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Two and a half centuries have passed since the cataclysmic battle between Cepheus and Dominic.

The world is much changed.

The expulsion of Infernal energy through the expanding hellhole destroyed all higher forms of technology that remained around the world while at the same time irradiating and mutating many of the global population, plunging both humans and mutants alike into a darker age of pure survival.

Governments rise and fall as the strong and ambitious seek to control the masses. Political power struggles and violent wars divide the various countries of the globe. The events of the ancient Bomb have wrought the players of that stage into legends. Notorious or otherwise, these powerful warriors and their actions created ripples across the river of Time to affect the beliefs of those hundreds of years later.

Into this time of strife and struggle, you begin your journey. In the wilderness or amongst the people trying to create a civilization from the chaos, your place will be made. Find your reason to live, your purpose, and write history.

Welcome to the World. What is your name?

Sign-Up Sheet (All of the categories must be answered. You must be approved before you can post on the game thread.)

Hometown: (Countries and such will be named as they occur to me, but you’re welcome to suggest any. For the purposes of initial sign-ups, just give me a hometown and its general location. This also can double as your starting position if it fits with your faction.)
Description: (as specific as possible, please. Only a physical description is required here.)
Skills/Abilities: (as in the first game, an ability automatically makes you a mutant. The limit has been raised to three. Limitations or drawbacks to each ability are required.)
Weapons: (If you fill this out please be very specific. Also, no missile launchers, complex firearms, or anything like that as we’re kind of in the Dark Ages Part Deux. There is some technology, but nothing like that.)
Bio: (At least a few sentences, please.)
Faction: (See the related post for the organizations to choose from. No loners allowed for the foreseeable future.)

New class of character added. The MAGE is a human (or a mutant with only ONE other power) that can focus their will on the environment around them to perform magic. This ability will be firmly rooted in realism and physics, not just “snap your finger and a black hole appears in the sky” sort of actions. The mage can use any element, but is encouraged to choose one and become a master of it. The mage CANNOT be master of all of them. Please include in your description how you attained this ability, and characters already participating are more than welcome to make use of magic so long as they meet the aforementioned requirements. I know it sounds restrictive, but I’m willing to be flexible with enough persuasion. PM me if you have any questions.

Yet another class now added, information courtesy of BCLEGENDS

Elementals are concentrated areas of magical energy given sentience and occasionally sapience. Said magical energy may be any of the following types, although magical types further down the list tend to be rarer:
Self: Any given effect, but only one per elemental. Anti-forms of this elemental type do not exist, although anti-forms of specific effects may or may not.
Monocardinal: Pure element use only. Anti-forms of this elemental type exist.
Bicardinal: Dual element use, but no use of pure elements composing it. Anti-forms of this elemental type exist.
Tricardinal: Triple element use and use of pure elements composing it, but no use of dual elements formed from pure elements. Anti-forms of this elemental type exist. [I will consider a player character like this if the third element has very little to no combat use.]
Tetracardinal (Chromatic/Cosmic Elemental): Use of all possible elemental combinations, including pure elements and Cosmos, a rainbow-esque magic form that hits an opponent for immense damage and at their weakest resistances in terms of magic. An anti-form of this elemental type exists (Anti-Chromatic/Null Elemental). [This is here for the sake of completeness, but I will not allow any player characters to be this.]
As a rule, elementals are nearly invincible – the only thing that can erase their magical bodies and ‘kill’ their sentience are anti-forms of their magical type, or magical forms which are naturally strong against their own magical form (for obvious reasons, Cosmic/Null elementals can therefore only be destroyed by use of Anticosmos/Cosmos, whilst Self elementals can technically be destroyed by any cardinal magic or offensive Self magic form, but require far more damage to be taken than with cardinal elementals before this can be achieved). However, to channel their magical ability, they must manifest within a body composed of their element; striking this body enough times with enough force, regardless of whether it would normally be destroyed or not, will cause enough pain to both force the elemental out of its body and render it paralysed for the next few minutes, which is generally enough time for a target to escape the elemental in question.

