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Minnakht, you’ve ignored my most important question. If you hate my rules so much, why do you even bother signing up for my games? I really don’t want to treat you as such, but it seems to me that you’re beginning to behave like a troll.

You could simply say ‘Yes’ and not trouble yourself

Doing so would be disastrous as you ruin all semblance of game balance.

or simply say ‘No’ and not trouble yourself

1. Doing so without giving a proper explanation would make me look bad.

2. Doing so without giving a proper explanation would make it look as though I’m treating you like a troll. As I said above, I don’t want to treat you as a troll.

To be honest, it was your response to my earlier query that inspired me here. If anyone can change inertial mass as part of that universal magic resistance check, why not include that?

But that’s not how shapeshifter baggage actually works. The universal magic resistance check only make you behave as though you have increased inertial mass, and it’s temporary; you don’t actually gain any physical matter in your body. Whereas for shapeshifter baggage, actual, physical matter is transformed to and from your magical energy reserves as you change between forms that differ in mass. Generally, if they have the same power level, a heavier creature is sturdier and stronger than a lighter creature, due to the heavier creature having more real mass, so real mass isn’t totally obsolete.

Not only I do, but I even called you out on it.

If I try to change a GM’s mind regarding how physics in his or her setting should work, and fail once, I’d just give up. Unlike you, who will try again and again and again until the GM wants to tear hair out.

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Minnakht, you’ve ignored my most important question. If you hate my rules so much, why do you even bother signing up for my games?

For the reason you yourself stated – you’re an old ac-quain… consarnit, I don’t know how to spell that one. You’re a friend and I feel I should participate.

Anyway, for my next character trial, I’ll just make one which uses magic to make items. All advanced spells just make things which behave pretty mundanely.
Problems arise when I get abilities which do something clever, so I won’t.

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You aren’t obligated to play just because we’re closely acquainted, Minnakht. And you certainly shouldn’t force yourself to play when you hate my rules so much; doing so will just be a headache to us both.

As for magic items, they’re mostly made via rituals. No spell is versatile enough to make permanent magic items in general, not even Christopher’s False Creation.

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Hence not permanent. A spear, a grappling hook – not too magical, either. Well, like the original, it’s gonna be more of a lightsaber-y spear… still, not permanent. Just a manifestation of magic given form, since humans got where they are in this world using tools, so in a magic world, some people might want to use tools still instead of changing themselves…

I’ve had a lot of fun playing my completely personally mundane character in FAW while BC was running around with a phasing flying ‘energy goast’ with beams – why not try this here?

I’ll take the bag of holding as a possession, though.

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I fire a thin, rapid shard of energy out of my core, aimed at the monster with a decent amount of power and configured to cause an explosion upon landing. If I at least see some sort of dent…

Has this been ignored or something :P?

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Has this been ignored or something :P?

Responding to it at this very moment.

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Originally posted by Pulsaris:


The shaking of the rock ceases. I let out a sigh and continue to store sunlight inside my body. Not long after, though, a piercing shriek surges into my head. With my last consciousness, I unleash my true form, a large, glittering corundum crystal, which I think can improve my mental integrity and magical defense.

Hellish headache ensues…

Death of my mentor. Betrayal of my spouse. All against one. One against all. BLOOD! REVENGE! MASSACRE! ANGST! DESTRUCTION! VOID! …

Recovery is surprisingly quick. However, my head is empty. No memory. I can’t remember anything! Except the spells I know, and six words:

Travel far! Learn magitech! Overpower everybody!

Maybe this is what I want to do? And this particular spell…

Nihil really is a psycopath

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Who is BC’s character talking to at the moment?

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Originally posted by WillItBlend:

Who is BC’s character talking to at the moment?

B_S’ character. Also, everyone in that particular group.

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[Wherever they are, of course. As far as I know, my character (Pale Fang, the SM Werewolf, currently) and Rose are making a dash for the beast. I’m offering a lift to get Rose to it faster. I could squeeze you in, if you like.]

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Er, wait, what? Rose isn’t making a run for the monster. She’s going to stay in the crystal bunker where she won’t get attacked. Telepathy is a long-range ability, you know.

And Pale Fang is still charged with static electricity from Vinyl’s lightning? Shouldn’t it have discharged long ago?

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[I guess you make a point. Can a physical attack be enchanted with a Psychic element?]


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There’s no psychic “element” here. Telepathy is a spell or ability that only affects the mind.

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Okay then…edited both posts.

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Hello, your story-line seemed very creative, and I thought I might sign up.

