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As I was running, I hardly saw any pokémon or trainers for that matter. I had entered a mountain region which I didn’t really recognize. I headed toward a large volcano which seemed to have just erupted.

As I was walking toward the volcano, I saw a random charmander. (It was completely random, HONESTLY!), I decided it was time to capture another pokémon, I would be an easy target with just one, I followed it lead to it’s pack, there seemed to be a leader of the pack. As soon as others got away from the supposed leader, I confronted it.

As soon as I walked up to the leader, it got enraged and it was trying to attack me, I did a barrel roll and whipped out my Pokédex and scanned the charmander. It said, yet again in a robotic voice, "Charmander. A flame burns on the tip of its tail from birth. It is said that a Charmander dies if its flame ever goes out. I assumed he used “Scratch” on me. I ordered my Squirtle to use Tackle on him, it worked. But the charmander used scratch again and I could shout out “Squirtle! Dodge” in time, but squirtle didn’t seem that badly damaged. I ordered my squirtle to “Tackle” again, the charmander seemed really hurt. I didn’t know if another tackle would kill him so I threw a pokéball at him. Three beeps. And he was one of my pokémons, I threw out the pokéball to see how he would behave to his new owner.

He seemed a bit defiant at first, and seemed to have a rivalry with squirtle, but calmed down and went in the pokéball. I decided it was time to go to a pokémon centre to heal him up and also heal squirtle who had gotten some minor wounds from the fight. And so, I headed to the nearest town with a new pokémon.

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Before heading off, I asked about what looked like a healing machine. Willow said if I need to, I could use it… I just shouldn’t make a habit of it.

“So what, are we gonna have to retrieve a parcel before we get Pokéballs?”, Josh asked.
Nobody seemed to understand him (As SilentSam suggested, I had only Chris understand what Josh was saying.), so I relayed this question to Willow… sorta: “Do you need us to do anything important before we get access to Pokéballs?”
“Not really,” Willow said. “I’ll start you off with five Pokéballs, but if you need more, you’ll have to buy them yourself.”

It was a start. Assuming a 100% capture rate, this could give me a full belt. Obviously, though, I’d have to weaken the target Pokémon first, and I doubt a trainer would want to play high-stakes to the point where they’d let their own Pokémon be captured.

It was off to the first route in the journey. Ordinarily, you’d just go through a route and head for the destination, fighting only what you had to fight, but I figured I wanted some extra party members… as Josh put it.

Our first encounter was a Pidgey. “Ooh, a flier,” Josh said. “The HM move Fly requires… I think the fifth badge… but if you have that, you can use Fly outside of battle to fly to any town or city you’ve already visited. You can easily reach Pokémon centers outside of it, even if the ‘Mon in question fainted in battle… after all, KO and kill are not the same thing unless you’re doing a challenge run.”
I figured this was Josh green-lighting the Pidgey’s capture. “In that case,” I said, “you should probably scratch it two or three times to weaken it.”
The Pidgey didn’t look like it could take a third Scratch. It did, however, fight back with two rough Tackles. While Josh dodged the first one like a pro, he got blind-sided by the second, which knocked him back about nine inches.
“C-crit…”, he sputtered. “Usually, there’s a 1 in 16 chance of an attack critting. When it does, it ignores all ATK/MAG nerfs and all DEF/MDEF buffs, and does double damage as if it were super-effective. Some moves can raise this crit ratio… I think the highest it gets is coin-toss odds.”
Honestly, I was more focused on grabbing a Pokéball so I could catch the Pidgey.


“If it’s a female, can I suggest the nickname Farore?”
As in… Farore’s Wind, from the Zelda games? Surely enough, this Pidgey was a female, so I took Josh’s suggestion and nicknamed her Farore.

Something I noticed during the battle was how slow Josh was in comparison to the Pidgey, so I figured I’d heal my two Pokémon before attempting to catch any more. I wasn’t able to check Farore’s stats, though…

I went back to my house to grab my Nintendo 3DS. Surely enough, there would be a Pokédex app for this, or at least something I could use to check my team’s stats.
I ended up finding the latter.
“Being able to see stats is indeed a good thing,” Josh said. “I can’t imagine how much harder captures would be if you didn’t see a redzone, for example.”
Redzone? Oh, the part of a lifebar where a Pokémon is down to its last 25% HP.