Taken Name: [Sapient elementals are born with their true names ringing within their minds. They may either take this name, or reject it for something else, although their true names will always be present as a reminder of who they are. Essentially the same as any other character name.]
Element: [Which cardinal element is used by the elemental, or what form their Self magic takes if they are of that element. Other than the aforementioned Self magic, players may use monocardinal, bicardinal, anticardinal and anti-bicardinal magic. Bicardinal elementals cannot use the pure forms of the cardinal magics that make up their element.]
Preferred Form: [Elementals are naturally invisible, but find it difficult to cast magic without possessing their used element (or forming some of their element to possess) to form a body. Basically, a description of your general form, which can be virtually anything, but should be at least somewhat humanoid. Air elementals and some other types of elemental tend to be invisible for the most part anyway, but users should still fill out this section for when they suck up debris and such; other cardinal elementals wield bodies composed of their cardinal element, whilst Self elementals tend to be formed from substances relating to what their magic can do, assuming there are any substances that can relate to their particular form of magic.]
Creation: [Either Natural (formed at random from extreme concentrations of magical energy in an area) or Artificial (created either partially or wholly from the efforts of a mage or group of magi – to be specific, if even a single mage provides even the smallest amount of magical energy to concentrate enough magic into an area to form an elemental, the elemental is artificial, as it would not have formed without the mage’s help; for areas pervaded with little to no natural magical energy, upwards of twenty mages or so will be required to create a single elemental, with yet more required to grant sapience to the elemental). At their introduction, essentially all elementals should be naturally formed, with the number of artificial elementals being played increasing over time as their existence becomes better known in-story and more mages attempt to create one for themselves.]
History: [What purpose the elemental was made for if artificial, and what the elemental has done over their lifespan thus far.]
Faction: [Sapient elementals, like humans and mutants, are capable of choosing sides. Therefore, they may also choose a Faction to follow, if they so wish. Most elementals should be loners in the early stages after their introduction – after all, who’s going to believe that a being formed entirely of magical energy could exist unless shown undeniable proof of it? Very few people, one would warrant.]

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Continents (For now only the landmasses will be displayed here. Any governments that are suggested or created will be placed here as well. This will also include any large locations that can double as landmarks.)

North America
Sacred New York (Global NUO HQ)
Alcatraz (landmark)
San Francisco (location)
Seattle (location)
Vancouver (location)

South America
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil (city location)
Macchu Pichu (location)
Paititi (event location)

Gabon (state location)
African Warfare Government (political institution for the region)
New Egypt (government)
Giza (location)
Thinis (event location)

City of the Dying (location) Destroyed
London (city location)
Bluebird Cafe Destroyed (AdeebNafees)
NUO Embassy Destroyed (AdeebNafees)
Moscow (city location)
Russian Federation (government)
Tours (location)
House of the Dead (event location) Destroyed

Tokyo (location)
Aokigahara (landmark)

Sydney (location)
Ayers Rock (landmark)
Blacktown (location)
Dread Bay prison (event location)

Research Base 24 (landmark)

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Living (and Mostly Active) Characters

Dominic (ME!)
Jack Scarlet (pludrpladr)
Sol Shard (Bluji)
Connor Gray (SpiritfChaos)
Andrus Sonic (AdeebNafees)
Michael Reiley (PyroForge)
Lucinda Alice Beleran (Minnakht)
Alex Magnus (Cepheus666)
Solaris Embarta (BCLEGENDS)
Chaos (ChaosZeppellin)
Weed (bobcamel)
Lee Matthews (coolo2011)
John Smith (KingofLlamas)
Arthur McQuietus (Mundane_Intruder)
Arya Cane (Xandrya)
Jason Cruorgens (ChaosZeppelin)
Amy Narsk (coolo2011number3)
Johnny Munsee (PowerPlaya99)
Michael Goodwin (TheIdiocyWizard)
Thomas “Shadow” Reyfora (InfiniteExpanse)
Nepycros Anxinus (Nepycros)
Frost (Blood_Shadow)
Cain (WillItBlend)

