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Approximately ten years ago

The modified graviton golems were almost entirely silent as they fought. The only sounds they made were those made by their dense particle beams as they struck the ground, at the very outskirts of the floating city of Caelum Fortis. Normally units more suited to stealth would have been sent, and their masters would have been cautious to even consider sending any units so close to Utopian territory at all. But the time for caution was long past.

The golems’ quarries seemed to be two perfectly ordinary humans at the first glance, one a man in his thirties and an eight-year-old little girl, but upon closer inspection one would find that the two were anything but ordinary. The man was the slightly more normal of the two, with slightly pale skin, messy brown hair, and violet eyes, though he was clad in darkly gleaming armor that appeared far too advanced for the current era. The girl, however, was very obviously something other than human. Her waist-length hair, her eyes, and the skintight unitard that covered her from the neck down all seemed to suck in what little light that shone in the near dawn, while emitting a soft, ethereal purple glow. Intricate lines of purple energy, pulsating with a complex but regular rhythm, crisscrossed themselves over what appeared to be the little girl’s clothing, similar to the lines of energy decorating the armors of her adult companion as well as those of the graviton golems. Her skin was absolutely flawless, perfectly smooth and devoid of any blemishes, so much so that it seemed ever so slightly artificial. But the most distinguishing features were her eyes, her cold, emotionless, inhumanly dispassionate eyes that seemed extremely disturbing on her otherwise pretty and innocent young face. The same eyes showed nothing but indifference as their owner moved with superhuman fluidity and grace, cutting down her enemies as though they were nothing but swathes of weed.

It seemed that the man needed to not even move a muscle as his companion fought. Strands of the girl’s hair, as well as her fingers coated by the faintly glowing latex-like material, all morphed to form wicked blades, stabbing into the graviton golems’ thick, magically reinforced armors as if they were nothing but sheets of paper. At the same time the golems’ graviton beams smashed into her from many angles at once. But rather than bones snapping, the girl’s body simply shuddered like an amorphous glob of liquid, ignoring the impacts as if they were nothing but minor annoyances to her. When several golems were too far away for her blades to reach, beams of purple energy instead streaked toward them, blasting nigh perfectly clean holes into the locations of their chest compartments where their sources of energy were contained. The fight was nearly completely one-sided, as the little girl single-handedly decimated the multitude of hulking golems with the greatest ease.

The golems were not her only pursuers. Letting out a hiss, as a roar might alert this city’s Utopian denizens, the massive green dragon breathed forth a thick cone of acidic green vapor, capable of melting the flesh off a man’s bones in less than a second. But the deadly gas was stopped flat when it came into contact with the girl’s body, simply disappearing into her purple aura entirely. Enraged, the dragon swiped one of its huge clawed forearms at the girl, but immediately growled in pain as a large number of spikes and blades erupted from the girl’s small body to stab into the dragon’s flesh, overcoming its toughened scales with almost as much ease as the graviton golems’ armor. Despite the searing pain, the dragon closed its palms with crushing force in hopes of squeezing the life out of its target. But the little girl suddenly lost her human shape entirely and melted into a puddle of viscous liquid, simultaneously absorbing light and glowing purple just like her hair, then slipped out of the dragon’s clutch with ease, reforming herself some meters away from the dragon. Then she launched her ultimate attack.

The football-sized sphere of purple energy moved toward its target with agonizing slowness, absorbing every trace of ambient magic along the way to increase further and further in size. Hissing in rage, the dragon breathed its cone of deadly acidic vapor once again, but even the acid was totally consumed by the sphere as it continued its slow but inevitable path toward its victim. Panicking now, out of its mouth the dragon spat out an arrow of bright green energy, pouring its every last drop of magic into the spell. As the arrow collided with the purple sphere, and the sphere tried but failed to fully absorb its adversary, it quickly began to crack. The explosion followed very soon after, a tremendous but nearly silent release of energy that dyed the world purple for a brief instant. Moments later, the dragon was nowhere to be found; only traces of ashes and dust remained as they were blown away by the wind and slowly drifted to the ground below.

“Only a prototype, yet so powerful…” The man murmured. A myriad of emotions danced within his eyes, including awe, fear, sadness, regret, anguish… Then he shook his head. “No… I shouldn’t address you like that. I…”

“Objective complete, Master,” the little girl spoke in an emotionless monotone as she floated toward the man, her expression eerily blank. “What is my next task?”

“I…” The man’s voice seemed to crack for a moment. “Ugh!” He suddenly gasped, and dropped to his knees. “Cough! Cough!” As he clamped a hand over his mouth, blood could be seen seeping past his fingers, drops of blood that were quickly turning from the usual red to an inky black. “Damn, that’s some nasty curse…”

“Master?” The girl asked, eyes ever so slightly wider, the only hint of emotion she had shown so far. “Shall I heal you?” The purple glow around her hands began to brighten.