Back in route (Insert number here), we managed to find another Pokémon…
“That’s a Ralts,” Josh said. “Its base stats are terrible, but at level 30, it evolves into Gardevoir, whose base stats stop sucking. Namely, Gardevoir’s magic stats are awesome. Right now, though, it’s fragile all around. I don’t think it can survive a second Scratch, but we’ll see how it fares with the first.”
The first scratch left Ralts bleeding, but conscious. I’ll never forget what its retaliation was, though…
The Ralts’s horns started to glow pink, as did its right arm. We’ll see who’s fragile when I’m through with you, it said telepathically, suggesting that it understood Josh. I checked my 3DS to see what attack this was…
The wild Ralts used Spacial Rend!
Spacial Rend? As in… Palkia’s signature move?!, I thought to myself.
“I think I recognize that spell,” Josh said, as he realized he was in for a world of hurt. Surely enough, the pink aura from Ralt’s arm was launched at Josh in the form of a cresent blade of energy, spinning counterclockwise as it headed towards Josh. He didn’t see an opening that could be used to dodge this, and this blade hit was only the first half, as it exploded on impact, with the explosion distorting the space contained in it. I heard a “HWAAAAAAAAAAARG!!” as it engulfed Josh…
Josh fainted!
Surely enough, Josh was unconscious and lying on the ground when the explosion cleared. It was horrifying. I didn’t even try to sic Farore on the Ralts, as it was two levels higher than her. (Josh: 5, Ralts: 4, Farore: 2)

Nothing got in my way as I headed back to Willow’s lab…

(Don’t expect me to go too crazy with the haxorz’d moves. AFAIK catching a Ralts that knew Spacial Rend right off the bat would’ve snapped the first gym in half. Oh, wait, SR only has 95% accuracy, so the RNG would spam misses to completely screw me over.
Also, if anyone wants to say they saw this encounter, go ahead and mention it… AFAIK this is one timeline instead of fourteen.)

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Saying goodbye to my mom, I headed out of the house to begin my Pokemon journey. Knowing that this could the be the last time I saw my house for some time caused me to momentarily pause, but the excitement of the upcoming adventure gave me the resolve to head on down the road.

Up ahead, I could already see other Trainers training their Pokemon and attempting to catch wild Pokemon. While scanning my surroundings, I noticed an out of the way area where no one had yet been. Heading over that direction, I noticed what appeared to be a small Poke Ball lying on the ground.

That’s odd, I thought. Why is this Poke Ball smaller than normal, and why is it just lying here?

I picked up the Poke Ball, and opened it to find that there was an Antidote inside it. Seeing the Antidote, I vaguely recalled reading a book when I was younger saying that there could be random items scattered about the wilderness, but at the time, I doubted that I would ever be lucky enough to find one.

With Antidote, 5 Poke Balls (given to me by Professor Willow), and Potion (which my mom had bought and set next to my PC) in hand, I went about to catch my first Pokemon. Before I could decide what to catch, a wild Poochyena unexpectedly ran into me.

At first, Cyndaquil seemed hesitant to battle the Poochyena, but it responded to my confidence and bravely Tackled the Poochyena. After trading a couple of Tackles, I could tell that Cyndaquil was a slightly higher level than the Poochyena. As Cyndaquil Tackled the Poochyena a third time, the Poochyena could barely move. It attempted a third Tackle, but it missed. I knew that this was my opportunity to catch Poochyena. I threw one of my Poke Balls at the Poochyena, and its magical energy captured the Poochyena without a struggle. I had caught a wild Pokemon for the first time, and this accomplishment filled me with joy and excitement.

Knowing that Poochyena wouldn’t heal itself within its Poke Ball, I retreated back to Professor Willow’s lab to heal Cyndaquil and Poochyena before continuing my adventure.

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Oh wow, I totally overhyped the Ralts + Spacial Rend combo…

When I went to record a re-enactment of the encounter, Spacial Rend only did six damage to my Torchic, even after I gave it no EVs and only speed IVs. This would’ve been a 3- or 4HKO at 19 HP.


Note to self: Buff Ralts’ stats in my ROM hack. Its current base stat total is 198, WAAAAAAAAAAAY less than that of a starter.

