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Challenge: Sumo Smash >>|<<
What’s a Challenge? [See Gameplay ~ Challenges]
Challenges are optional.

In Sumo Smash, the objective is to smash the enemy out of the fighting ring (>>|<<).
To do this, you must smash attack the enemy.
Smash Attack is reached at +500.
Each pun for your team’s side counts as +100 to Smash Attack.
The pun must be relevant to the theme (the theme changes). No Repeated Puns.
You can only make a pun after two other players have posted puns.
Double puns will be ignored.
Smash Attack’s strength is determined by a random number generator that produces strengths from 1-100.
If the enemy takes 150 Damage, the enemy is defeated.

I have selected teams using a random list generator.

Non-participating players will be removed after 3 Theme switches.
The winning team receives 2 Punee apiece.
The losing team will be eliminated entirely.
The winning team will be divided into 2+ teams (depending on divisibility).
Challenge continues until there is one remaining player, who receives 5 Punee.

(77 Damage) Team 1 (+ 400)

(19 Damage) Team 2 (+ 200)

THEME: Dharma

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I think Twisted that going to Country Names was somewhat a bad idea, since another group’s topic is Country Names…

Sorry, wtf is Taco Bell?

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Sorry, wtf is Taco Bell?

A U.S. fast food franchise that sells Mexican food like tacos and burritos.

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So Team 1, you think you won? Nachos fast! Cause DAZ is here, ready to burritoally smash your faces in.

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Originally posted by CowFriend:

Sorry, wtf is Taco Bell?

A U.S. fast food franchise that sells Mexican food like tacos and burritos.

Well um…Tacos/Burritos/Nachos right? I don’t really know much about it so I won’t be doing many puns for this theme..

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Time to measure c up because you’re getting grilled and toasted, I’ll give you a quick disposal.
You puns are such a pan to hear, I need First KitchenAid so I hope you have some wood ones stoved away.
Water you doing, sink ing so many bad puns in the first round while my bad puns are still flowing, you’re going to need to mixer them up if you wanna keep going.

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“You can only make a pun after two other teammates have posted.”
Can you please clarify this rule?

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Originally posted by burrito:

“You can only make a pun after two other teammates have posted.”
Can you please clarify this rule?

[I edited it to say “You can only make a pun after two other players have posted puns.”]

DragonArcherZ: Nachos fast!
funiax: (PUN) [DAZ can’t post]
puzzledan: (PUN) [DAZ can’t post]
DragonArcherZ: I can make a pun now!

Also, to all players, please try to minimize double posts =)
I only do so because my posts can be ridiculously long, and its more organizationally cohesive to do so.
A few sentences on different topics can be split by use of: <hr />

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Yeah, you can replace my spot for a reserve. I apologise for this.

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Originally posted by JaumeBG:

Yeah, you can replace my spot for a reserve. I apologise for this.

If you’re overwhelmed by what to do — it’s simple, really.
You’re verbally attacking Bluji with puns (the puns must pertain to a theme of “Modern Political Leaders”).
So about three sentences calling Bluji out would be sufficient.
Then you wait for Bluji’s response, and retaliate.
Then you vote on other’s battles and await the conclusion of your match’s vote.

If you’re leaving because you don’t believe you can regularly play; I’m sorry to see you go.
This game is always open, and if you want to pop in other events/challenges — they’ll be less confusing — feel free to do so. Thank you )=

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Show some filial piety, or I will crush you with my iron feast. Next time, remember to give yo momma some May flowers!

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You might think you’re beefy, team one, but you’re just hamfisted! You know what this mince? (Minns?) You’ll lose, we’ll eat you up, then we’ll lose! Our bowel contents.

[I’ll do some voting in a while.]

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Originally posted by burrito:

Wow, with a category this broad, I gotta be a little whisk y with my puns to beat you.
I gotta stay cool like my puns, too fridge-id, now I want to see you strain your mussels and make a counter argument.
I’m going to squish you like a puny bug, so give a microwave goodbye.

Retaliation time!

Also, next time someone says “Water you doing”, they are going to sea no end to it.

Drawer best weapuns out, and be ready to face a beater victory as I come rolling pin to clean up dish rack of a competition with my grater punnage: may take time, but I’ll have funnel through the processor!