“No…” The man struggled to speak. Tendrils of inky darkness were seeping under his skin, slowly crawling up from within the armor, up his neck, reaching toward his face. “You… I don’t have much time. Dammit, being human sure has its limits…”

“What do you wish me to do?” The little girl asked calmly.

“I want…” The man convulsed, spitting out a large splotch of blood that stained the ground black. “L-Listen to me…” He wheezed. “Synthesis Spawn No. 2 – ‘Mercury’. I c-command you to… to open your mind to me…” He took a deep breath, only to result in another fit of bloody coughs. “All of y-your mind…” Despite his agony, the man reached out with a tendril of his consciousness to touch the girl’s.

“Understood,” the girl nodded, and closed her eyes. “Please proceed, Master.”

The man took another shaky breath, and delved into the depths of the little girl’s psyche. Images flashed before his eyes, countless images of brutal training and even more brutal combat and murder. “I… I’m sorry…” He whispered, agony and self-loathing filling his thoughts. “B-But it’s okay now… Ordo Synthesia is no more. So you can forget everything, p-put everything b-behind…”

The girl did not speak, simply taking in all of the man’s words and the modifications he was making on her mind.

“You know, you’re like a d-daughter to me, Mercury…” The man continued to whisper, voice cracking with emotion. “If I had a daughter of my own, I… I think I’d name her Rosalyn,” a smile appeared on his lips despite the pain coursing through his body and mind. “After my late m-mother’s middle name…” He grimaced, thoughts of what he could have done but did not do flashing before him. “She would be so disappointed… Why have you done this with your life, Simon Lightfell…?” A single tear streaked down from his left eye, staying pure and clear despite the tendrils of darkness that now covered his face almost completely.

A confused look played across the little girl’s face, a frown creasing her brows as she struggled to understand the man’s words; such an expression made her appear much less inhuman and much more like a real child of her age.

“Rosalyn Lightfell… Yes. That’s what you’ll call yourself from now on…” The man smiled, a smile of genuine happiness despite the situation. “Forget all the suffering you’ve been through, Rosalyn… A new life awaits you now…”

Rosalyn Lightfell


“Agh!” I gasp, bolting upright, heart pounding like crazy in my chest. Another nightmare… The scenes still play behind my eyes. So much blood, so much death… A wave of nausea washes over me. I can still see it, a man’s wide-eyed terror and agony as… as… as I stabbed through his heart with a glowing purple blade and… his eyes slowly glazing over and… “No…!” I clutch my head and shake it violently, desperately wishing for the images to just go away.

Hey, hey! I hear a voice in my head, like my own yet not like my own. It’s just a dream! It’s not real! Lynn’s voice is strong and firm. Just don’t even think about it, okay?

B-But… I shudder. Logically, I know I shouldn’t worry about it at all, as it can’t possibly be really us in those nightmares; we can’t even do half of the stuff our dream-self can. But there’s something about those dreams that…

No buts! Lynn says firmly. Look, it’s morning already! Get up, grab something to eat, and take a walk outside! I bet you’ll feel better then!


[When I write as Rosalyn, I will indicate which personality is in control through the use of italics. That was Rose just now, in case it’s not obvious.]

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A few years earlier

“Ha! You finally meet your end today, Kristor the supposedly Undying!” Abaddon, the Abyssal Lord, screeched in spite and sadistic glee as he furiously pounded at his opponent, smashing the other demon into a bloodier and bloodier pulp. “I will crush you to dust, no matter how many times you regenerate! An impertinent Shifter like you can never hope to dominate the Undersphere as we, the true beings of Darkness!”

The other demon, Kristor, who now resembled little more than a twisted pile of flesh and ooze, could not even speak under his opponent’s relentless assault. The serpentine creature’s talons, glowing with ruinous dark blue and indigo energies, raked and rent at Kristor’s body, cutting into him two more wounds as soon as he healed from one. Finally, a similarly colored sphere of energy was ejected from between Abaddon’s jaws, expanding into a massive explosion of hellish power as it consumed Kristor whole, momentarily lighting up the dark depths of the Undersphere. After the explosion cleared, little more than dust and ashes of Kristor remained. With a disdainful hiss, Abaddon began to slither away from what used to be his pathetic opponent.

Kristor’s ashes suddenly began to glow. An instant later it erupted into a pillar of yellowish white light, blindingly bright in this chthonic darkness. When it dimmed, a man crawled out of the light, a yellow-eyed, brown-haired man that bore almost no resemblance to the original Kristor.

“What?! You still…” Abaddon turned around sharply and hissed. Then his scaly face, despite the absence of eyebrows, twisted into a scowl. “No. Who are you?!” He demanded harshly.