Uh, let’s retcon a haxorz’d MAG (Sp. ATK) stat onto the Ralts that one-shotted Torchic/Josh, since even a crit wouldn’t have been enough.

(This time, I’m going to put an o at the end of each paragraph ending in a quotation mark. I’m curious about whether or not racefan12 is right.)

Chris (Blooper Reel)
Spacial Rend? As in… Palkia’s signature move?!, I thought to myself.
“I think I recognize that spell,” Josh said, as he realized he was in for a world of hurt. Surely enough, the pink aura from Ralts’ arm was launched at Josh in the form of a cresent blade of energy, spinning counterclockwise as it headed towards Josh. He didn’t see an opening that could be used to dodge this, and this blade hit was only the first half, as it exploded on impact, with the explosion distorting the space contained in it.
Surprisingly, Josh didn’t seem to be hurt when the explosion cleared. “Cut!”, he said. “That was far from an OHKO.”o
The Ralts facepalmed… we clearly had a ruined take on our hands.
A human came onto the set… clearly, this was Josh’s voice actor. “I seriously wasn’t expecting that to only do six points of damage,” he said. “I can’t even write off the OHKO as a crit since Torchic has 19 HP.”o
The director then showed up, with his Missingno. by his side.
“I’d better hack your stats before we try that again,” the director said. “Skeith, Uplink.”o
The Missingno. began to flicker, and after a few seconds, so did Ralts. I assumed this was Missingno. quadrupling Ralts’ MAG so it could deliver an OHKO

Yeah, I know, I’m cheating, but I’m doing so in the game’s favor instead of my own, am I not?o

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[Ok, Jask, I just thought I’d like to tell you, you don’t find Charmander in the wild, unfortunatly. Especially not in the opening area.]

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I might write it again. The gist of it was I went into the wild and found and captured a wild shinx. My mudkip was injured and I am going back to the lab to heal it.

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I walked into some of the tallest grass i’ve ever seen…I was tired so I decided to take a nap for a bit…

30 minuets later
I get back up and snivy was…standing in front of me?
“what the…uh snivy why aren’t you in your pokeball?”
Snivy didn’t answer instead snivy dashed out of the grass.

HEY GET BACK HERE!” I shout as I chased snivy around.
(ugh can’t think of more…)

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Red(2nd post remake[leaving the first one there just in case I find volcanoes, refer to that post and one of my posts is already done])

As I ran, I saw a pidgey, as it was a flying pokémon, I decided it would be a good choice to go after it. The pidgey didn’t see us.

As soon as it landed on a branch, I shouted “Squirtle, tackle him!”, and it caused a direct hit on pidgey which had fallen to the ground. I immediately whipped out my pokédex while it was hurt and scanned it, the pokédex, yet again in a robotic voice, said, “Pidgey is a Flying Pokémon. Among all the Flying Pokémon, it is the gentlest and easiest to capture. A perfect target for the beginning Pokémon Trainer to test his Pokémon’s skills. Pidgey’s Gust power creates tornadoes. It also has a Sand-Attack.”.

I knew the pidgey wasn’t high level enough to launch sand-attacks or gust, and while it was rising to tackle us, I immediately said “Squirtle, another tackle!” and it was hurt again. I threw one of my pokéballs at him, three beeps and it was captured. I released my new pidgey which seemed to try and attack me at first, but later settled down. He went in the pokéball again, and I decided to go back to Prof. Willows’ laboratory. I had to heal my pokémon, adventures can wait.

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omg y u gotta criticize my RP post

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Originally posted by CowFriend:

Kay, after four hours of hard work.


I got my first Pokeman, it’s Chikorita, some fat weird pokeman. Its bright leaf shines in the sunlight, lacking chlorophyll. It fought a Rattata with tackles and killed it, I wonder why I didn’t capture it though. We roasted the Rattata in a campfire and ate it, cannibalism, pokeman style. We continued through the forest and fought the annoying bug Pokeman, tough fight. Weedles poisoned my Chikorita, so I had to recover it in a Pokeman hospital, where my beautiful love was, <3!(Girl cow). My Chikorita with a lack of chlorophull got Tackle, Razor Which is blunt Leaf, Photosynthesis, and Leaf Powder as it leveled.