Primary Name: Nicholas (If we need a last name, too, then it would be Griffor)

Alternate Names: Evil, “Him”

Class: Beast

Species: Demon

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Human Appearance: N/A

True Appearance: Your stereotypical demon; without the dashing mustache.

Personality: Very angry, and spares no lives in his path.

Spells and Abilities: Some of these may be invalid due to a vaguely uncharacteristic spell/ability, and you can change of remove some abilities

  • [Basic ability] Fireball/Fire Summon
  • [Advanced ability] Raging Hell – Crack opens under the enemy and catches them on fire
  • [Advanced ability] Possession – Steal the enemies life source through physical manifestation in the enemies body (Er go, possessing)
  • [Advanced ability] Burning Claw – Scratch enemy
  • [Advanced ability] Vanish – It’s practically teleporting

Possessions: N/A

Faction: Neutral

Biography:The most sinister demon of the Kingdom of Hell. He is the demonic heir of Satan, and wishes to cast Hellfire throughout the lands, and into the Heavens above. He speaks every language fluently, but doesn’t use them. He only speaks in shouts of anger and rage. His father had banished him until he was 500 years of age due to his lack of wisdom and knowledge on the balance of the lands, but he is oblivious of it.

When Satan had passed, he stepped into the throne, only to be ejected and to have is younger brother take the throne. He had lost all of his powers and was abandoned by his kingdom. His new mission is to regain control of the throne, but create chaos throughout the world.

Just a quick note, um, I’m wondering if you use a PvP system at all, and how we’ll communicate.

Some quick info below.
E-Mail: 47evil47@gmail.com
Chatroom: Babylon
GMT: -7:00 Arizona (no Daylight savings)
Active days: Mondays; Wednesdays; Fridays; Sundays

Thanks ;)

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[I’m not the GM but whatever I might as well try and point out problems since I have free time and I might actually know what I’m doing]

[Basic ability] Fireball/Fire Summon

[What is a fire summon]

[Advanced ability] Raging Hell – Crack opens under the enemy and catches them on fire

[Attacks must originate from your character’s body]

[Advanced ability] Possession – Steal the enemies life source through physical manifestation in the enemies body (Er go, possessing)

[How does he manifest himself there]

[Advanced ability] Vanish – It’s practically teleporting

[Too much vague]

[Explain how it works and what exactly it does]

The most sinister demon of the Kingdom of Hell.

[Okay what]

[I’m fairly certain that people are not allowed ‘greatest thing ever’ titles]

[And is Hell really a kingdom, besides being called the Undersphere]

He is the demonic heir of Satan

[Satan? Are you sure you’re not thinking of Transiens Aeternum?]

wishes to cast Hellfire throughout the lands, and into the Heavens above.

[So he wants to burn the sky, where occasionally there is a floating city? Seems legit.]

he stepped into the throne, only to be ejected and to have is younger brother take the throne.

[Wait there is a ruler Satan of Hell, what]

[Besides, even if there was a Satan which there probably isn’t but may be I don’t think you’re allowed to decide if your character is related to him and very important and yadda yadda yadda]

Just a quick note, um, I’m wondering if you use a PvP system at all, and how we’ll communicate.

[Read the rules]

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True Appearance: Your stereotypical demon; without the dashing mustache.

There is no “stereotypical demon”, as demons are probably the most diverse species on the planet. Sure, there are “staple” demon subspecies like pit fiends and succubi, but they only occupy a small portion of the entire demon populace.


A ball of fire is more fitting as an advanced ability. Basic abilities are derived from a creature’s physiology, and there is no reason for the creature’s body to shape fire into a ball before throwing it at an enemy; gouts and bursts of fire are more appropriate.

I’m going to assume the usual limitations here for an ability to make fireballs. The fireballs must be created from the user’s body, and you can’t just make it pop into existence anywhere, e.g. inside an enemy’s head. More powerful fireballs require more of your energy to make. That’s mostly it, I think.

Fire Summon

Hmm… I don’t believe I’ve explained summoning abilities before, so I’ll do it right now. There are basically two kinds of “summoning” abilities.

The first type is the creation of lesser subservient entities out of your own energy. As with fireballs, they must be created from your body. These entities are controlled by you, and can act with varying degrees of autonomy. If you get incapacitated, or the entities get too far away from you, they may disappear outright, or subsist for a while and disappear when their energies run out. If you want these created entities to be capable of true independence, as well as keep existing after you’re dead, you can imbue them with fragments of your own soul. However, doing so is extremely costly, and not everyone may have the ability to do it; your creations may even rebel against you if they have souls. Generally, you can “summon” as many entities this way as you have the energy for it.

