.] by thenewampkit (X)

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[Game-Related] The ‘Choose My Next Game’ Thread by ForumGames
Need help deciding what game to run next?

[Game-Related] Official Board Game Online Masterthread by BCLEGENDS
Blow off some steam in this whacky and weird online board game!

[Game-Related] The Steam Thread by adv0catus
A crowd sourced list of everyone that uses Steam and the games they own.

[Game-Related] Cards Against Humanity! by T6salt
Humanity means nothing in this card game.

[Community-Related] FGFers Interviewed! by Kadleon
Interviews of FGFers by FGFers.

[Community-Related] Directory of Contacts by adv0catus
A compilation of off-site contacts.


[Setting] The Nexus by Blood_Shadow

[Setting] Mortal City by Helltank

[Setting] Kosmos by Kosmos

[Setting] Eos by Eos_

[Setting] Fell by Helltank

Indon by MasterCheif987

Kongregate D&D – Character Creation by FG_DD

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  • Time-Limited Tasks: Players are given a list of tasks to complete within a certain time frame. The game is designed so not all tasks can be completed within the time given. Whoever completes the most, wins.
  • Left 4 Dead (2) Mafia: Self explanatory theme, setup still needs to be determined, but a general framework is in mind.
  • 20 Questions v2.0: Same style as The Empathy List, where the correct guesser takes over the responsibility as host. In the event that no one guesses the subject, the current host runs another round.
  • Black Jack: Self explanatory, everyone starts with a certain amount of chips and can play any hand they want.
  • 6 Degrees of Separation Wikipedia Edition: The concept that everyone is connected by 6 or less people, except applied to Wikipedia articles. The starting article and the finishing article must be connected by links through the connected articles.
  • Stock Market Simulator: Self explanatory. There’s a number of stocks with varying starting prices, determined by RNG if they will increase, decrease or stay the same in value. Everyone starts with the same amount of money and can sell whenever they wish, for a fee. The game is ‘won’ when someone can buy control of the entire market.
  • Quests: Each round, a pre-designed quest is announced. Each player, on an alternate account, tries to get the Quest as quickly as possible. The last player is eliminated.
  • Quote Falls
  • Kongregate Riddles: Riddles are made, based on (badged) games on the site, and the players try to guess the answer.
  • Escape The Cube
  • Battle RP: Two sides battle it out in an RP to determine which team is the victor. One on one battles, with the winner being determined by majority. (Potential: Marvel Superheroes/Villains vs. DC Superheroes/Villains)
  • Caption Contest: With this modification, the players are their own judges! Each caption is submitted via PM and at the end of the round, the host posts all the captions, anonymously. The players are allowed to rate a certain number of captions (not all of them, probably approximately 75%), but never their own. Last one standing wins.


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The FGF Council is open to any and all FGFers. Feel free to post matters that you think need discussing.

Topic Queue – The list of topics that have not been resolved yet.


Previous Topics – The list of previously discussed topics in the Council.

1. Discuss Rule #7.

Should Rule #7 be changed to allow more games to be run by a single user? Should we pass this decision on to a forum moderator and have it be law?

Status: Resolved; the revised Rule #7, located in the Refined Guidelines is the result.

2. Define ‘Classic’.

Should the stat of ‘Classic’ for a game be changed to include/exclude game genres? Should we change the current definition or remove the stat altogether?

Status: Resolved. The status has been kept for historical significance only.

3. Discuss Tagging Procedures.

Should Tag Procedures 3 and 4 be included or excluded in future tagging? Should there be any changes in their workings?

Status: Resolved; Tagging Procedure 3 has been excluded and Tagging Procedure 4 has been instated.

4. Discuss Continuous Games and Revised Rule #7.

Should Continuous games, particularly those which are not GM dependent, count towards the limit of games that a person may host? Should someone running a continuous game be allowed to host another game without seeking approval per Revised Rule #7?

Status: Resolved; continuous games do count and approvals are needed as per Revised Rule #7.

5. Propose change to Tagging Procedure 4.

Should character limit be increased from 70? What should be the new character limit of Tagging Procedure 4?

Status: Resolved; Tagging Procedure 4 has been relaxed. “A couple of sentences” is the new limit for the description and the acceptable length is up to editor discretion.

6. Should the first posts of the Master FGF thread be improved?

Should some of the more trivial content be condensed down and more important areas (e.g game making, dealing with trolls, helpful information) have their own posts and sections?

Status: Resolved, The Master Thread has been re-organized, condensed and re-written into textiles to ensure updating is easier.

7. Discuss win procedure.

Who should be able to award wins in games? What criteria should there be to meet a win?

Status: Resolved; The host determines the wins, within reason.

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All times at GMT and formats DD/MM/YYYY unless specified otherwise.