We killed many Weedles and sold its huge sting to nearby Pokeman hunters for cheap money, No idea why they wanted it. Then we went to the nearest gym with our supreme killing and cooking/selling abilities!

GG game


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Madex Trell

“Looks like everyone left, lets go, Oshawott” I say As I head for a lake.

(Sorry, I’m off to bed, just wanted to start.)

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As I watch all the other new Trainers pass us by, some catching a Pidgey here or there, I decide I should leave too. I step into the grass and almost crush a Tailow under my boot. Outraged, it flies at my face quickly. Treecko just barely manages to stop it with a well-placed Pound on one of its wings. Wow. I didn’t even have to give hima command, I think, amazed. The Tailow stops for a moment and refocuses on Treecko. It seems to be pumpin itself up for an attack. “Not if we can help it..” I mumble, and shout “Treecko, Pound!” he jumps into the air from all fours and beats the Tailow’s stomach, shocking it out of the focused state. Now that it’s weakened, I decide to toss a Pokeball. It shakes once, twice, three times, and… click! With an exclamation of joy I jump into the air, before making my way over to the now-filled Pokeball. “Tailow, the Tiny Swallow Pokemon. It has a gutsy spirit that makes it bravely take on larger foes” Me, I guess “It flies in search of warm climates.” After the Pokedex finishes, I begin speaking to Treecko. “Hmm. You need a name.” The first that appears in my mind seems to fit somehow. “Xavier?” I ask, and Treecko nods firmly. “Alright then Xavier. Let’s head to Flourescent City.”

The rest of the trip passes rather smoothly, as Xavier, and the Tailow, which I have nicknamed Robert, accompany me to Flourescent City, with relatively few battles. They both stand in awe of the bright lights, which are on even in the daytime, while I search for the nearest gym. “Let’s get this over with,” I say as Robert launches off my shoulder and flies up high above me, circling the city. I lead to the nearest gym, where already most of the other trainers are lined up outside. God. This is going to be a tough day.

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((…o…kay…I don’t think we need to number crunch that hard here. And if you are going to number crunch that hard, then that Ralts shouldn’t have Spacial Rend anyway. Maybe just pull back on the meta a little bit.))
((On a side note, I’ve got most of my team planned. Second generation pokemon gooooo.))
((Second side note, since no one’s defined Route names in the Ash region, I’m setting them at 151-199. Act accordingly. Or don’t, I can’t really force you to comply.))

Katelynn Smyth

Okay, got the pokeballs and pokedex stashed in my bag, already said goodbye to the parents, and I don’t think the professor saw me slip in and out. Having Bulbasaur out next to me might have given me away though…

A couple trainers seem to be plowing their way through the grass, horribly attacking any pokemon they come across. I decide on a different path into the grass, away from majority of them.

Flourescent City is the closest city, with only Route 151 between here and there. That’s mostly grasslands, so I’ll probably meet quite a few new pokemon! Although…I suppose not all of them are going to be friendly…well I’’m sure I can figure out some way to befriend them. And should worse come to worse…I guess Bulbasaur could protect me. I don’t know, we just met, and I hate the thought of sending him into a battle…Well, I’m sure it won’t come to…wait what’s that?

The object of my attention is a small orange ball sticking above the grass some ways in front of me. A blue face surrounded by yellow wool just barely peaks up at me from the grass, before dipping back down. Confused, I scan the area with the pokedex.
Mareep, the Wool Pokémon. Mareep store static electricity in their wooly coat. They avoid battle and have mild dispositions.

ooooooh. cooooool.

I tentatively step towards it, pokeball in hand.
“Hey little friend.”
The Mareep looks up at me and gives a casual mareep
I gently toss the pokeball at it, wanting it to tap the creature more than hit it.
The ball lands short and gently rolls to a stop directly in front of it. mareep?
“Oh…uh…that’s embarrassing. Let’s pretend that didn’t happen.”
I toss another pokeball, giving it enough strength to get to the target.
A flash of red light, and the ball rocks back and forth on the ground.

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Originally posted by SilentSam:

((…o…kay…I don’t think we need to number crunch that hard here. And if you are going to number crunch that hard, then that Ralts shouldn’t have Spacial Rend anyway. Maybe just pull back on the meta a little bit.))