Dead Characters

Riley Stone (Xandrya)
The Jester (TheJesterOfPain)
Seren (squidward568)
Ranshyymon (CYrusmaster)
Hadrian (Mylar)
Eclipsis Void (ADLEGENDS I guess, since Solaris was transferred)
Azerial (KingofLlamas)
Jake (MasterCheif987)
Tramas ‘Arcturus’ Dextero (Mundane_Intruder)
Raig Aida (CraigKiller)
Giarc (Craig12390)
Matt (squidward568)
Heart (randomturtle)
Kelevra (Jimbo14)
Arvelek (41obmiJ)
Dana Black (EternalBreath)
James (MasterCheif987)
Adrian (WrathUnleashed)
Jake Scowerson (Bezerka95)
Ros (rosate)
Rick Matthews (coolo2011)
Lanarus (Lucario9)
Leon “Maverixk” Mosher (BreakingBen)
Cad Psychanatos (maverixk)
Kote Darasuum (TruColors)
Namakari Ichio (The_BeaST337)
Jonathan, and all his personalities (Blood_Shadow)
Jennifer Lorenz (JohnSolaris)
Sara Sylvestria Wright (Neatras)
Nepycros (Nepycros)
Jarret Rayford (Fogfun)
Ryan Mellow (EbilWulf)
Colonel Frohike (TheIdiocyWizard)
Gerard Hanoy (AFlippinWizard)

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(This is where I’ll be putting the main organizations with their summaries. The Continents section will be reserved for locations only.)

Novus Ordo Seclorum (NOS) – An extremely secretive organization with spies in almost all of the important governments and groups in the world. No one but its own members know of the existence of the organization. NOS has no base of operations in the physical world. Rather, all meetings are held in the leader’s Mindscape. Their long-term goals are the extermination of normal humans (as in, people who are neither mutants nor mages), as well as world domination. At the moment, NOS has already established control over most of the world governments.

Symbol: A silver cross. Every member is given one of these crosses, containing a fragment of the leader’s soul. These crosses allow access to the leader’s Mindscape. They also give the leader constant surveillance over all of the members, and enable him to kill any traitors instantly.

Composition: Entirely of mutants and mages.

Leader: Lucius Ferre, whose profile can be found on page 23.

Notable members: A list can be found on page 14.

Noble Unified Order (NUO) – After the death of Tycho Wallenquist, and the subsequent conquest of its headquarters at New York City by Chaos, the NUO is a mere shadow of its former self. It is now led by the only surviving General, David Smith, who is a prominent member of Novus Ordo Seclorum. Even this remnant will not survive for long; David is secretly working toward the total destruction of his organization to fulfill one of the primary goals of NOS. Removing the world’s main anti-mutant organization will be the first step of NOS’s victory.

Composition: Almost all humans and mages; a few mutants pretending to be humans or mages.

Leader: David Smith

Council of Magi – A group of powerful mages in Britain running a school of magic. They used to be fairly neutral toward the various factions of the world. However, the new Archmage is Evangeline Wright, the second-in-command of Novus Ordo Seclorum. Since Eva took over, she transformed the school of magic into a boot camp to train soldiers under Lucius’s command.

Symbol: A silver pentacle. Every member is given one of these, which contains a fragment of Lucius’s soul just like the silver crosses.

Composition: Entirely of mages.

Leader: Evangeline Wright

Wu Dynasty (吴朝) – The new imperial dynasty of China, risen to power after the collapse of the previous communist government. It is an absolute monarchy, with the emperor hailed as the Son of Heaven; the imperial bloodline usually produced mutants powerful enough to enforce their authority. The current emperor, Wu Zheng Yuan (吴正元), is a fairly benevolent ruler, but the coldblooded crown prince Wu Ming (吴明), who is an important member of Novus Ordo Seclorum, is planning to kill his father and usurp the throne.