“Christopher…” The man murmured, a look of confusion on his face. “Christopher A… Athá… Athánatos…?” He suddenly clutched his head in pain. “AAAAARGH!” Completely without warning, a thick beam of bright yellow electricity and kinetic force shot from the man, smashing Abaddon into the cavern wall behind him. Then a yellow flash, and he was gone.

Christopher Athánatos

The world is such a vile, wretched place.

I stand amid the hushed crowd, seemingly just another faceless, nameless cattle to their vampire overlords. The humans are shaking, but entirely silent, out of both fear and the obedience instilled to them through generations. The other crowd, however, the crowd of nubile young village maidens, are comparatively very much less docile, almost all of them whimpering and sobbing in terror while trying to stay as far away as possible from the elder vampire that floats above them.

The elder vampire sits atop an ebony throne adorned with blood red gems, situated on an obsidian platform that floats approximately two meters above the ground. Beside him are four young female vampires, wearing next to nothing, almost utterly unaffected by the perpetual cloudy gloom and biting chill of this little village. They writhe and slink around seductively, pressing and rubbing their nearly naked pale flesh against the elder vampire’s arms and legs, while their crimson eyes gaze at the humans below with casual disdain. As the women below look at the vampires with a mixture of fear, sympathy, and indignation, the vampires simply show their fangs in mocking smirks.

Every single one of these four young female vampires has been the same as the village maidens only a few years ago. Every year, the elder vampire would gather all the young women in the village, choose one of them, convert her, and add her to his harem. The woman, having little to no power to resist the vampire’s will, would be simply turned into another perfectly obedient thrall, little more than the elder’s personal food bank and plaything. To demonstrate the power he holds over the village and its inhabitants, each time the vampire lord would bring with him his most recent previous conquests, and show the villagers how they’ve changed during their times as vampires. And when he finally chooses the newest item to add to his collection, the elder vampire would proceed to convert and violate the woman, making her swear eternal loyalty to him, while forcing all the villagers to watch. All to give himself a perverse sense of power and triumph, as he relishes the utter powerlessness of his subjects to do anything to stop him.

How absolutely disgusting.

“Hmm…” The elder vampire muses. “How about… you,” he smiles, showing his pointed fangs, as he gestures toward a teenaged girl no older than sixteen. The girl lets out a terrified shriek, making the vampire’s smile widen.

“No!” A man to my left suddenly screams. “Please! I beg you, my lord! Anyone but my daughter!”

“I’m sorry… but did I permit you to speak?” The elder vampire frowns in annoyance, then waves a hand dismissively.

An instant later, a bolt of crimson energy, fired by one of the many vampires around standing guard, lances through the man’s head, splattering it into a hundred chunks that fall messily to the ground. As the headless corpse topples, the villagers cry out in horror, all backing away from the body and leaving a rather large opening in the crowd. All save for me.

“Ha!” I bark out a harsh laugh, no longer able to contain myself. “Abhorrent creatures. You simply have no idea, do you?”

“I beg you pardon?” The elder vampire says, rising from his seat. Hints of disbelief and anger can be seen in his cold sanguine eyes. “Did I imagine-”

His next word is cut short as a blade of shimmering translucent force crosses the distance between us in an instant, piercing the dark magic protecting his body like paper and impaling itself through his chest. Almost as soon as it happens, hundreds of crimson bolts streak toward me, the vampires panicking at the sight of their master being attacked. But all of the bolts slam against an invisible barrier around me, inflicting little more than tiny cracks to the spherical shield of force. With a simple twist of my fingers, another two blades spring forth from the blade already lodged in the elder vampire’s chest, vertically bisecting the vampire lord in a bloody, messy manner.

Yes… The voices in my mind begin to whisper. Crush… Kill… Destroy!

The villagers scream some more, but I pay them no heed. As expected for an ancient, powerful vampire lord, crimson tendrils immediately begin to snake between the elder vampire’s two halves, in an attempt to reattach themselves back together. Closing my hand in a fist, hundreds of spikes erupt from both sides of the blades, piercing countless holes into both halves of the vampire’s body. The blade splits in two, roughly tearing the body apart. The right blade bursts into flames, engulfing half of the body completely, and burns hotter and hotter until nothing more than ashes is left. Appearing next to the left half of the elder vampire’s body in a yellow flash, I plunge my hand through his ribcage and tear out his still-beating heart; an inhuman snarl of rage and madness escapes from my lips as I crush the throbbing organ into a mess of monstrous flesh and blood. Still alive, barely, what remains of the vampire feebly tries to regenerate, but I viciously rip into it with thousands of force blades, stabbing and slashing from every possible direction until the half of a body is nothing but chunks of bloody innards, flesh, bone, and skin. The blades coalesce and combine into two rough, solid slabs of force, slamming together, crushing the vampire’s remains between them, spinning and grinding with extreme speed at my command until what lies between them is reduced to a fine paste. The slabs burst aflame, consuming the elder vampire’s remains, then explode into an incredibly bright flare of sunlight that washes over the entire village. Every single vampire in the vicinity screams in agony and drops dead soon after, their skin blackened and charred, with the weaker ones reduced to ashes outright.