It’s actually a bit of a reference to the Level 835 comics I did on DA, where I gave OC chris a Gardevoir that had access to Spacial Rend. (I think this only got mentioned on the forums I was also hosting, though, so whatever I guess.) I later figured I’d throw it on Ralts at level 1 in place of Growl in my HG ROM hack (which is far from completion… so I probably wouldn’t ask for a link yet.)

Routes 151-199 sound usable… if Squidward doesn’t give us a different suggestion, 151-199 it is.

Don’t quite have another update yet, but I think I can come up with something tomorrow. Eh, I probably didn’t think of another update yet because we still have players with only one ‘Mon and I don’t want to get too far ahead of you.

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[I wonder when I am going to get to kill Green’s ratata]

Now our hero, Red, went into the lab. and healed his pokémon, we are gonna skip that part

Both my pokémon are healed and refreshed. Guess I’ll catch another and go for the first gym. But immediately, I think “Screw it, I have two, that should be enough”. I go the first gym and see a line. I think of breaking the line.

“Well, why not?” my mind tells me, and I manage to find someone wearing similar clothes to mine. I tell him I saw a legendary pokémon in that direction and I’ll hold his place for him till he captures it and comes back. He left, I took the position. Guess I’ll be one of the first ones to get a badge today, huh. Since that dude was pretty far in the line. So then, I start waiting for my turn to battle and win.

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I finall catch up to snivy an put him in the pokeball….
god this pokemon is crazy…oh well… we wnt on and found another wurmple…
great…just great….
I threw out the pokeball…out came snivy and he looked….sinister…

I shouted “Snivy tackle it!” snivy reared up and tackled the wurmple…hard.
then the wurmple tackled snivy… it wasn’t really that hard though
As I told snivy to tackle it again… snivy didn’t tackle it so hard.

the wurmple was very weak and… wait a second don’t i have an extra pokeball?
I did and threw it at the wurmple
then it didn’t move anymore. I caught it…
then I put snivy back in the pokeball…
Then i headed towards the nearest town. hopeful that there is a pokemon center

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Madex Trell

I get to the lake and look around, no pokemon yet. I take a walk across the edge, looking in. Dang, If I had a fishing rod I could get some pokemon easily I think. While I was thinking a hear a splash coming from behind us. I turn around and behind us is a wild Bidoof.

I bring out my pokedex and scan him Bidoof Scanned It said. I look into it and it is level 4

“Come on Oshawott!” He jumps off my head and is waiting for Bidoof to attack.

Bidoof jumped up into the air and halfway up and he tail turned silver Iron Tail I thought. “Oshawott jump up and use tackle! Aim for his stomach.”
He jumped up and grabbed Bidoof’s stomach. He brought him down to the ground and rolled off. “He’s Weakened!” I grab a pokeball and throw it and Bidoof.





Yes! I say as I pick him up. What should I name him… Ah! I know! “Morgan Freeman!”

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Haow original.

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I retreated back to Professor Willow’s lab to heal Cyndaquil and Poochyena before continuing my adventure.

[Mwahaha. This is just what I was waiting for.]
[Race, protip: put OOC stuff within triple brackets unless you want me to facepalm every time I come across your posts.]


Well, my name is supposedly Theodore Garfield Hunter. Supposedly, as, to be honest, I am not a fan of the old fashioned “Theodore”. I hate it when people call me Theo or Dorry or some other stupid name. So, to acquaintances and friends (admittedly, I am lucky enough not to have many people in the latter class), I am Garfield, or simply Gary for all intents and purposes.

It has a nice ring to it.

When I open my eyes, the first thing I notice is that I am horribly, horribly late. The sun, barely visible between the glossy red velvet curtains of my bedroom window, seems to have started its daily race towards the zenith. Which also means that I am late to go and get my-

I let out a muffled yelp and launch myself sideways, momentarily getting entangled in the sheets, before falling out of them with a painful bump on the marble floor. Rubbing my back, and cursing the servants for failing to wake me up on time under my breath, I break off on a run, before realizing that I am still in my pajamas. It takes me barely a minute to get fully dressed, though. I run down the spiral staircase, cut corners to save time in the corridors, stumble into the dining hall – and receive a faceful of confetti.