Symbol: An eastern dragon curling around a golden pentagram.

Composition: Mostly humans, with some mutants and mages.

Leader: Wu Zheng Yuan; will soon be Wu Ming.

New Egypt – An Egyptian dynasty ruling over the most of Africa. Utilizing mutant and magical powers, they have expanded their territory aggressively, and built a pyramid in every city they conquered. It is currently led by the warlike Pharaoh Osiris Ptolemy. His sister, High Priestess Isis Ptolemy, is a prominent member of Novus Ordo Seclorum; she is planning to dethrone her brother and bring her country under NOS control.

Symbol: An ankh inside a triangle (pyramid).

Composition: Humans, mutants, and mages.

Leader: Osiris Ptolemy; soon to be Isis Ptolemy.

The Klilox – Formed only a 100 years into the reign of the NUO, the Klilox was originally a specialized criminal organization. Founded by a certain man known by the members as Xathrel, the primary name of the dread organization was Klinlox. Made from a jumble of ‘Kill’ and ‘Nox’ as a way to honor their tradition as remarkable assassins that it would soon boast. Old NUO records show that Xathrel was a man of prodigious intellect, and only few knew about the existence of the Klinlox in the first place.

During Xathrel’s time, the Klinlox flourished, its business involving various offers in professional assassinations and creation of unrest. Some say that the organization fueled many of the revolutions that broke out all over the world. However, that remains a mystery to this day. The founder and sole master, Xathrel was himself an assassin, known as Death Shadow for his abilities in stealth and sabotage. Some even attribute him to be the first dark magician during those times, but such claims are unfounded.

After the death of their leader, the organization grew weak internally. The superiors wished to take hold of teh corporation, while the juniors supported those that promised them power on rising. Internal dispute often spells doom, and, during this time, the daring ‘Vigilantes’ were formed, a group consisting of people of all classes that had lost someone near and dear to the organization’s power. While Klinlox was still strong enough to fend off this weak coalition, the disputes grew even more terrible, till, at last, there was a mass uprising. Many Klinlox members were killed, and even more were captured. One man rose to power, and, to show his total possession over the organization, renamed it as Klilox.

Gradually, it rose to power again, and, in the pre-division eras, its glory became such that there was not a man who did not fear it. The organizations assassins boasted the power to know the location of their prey no matter where they hid, and it is a fact that their intelligence systems and rigorous training made for almost guaranteed perfect work.

Then things grew bad again. Raymond Black, the man who had united the Klilox under one flag, was brutally murdered by miscreants. In general disarray, the organization seemed doomed to be destroyed. Then, miraculously, it stabilized once more, and established a primary center at The City of Dying, which had since long been renamed by some fanatical governor.

The namesake soon proved true, as the Klilox, now backed by some unknown power, demonstrated supreme power within the city. However, slowly, it was transforming into a death cult as the members began to believe in the Crimson Pigeon and the Prophesy of Death. This brought about another change in the organization’s structure. Slowly, it began to spread to far away places, establishing research centers in destroyed or abandoned NUO bases.

Some said that the klilox was planning something else than what the NUo wanted them to do. They weren’t wrong.

Composition: Humans, Mutants and mages. Humans are the least in number, with mutants being the highest. Most mages specialize in dark magic.

Motto: Spill a drop of blood of your foe, and you save a drop of your own.

Symbol: The Crimson Pigeon. The creation of this symbol was done in early NUO times by famous religious thinker Joseph Cormorant. Drawing inspiration from the symbol of world peace, the man theorized that, after creation, God created the Master Reaper for the collection of souls. However, the Master Reaper soon discovered that, on finding out his task, people fled whenever he appeared. Angered when he was baulked off every single soul for 3 days, he went to a deep jungle, where, on witnessing a white pigeon sitting by a waterfall, he summoned the blood of the tainted, and poured a drop onto the creature. The read plumage indicates death, and it is said that witnessing the Crimson Pigeon is a sure sign of impending doom.