But the maelstrom of murderous rage and insanity within me refuses to be placated so easily. Kill… Kill them all! The voices scream. Tear them apart! Inflict agony upon them unlike anything they’ve imagined!

I convulse violently. Looking around, I see the villagers’ terrified faces, backing away from me, realizing the fact that I am a monster far worse than the vampires. Hallucinations begin to form, double images of the humans ripped to pieces by my own power, while my own mad cackles ring and echo in my ears. No… I must get away. Gathering power, I disappear in another yellow flash, reappearing several kilometers up in the sky and far away from the desolate little village. Then I gather power, pouring in all my hate and rage, until it becomes almost too much for this human-like body to contain. And I release it all in a cataclysmic burst.

The world becomes impossibly bright for an instant.

Then I begin to plummet to the ground, having exhausted much of my energy reserves. The impact sends agony through my entire body, shattering bones and crushing organs, but they immediately begin to regenerate. At a slower rate than normal.

Well… Why not?

Struggling to stand up, I teleport myself into the depths of the Undersphere. “Hey, Abaddon!” I shout, voice raw and hoarse. “I’m weakened! Kill me!”

“You dare return, Kristor?!” The Abyssal Lord’s rage is palpable as he wastes no time lashing out with his energy-infused talons. My body regenerates from the attacks, but more and more slowly, as more and more of my energy reserves are drained away. Will this finally be…

Fool! The fragment of my previous incarnation, the demon lord Kristor the Undying, hisses in my mind. Why come here when you know that it will simply result in another Rebirth?! In my weakened state, I cannot stop him as Kristor’s icy cold intellect briefly takes over, using my own teleportation ability to escape from the Undersphere in a blue flash. When I come to my senses again, I am now lying on the earthy ground of some forest, looking up at a thick canopy that blocks nearly all sunlight.

Excruciating pain stabs and rips at every part of my body. I continue to regenerate, but very slowly. Letting out a shuddering sigh, I stare at nothing in particular, feeling hollow once again.

[If any of you comes across Christopher, he looks like someone who just fell from a few kilometers up, then got mauled by a rabid demon. In other words, a bloody pulp, the kind that no ordinary human can possibly survive.]

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Hephirix-Zetherex Ullulos
Right. I’ve left the shop now. And now I’m bored. I don’t… maybe I should build something. People like it when I build things. Or maybe they laugh. I could dissect them if they did laugh. I could pin them to the ground, maybe slice open their torso cavity and lick some of their internal organs- this is going nowhere fast. Even so…

[…it would help if I knew where Amintah was, Xan. Which part of the Worldsphere, I mean.]

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The next morning, I arrive at my destination, a city of blacksmiths, a city of not-enough-coal.

\“Please sign here, to declare that you have receive the goods, and then the goods will have nothing to do with the company,” I hand the receipt to him with no emotion. It is just formalities.

\“Thank you,” I say, and I tear the receipt into halves. I keep the signed half and he gets the other half.

\“By the way, does your forge need some coal?”

He declines my offer. Although forges will buy coal with a higher price, they normally just buy it from reputable suppliers. They don’t benefit from having stashes of coal in their warehouse.

I head towards a general store. “Hello there, do you want to buy a stash of coal?”

People are queueing up for coal, so the storekeeper’s answer would not be a “no”. Particularly, coal suppliers often come by the afternoon, so if the store runs out of coal in the morning, people will buy coal off your competitors.

With the coins secured in my bag, I shall head to one of the offices of my company, to receive my assignment. There is no office in this city, so I have to use a portal.

Suddenly, once I step out of the portal, some memories rush into my brain…

“Does the King forget his promise? He said he will not attack us dragons!” A three-headed dragon, flying above a majestic city, roared.

“No! We just have to eradicate the shifters!” A human general shouted back.

“Shifters? Well, you humans say that shifters are not human, so they are none of you humans’ business. Instead, they are my dragon children, so I will protect them!” The dragon insisted.

“We are not fighting dragons; we are just fighting shifters,” the human general argued, and then turned to one of his officers, “is the Scorcher ready yet?”

And then one of the signalers shouted, “siege engine X-1 ready!”