Updated on 8/3/2014.

Topics: 5,737.
Posts: 587,262.
Posts/Topic: 102.36. (Previous: 102.42 P/T – 100+ P/T on 27/1/13)

Most Viewed: The List (1,339,488) [Approx. 21261 views per active regular]
Most Posted: General Thread (22,550 posts) [Approx. 3.84% of all posts]

Forum Gamers Nationalities

(List written up April 13 2011)
(List updated (latest): March 15 2014)


Bangladesh: AdeebNafees.

Cambodia: TheAznSensation.

China: Zzzip50.

Hong Kong: Pulsaris.

India: Drovoxx & Kadleon.

Israel: Kidudeman.

Malaysia: S_98 & Woon1957.

Philippines: speedy250.

Qatar: djrockstar.

Singapore: Helltank.

Taiwan: CowFriend.


Austria: Taiboss.

Denmark: Kranix & pludrpladr.

England: BCLEGENDS, coolo2011, KingofLlamas, kingzak13, Morrrr, Mysterymason, Randomturtle, SamsterSamster, Squidward568, t6salt, Twiton, waffle_god & walfordking.

Finland: Bluji, CYrusmaster & Eldubs.

Hungary: hamuka.

Netherlands: Lomika & tommiboy500.

Poland: Minnakht.

Russia: Master_of_Helium & SupHomies.

Scotland: Knoob85687.

Spain: JaumeBG.

North America

Canada: adv0catus, Blood_Shadow, Darkboy5846, occooa, reaper765, uzzbuzz & yiu113.

United States: BLOODYRAIN10001, devourer359, EbilWulf, Firespread, Fogfun, Gambi69, Gastly101, Hallucent, HappyYay, henrythe7th7, Jimbo14, kashuushian1542, Mastercheif987, MyNameIsNothing, Pigjr1, Pokarnor, Precarious, racefan12, Rosate, Sabin7, sarothat410, SilentSam, SilentSand, SilverEvil, solidsnake6, TailsTheFox12, tracymirkin123, undeadcupcake3, Xandrya, XYTWO, yiu113 & Zeeco.


Australia: arkenarken, GottaAskTheMan, Johanna_T, NoveltyAccount, QWERTY511, REALinsanemonkey, RiddleOfRevenge & sebba.

New Zealand: DragonArcherZ & JaumeBG.

South America

Argentina: Behemoth542.

Brazil: TheJesterOfPain.

Where do our visitors come from?

free counters


(List written: November 23 2011)
(List updated (latest): March 8 2014)

January (6): Firespread (1st), Gastly101 (8th), CowFriend (11th), Pigjr1 (26th), TailsTheFox12 (27th) & Zzzip50 (31st).

February (6): racefan12 & undeadcupcake3 (1st), hamuka (8th), Blood_Shadow (20th), JaumeBG (21st) & Jimbo14 (29th).

March (6): RaceBandit (11th), REALinsanemonkey (14th), yui113 (17th), adv0catus (22nd), Xandrya (27th) & Twiton (28th).

April (1): speedy250 (1st).

May (7): SilverEvil (6th), RiddleofRevenge (11th), DragonArcherZ (16th), Woon1957 & Randomturtle (18th), sarothat410 (24th) & InfiniteExpanse (27th).

June (6): tracymirkin123 (3rd), AdeebNafees & coolo2011 (10th), stone667 (19th), t6salt (29th) & S_98 (30th).

July (3): BCLEGENDS (27th), sebba (29th) & Taiboss (30th).

August (7): Pokarnor (3rd), puzzledan (8th), myhome16 (13th), Squidward568 (18th), uzzbuzz(23rd), SamsterSamster (28th) & GottaAskTheMan (32nd).

September (2): TwistedCakez (22nd) & MyNameIsNothing (26th).

October (8): King_Matt (7th), XYTWO (14th), CYrusmaster (20th), kingzak13 (21st), devourer359 (26th), arkenarken (27th), djrockstar & TheAznSensation (28th).

November (7): BLOODYRAIN10001 (5th), ZigZagZombie (6th), MasterCheif987 (12th), Rosate (17th), reaper765 (18th), Kadleon (21st) & Minnakht (23rd).

December (5): Bluji (1st), Behemoth542 & Darkboy5846 (9th), Knoob85687 (13th) & Helltank (19th).

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Editors, use the below extra posts as a Notepad. Use the format as what happened and by whom.

The game listing should look like this:

"Game Title":thread_url ("Signups":signup_url) [if applicable] by "Host":profile_url *(X/!)*

Dear Editors,
I skimmed through the thread since I’ve been gone, and I noticed a large amount of flaming, arguing, and general misuse of the thread. That apparently eventually culminated in the eventual closure of this thread for a period of time. Since we seem to be lacking in general procedure towards handling these kinds of issues, I have provided one. Edit freely.

