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Originally posted by arkenarken:

Unvote: [AdeebNafees] (even though you didn’t count it)

Vote: [Jaskaran2000]

Explain this vote, please.

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Is that someone walking down the street?
There are 12 hours, aka half a day left till we reach the hard DL.
To reiterate, with 15 alive, you need 8 for a majority.

hamuka (0): Jaskaran2000
Jaskaran2000 (5): racefan12, MaistlinRajere, BCLEGENDS, djrockstar, arkenarken
racefan12 (2): Jaskaran2000, myhome16
MaistlinRajere (2): GottaAskTheMan, RaceBandit, GottaAskTheMan

People not voting ~ Location of latest post
SilverEvil ~ P3
Bluji ~ P4
Woon1957 ~ P3
therealsirmark4 ~ Not Confirmed yet (replaced if doesn’t before the end of N1)
T6salt ~ P2
hamuka ~ P2


MaistlinRajere: Jaskaran2000
Dj: Jaskaran2000
BCLEGENDS: Jaskaran2000

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Good job. I posted last page, GM.

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Originally posted by Bluji:

Good job. I posted last page, GM.


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Well, It looks like we’ve got Jask as our person of choice to kill. Providing something dramatic happens in the next few hours. So I’m not gonna vote for anyone.

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Unvote MaistlinRajere

Vote Jaskaran2000

Just go with the flow. I mean, after all, Maist is never going to get voted, so it’s a useless vote.

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Since Jaskaran2000 was 2 votes away from majority, the lynch was not executed, and NL occurred.

“Seems like I am late, Roy.” said Ryan, addressing the enormous Shepherd sitting on his bed, which wagged its tail and watched its master, as if understanding whatever was being said to him. “Let me just get my sheath.” He looked around the messy room, and frowned deeply. “Now where did I keep that blasted sheath?”.

Roy let out a series of low barks in reply, and Ryan shook his head ruefully. “No no. It won’t do to go out without that. You remember what happened last time we did that?” he winced, as if recalling the memory of being caught by the Head of the Guard without wearing his complete uniform, and narrowly escaping a service dismissal. “Ah, there it is!” Picking up what he needed from the bed, he signaled to Roy, who leaped off the bed and followed him out of the little house.

The night outside was pretty cold, and Ryan felt glad when he saw the guardhouse in the distance, with the inviting orange glow of its torches promising warmth and comfort within the wooden walls. He hurried quickly through the darkness, his eyes straining to see into the darkness. The curfew was in effect, and if anyone was around, he’d have to herd them into the town gaol. That was, of course, only if they weren’t worth sparing a bullet.

Rules around The Wall were strict.

Reaching the door of the guardhouse, he flattened himself against the wall beside it, and gingerly pushed it. Locked. As usual. He liked to check that before doing anything else. The conditions in which he lived meant that at any time, he could be picked off by a stray shot from the darkness, and he somehow preferred that. He didn’t know whether he’d find it in himself to stare into the face of his killer boldly.

He fumbled with the lock, his cold fingers slipping over the colder metal as he cursed the Commander under his breath for giving him the guard duty on a night like this. Wisps of fog floated near the ground level, and a couple of hours later, they would converge to form what they called in the camp “The Dense White”, a fog so thick that one couldn’t even see his own nose.

Then, he stopped. His ears had detected what his eyes couldn’t. Something that sounded like laughter in the distance. He glanced around and, picking up a torch, headed off into the darkness.

He didn’t like the sound of that.

Night 1 has started, and will last for 48 hours. If you don’t want to execute your NA, you can always tell me!

No one should talk in the thread during the night. With the exception of therealsirmark confirming himself.

Unless therealsirmark confirms before 24 hours from now, he will be replaced. That’s a change from what I said earlier, and I know it. I will be sending him a modprod.

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Originally posted by Jaskaran2000:


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Night 1: Rather dreary day

(Maintaining the trend, apparently)

“Ward number 3. You want Dr. McCargo.” I heard myself saying to the visitor, and then returning to the tedious but necessary work of maintaining a most professional demeanor while sifting through several pages of meaningless writings and directories that I didn’t actually need to consult at the moment. From what I once used to believe, though I didn’t any longer, it was vital for me to always appear calm and patient, busy but helpful, even when I felt like tearing my hair out in rage or despair. Come summer, come winter, in war and peace, I would always stare up at people I didn’t know, smile, and say “How can I help you?”.

It had become something of a habit now, or I wouldn’t bother. Especially not today. I had a host of important works to do at home. Not as if I considered them important myself, but if I didn’t head for the market today and do that talking with the confounded artist, Gloria would probably scream her head off about how she had always known that marrying me was the worst possible thing that she could have done.