“Fire!” As the general shouted, a grand bright beam hit the west of the city. The city wall, the houses, the stores, the tress, the ground, the rocks were all incinerated into ashes. Nearby wooden structures, although not caught in the beam, ignited spontaneously. In the first second, nearly one quarter of the city was burned. However, as if this was not enough, the great beam changed its direction, and strafed from the west to the east.

The city became a sea of flames. All building collapsed in one minute. All creature caught in the strafing beam became fine dust. The city is no more. Nevertheless, some shifters and dragons flew up to the sky, avoiding the beam of heat and death.

The three-headed dragon burst into a fit of rage, “the Dragon Overlord will rape your sisters and mothers!” His red head held up, and a fiery meteor fell down. His blue head held up, and an icy comet fell down. His middle black head held up, and hands started coming up from the ground. The hands are rotten and imbued with deathly curses. Once touched, the curse will bring its victim to death and undeath. “I am a dragon with necromantic powers! I’m not going to be fooled!”

The meteor crashed down and crushed a few hundreds of soldiers. It crumbled into smaller pieces and continued down, killing thousands more. The victims were crushed into a fine mixture of bone, meat, and blood. Red liquid was flowing everywhere. The comet exploded mid-air, and the shockwave blew the people under into smithereens, and then teared apart a few more hundreds of soldiers. Tens of thousands of comet shards pierced through the air, mowing down thousands and thousands. A shard hit the energy core of the Scorcher, which destructed and became a brightly-lit mushroom cloud, which engulfed many soldiers around. But the most horrible must be the hands under the ground. Myriads and myriads of soldier became zombies, and when other soldiers were hesitating whether they should kill their comrades or not, they are brutally eaten by their ex-comrades. When some brain pieces were accidentally spilt, the zombies quickly grabbed them from the ground…

\“Aaaaarrghh!” I screamed in excruciating headache, “not this s*** again! Damn it, damn it!”

I hold my head tight, but that does not help. I can’t even morph because I’ve lost the “connection”.

\“Damn it, this is the third time in a month! I may as well fetch myself some coffee.”

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I walk into my home, which is strangely just as I left it, all those years ago. “Thought they would’ve torn down this piece of crap by now.” I said, turning to look at my kitchen/dining area, and all the notes stuck onto the wall. ALL GONE, DEAD AND GONE, and the only somewhat rational one I’m running out of time. It hurts to do this, but I must. I can’t be trusted in that state. They know that, yet they stop me from leaving. Why? Are they to experiment on me? Tear the flesh from bone? Rip the mind from its place? No, no, no. That must not be allowed. I’m too far gone now, already falling. I’ll simply have to KILL THEM ALL. Those bring back terrible memories, but I laugh. Kill them all? Past me is an idiot.

I walk outside, and see something strange. Two people, shrouded in shadows, and another holding some kind of blade made out of purple energy. I blink towards them, just in time to see the purple-blade-guy stab one of them. He turns towards me. “Uh… hello?” I say, shocked. Strange. I don’t remember this city being a place where you can just stab someone in the middle of the street in broad daylight.

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{ Dawn } Magi of the Shadows

Before I can process this new Magi’s words, he reaches out to touch me. And, just as I figure out what he says, he manages to grab me and send a… well, a something, through me and for once, the darkness surrounds me to hurt me. I fall down to the ground, unable to move, think, or do anything. Helpless. While the two above me are going to destroy everything that isn’t Magus. And I can’t do a damn thing.

{Everybody hates the shifters/beasts? D: Am I the only hippie accepting Magus?}
{I’m passed out in front of a coffee shop because some people hate shifters so bad. D: Don’t steal my hot chocolate, damn you!}

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[Someone deleted their posts, and it troubles me.]
[Well, actually, what is the technology level of the world?]

I ask a passer-by, “please, can you tell me where I can find a coffee shop?”

Getting the answer I need, I head to… wait, my wagon is still with me! “Wait, wait a moment, where can I find a stable?”

After I put my wagon in a stable, I head off to the coffee shop, then I see two people, hiding within shadows, and a guy stabbing one of them with a purple blade. Then, the guy with the purple blade stops to turn his head to another passer-by. What is happening? Who would turn their heads away when they are robbing somebody?

When the robber turns away, I see the figure in the shadow, pointed with a blade, fell down. Something is piercing the shadow’s veil. Something pointy. Are they the mountains of love? Well, the sunlight is all mine, so I focus them all on her shadow. The shadow is dispelled for half a second, and then storms back to her beautiful body.

Wow, her shiny blue eyes, her lovely boobs, her strong balanced legs…

I shout, “hey, that guy with the purple blade, don’t you know that robbing is an offence here?”

[Proofreading is painful because you are always like “how could I mess up here?”]