The second type is true summoning. A spell or ability like that establishes a link between you and another creature. Generally, it is only possible to establish the link against the target’s will if you’re much stronger than the target, though voluntary links have no such limitation. Once linked, you can expend your own energy to attempt to teleport the linked creature to a spot reasonably close to you. The usual rules apply for teleportation; they can be found in this post. It takes more energy to summon stronger creatures, and even more if it’s against the creature’s will. Generally it’s not possible for you to summon a creature that is much stronger than you, though that creature may choose to expend some of its own energy to help the process along. If you are the target of a summoning, you can feel it when someone is trying to summon you, so you can either spend energy to help the process, or hinder it, i.e. resist. It may vary from ability to ability, but there is no absolute limit to how many such summoning “contracts” you can establish, but it may be easy to lose track of what you can summon if you have too many.

Raging Hell – Crack opens under the enemy and catches them on fire

Abilities like those require you to extend a line of energy from one of your body parts, e.g. a foot, toward your target; the line then releases the appropriate destructive energies. When the line of energy travels along the ground, it will cause the ground to crack when it reaches its destination and releases fire. If you want a reason why the ability must travel along the ground, you can say that the magic of your ability conducts more easily through earthen materials. Such magical conduction is more difficult through more powerful magical or living (i.e. soul-containing) materials; e.g. you can’t just effortlessly crack open a floor made of heavily enchanted adamantite or the body of a powerful diamond golem.

Possession – Steal the enemies life source through physical manifestation in the enemies body (Er go, possessing)

Possession can be resisted by strong willpower or just power in general, and it’s possible to force you out using the same methods.

Vanish – It’s practically teleporting

As Knoob said, elaborate please.

The most sinister demon of the Kingdom of Hell. He is the demonic heir of Satan, and wishes to cast Hellfire throughout the lands, and into the Heavens above.

Things like Heaven, Hell, and Satan may have appeared in legends and myths, but they don’t actually exist in this world. Demons live in the Undersphere, and some of them are ruled over by demon lords, but they in no way form a coherent kingdom. Also, there is no special type of fire called Hellfire, nor do the majority of demons even favor fire as a form of attack.

He had lost all of his powers

Abilities that permanently and irreversibly reduce someone’s power level is pretty much nonexistent. If you become weakened either due to some status effect or due to someone literally damaging the portion of your soul that determines power, you generally recover over time and eventually regain your full strength.

Just a quick note, um, I’m wondering if you use a PvP system at all, and how we’ll communicate.

I thought I covered this in the rules already?

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Originally posted by WillItBlend:

[What are it’s breath weapons again?]

Oops, I forgot to mention this explicitly. The creature’s breath weapons are the five types of breath weapons listed here:

Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

And what about the armor?

Also, regarding dragons… These are the main colors, along with their corresponding breath weapons:
Red – Fire and heat, occasionally with bits of burning oil.
Blue – Freezing wind and cold mist mingled with ice crystals.
Green – Corrosive or toxic semi-liquid mist.
Yellow – Streams of electricity.
White – Blasts of kinetic force.
Black – Blasts of energy that destroy structure on a microscopic level, i.e. disintegration. Less raw damage than a white dragon’s breath but harder to recover from.
Purple – Blasts of pure magic. Doesn’t deal much damage but disrupts magic, so it weakens spells and is extra harmful to incorporeal creatures.

Mixed-breed dragons may have a mix of their parents’ breath weapons.

Due to genetic variations and stuff, a dragon’s scale color sometimes doesn’t match its breath weapon. For example, a blue-scaled dragon may breathe blue fire rather than ice. But for simplicity, a dragon of one scale color should be assumed to have its usual breath weapon unless noted otherwise.

Also, I’m not going to distinguish between chromatic and metallic dragons or whatever. Any dragon can be of any alignment. Their scales may have a variety of textures, some metallic, some crystalline, etc.

Except all of the breath weapons are colored blood red.

Actually, wait. There are seven breath weapons in total, aren’t there… I’ll edit my post. The creature now has seven heads.

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Sorry for letting the plot slow down, guys. The due date for one of my weekly assignments has been moved from Wednesday to Friday… and I pretty much compulsively leave things to the last minute. But don’t worry, I’ll pick up the pace this week.

Here’s an NPC that I’ll be introducing, like Lavender:

Primary Name: Daryl.

Other Names: Daryl McDowell; last name stolen from Mahou Sensei Negima character Evangeline A.K. McDowell. Daryl/Darryl/Daryll/Darryll; she can’t seem to decide just how many R’s and L’s there are in her name, so variants of her name are used liberally. “Dariru-chan” (だりるちゃん).

Class: Beast.

Species: Vampire.

Gender: Female.