As if to pour fat into the fire, it was raining. Like the sky was crying its heart out. Through the window, I could see the pedestrians traveling in broken rows, their umbrellas of various hues raised to shield themselves. Cars went by. The clouds slowly shifted.

I turned around as I heard someone walk into the lobby. It was the girl from before, who had asked me where she could find the guy who was brought in yesterday. She seemed to be deep in thought. Suddenly feeling quite thirsty, I signaled to the other receptionist to take care of my desk. The lobby was mostly empty anyway, so he would be able to handle it.

Halfway across the room, I nodded at her, but she didn’t seem to notice me, and walked right into the small table in the middle of the room. She lost her balance, and I managed to catch her as she fell towards me.

“Sorry.” she muttered apologetically. A strange perfume reached my nose as I helped her steady herself.

“Are you alright?” I asked, watching her with concern. She seemed to be quite flustered at the incident.

“Yes… I didn’t mean to do that, but I didn’t see-”.

“It’s okay.” I said, nodding again, quite conscious of the overpowering scent. It seemed vaguely familiar, but I had a nagging feeling that I hadn’t smelled it before when she came in the morning. “You aren’t hurt or anything?”.

She shook her head, her eyes still not quite in focus as she brushed down the front of her coat. Then, quite suddenly, she asked me something that I hadn’t expected her to ask.

“When is he going to be discharged?”.

“Who?” I asked, before catching up. “Oh, that guy? Well, it is probably soon, if his situation doesn’t deteriorate. Why do you ask?” She bit her lower lip, and her eyes darkened, as she stared out of the lobby.

“Keep an eye on him, can you?” she asked, her voice pleading. I hesitated, before nodding. It seemed to relieve her somewhat, and she smiled. “Thank you”.

I watched her leave, and thought about the patient while sipping my cup of coffee. I had begun to recognize that scent by now, or thought I did, which amounted to the same thing…

It was the scent of mystery.

Night 1 is over. No one has died.

NAs have been resolved, and you should have received the result of your NA by now, if you executed it.

List of dead

Time ~ Name ~ Role

Day 1: No one
Night 1: No one

Dawn 2: Too Early For a Lynch

(trend broken by a rather mysterious box)

In the middle of the rather deserted town square, there sat a rather beautiful box. It glistened even in the pale light of dawn, painted with bright colors, as if waiting to be opened. One by one, people came out of their houses, and all eyes fell on the box first. There was a small hue and cry about it, and then, someone walked up to it, and examined it.

On top of it, in dark letters, were printed the following words:

Best… Box… Ever!

The question that seemed to matter most at the moment was whether the box was to be opened.

Dawn 2, preceding Day 2, has started!

Vote on whether you want to open the box or not. You have 24 hours to decide. You cannot keep the box for opening later, as it will disappear automatically at the beginning of Day 1.

Plurality is in effect in this case, and with 15 alive, 8 votes either in favor or against opening the box are needed in order for the decision to be finalized (in such a case, Day 2 may start before 24 hours are up.

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VOTE: Box_be_opened

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VOTE: Open the box

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Originally posted by MaistlinRajere:

VOTE: Open the box

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You cannot keep the box for opening later, as it will disappear automatically at the beginning of Day 1.


Curiosity killed the cat, you know…

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It’ll probably be destroyed if we don’t open it.

Vote: Open box
Might as well see what’s in store from what appears to be the best. If it turns out to be something bad, a more negative name might actually be more viable.

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Vote: Open box
Hopefully, it’ll be something the town can use.

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Originally posted by BCLEGENDS:

Vote: Open box
Hopefully, it’ll be something the town can use.

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Vote box open

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It will now take 1 more vote to open the box, since there are 7 votes in favor of opening the box. Unless that vote is against opening the box.

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Originally posted by T6salt:

Vote box open


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No more votes will be accepted. Thank you for voting. The box will be opened.

Day 1 starts in about an hour.

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Day 2: Best… Box… Ever


I opened the box quite slowly, trying to make the moment seem a bit more dramatic than it actually was. Maybe I needn’t, though. My heart was beating so hard that it seemed as if everything was moving in slow motion anyway. There was something shiny inside the box, a brilliant flash of white…

“Eli, will you marry me?” I asked, feeling my throat dry up as I watched her expression over the rim of the velvet case containing the ring that I had bought only an hour earlier. Her cheeks became a brilliant red, and she seemed to want to turn away, yet transfixed by the glare of the white stone, couldn’t do so.

“Oh…” she muttered, her hands slowly rising to cover her lips as she stared into my eyes, and I stared back into hers. Minutes passed. Hours passed.

