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FFS the way this is going we’ve already lost the cop and the doc.

But man, that time warp woulda been so useful, it could turn MYLO into a lynch followed by a possible LYLO which is awesome.

But still, this is just a ragepost, I’m going to have a look at evidence later.

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Seriously though, Jask spammed enough so as to effectively cover up almost every ounce of stuff in this damn thread. I was reading through and I realized that most of the people who were promoting discussion have died, therefore, since I have also been trying to perk up daytime, I reckon I will be next to go.

For now though, I’ll have a look at evidence that ISN’T there, alongside the only stuff left from the residue of bandwaggons. Since there wasn’t much good discussion before I’ll start by providing an array of FoS prods, and the people who don’t answer my questions, or fail to answer them convincingly, then I will evoke the wrath of a thousand tonne vote on your ass.

Anyways, let’s start off on day one. Nobody did anything, then two townies, the jask whisperer and L arkenaanbread basically voted each other off, arken bit the bullet.
And actually to be honest the only people who really participated hardest in D1 was Arken and Jask, whom are now dead.
So D1 is a no go?

Looks like the only choice left is to have a look at lurking, inactivity and bandwaggons.
Now that leaves only day 2, but because light seems to be on a damn killing spree.

Since the people who seem to be dying are people who are promoting discussion, let’s have a look at this bandwaggon:

Originally posted by blakzer:

Jask… Gamelover is a reserve… It says so on the Player/Sign-up post…

I’m just going to throw out the assumption that Jask is either the LurKer or Light Yagami, since it seems like Arken’s list is mos. Light Yagami needs the name of people in order to kill them, and Jask stated he has a list of roles. Also, the only other person who publicly stated that s/he has a list is Arken (L), and that the only other investigative role (honestly never watched or read Death Note) that seems like it is an investigator is LurKer.

Also, how did Jask know that Helltank didn’t quote the role PM?

Therefore, through my partial Logic, partial Troll Logic, {Vote Jaskaran200}

(They ate a whole jar of olives with those Bermuda Triangle Sharks… er… Oh, right!)

Blazker seems to be trying to make some discussion here.

Originally posted by CowFriend:


Vote Jask

Cowfriend is not helping discussion…

Originally posted by Woon1957:


Vote Jask

Just Woon being Woon, but it still isn’t helping.

Originally posted by Jaskaran2000:


[Vote: Jask]

Self vote?
Now this is interesting… He hasn’t got a role or anything that warrants this kind of action. I wonder why he was trying to kill himself? Perhaps he thought that people would automatically accept his claim that I was scum without question simply because he has a list of roles? I don’t think that’s very clever but oh well, no use dwelling on the dead.

Now I will have to give out five FoS
FoS Cowfriend for just bandwaggoning
FoS Woon for just bandwaggoning
And finally

FoS Dragonarcherz, Jaume and sirmark

Sir mark answered the RQS followed confirming later on, but by then seemingly disappearing. A very effective tactic in mafias seems to be just to go damn Inactive and since we always have so many it’s a good smokescreen. Another reason I’m suspicious of these three, and partly Jaume, is because there are the LurKer and Light, meaning those three are good candidates since they are simply being ignored by everyone. It makes them able to opperate their night actions much more effectively.

DragonArcherz and Jaume just didn’t do anything, DragonArcherz seems, however, to have been… not active in Council of the Plains, but at least present.

And for this reason, the most suspicious is Sirmark, for lurking.

Therefore I will Vote Therealsirmark.

Oh yeah and he’s a brony too.

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I find this thread extremely amusing because I know the little twists I inserted in some people’s roles. Most of them are strictly non-linear.

You know, this may seem like role madness, but it isn’t. It’s more like “everyone has powerful roles, but some people have OP ones”.

But I’ve said enough already. Hosts should be impartial.

Therealsirmark4 has been voted by ocelot.