Age: Unknown.

Human Appearance: N/A.

True Appearance: Being a particularly human-looking member of one of the most human-looking of species, Darryl doesn’t look much different from a sixteen-year-old human girl, though certain physical features of hers plus her frankly bizarre costume hint that she at least is no normal human.
First of all, Daryll is surrounded by rainbow sparkles whenever she’s in direct sunlight. The brighter the sunlight, the more glittery and multicolored the sparkles.
Like all vampires, Darryll has blood red eyes with vertically slitted, cat-like pupils. Unlike most vampires though, her eyes glitter with something like innocence.
Daryll has flawless fair skin, just on the paler side of average. She is 155 cm tall and has the perfect hourglass figure for someone of that height.
Daryl’s hair is jet black but run through with sparse rainbow streaks, done in two very long pigtails that reach all the way to her ankles. They’re held up by glowing hair ribbons belonging to Hatsune Miku, a Vocaloid. Yes, they just float there without physically touching the hair. She also wears a white cat ears headband; the ears move as if they’re alive. Three strands of idiot hair sticking up from the center of her head, behind the headband. Her vampire fangs are generally cute rather than menacing.
Daryll wears the cross pendant belonging to Akashiya Moka from Rosario+Vampire. It’s not visible in the picture, but the red gem in the center of that cross actually resembles a vampire eye.
Darryl’s top is Sailor Saturn’s uniform from Sailor Moon, except with the purple shoulder parts recolored black. This is only her top, and does not include the tiara, choker, gloves, or boots. Her sleeves are Hatsune Miku’s detached sleeves, and her skirt Miku’s skirt, except all the turquoise bits are recolored red. A heart-shaped devil tail like the one belonging to Lala Deviluke from To Love-Ru pokes out from under the skirt. Yes, the tail can fire lazor beams. No, rubbing the tail does not make Darryll, ahem, excited, though she may pretend to be just for kicks.
She wears thigh-high black boots with two-inch heels. Yes, she has grade-S zettai ryouiki. In fact, she often deliberately moves her legs in ways that draw attention to the exposed bits of her thighs. However, even though it may sometimes get as close as it possibly can, Daryl’s panties will never be revealed; her skirt is magic like that. On each ankle there is a dark red cross-shaped mark, and a dark red ring of some metallic substance floats around it, like Lenalee Lee from D.Gray-man, though Daryl’s cross marks are on her boots rather than skin. Otherwise they’ll be covered by the boots and be, you know, not visible.
On Darryl’s back are the wings of Flandre Scarlet from Touhou. Yes, those things that look like multicolored crystals attached to strips of black metal are wings.
Lastly… Most people will never notice this. But if someone is exceptionally observant, he or she will feel that there seems to be something slightly… off with Darryl. But they can’t pinpoint just exactly what or how. Who knows; maybe they’re just imagining it.

Personality: Daryl is a cloudcuckoolander, to say the least. She constantly thinks about and says random stuff that either make no sense at all, or have no relation whatsoever to the context at hand, or both. Often she likes to point out whatever inconsistencies or other implausible events she comes across, then gleefully ignore them or think of totally absurd explanations just to make the situation sound even more unlikely or ridiculous. Chances are she knows far more than she lets on, including exactly how nonsensical she is, but acts that way anyways and pretends to be a ditz, just because it’s fun to confuse others, or herself, or all of them, or none of them, or any combination of those at the same time, somehow. At least on the outside, she’s very bubbly and energetic, with three default facial expressions: “:D”, “:3”, and “XD”. Again, she may be smarter than she lets on, but usually she seems to do things purely out of impulse or boredom. She’s extremely carefree, so you can’t really get her upset no matter what you do. At times, this may make her seem shallow, or even cold and apathetic… but an exceptionally observant individual may get the feeling that she just doesn’t want to seriously meddle with other people’s affairs, for whatever reason.

- Inscrutable Mind: Daryll’s thought patterns literally make pretty much no sense whatsoever to other observers. As such, attempting to read or modify them will almost invariably lead to confusion or frustration.
Daryl has tons of other skills. I can list them… but that’ll probably spoil too much. So I won’t.

Spells and Abilities:

Basic Abilities:

- Enhanced Physique: Vampires are physically far superior to ordinary humans. They have enhanced strength, toughness, speed, reflexes, senses, pretty much everything; they also possess potent nightvision. The more powerful a vampire is, the greater these physical attributes, especially strength and toughness. Stronger vampires can easily tear a grown man in half, and shrug off being hit by a speeding car.