Leader: Great Saint of Death. However, they believe that their true leader and messiah is the Angel of Death.

Prophesy: A prophesy made by The Theological Society of London during The Golden Times. It predicted that, when man would be divided amongst themselves, and each division would hunt the other, the time of destruction would come and a destroyer would be born for the task. The prophesy acknowledges that the destroyer will lead ‘an army of death’ in his wake, and then, no human being would be able to stop him.

Long term goal: To fulfill the Prophesy of Death, at any and all costs. The last parts of the prophesy, in their belief, has been scratched off, and it promises a happy and prosperous land for those who assisted the Angel of Death, who, by then, would disappear till he would be needed again.

The Hive – The second incarnation of one of the original factions in Ather City, the Hive has remained relatively underground since its formation, acting more as an isolated city rather than a military organization. Their stance on the humans vs. mutants front is neutral, as their ranks include members of both races. Formerly located in the American Midwest, it has been relocated to Cairo after an attack by the NUO.

Composition: Both humans and mutants, with a few mages.

Leader: Nicholas Keyes

Notable members: Sarah Immortuos, Norman Keyes, Connor Gray, Alexander Magnus, William Morpheus

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Name: Dominic
Hometown: None
Description: Appears as a toned young man covered in rags that obscure his facial features as well as a dirty black cloak that only gives a peek to the shirt-less and scarred body hidden within
Personality: Prone to bouts of absolute silence, erratic mood swings, and a generic form of misanthropy.
Skills/Abilities: Legends abound of his skill with any bladed weapon, but no one that has raised a weapon against him has ever survived to tell. Eyewitnesses speak of a burst of lightning that often precedes his incomprehensible speed, as a tremor in the ground announces his arrival.
Weapons: A single blade made of the rarest of metals, adamantium
Bio: Considered more of a mythical beast than anything else, Dominic wanders the world as if searching for something, a precious gem or object long-since lost. Few have seen him and fewer still know the sound of his voice. The stories say that he is the original Dominic, the mighty Hero that slew Cepheus at the Field of Black Glass… yet given the scarcity of sightings, there aren’t many that would believe such a foolhardy idea.

Until they meet him on a dark road in the wilderness.

(To all that recognize him, don’t worry. I have a plan for him and he WILL NOT be the protagonist of this game. I’ll leave that burden to someone else this time. Besides, I need an avatar in the world to do my bidding.)

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I’ll be the first dead player to sign up I guess.

Name: Jack ‘Sniper’ Scarlet.

Hometown: (I assume all previous town, have been destroyed?) The City of the Dying, near the previous lacation of London.

Description: Jack is a tall man, with a bigshaded hat. He wears reflective sunglasses, with glass that looks slightly golden. He wears a red, leather robe with blue markings, black shirt and pants, heavy boots. His skin, although covered by his robe, has similiar blue markings.

Skills/Abilities: Jack has the ability to defy gravity, for short amounts of time. This means the he can run across a room, up the wall, over the ceiling, and down the wall in the other end. He also controls the magic of wind, although he is not experienced at the moment.

Weapons: Jack lost his “Soul Gun” Which not only does physical damage, but also shoots the soul of the person. The damage on the soul is temporary, but can knock out many enemies in one shot. It looks like a cartein weapon from a certain game albeit with different carvings, of skulls. Now he carries a NUO standard revolver.

Bio: Since Jack was young he had been fascinated by guns. At the age of 18 he bought his currrent gun from a old shop. He didn’t know it was a rare ‘Soul Gun’ and neither did the shopkeeper. It was only until an old lady told him, that he had acquired a Soul Gun. She told him it could take out the living dead with one bullet. And since that day, Jack had been searching for the undead, but with no luck.