While I choke on it, the room is filled with incoherent cheers from the innumerable guests gathered, I assume, to wish me off on my journey. I feel hands pound my back, pat my head and ruin my hairstyle, all the while being shepherded towards the massive dining table by my sister and uncle. A huge chocolate cake, nearly as tall as a refrigerator with a small Charmander candle in the middle, greets me as I approach it. I feel a butter knife being pushed into my sweaty palm, and comply to the sonorous demands of the crowd, cutting deep into the side of the sweet delight and hoping that they will let me go if I do so.

However, my attempts to extricate myself from the guests continues to be futile for at least fifteen more minutes, during which I have to endure both patronizing advice from authoritative voices, hearty congratulations from enthusiastic voices, timid good luck wishes from querulous voices, barked greetings from military voices and many more painful things. When I finally get some breathing space, I feel a hand on my shoulder, and turn around to find my mother, beaming at me with pride.

“Dear Theo.” Ugh. It is so difficult to get one’s parents to understand that they made a wrong decision sometime in their lives. “I am so proud of you. I am sure your father would also be very proud of you if he was here.” I feel my stomach contract, and gulp. It must be hunger, right? “I have a surprise for you.” She shows me a letter. I recognize the stamp and, with a delighted cry, snatch it out of her hand and tear the envelope open.

It’s a rather short letter.

“Dear grandson,” It starts. I wonder briefly whether it is going to be a typical letter from Gramps.

“I am afraid I can’t really remember your name right now.” I roll my eyes. “Though that doesn’t matter right now. Congratulations! Today is a very important day for you! You are going to get your first Pokémon!” I can’t seem to get this grin off my face. Trying to force it off makes it seem like a smirk. Oh well. “The last thing you want to suffer right now is some advice from an old man, so I will make it as quick as I can. You must remember two important secrets to success in this Pokémon world.” I pause reading, letting the words play around in my mind, before continuing.

“Firstly, always remember that everything in the world isn’t correct. Even if it appears to be so, there is no guarantee of genuine correctness. However, never do anything that you cannot discuss with a stranger by the roadside as you wait for the bus to the next city.” That seems simple enough. “Secondly, remember that Pokémon are our friends and companions in this world, not tools.” I let out a stifled groan. “You must remember that, like Pokémon, other trainers are also your friends, even if they don’t appear to be so at first sight.”.

“Like you, all of them dream of being the ultimate Pokémon master.” Well, shouldn’t that mean that I should be friendly and let them realize that they should get different dreams or something? “Battling is enjoyable, but it is also the prerogative for mutual success. With every battle, the Pokémon learns from its master, and the master, too, learns from the Pokémon.” I try to understand why there is the word “mutual” before success in that earlier sentence. “Well, good luck, and stay safe! Don’t forget to come to my lab if you visit XXXX City! Love, Gramps.”.

Slipping the letter into my backpack, which has already been filled with the stuff that I will need on my adventure (and a bit of money, naturally. It is “common courtesy”, though I just find it annoying, to provide a bit of remuneration to any trainer who has defeated you, provided that he is willing to accept it), I run out of the front door.

Minutes later, I find myself panting on the front step of Professor Willow’s Laboratory. Unable to contain myself, I literally burst in, and rush to the table with the Pokéballs on it. Whoa. There seem to be so few left….

“Hey Gary.” Professor Willow greets me brightly. He and Gramps are good friends.

“Morning, Professor.” I hesitate a second, before asking, as confidently as possible. “Can I get my Pokémon?” The Professor laughs at my question.

“Of course you can. Which one do you want?” I gulp. This is going to be a difficult choice, and I will probably have to toss a coin… That’s when another guy enters the lab. He seems rather ordinary, really. In fact, if I have to describe him, I can probably sum him up by saying “Brown hair, slightly taller than average, average build”. Something does intrigue me, though. He seems to be using the Healing Machine we saw yesterday. A trainer…

I lean towards the Professor in a most confidential manner. “Professor, which Pokémon did that guy near the healing machine pick?” The Professor answers readily, possibly oblivious of my intentions.

“A Cyndaquil. Why’d you ask?” I straighten, and smile as I pick up a Pokéball from the table, and feel a chill creep up my hand. It is my first Pokémon.