- Regeneration: Vampires quickly heal from almost all injuries, though of course more severe injuries take longer to heal. The more powerful a vampire is, the quicker the regeneration. Stronger vampires can survive fatal wounds like decapitation for short periods of time, while the strongest ones can even regenerate from being beaten into bloody pulps. Barring ways to weaken this regeneration, the only reliable way of killing a vampire is to apply continuous, unrelenting damage until the vampire’s regeneration is overwhelmed.

- Blood Drain: Though vampires can gain sustenance from other food, they gain significantly more energy and nutrition from the blood of fleshy organic beings. When a vampire drinks blood from another creature, the victim’s life energy is also drained, giving the vampire a boost of accelerated healing. Drinking blood is akin to an addiction; some vampires may be able to control their bloodlust more tightly, depending on their personalities and willpower, but all suffer withdrawal symptoms after prolonged periods of not feeding. Normally a vampire’s skin is just a bit cooler, and somewhat paler, than normal humans, but it will become deathly cold and pale when the vampire is short on blood. The starving vampire will also be driven by an overwhelming urge to consume blood. If a creature has no blood, the vampire’s bite can still drain life energy from it, though it does not sate the blood addiction. Strangely, Darryl herself seems to never suffer from any of these withdrawal symptoms, somehow.

- Infection: In sufficient quantities, vampire blood injected into a human or Shifter’s body will overwrite whatever original species the victim was, and turn it into a full Beast vampire. Most vampires do this by injecting their blood into others via their fangs. This process does not create partially vampiric hybrids, and it only works on creatures with human forms; Beasts will simply be poisoned by vampire blood and die when the transformation would normally complete. The time it takes for the vampire transformation to complete depends on how much stronger the vampire is compared to its victim; it approaches infinity as the gap approaches negative infinity, and approaches zero as the gap approaches infinity. During the transformation, the victim experiences symptoms that may vary from individual to individual, but they almost all involve pain and unconsciousness. It is possible to magically purge the vampiric infection before the transformation completes, with the energy cost of such a purge proportional to the vampire’s power and inversely proportional to the time remaining for the transformation to complete. Hence, it is impossible to purge the infection once the transformation completes, as plugging in zero time remaining into the equation means an infinite amount of energy is required. The transformation, as well as its removal, is a gradual process, so if the process is halted before it completes then the victim will lose some, but not all, of its base powers, and gain some, but not all, of the default powers of a vampire, essentially making it a vampire hybrid until the transformation completes. Note that though the vampiric transformation may easily traumatize or damage the victim’s mind, it does not automatically put the victim under the vampire’s thrall. Exceptionally strong-willed victims may even retain their human forms, becoming relatively rare Shifter vampires, usually called dhamphirs or “half-vampires”. If a hybrid creature is part vampire, its blood can only transform other creatures into vampires, not the other species that the creature is a hybrid of, unless those other species are also infectious. For example, the bite of a werewolf/dragon/vampire hybrid will turn its victim into a werewolf/vampire hybrid, not werewolf/dragon/vampire like the original.

- Weaknesses: Most mythical vampire weaknesses turn out to be false, except sunlight and garlic. Garlic doesn’t hurt vampires, but some chemicals in it cause vampires extreme discomfort. Direct sunlight, on the other hand, weakens vampires and painfully burn their flesh; wounds caused by sunlight burn heal much more slowly than normal, given vampires’ regeneration. Magic that absorbs or imitates the properties of sunlight may also have such effects on vampires. More powerful vampires are more resistant to vampire weaknesses, and the strongest ones can all but ignore them.

Advanced Abilities:

- Shapeshifting: Many vampires possess shapeshifting abilities to one degree or another, but Darryl can shape her body to an extent greater than pretty much any vampire. She generally uses this to move her two extremely long pigtails around as two shadowy tentacle-like things, grabbing and sometimes stabbing things with them. The exact limitations of this ability is not clear.

- Sparkles: It’s not clear exactly what this ability does. For one thing, it makes Darryll sparkle under direct sunlight. For another thing, it makes her practically immune to the harmful effects of sunlight to a vampire. It also seems to subtly affect the minds of those around her, as to make her appear extremely cute and pretty regardless of the situation, context, or the viewer’s preferences. That is, until she decides to use it offensively, at which point the sparkles focus into massive rainbow lazor beams or psychedelic bullet hell patterns that can put even Touhou characters to shame. The beams are usually shot out of the tips of Daryl’s twintails, while the bullets from the crystals on her wings. When used offensively and hitting something, the sparkles can have one of two effects, or both. They can cause confusion, disorientation, and dizziness, of varying severities, up to and including unconsciousness and even mental destruction. Or they can weaken and burn the target as if it’s a vampire hit by concentrated sunlight, regardless of the target’s usual elemental resistances and weaknesses, even if the target is an inanimate object.