EDIT: Ninja’d

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Your description sounds like Vash the Stampede… I love it! Accepted.

As for previous towns and such, they haven’t all been destroyed but considering all that has happened in the intervening years, they don’t have the same majesty they once had.

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So mister Gambi has taken over from Spirit, then. I suppose I’ll have to be extra careful with what I do in this game.

Name: Eclipsis Void
Hometown: N/A
Description: Very few people have ever seen him in person, and even fewer in his true form; usually, it is obscured by an orb of what appears to be darkness… those that have seen him without the orb have described him as a ‘half-human, half-octopus freak, with claws half the size of his body and a piercing red gaze half-obscured by his raven black hair’… of course, many of those describing him are completely and utterly insane, so this is more than likely an exaggeration.1
Personality: It is rare to hear this strange being speak out loud, and totally unheard of for him to talk for a prolonged space of time; however, those who have talked to him often describe him as calm and logical, yet cold and emotionless overall… unless he is referred to as Tentacles. ‘For the love of God, DO NOT CALL HIM TENTACLES,’ they all say… ‘they’ being the utterly crippled who have done so.
Skills/Abilities: The only recorded account of a prolonged fight between Eclipsis and another being who challenged him does a rudimentary job of describing the abilities of both sides. Of what it does mention, it is noted that supposedly telekinetic blasts were fired from both sides, although rather less so from the former than the latter, and that no matter how much damage the former side took, the wounds would regenerate completely. Finally, the following sentences are written:
“The tentacled one grabbed his opponent in an inescapable death grip, then expanded what appeared to be a field of darkness around the both of them. Moments later, a long series of horrific screams were heard, after which the defender was freed from the orb at a walk… as mentioned before, he was completely insane already, which lead to his challenging of Eclipsis in the first place; but as he passed me, I noticed that he was wide-eyed with panic, gibbering madly as he stumbled, then finally fell to the ground and lost consciousness. When I felt for a pulse, he had none. In my professional opinion, I believe the orb of darkness was, in fact, an aura of pure fear, which drove the insane man further into the depths of such madness, as well as causing him to die almost immediately of a shock-induced heart attack. After the battle, the victor walked to a nearby restaurant, and did not leave for a long while indeed.”2
Weapons: It is widely agreed that this being has both long, incredibly sharp claws for fingernails and a number of tentacles erupting from his back, which seem to be able to extend from and contract into his body at will, and are apparently strong enough to puncture concrete; this provides him with multiple different methods of self-transportation. Some eyewitnesses have also pointed out that even without his tentacles, he can lift rather heavy objects, despite the fact he appears to be quite lean overall; this would probably help further the efficiency of his claws, providing agility of movement and force of hit.
Bio: There is very little known of Eclipsis’ past that is not mere legend… of these legends, the most prominent involve his lifespan (’He’s lived for over two hundred and seventy years!‘), his bloodline (He was the leader of a great council!’) and his origins (’He’s the original! The one that helped the legendary Dominic defeat Cepheus at the Field of Black Glass!‘)… of course, many also believe that he is the personification of pure evil, which those who have met him and not gone crazy assure others he isn’t, so these are, at best, debatable.

1 Basically, he looks the same as in the original Ather City. His old clothes would probably have been replaced with newer ones, but they’d generally be of the same style as before. Maybe have a few red, spiky decals of no obvious shape on the leather jacket… yaddah yaddah. Also, a bandolier with various tubes in it. See below.
2 Ability 1: Immense regeneration of wounds; heavy use of it will result in loss of biomass, and eventually the deactivation of the ability altogether until another biomass source is found.
Ability 2: Powerful telepathic abilities; since the destruction of Ather City, he has become more proficient in the use of such things, although prolonged use will still cause him damage that must heal as it would with a normal human.
Ability 3: Aura of fear; this is the result of experimentation with the vial of Eden he obtained in AC1, having synthesized more advanced samples of both this and Entropy from it. It can be expanded, contracted, and generally bent to his will, although it can’t be pushed out further than about one metre away from him; anyone making contact with it goes completely and utterly insane from fear, often suffering from heart failure as a result, although those usually immune to fear would be less likely to go insane, if at all.