“Well?” I asked, resisting, with difficulty, the desire to lick my lips and wet them. This was it. A yes or a no, and I would know whether all these years had wiped Raymond’s memory off her mind after all. “I am still waiting for your answer.”.

“The answer…” she said, her voice blank and hollow, as her eyes moved away from the box, and towards the red rose on the table. And then, as she opened her mouth, the band began to play. I couldn’t recognize the song, but it had a romantic melody. Something seemed to suddenly darken inside her eyes. All the color drained out of her face, and suddenly, I realized that I had made a mistake.

“That song…” she said, her voice barely above a whisper. “We danced to that on our first anniversary….” Oh damn. I couldn’t believe this. It was all going to end in smoke. All my efforts to have Eli for myself were futile. I didn’t care to conceal my anger as I watched her, as Eli drifted away from me, and Elizabeth Raymond Blackman became more and more distinct.

I hated myself as I watched her leave, her “no” still tearing through my brain like a needle. That’s when I decided that I would leave the town, and never come back.

That thought calmed me down somewhat as I walked down the street at night, trying to calm myself, trying to use logic and reasoning to subdue my emotions, that just didn’t seem to want to calm down. What would I do next? I would join the military. Yes. That’s what I would do. I didn’t care tuppence about my life any more, and it didn’t matter if I gave it up for this cause or another. Over in the middle of the battlefield, a man could die without being mourned.

My senses suddenly tingled. I was standing near an electric line pole. Two people were walking down the street, discussing something among themselves. Perhaps I was mistaken, but I could have sworn seconds before that I heard them say “murder” and “revenge”. Alarmed, I flattened myself against the pole, and listened to them as they walked past, talking.

My blood chilled as I listened to what they were talking about. They had come to the town on a certain mission, one driven by the motive of vengeance, it seemed, and they wanted something. Something valuable, probably, but I couldn’t hear them properly at that point. These miscreants, I decided, were up to no good. I had to follow them and see where they were going, and what they wanted.

I followed them through the town, silent as a night owl, trying to catch sight of where they were heading. They seemed to be heading towards the abandoned warehouse in the corner of the town. What could they possibly be looking for there?

They paused near the heavy iron gates, and one of them signaled the other. He seemed pretty good at lockpicking, as the gates swung open with a rusty creak, and they swept into the confines of the intimidating building. Curiosity fought against caution, and if it had been any other night, I would have headed for the police station. But then, my fingers brushed against the velvet box in my pocket, and my resolve steeled.

After what seemed to be an hour-long pursuit inside the facility, navigating many twisted corridors and wrecked rooms, we finally stopped in a rather large room, with an imposing piece of machinery in the center. They seemed to be examining it, and I took the chance to get a good look at both of them in the light of their torch. They had masks pulled down over their mouths, but their eyes were visible, and I knew I could recognize them. My senses had grown as sharp as those of a bloodhound during my days in the forest.

Then, both of them began to follow a new path, deeper into the factory, and I followed them, keeping my distance. I had little to fear, as they made quite a lot of noise as they traveled, masking the sound of my footsteps, and I had earned myself a solid steel rod as a weapon. It wasn’t much in comparison to their revolvers, but I felt confident that I could knock one of them out at any time, and overpower the other as well.

What caused me the slightest amount of discomfort, though I tried to shake it off, was a feeling that these men were both afraid of something, despite being unaware of my presence and armed with guns. What could that something be?

Day 2 has started! Soft DL is 96 hours from now.
Change in the lynch mechanics. Hard DL is a bye-bye, replaced by extra soft DLs, though I like to call these “Nag DLs”. In other words, once the soft DL is reached, I am going to be sending out modprods to non-voters nearly every 12 hours. Yes, really. If 4 of them go unanswered, AKA you don’t appear within 2 days, I will replace you faster than you can spell replacement. So alert me if you are going somewhere.
With 15 alive, it takes 8 for a lynch.

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apparently we have a god or two.

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I have no idea how I’m going to judge box names if that was the effect. I’ll assume this was a bit on the bad side, as we might get stalemated between the modkills and replacements that the Nag-DLs will invoke.

Vote: MaistlinRajere

Might be using a bit of meta on this one; Jask’s elitist posts might be his playstyle, which TBH should be changed before he gets himself mislynched in games such as “Council of the Plains” and “Storm of Chaos”. (He was town in both games.)

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I assure all players that the nag DLs aren’t a result of the box opening. That’s in response to the deplorable vote activity on D1.
I may withdraw them if activity returns to ordinary levels.

Did they just move something heavy aside?

Bottom of the page Votals

(can also be called “pre-sleep votals”)

MaistlinRajere (1) ~ RaceBandit

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for reasons stated in page 3.