  1. Firmly communicate to the users. Misuse of MFGFT is disallowed. Privately encourage uninvolved users to ignore.
  2. Flag inappropriate posts. Attempt to end the conversation before it goes too far.
  3. Directly communicate with forum moderators. Attempt to achieve punishments for responsible users, while leaving the thread intact and unlocked. Clearly state the differences between the rule-abiding editors and the rule-breaking users.
  4. Feel like a sexy.

I don’t know if these kinds of issues are recurring, since I haven’t been here for a while, but this general procedure should prevent the thread from being locked. Disputes between users should not interfere with us.
By TheAznSensation

MFGFT editors, here are some useful tools to make your life easier:

  • Cookie Swap: Helps to switch between your user account and the FG account easily.
  • Lue script by Vara: Helps to easily see which games have not been registered by the MFGFT yet. (If you use Firefox, it requires Greasemonkey. For Chrome users, it may or may not work with TamperMonkey.)

~ AdeebNafees

Revamped the thread completely. Made it a lot more organized and easier to update.
~ adv0catus, 02/01/14

IRC channel name for editor chat is #MFGFTEditors and it’s on the Coldfront network.
~ AdeebNafees, 23/8/12

Lots of games have been added – this thread is a lot more active now.
~ Mysterymason, 4/8/12

Removed a nice bunch of games that were locked or just dead.
~ Bluji, 3/3/12

I think I’ve updated pretty much anything but if I have missed anything (I’m certainly not perfect) please tell me.
~ SamsterSamster, 3/3/12

Added the two new editors, added a couple of games and changed a couple of the incorrect brackets.
~ SamsterSamster, 25/2/12

Added some games I saw on the frontpage, and updated some stats.
~ Taiboss, 25/2/12

Got rid of a decent amount of inactive games, however I may have left a few just to play it safe. This is arguably my first update with any substance in it, and today marks my active editorship.
~ Jimbo14

Removed a lot of abandoned/inactive games, updated the statuses of some, and updated the overall stats.
~ AdeebNafees, 15/9/11

Kranix is banned from being an editor for account/password tampering. I partially revised the regular list and fixed a few inconsistencies, changed some textile formatting to HTML, and partially updated the games list by removing locked games and updated the links to accurate threads. That is all, but I will be more active from now on.
~ TheAznSensation, 5/22/11

There has been a refresh of the editors.
~ Mysterymason, 5/9/11

I removed all the unnecessary fodder throughout the whole thing, updated finished games and new games, and updated pretty much everything else.
~ Sellyme, 20/12/10

I try to include all games over 40 Posts.
~ TheAznSensation, 12/11/10

Cleaned up the games section a bit.
~ Sabin7, 28/10/10

Alphabetized the Council List.
~ CowFriend, 10/23/10

Added some information to Making Games.
~ Sabin7, 10/21/10

Master FGF Thread created 10/5/10.
~ TheAznSensation

FogFun, Marh, WiiPlayer113 become Editors.
~ TheAznSensation

Dear Editors,
Please feel free to edit what needs to be edited, what you can contribute, and update the directory as often as possible. Please include the most recent update time in the first post. When updating the directory, only add games that have reached two pages and always link to the sign-ups unless they are locked. Once a game is closed, remove it from the directory. If a game is inactive for five days without explanation, feel free to remove it.
~ TheAznSensation

Update Battle

As of 12/11/10, every time you have a large update, add a check mark to your name. Note that Editors are listed here in the order of receiving editorship, and not in descending order of authority/sexiness/other generic yardstick.

TheAznSensation ✔✔
Sellyme ✔✔✔
Drovoxx ✔
JaumeBG ✔
CowFriend ✔
Kranix ✔
SupHomies ✔
Mysterymason ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔
Bluji ✔✔
AdeebNafees ✔✔✔✔✔✔
Taiboss ✔✔
adv0catus ✔✔

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I can be in?

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I approve SFX as a FGF regular. I would like to put forth my name into consideration at this time for the same title, Forum Game Forums Regular.

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Originally posted by SilentSam:

I approve SFX as a FGF regular. I would like to put forth my name into consideration at this time for the same title, Forum Game Forums Regular.

Symbiotically, I believe that SilentSam is definitely a regular here. :)

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Ooooooh A master thread

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Originally posted by WiiPlayer113:

Ooooooh A master thread

You’re an editor. You’ll receive the password to this account once I’m done making the layout.

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I agree that SilentSam is a regular. I’ve know him for a loooooong time.

He gets my second vote.

Also, congratz on taking the initiative Azn!

EDIT: Also, as for the council thing… So, is that going to include council members too? Because the way OT does it, there’s a list of the members, and then they discuss things throughout the rest.