EDIT: Jesus, that’s long.

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Name: Rick Matthews
Hometown: London
Description: 6ft tall, well built, always wearing a cowboy hat. He wears a black T-shirt with a red skull with flames coming out of it, and grey trousers.
Personality: Always seeking a fight, and generally funny, although some of his jokes are horrifically bad.
Skills/Abilities: Super speed, so fast he is able to run up walls. However, he needs to eat and drink a lot more if he uses it too much, otherwise he collapses and passes out for short periods of time
Weapons: A silenced magnum revolver and a rusty combat knife.
Bio:A descendant of John and Janine Matthews, two of the people at what was Ather City, altough he doesn’t know that (yet). As a kid, his dad was always beating the crap out of him because he was a mutant, or one of the ‘Lower Race’ as his dad called it. His parents never let him go out, or have friends and they didn’t want to pay for him to go to college or university. He got thrown out his family 5 years ago, when he was 18. He ran off to try to survive in the hell-hole of a world.

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KingofLlamas: You character is a bit over-the-top. Weather control, spirit summoning, AND magic inside the same immortal body? No. Do some alterations to your sheet, chiefly in your Abilities and perhaps an explanation as to why you’re cursed?

BCLEGENDS: Telepathy and Telekinesis are two different abilities, and where did you find the method and knowledge to synthesize complex compounds when the entire seat of creation for both those liquids was in Ather City? Your character is accepted after you make the necessary alterations.

coolo2011: You’re accepted, so long as you realize that ammo for that sweet revolver you have is limited and extremely rare.

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I will sign later :)

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Hometown: Dublin.
Description: Pale white in every part of his skin. Wears a white cloak with a few blood patches. His eyes are light blue and his hair is white.
Personality: Very quiet. And I mean Very Quiet.
Skills/Abilities: Ability to make physical weapons (Swords…. Things like that.) appear in his hand for a very limited time. If he uses it too much, he will faint/headache/nosebleed. He can also make pure, angellic wings sporut out of his back. Also, wings bursting from your back does hurt. Its extremely painful. Thats 2 powers…. And 3. White Blood. If he gets cut, it clots and heals the wound almost instantly. But every ime the blood clots, he loses some of the blood. Use it too much, he dies of blood loss.
Weapons: A small pistol. Only has 7 bullets in it.
Bio: He is a Soul Being. In the Cataclysmic battle between Cepheus and Domonic, he and Ragnarok decided to kill each other so they didn’t have to feel the pain of the barrier falling and killing them. They had both shot at Daniel, and then shot at each other. Seren had ducked at the last moment and escaped the barrier. He then did some random thing and now this is the Reincarnation of Seren, not the one in the battle. (?)
And now he’s in Ireland. He lives on the streets. He got attacked by some thugs and they hurt him. They accused him of being a tramp.
Now, with his ghostly looks, he soon got his revenge. He buried himself in a coffin and ordered himself to be buried. His friend, Klaran, another Soul Being, buried Seren and then killed himself. The thugs found Klarans body. Seren climbed out of the coffin and stole the Thugs knifes. He stabbed Klarans body and then killed every thug but one. The final thug was arrested.
He repented that night, and whipped himself. He then awoke the next night and promised: No more bloodshed by my hands.

Yes. Hes back. The person you only saw for 5 posts.

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And how, exactly, did Seren continue to exist for 250 years? I accept the immortality of the soul, but it must reside in a body otherwise it’s little more than a ghost, and don’t try the “jumping into a new body every thirty years” idea or some such. Every soul has its designated body. Change the bio to something more recent to the current timeline, and you’re accepted.