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Hephirix-Zapherex Ullulos
…okay, I’m still bored. To pass the time, I observe my surroundings.
The Undersphere is surprisingly dark, I must say. On the other hand, it’s under the ground of the Worldsphere, so… it’s sort of like a black market, then, because those are underground too. And black from the dark. And it’s nearly impossible to find good cafeterias in either of them. I giggle to myself at this revelation, then punch myself lightly in the stomach for my lapse in attentiveness, then notice a… pretty lady nearby. Oh, myyyy. How wooooooonderful. Like a person, except it’s a… person. Probably. Yes. I promptly begin to jauntily saunter over to her, frowning as I do so.

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Out of the corner of my eye, I can see someone approaching. There’s no one around the nearby surroundings, and I transform into my human form. Surely this… being must be new around here. That, or they have yet to hear about me. Regardless, there’s a first time for everything.
“Can I help you?” I ask, turning around to face the newcomer. A few strands of my light golden hair fall on my face, and I push them behind my ear.

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Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos
The… pretty lady is not showing me any respect. Howeth dareth she. Eth. I tilt my head back to glare at her down my face.
‘Hullo-ah… missis.’ .
One side of my mouth twitches up slightly, then back into a frown before an actual smile is reached.

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The Faceless Man
FiNAlLy A ReAl mAGi

I blink, appearing right next to the new Magi. An ally. Good.

We ShAlL BeGiN bY ReCruITiNg mORe tO ThE cAUsE

I walk down the road, beckoning for this new friend to follow. Despite wanting to kill the unconcious woman on the ground, I decide not to, because a Magi is a Magi, even one as disgusting as this one.
Two men cannot take down the Shifters and Beasts. We need more to help us- there shall be many, I predict. Cleanse the world of the impurities.
The fact I am forced to share the same streets as these disgusting things is nearly impossible to bear. I find it hard to resist killing them, and my restraint barely holds.
Yes, soon. Soon they’ll all be dead.
Every last one.

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“Sure. Not like there’s anything else to do.” I follow him, walking slowly because this guy is very strange and it feels unnatural to be near him. I’m tempted to get the hell out of here, but this seems relatively non-dangerous for now. Though he seems like a bit of an extremist, there are a lot of Shifters and Beasts who abuse their powers. I figure it’ll be okay for now, and if it goes too far I can just Void Walk away.

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I’m still chasing the damned white bunny, “Come on, I ain’t tierd!” I shouted at the fur ball, still chasing it, sword in my left hand.

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[Vinyl’s bunny should totally turn out to be a killer rabbit.]

Rosalyn Lightfell


The clean, cool water splashes over my face. Supposedly, the water supply is regulated by water elementals, though I’ve never confirmed it for myself… Technically, I don’t even need to wash my face, or do any of the usual human necessities, but… Well, I prefer to live my life like a human. Even though I’m obviously not human… Then again, I don’t know what I am…

Hey. Fix the hair, will you? Lynn says.

Looking up at the mirror, I see that my hair is a mess. Concentrating slightly, the strands of silver ripple like liquid for a moment, and become perfectly glossy and straight again. Lynn is usually quite mindful of our appearance, though I don’t care that much… I always thought I looked plain anyways, no matter what clothes I wore.

Oh, come on. Don’t give me that, Lynn sounds as though she would’ve rolled her eyes if she was in control of the body. You’re hot and you know it.

Um. No, I… I sigh. Maybe I just don’t have enough confidence in myself… But it’s not like it matters. Or does it? Will people accept me more if I’m… I shake my head. My pajamas ripple, and transform into a simple white dress. My slippers turn into sandals, and I begin to walk out of my room.

[FYI, Rosalyn is meant to be fairly attractive by anyone’s standards. Why else do you think I gave her shapeshifting?]

As I walk across the hallway, I see another one of the orphans here, a minotaur a year younger than me and only just starting to grow horns but is already a head taller. “G-Good morning…” I force myself to smile, and greet him in what I hope to be a pleasant tone.

He simply gives me a glare, and hurries past me without a single word. Just like pretty much what all of them did for the ten years I’ve been here… but it still hurts. Deeply.

They can go fuck themselves, Lynn huffs.

“Good morning, Rosalyn!” Geralda, the wood nymph, greets me warmly as I enter her cafeteria. “Up early again, huh? Did you have a good night of sleep?”

“Oh, um, yeah…” I lie a little awkwardly; I don’t want to trouble her with my problems… At least the staff here is nice to me. And Lynn too, though they’re a bit exasperated with the problems she often causes.

“That’s good to hear!” Geralda laughs, her verdant eyes twinkling. “What would you like today, dear?”

“Um… Just some bacon and toast, and milk,” I say. I don’t know what combination of exotic herbs and spices she puts in there, but her bacon tastes absolutely incredible.