- Telepathy: Daryll probably has one of those standard mind trick abilities, probably. Yes, I said “probably” twice. That was on purpose, probably. Or not. Maybe. I don’t know. Or do I?

- Inscrutable Inscrutableness: It’s really not clear exactly what this ability does. Or, at least, that’s what Darryll wants you to think. Le gasp! Or maybe she doesn’t know either. Regardless, this ability doesn’t break any of my rules, even when it occasionally almost seems to. No, really. I assure you, no rules are broken in the making of this ability. I can explain why… but that’s spoiling too much.

Possessions: Daryl carries a copy of Bardiche, the weapon of Fate Testarossa from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, except the yellow bits are recolored red. The weapon seems to be able to appear and disappear at will. Her tail can also be detached and transformed into Laevateinn, the curved staff thing Flandre Scarlet is holding. They probably do what their real-life counterparts do.

Faction: Neutral… or so it seems. Wait. No, she’s actually pretty neutral, all things considered. Probably.

Biography: Nope, not gonna tell you anything. Whatever she says is probably made up anyways, if it even makes the smallest amount of sense to begin with.

…well, this took longer than I thought it would. Yes, I’m totally serious with this character. I have a simple backstory that justifies everything about her… but I won’t reveal it yet. Or ever. Not publicly, at least. If you want to know, PM me.

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Wait a tick, am I suppose to say how much damage my attacks to the dragon heads?