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ocelot is correct about me in D2. However, I should share my thoughts about today, despite ocelot pretty much explaining what I thought.

sirmark, Jaume, and DragonArcherZ are pretty much ghosting. When I state ghosting, I mean they only seem to be active via night actions… a perfect position for scum such as Night killers, like anyone with that Death Note thingy. The LurKer would probably be less likely, since s/he could only show the faux investigation stuff by posting in the topic.

Cowfriend just straight out bandwagoned Jask, which gives me the idea he has some relation to Mafia, or is just feigning VI. If neither, blame my paranoia.

Woon is just Woon. All that does is make me less suspicious that he is scum than Cowfriend. Again, blame paranoia if I’m wrong.

Therefore, preform these actions for the day.

{Vote sirmark}

{FoS DragonArcherZ}
{FoS Jaume}
{FoS Cowfriend}

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Nice to know that I’m just being myself. Though, I wouldn’t call this my normal playstyle. I’ve just become deeply uninterested in games right now.

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therealsirmark4 has been voted by ocelot and blakzer.
With 7 alive, it takes 4 to lynch.
24 hours to deadline.

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As the sun falls, a bristling mob pushes therealsirmark4 towards the gallows. Three steps up to the noose. One step. Two steps. Three… and he swings around, smashing someone in the face and making a break for it. The crowd roars, forming a wall of flesh to keep him from escaping. He struggles and writhes, but eventually gets his head dashed against the side of a cold stone wall.

Under his human skin, he was revealed to be Root Constrictor.

In the Convention of Characters II, you are Root Constrictor. Your abilities are:
Cry Timber:At any time, you may turn yourself into a Tree Stump. This will be announced publicly in the thread. Tree Stumps may not have any Night Actions performed on them, nor can they vote. They are essentially dead people who can talk.
Win Condition
You win when all Evil characters are dead. You win even if you are dead.
You may PM your Night Actions now. Night ends in 24 hours.

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That morning, they found that JaumeBG had apparently broken off a table leg and beaten himself to death. The room was in a mess, blood leaking everywhere. He is stone cold dead, and under his skin he is revealed to be The Shadow.
[From Amnesia:The Dark Descent.]

In the Convention of Characters II, you are The Shadow. Your abilities are:
Creeping Madness:Every time a Night Action is performed on you, the performer will be informed that he has gained one Insanity Point, but is not told what that means. Only you know that when someone accumulates 3 Insanity Points, they will be informed that all abilities have been replaced with Creeping Madness.
Stalk:Every night, you may perform Stalk on a selected target. If you do, that target is given the Stalked effect for the rest of the night. They will not be told that they have been stalked. If they perform a Night Action while under the influence of Stalked, they will be given 1 Stalk point. When they accumlulate 3 Stalk points, their role will be revealed in-thread and they will automatically get 2 Insanity Points. They will not be informed that they have accumulated the Stalk points, but they will be inforemd if and when they get their 2 Insanity Points.
Win Condition
To win, all other players must be dead or you’re in a situation where nothing can prevent the same. Stalemates(ie. happily ever after) will count as a LOSS.

You may now vote.

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I… can’t say if that’s good or bad. It’s good because any cops still alive can’t lose their power or be revealed to Mafia, but bad because Mafia can’t lose their power or be revealed to town.

ocelot, CowFriend, Woon1957, DragonArcherZ, and I are still alive. Just thought I’d throw out the obvious. However, from D3, ocelot states that DragonArcherZ an JaumeBG are inactive. Seems fine and dandy, right?

Well, it turns out one of the people he called out was sirmark, who was an inactive townie. Although I could just outright vote ocelot (It seems Light is alone in this if The Shadow is evil), I’ll vote JaumeBG since he is also in the smokescreen of inactivity.

EDIT: Well, it seems like there was a typo of sorts. So I’m voting DragonArcherZ instead.

{Vote JaumeBG} It seems he was already NK’d. Onto voting plan B.
{Unvote JaumeBG, if I have to first}
{Vote DragonArcherZ}


I don’t have much idea on who’s scum.

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Made a typo blakzer, Bluji was killed earlier in the game. JaumeBG was the one NKed.