I ate breakfast alone, as always. No one ever wanted to eat with me. None of them were willing to share a room with me either… But I’m used to that now.

Hey, come on now, Lynn urges. Take a walk outside. It’ll take your mind off the nightmares.

But it’s gloomy outside… I look out of the window at the cloudy sky. And don’t we have homew-

Screw that, Lynn says. That shit’s easy. Seriously. If you don’t wanna take a walk, lemme do it for you!

All right…

For a brief moment, it feels like I’m sinking into a sea of cotton. Then I’m inside my own subconsciousness, and Lynn on the driver seat…


“Whoo!” I stretch my arms. Then I catch a glimpse of myself in the vanity mirror. “Eugh!” I shudder a little. “Way too plain!” I complain, tugging at the white dress Rose conjured up. It breaks apart, and reforms into something more to my liking. Mhm, much better.

B-B-B-But that’s… Rose stammers, cheeks burning red if she’s still in control of the body.

Hot? Sexy? Gorgeous? I smirk and admire myself in the mirror. High-heeled boots, miniskirt, and tight sleeveless top showing quite some cleavage, all black, contrasting against my fair skin and showing off my figure. Hm, I hope I’ll explode some minds today with my amazing beauty and charm.

But you’ll attract too much unwanted attention and…

So? Let them gawk! I laugh haughtily. If they try anything funny, I’ll just cut their balls off!


Come on, we’ll be fine! I open the window, and put a foot on the windowsill.

Wait… You’re not going to… Rose suddenly sounds alarmed. We have a front door!

But this is more fun! I grin, and promptly hurl myself out of the window at several storeys up. “Wheeeeeeeeee!” Shadowy black wings burst from my back as I glide down, landing gracefully on my feet. Then I take a deep breath, sucking in the cool, refreshing morning air. Feeling better? I smile at Rose.


Good. I begin to walk down the street, with no destination in particular, but feeling as though I can take on the entire world.

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[That sounds awesome B_S!]

As I neared the tierd bunny which I’ve been chasing around for about an hour now, I thrusted my sword at it, it quickly dodged to be left, it look pissed, like, I don’t think rabbit’s eyes are suppose to be red… The rabbit started mutating, slowly becoming my size and more humanoid like, soon it was twice my size. “A fucking were-rabbit… What the fuck life?” I said as I lunged to my left to dodge a stomp the were-rabbit gave me. I slashed it’s left leg but it didn’t effect him, really I think it pised him off more, he breathed in and breathed fire at me, I put a giant share in front of me, saving me ass from being barbecue, “Life! What. The. Fuck!”


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Sadness is futile. Try not to think about the past.

After constant pestering about my mother, that was her unchanging response. I wasn’t shocked at the time. In fact, my reaction was quite the contrary. It was a simple phrase, and showed how little she knew about my past. And how little I knew about my past.

For in truth, I felt nothing, nothing but curiosity. Sadness is a strange, ignorant way to describe my feelings, but I guess that I can identify now. But if I do mourn, wouldn’t I be violating her wishes? Such a simple statement, yet such an annoying one.

Oh mother, how I miss you. How is it over there? How is it in the never-ending darkness, the never-ending nothingness? Are you content now that you cannot feel? Are you happy now that you don’t exist? I used you and you used me. And perhaps that’s why I understood you so well and understood you so little. As a faded existence, you were probably a lot more accepting of death than I was. Sadness struck you at the most inopportune times, times that I was never able to understand. And I still can’t.

I continue walking through the forest, blind to the darkness of the sun. In such a lonely place, I feel free to remain in my Hydrioth form, my body completely covered in dark blue water. The only human part that lingers is vague remnants of my face and the accompanying marks of hair, replicated by water. Twisting my hardened fingers around my necklace, I count through the years again. Four long years and only four years. In that time, I’ve learned nothing and changed nothing. But I’ve surely done a lot of things. I snicker slightly at this last thought, the images and noises rushing back into my head. The screams of the Magus Mechanicle officer were so pleasant at the time, and the small sacrifice of those rebels was more than necessary.

But my thoughts are quickly interrupted before I can break into a lengthy and detailed flashback. Frowning, I find that I’ve almost stepped on a dead man. Lying in a clearing, he had probably fell from a high tree or something. He looks as if he had been crushed by some sort of gargantuan elephant, one with fluid, sharp talons on its feet. The image isn’t pleasant, and I almost decide to poke him with a tendril of water to see if his body would collapse into itself. But before I can proceed to do so, I notice something in his eyes, a slight movement. Although his face has the mark of a permanent stare, perhaps he is alive?

Grinning, I test out my question, “Hello?”