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Signing up because this looks excessively fun.
Primary Name: Ede
Other Names: Lich, The Black Dagger, The Soul Trader, The Necromancer
Class: Shifter
Species*: Demilich
Gender: Male
Age: 300
Human Appearance: Ede, in his human form, has a very gaunt appearance. He is tall for a human, 6’4”, and strangely thin. His skin is pale, fading almost to white, and devoid of any mentionable features.
He has bright red hair that is thick but well-kempt, and hazel eyes. He wears a three-piece suit consisting of white dress pants and jacket, a black button-up shirt, and a red tie.
True Appearance: As a demilich, Ede is a bit hard to see clearly, coming out of focus when looked at directly. However, in one’s peripheral vision he appears to be a flying cloud of black smoke with a black skull and ribcage within. The smoke will sometimes meld into shapes and limbs, but these are non-corporeal, and cannot affect the real world.
Personality: Ede cares very little about others. He seeks only to find knowledge and use it against (and conceal it from) his enemies. He is very skilled at controlling his emotions, both visible and within himself. However, this control also makes it difficult for him to accept positive emotions, such as love or happiness. They tend to leave him confused and flustered if he is affected by them. Ede accepts no religion, as he believes that all lie to farther their goal, and he seeks the truth. He believes that knowledge should come before all, but would rather not enlighten his enemies to this philosophy, as he feels he can use it against them. He originally chose to shift to a Lich because of the promise of living forever, and having enough time to learn all there is to know.
Skills: Is fluent in almost every language known, is quite talented with a dagger, fast learner, quick reflexes, talented liar. Is bad at working with others, especially those he considers to be intellectually inferior.
Spells and Abilities:
BASIC SPELLS: Shadowmeld: Can shape shadows to his will by coming in contact with them, choosing them to be three-dimensional and corporeal or two-dimensional and not. If a creature is created out of the shadows, Ede can look through the shadow’s eyes, but this will weaken him some. Light tends to make shadows sad. Invisibility: Self-explanatory. (Sorry about having too many spells.) It was late and I miscounted. I can usually count up to three, I promise.)
BASIC ABILITIES: Flight: Demiliches can fly. This is not true flight, however, but a movement in three-dimensional space of the non-corporeal projection of the Demilich. Fancy words for saying that this flight can be obstructed both physically and magically. Non-Corporeal: The Demilich’s smoke cloud is extremely resistant to physical weapons. This only applies to the fancy smoke cloud, and the skeletal bits have no resistance to physical attack. Malleable Smoke: Not exactly useful, but a Demilich can make pretty shapes with his smoke cloud. I guess it could be used for freaking the hell out of people. Energy Drain: As an undead creature, a demilich can drain the energy of others into itself via contact. This can apply to inanimate objects and magical constructs as well. Energy drain can lead to physical weakness, having less energy to use magic, up to and including death. It is more difficult to drain energy from objects or creatures with greater physical fortitude, and some forms of magic may be able to block the drain. Soul Transfer: A demilich can transfer its soul into a solid object. The object must be non-magical, non-living (i.e. does not contain a soul), and at least half the volume of an adult human heart. The transferral requires for the demilich to stay in contact with the object for quite a long time, like an hour or so. If it is transferring its soul from one object to another, this requires the demilich to stay in contact with both objects. If the transferral process is disrupted midway, the soul returns to the demilich’s body.
ADVANCED SPELLS: Create Undead: Ede can revive the corpse of any dead thing through touch, and the undead will now fight for him. If this is used on a living thing, it can cause great amounts of pain (mental pain, not physical injuries, although one should not underestimate the power of that. Insanity and being too busy screaming to fight could result.), but the corpse cannot be revived, as the soul has already been removed. This can also be used only once per target, for the same reason.
ADVANCED ABILITIES: Possession: Ede’s smoke cloud can possess living things if too much of it is breathed in. This requires a great amount of smoke, however, and will quickly burn through a creature’s soul, leaving it useless to Ede.
Possessions: Ede carries a pitch-black dagger, forged out of obsidian. It is ridiculously sharp, as obsidian usually is. It is said to contain the knowledge of all the souls he has depleted as well as Ede’s own soul. It also operates as his phylactery. When a Demilich, the dagger is housed floating in the very center of his ribcage and is unusable by him due to noncorporealness.
Faction: Neutral
Biography: At the young age of 12, Ede’s parents were killed in front of him by a mysterious force of seemingly living shadow. For reasons still unknown, the shadow spared him. This is the first traumatic event that led to Ede’s rejection of ideals and pursuit of pure knowledge. He did not know what the shadow was; whether it was a Magus’s spell or the form of a Shifter or Beast, and resolved to never know so little about his enemies again. Ede managed to get himself adopted by the owner of a library, and stayed in there as much as he could. One day, he found a book on Polymorph that also contained a full bestiary. He stole the book from the library, curious about this strange spell. Flipping through the bestiary, Ede found a creature that looked strangely like the shadow that had killed his parents. It appeared to have a body made of the same essence, a dark cloud. Eager to exact revenge, he cast the Polymorph spell. The pain was nearly unbearable. He felt the skin and muscle melt from his bones, and his body destroyed. When the pain was through, Ede found a mirror to look at himself… and howled with rage when he realized that he was not the thing that had killed his parents. Instead, he realized after reading more closely, he had become the creature it evolves from: the Lich. After this, he left the library, taking with him simply a blank book. In his travels, he filled it with spells. This book also serve as his phylactery for a short time, until it was accidentally burned one day in an accidental fire. He was near death when a mysterious human came along and restored his phylactery. Unfortunately, the book was permanently destroyed, but the human gave Ede a strange dagger made of black obsidian within which to place hi soul. In exchange, the human burned Ede yet again, this time with a magical fire that destroyed his body, leaving only the smoke from the flames, a skull, and a ribcage. Ede decided that this town was not for him, and continued to travel. Eventually, Ede found himself at a place called the Eastern Shadow. In this dark town, he discovered a mysterious Magus who knew his name. The Magus offered to take Ede into his home, but there he was trapped by magical barriers set in place by the Magus. He told Ede that he had taken his body in order to experiment on it and figure out how to more effectively destroy the undead. However, at the town where they first met he did not have the power to destroy him, and instead decided to keep him alive to function as a test of his newfound knowledge about the undead. The Magus started to cast a spell on Ede, but did not have enough energy to both keep up the barriers and cast this new spell. The barriers fell, and Ede slaughtered the Magus midsentence. That done, Ede fled the Eastern Shadow, hunted by local Magi, and ventured out into the Worldsphere to seek the knowledge of all.

(Note: When in Demilich form, “in contact with” or “through touch” means that the target must be engulfed in smoke, not just at its periphery.)

Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

One other thing may need to be nerfed a little, concerning gaseous or liquid creatures that can turn solid.

I’m assuming you meant the ability I removed, but if you meant shifting, I would think that something as insubstantial as smoke would be able to float back out through a mouth, and I would never shift the part of my body that was inside someone, due to stomach acid and such. Also, I think that for this character only full shifts would be possible, as there isn’t really the life support system that humans need in place.

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A lich physically resembles a human corpse or skeleton, with none of that black smoke. Ede seems more like some sort of ghost creature or something, or maybe a demilich, a lich that has less of its physical body remaining but more magical power. Also, shouldn’t a lich have a phylactery? Destroying the lich’s body only weakens it; it can slowly reconstruct its body out of magic. Only destroying the phylactery kills the lich.

Also, he has three basic spells. Only two are allowed per character.