“I pick this Pokémon.” Before the Professor gets to congratulate me, though, I turn – and run after the other guy, who seems to have retrieved his Pokémon and is sauntering out of the Lab. As he touches the door, I shout.

“Wait, you! Let’s check out our Pokémon! Come on, I’ll take you on!” He turns around, possibly surprised by the authoritativeness of my tone. I smirk. “Our eyes have met, so you can’t turn down this challenge.” I raise my Pokéball at eye level, and touch the button lightly. A stream of red light escapes the Pokéball as it snaps open, and it condenses on the floor between us, erupting in another flash to reveal my chosen Pokémon, Piplup!

This will be interesting. Professor Willow seems to be shaking his head, but I hardly care. The empty space in the first part of the lab seems to have been made for battling!

[Come on, Face. Let’s kick the PvP off on this.]

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Edit: Here’s our map btw.

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((Oh, then if we’re just gonna use the Hoenn map, should we use the Route names that are already there? I guess it doesn’t matter that much, but it’d make it somewhat easier for pointing out where we are.))

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[This is a completely new region; i.e. not Hoenn.]

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Originally posted by racefan12:


[This is a completely new region; i.e. not Hoenn.]

((And that’s why we’re using a map of Hoenn, with all but 2 of the places named the same as in Hoenn.))
((Granted, there are pokemon of all regions here, the region has a different name, and there’s a different professor here.))
((Okay, whatever, we can keep Routes 151-199.))

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[Ask squid, he said we were gonna use the hoenn map, and changed the city names, routes depend on him]


As I entered the gym to get my first badge, I decided to turn around. I needed more experience. This just wasn’t happening with me getting a loss at the start of my journey. I ran into the wild to find more pokémon to raise how strong my pokémons were. I knew the gym would have at least level 20 or higher pokémons.

As I went back, I found a Caterpie, completely at full health, it seemed. And yet again, I decided it was time to have another pokémon. I sent my Squirtle at the Caterpie, when suddenly, it seemed weird, I shouted “Squirtle, tackle!” but it didn’t, in the spite of the moment, Caterpie used “String shot” which missed just as I said “Squirtle, dodge!” and he dodged.

What was wrong with my pokémon, I decided to scan the Caterpie while squirtle was in mid-air, because well, why not? The pokédex said, in a robotic voice, "Caterpie, the Worm Pokémon. Caterpie uses the suction cups on its feet to climb trees and feed on its favorite leaves. ". When suddenly, I realized squirtle had a move, maybe it was due to that I hadn’t been using it he was acting weird? As he had fought battles and should’ve leveled up to that level by now…

I shouted, “Squirtle! Use tail whip!”, and it splendidly but surely did so, the caterpie was heavily damaged. I decided to throw my pokéball at Caterpie.
One beep.
Two beeps.
Three beeps.

I had three pokémon now. And it seemed my squirtle was level 4. I still had not decided that I was ready for the first gym battle and kept fighting other pokémon until all my pokémons except Caterpie were Level 6.

I ran back to Prof. Willows lab to heal Caterpie, it wouldn’t heal by itself, would it?, only to see two guys fighting, one’s name was Theo I think, who had a Piplup and the other was Cody, with a Cyndaquil, I decided to heal my pokémon and sit back and enjoy the fight.

Flag Post

marvin I trot back to the lab, mudkip trotting beside me despite his limp. I step into the lab and spot the professor.
“Professor! My pokemon is hurt, can you help?”
“I’m a professor, not a doctor. Go try that machine.” He replies, pointing to a large machine with several spherical hollows in it.
“You’ll have to put the pokemon into its ball, put the ball into the hollows, pull that lever and wait until the flashing stops.” I whip out mudkips ball. The Mudkip says “Kip!”
“Yes, time for a kip. exactly.” It opens its mouth again, but I press the button on the ball and the pokemon is swallowed in a burst of red light. Then I take both my full pokeballs and pop them into the machine, then pull the lever.
“Oh and cover your eyes.” I hear the professor say, before I’m blinded by a burst of light. After taking my pokeballs, I stagger outside, and notice some people battiling pokemon. I see someone else watching. red I think his name is.
“How’s your adventure goin’?” I say, sitting down heavily beside him.