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His (or her) expression made my skin crawl, something that struck me as odd considering all the vile monsters roaming the Undersphere. Regardless, I myself didn’t feel any fear, despite of how my body reacted to its presence.
“Hello, stranger. Are you here looking for anyone specifically?”
By now, I was seriously considering taking the offensive, but it was best if I found out first just exactly what I was going up against.

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Hephirix-Zatherex Ullulos
My face’s frown slowly turns into an angry face when I realise that she really doesn’t know who I am.
’Don’t you know who I AM. PerSON.’ .
…why am I even harassing this woman? It doesn’t make sense. I allow my body to return to a normal pose.
‘I apologise for interrupting whatever you were doing,’ I say in a much more subdued tone than before. ’I’ll be taking my leave now.’ .
I turn to leave, then decide that, actually, she doesn’t deserve to not recognise my fantastic amazingness. How dare she not recognise it? That’s just messed up. Turning back slowly and calmly, I stare at her without emotion for a second, then promptly lunge at her nose in an attempt to bite it off. No idea why. Noses don’t taste nice, on account of all the mucus inside of them. The snot. The bogies. The crust-filth. The bloody dirt-caked blast faygles. The simulacrous undefining serpetuous greenness. Uargh.

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Christopher Athánatos

Hmm, a hydrioth. Interesting; I don’t remember seeing one for quite some time. Quite a powerful one too, it seems. And with my weakened state… It doesn’t matter. The worst that can happen is another Rebirth, and it won’t make any difference in the end.

Kill… The voices whisper again. But they are now much subdued, and I am able to repel them with an internal telepathic barrier. I then stare into the creature’s core. “If you’re wondering if I am alive… Well, the question answers itself, doesn’t it.” My voice is cold, indifferent, showing neither friendliness nor hostility.

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Alive? Certainly an interesting one, he must be extraordinarily powerful to survive in such a dangerous state. With an instantaneous spasm, I shift into my human form. The lack of internal organs while still maintaining external ones has always bugged me, but the maintained appearance is more convenient for conversation.

Perhaps I should extract some information from him; there’s always the possibility that he isn’t a magus, and I wouldn’t want the Magus Mechanicle to be nearby. At the same time, I have the feeling that a presumptuous attitude will only bring danger to myself, so I should probably be careful with what I say.

“Not in the best of moods?” I ask rhetorically, smiling pleasantly at the same time. “Now, forgive my curiosity, but I’m wondering how you ended up in that state. Mind telling me?”

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Christopher Athánatos

“I fell,” I reply to the hydrioth drily, “from a few kilometers above the ground. Then I was mauled by an angry demon lord.” A sharp stab of pain travels up my spine as I speak, then suddenly I can speak no longer.

Well, this is unpleasant. The body of a human is complex and takes rather long to repair, so… My entire body suddenly melts into a puddle of water, while a light red fleshy core floats where my brain has been. The water coalesces around me again, quickly morphing into what superficially resembles my human form. Any body more complex than this will probably be detrimental at the moment… At least the pain is gone, which is a welcoming change.

[I will change Christopher’s profile to say that he has some shapeshifter baggage by turning his magical energy into mass and back, similar to Rosalyn.]

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When I hear the man’s response, I nearly fail to stop myself from bursting into laughter. Something about the way he states such absurd events create an amusing tone to his otherwise serious implications. At least I got the falling part correct.

However, any laughs with enough power and will to get me killed were stopped by a certain detail. My eyes start to narrow, but I catch myself quickly and return to my nonchalant expression. The fleshy core and the water crafted body match almost perfectly, too perfectly for what I can consider to be a coincidence. But something’s off. His human form was nothing like a hydrioth’s. The organs. I swear that I could see a damaged organ or two in his crushed state. Suddenly, this man’s personal details have become a lot more intriguing and important to me.

“That shape. You aren’t a hydrioth, are you?”

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The werebunny bunny hops on top of me, I used the giant shard as a wall between me and the beast, I feel the fire breath missing my head and hair by a feel inches. “Ragh!” I shout as I think what to do in this situation.

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Christopher Athánatos

Raising an eyebrow slightly, I examine myself. Did I make a mistake in my polymorphosis just now?

No, you did not, Kristor speaks with a hint of cold disdain. She simply saw the bloodied innards of your previous form, which no hydrioth should have.

Hmph, it doesn’t matter. “Am I a hydrioth? In a way, yes. And in a way, no. What I am is quite a twisted, confusing matter and…” I sigh. “I don’t know what I am, nor what I was, nor what I will become. And nor do I care, really. Why should I? No matter what I am, this wretched cesspool of a world will always be what it is.” Anger begins to simmer within me again, causing portions of my watery body to bubble and boil. “I am nothing. The world is nothing. And all should be reduced to nothing!” The last words come out in a snarl. “And it will. Even I…”

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