Also if you look at the Shadow’s win condition it’s pretty obvious he’s third party.

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That’s because everyone is freaking inactive…

Well I guess our best shot is to take out dragonarcherz, hopefully Light is indeed alone, which means tomorrow will be lynch or lose.

Voting DragonArcherz for lurkiness, since I’ve seen him posting on multiple days on council of the plains I’m convinced he’s just lurking.

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> Remember he signed for a mafia
> Checks the thread
> Finds out already dead

God damnit, every time.

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Originally posted by therealsirmark4:

> Remember he signed for a mafia
> Checks the thread
> Finds out already dead

God damnit, every time.

Srsly? It’s almost been a fortnight…

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I’m too inactive lul

Vote Dragon because he must be scum lulul

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And there’s the majority (3 votes for DragonArcherZ, 5 players total).

Well, it seems like we’re in the Twilight phase now. Hopefully DAZ is scum.

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The mob kills DragonArcherZ. He gives them a middle finger before slipping his neck through the noose. Unfortunately for him, his neck doesn’t snap, so he’s forced to hang there and choke to death.

He was Lux.

In the Convention of Characters II, you are Lux. You have the following abilities:
Zone Lockdown:When used, no Night Actions may take place on the night that you use it. You can use this ability twice only.
Final Spark:You may kill a person during the Night. The following day, it will be revealed that Lux was the role who has killed that person, though your username will be hidden. You may use this ability once.
Sight Ward:At any point in the game, you may choose to use this ability. When used, I will post a message confirming that you are Lux and that your alignment is not evil, though your abilities will not be revealed.
Win Condition
You win when all the evil characters have been killed. You may win even if you are dead.

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Please PM me your Night Actions(24 hours left).

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Woon was found dead in his bed the following day. He was Morhpeus.

Sensing their opportunity, ocelot and Cowfriend attacked Blakzer, revealing themselves to be Light Yagami and LurKer, respectively. Blakzer, as his skin was torn off, was revealed to be Slumbering Sora.

It’s not really of importance now, but I can give out their roles if you guys want.

EDIT:Also, if you guys don’t know where a character is from, just ask. The Shadow, by the way(the most ambiguous character), is taken from Amnesia:The Dark Descent.

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Told chu I’m gonna win lolol

(ocelot did most of the work)

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Yeah, lol.

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Ocelot was too damn easy to figure out, I don’t know why you guys were so stupid to realize that.

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I don’t see how I got out of this game alive.

To be honest I’m usually very good at mafia side, and awful at town. I think the mistake I made was taking interest in the deathnote roles on day 1, after Jask and Arkenan (the two others who were talking about the deathnote roles) really it was quite obvious that I had to be kira, since the other two candidates were killed.

Sept nobody saw it, I’m surprised Devourer didn’t notice.

What saved my ass was A) Blazker and B) Inactivity.

By day 3 I had killed the four main threats, Bluji and Devourer, and arkenan and Jask had pretty much doomed each other. So I guess town shot itself in the foot.

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You practically gave yourself away at this part:

Because it’s going to happen anyway without me so may as well get it over with.

This is a line that every scum would normally say if he is hammering, no matter how professional he is, this mistake is common. This reason should’ve been enough to get you guys to vote for ocelot at day 3, but no, you just had to go ahead and vote for some inactive. I even thought ocelot and blakzer were scum at one point, then cowfriend popped up. Quite frankly, I knew one of these three people had to be scum, but I wasn’t in the game anymore, and I couldn’t help other people, so, yeah.

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Thank you Jask, I don’t usually find many loopholes in my game, in fact the only time I was lynched as mafia was when I tried to convince people Knoob (the godfather) was a fool, he got inno back from cop so they didn’t lynch either of us, but a day killer took knoob out the next day so I was caught out simply by roles.

Other than that I haven’t lost a game as scum in kong. I die all the time as town though, because I make more scumslips when I am innocent.

Oh and Bluji almost got me lynched but me and him turned out to be the last active players and the game just kinda died.