Can shape shadows to his will

I hope you’ve read some of the other character profiles in this thread. If you want to control shadows far away from you, you’ll have to send a pulse of magic from you to the shadow to take control of it. If the shadow is magical, or already controlled by someone else, it’ll result in a magical arm wrestling match to determine who gets control of the shadow. And you can’t control the shadow inside some solid object, unless you break said object first and touch the shadow with your magic.

The Lich cannot be hit by physical weapons. This only applies to the fancy smoke cloud

Incorporeal creatures are more resistant to physical attacks, and don’t suffer from stuff like bleeding, but they’re not completely immune. A physical object forcefully plunging through your smoke body will cause some pain and damage. You can avoid it by creating a hole in your body for the object to pass through before it actually hits you; this is basically dodging the attack. However, hit an incorporeal creature enough times with enough force, and even it will die and disperse; even D&D itself explicitly said that. Incorporeal creatures are more vulnerable to energy-based attacks than creatures with solid bodies.

Through great exertion, Ede can temporarily cause his smoke cloud to become solid. Physical weapons will come into contact with it, but they merely bounce off without causing harm.

No, you can’t have this. If it’s solid, it takes normal damage from physical attacks. Even if it’s elastic, it’ll still deform when hit by sufficient force. True, you can probably repair it once it takes damage, but that consumes some of your energy and can’t be kept up indefinitely.

Also, undead creatures generally have energy draining auras or touches as a part of their basic abilities.

Ede can revive the corpse of any dead thing, and the undead will now fight for him.

Does this work through touch, or a bolt of magic, or what?

he gathered the required materials and cast the Polymorph spell.

Polymorph doesn’t really require any material components. Its preparations are just a series of exercises on how to manipulate magical energy to change one’s own body and soul, and it can be done entirely without any outside aid. Though I suppose certain helper items can be useful in focusing and redirecting the energy required for this spell…

One other thing may need to be nerfed a little, concerning gaseous or liquid creatures that can turn solid. If your opponent breathes in or ingests a small part of you, that part will feel very numb and uncomfortable because of the natural field of magic inside your opponent, more so for gaseous creatures than liquid. You’ll have trouble solidifying or making any complex movements with the bits that your opponent breathed in. The severity of these effects depend on the power difference between you and your opponent; you can more easily make complex movements in your opponent or maybe skewer him from within if you’re stronger, while if you’re very weak then you’ve basically lost a limb when it gets sucked inside someone else’s innards. This effect will be less severe if more of you is inside your opponent, if the part is denser or has less surface area and hence exposure to your opponent’s magic field, and if it’s connected to you. So it might be more efficient to just solidify yourself and stab your opponent.

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I edited it a little. The underlined parts I added, the parts that aren’t there I removed. Sorry about not being able to count to three with my spells.

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These things should be added to your basic abilities:

- Energy Drain: As an undead creature, a demilich can drain the energy of others into itself via contact. This can apply to inanimate objects and magical constructs as well. Energy drain can lead to physical weakness, having less energy to use magic, up to and including death. It is more difficult to drain energy from objects or creatures with greater physical fortitude, and some forms of magic may be able to block the drain.

- Soul Transfer: A demilich can transfer its soul into a solid object. The object must be non-magical, non-living (i.e. does not contain a soul), and at least half the volume of an adult human heart. The transferral requires for the demilich to stay in contact with the object for quite a long time, like an hour or so. If it is transferring its soul from one object to another, this requires the demilich to stay in contact with both objects. If the transferral process is disrupted midway, the soul returns to the demilich’s body. An object containing the demilich’s soul is called a phylactery. It can be moved an arbitrary distance away from the demilich’s body, though control of the body may become stiff if the separation distance is extremely large (e.g. on opposite sides of the planet or something). Destroying the demilich’s body weakens it greatly, but does not kill the demilich; it takes the demilich about a day to reconstruct its body around its phylactery out of its own magical energy. Yes, technically the demilich can construct another body when it already has one, but doing so is just a waste of energy, since controlling two bodies is hard and it doesn’t make the demilich any stronger. Damage to the phylactery greatly pains and weakens the demilich, and can only be restored by healing magic (i.e. simply reattaching the broken bits back on won’t work). The demilich dies if the phylactery is broken in half or worse. That’s why you can’t make a liquid or gas into a phylactery; they always count as “broken”.

Also, a demilich is like an advanced form of a lich. Like, a second stage of its life cycle or something… though I guess a lich can also choose to not become a demilich. But I don’t think you can start off as a demilich. Maybe Ede started off as a lich, then became a demilich after 100 years or so to become closer to the shadow creature that killed his parents?

Everything else is fine.

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I am now curious about the life cycle stages of a lich, and would like it to be explained in greater detail. Would you mind doing so?