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Name: Han Solo.
Hometown: Corellia.
Description: 1.8 Meters tall; brown hair and eyes, average skin tone. Typically wears blue jeans, a white button-up shirt, and a vest.
Personality: Sneaky and greedy, but with an honorable streak.
Skills/Abilities: Can night-kill Gambi on night one.
Weapons: Custom blaster, far more powerful than average.
Bio: Taken from his homeworld Corellia to serve on the crew of Garris Shrike’s ship. Escaped in his teens and became a smuggler; eventually enrolling at an imperial academy. He was kicked out of the academy for stopping an imperial officer from whipping a wookie. He became a smuggler again until joining on with the rebels. Became a famous war hero of the rebellion.
Now, he has traveled to Ather City to fulfill his final mission: To Nightkill Gambi.

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Aww… a hater. Those are always fun.

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BCLEGENDS: Telepathy and Telekinesis are two different abilities, and where did you find the method and knowledge to synthesize complex compounds when the entire seat of creation for both those liquids was in Ather City? Your character is accepted after you make the necessary alterations.

1. Oh, they are? Crap, that sucks.. well, he had telepathy originally, so that’s what he’s keeping.
2. Study. And 250-ish years worth of research, obviously.

@C_C: Lol.

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[Gambi, the way that I survived 250 years is the same way that Domonic somehow survived for 250 years.]

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Name: Ranshyymon
Hometown: Tokio
Description: Pale somewhat muscular person. Has a black robe on him not revealing anything whats under it. Has also a sword holder on the back.
Personality: Quiet, does not like to talk.
Skills/abilities: Very good with melee weapons and throwing things. Does not like firearms but can handle them good.
Weapons: Two Katanas, and throwing knives.
Bio: Ranshyymon was a legendary assassin for the old dead Yakuza clan. This Ranshyymon although is his old descendant who lives to kill anything that opposes his will and heritage. Also earns his living with assassinating people for the less powerful. Ranshyymon collects old objects reminding the old past Yakuza and is using a Katana qielded by the creator of Yakuza. Great art work that blade.

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Originally posted by squidward568:

[Gambi, the way that I survived 250 years is the same way that Domonic somehow survived for 250 years.]

But you don’t know how Dominic survived for 250 years yet. At least I can lampshade it with something like ‘a wizard his regeneration did it’.

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BCLEGENDS: So the aura ability is fairly recent? Alright, I’ll accept it.

squidward: I already told you I accept your soul-self’s continued existence, but not the host body. Dominic’s reasons for surviving will be explained and I very much doubt you’ll want to share in his fate. Please edit your bio or you will not be accepted.

CYrusmaster: Poor grammar and spelling is one of my biggest peeves, but I’m willing to overlook it so long as your ideas are good. As for the skills/abilities box, you can still have skill (i.e.: your swordsmanship) while still remaining human. However, if you decide you want to move at speeds a human is physically incapable of achieving then that becomes an ability, making you a mutant.

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Sorry i made that in word, and forgot to spell check.

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Ok then. Every body I change into turns pale white because the soul inside it is pale white. I jump from host to host every time the previous one gets killed. I jump into the killer. This is my host now.

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Originally posted by squidward568:

Ok then. Every body I change into turns pale white because the soul inside it is pale white. I jump from host to host every time the previous one gets killed. I jump into the killer. This is my host now.

Your immortal? Thats unfair :/

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No, squidward, I already told you that you can’t use the “jumping into a new body” idea. Have you considered reincarnation as a substitute? It’s essentially the same thing, except it requires a current version of you instead of the same one from almost three centuries ago.

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BCLEGENDS: So the aura ability is fairly recent? Alright, I’ll accept it.

Er… somewhat recent. Definitely not immediately after AC1, but in my view, at least 100 years before the events of this one. Fair enough, all things considered?