Hey, spigot a bit louder, since your puns seem to be in sink gear, though I won’t give you a chance to sifter any higher anyway – next time I casserole of a lazy fighter in one of my films, I’ll definitely fork it out to you. ;)

When it comes to being squished, I’ve blender and done that a million times, so sieve you can find an o pan ing while I open this here ten tong can o pener and wrap this up in s tile!

Sumo Smash – Team 1

[We seem to be losing ground, Team 1, so get in here and up the ante!]
[Gauss, just something I want to point out: Only one pun per post, remember!]

Don’t worry about your bodies getting burned to ashes if you fall at our hands, Team 2. We know how to burrito!

[burrito won’t like me making his pun for him, but hehe.]

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For the Sandwich battle, I vote 1. 1 did the Subway pun first (arguably, this is a tough criterion which biases towards the first goer in any situation, but whatever), and the ‘sand-which is’ pun, as much as it’s groanworthy, it’s a pretty bemused groan it produces. 2 didn’t do much – including ‘sandwich’ everywhere doesn’t help, nor does failing at Textile.

For the Bathroom battle, I don’t vote for obvious reasons, although it feels like 2 veered off the theme a bit. I’m more of a strict person, sticking to regulations…

For the Mathematics battle, the battle was really even. I don’t know which to pick – you both did really well. As such, I’m not casting a vote here. Let the others decide. If I could get both of you through, I would.

In the Fast Food battle, 1 was clearly outmatched by 2. 1’s puns were decent, 2’s puns were better – especially in the retaliation. 2 gets my vote.

In the Car Parts battle, I vote 1 once again. 2 seemed really intent on copying 1. The engine pun is nice, and it’s so blatantly copied it’s disgusting. 2 also seems to break down in the retaliation by the end – deteriorating mental state? Who knows. Either way, 1 gets my vote.

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Oh, voting!

Voting tiem!

In HamvsTea, I vote 1. Quite a clever retaliation, IMO, and 2’s attack was rather on the weak side. If I have to judge, both players had very, uh, benign attacks, though 1’s “sandwich” pun in the attack was fun. 2’s retaliation mentioned sandwich a bit too many times, and lacks on the variety sector, with only one pun actually shining through and making me smile.

IMO, Best pun by Hamuka:

I advice meating some pun masters and learn some tricks from them to cook up much better puns than me

IMO, Best pun by Tea:

I will Chrust you into oblivion.

In GottvsCF, I vote for 2. Really must say that the fight was very close, but 1’s retaliation fell short in the quantity department, and though it had quality, so did 2’s, who also made some very nice puns.

IMO, Gott’s best pun:

so rice and shine, it’s time to meat your end.

IMO, CF’s best pun:

I donut think you know what you’re saying. Even if you mustard up all your strength, you still won’t be able to match up with my superiority.

[Had to quote both, because both were equally awesome]

In MysteryvsGATM, I vote 1. 1 had an overall far superior attack, while 2’s attack seemed to be nearly a repetition of 1’s. Both had pretty good retaliations, but 1’s prior performance meant that 2 couldn’t really outshine him in the end.

IMO, best pun by MM:

The axis my weapon of choice, engine is the drink to go with it

[Very, very nice.]

IMO, best pun by GATM:

I like to drink champagne, engine too, but the best thing I like to do is battery.

[Engine had already been done by Mystery, so it had less impact on me]

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Originally posted by helltank:

Hey, thijis, I’m in no Russia to beat you. You’re too easy an opponent; Irish I had someone more worthy to duel with. You want to mess with me? I’ll tell you know that I’ll devour your Seoul if you do. You want Togo somewhere and hide from me? Good luck with that. Once Iran a hundred kilometers to hunt down and destroy one guy who crossed me.

Think you’re going to win our battle? Norway that’s going to happen. Isreally hard to beat me, some say impossible. Surrender or I’ll have a Wale of a time whupping your ass.

I’m not so sure about that. VatIcan beat you! I have found a Niue NorWay to fight! I just think Uruguay! I dare you to think of a pun that could possibly beat me. You can’t? Well, Denmark the date of your death on your calendar! Oman, I’m Ghana beat you so hard, you won’t believe it. But, we already knew that much. Well, if you’d excuse me, Syria later!

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hamuka VS T6salt
Vote hamuka – no offence to T6, but his puns seemed all over the place while hamuka’s were nice and focused on the topic.

Minnakht VS RokRokRok
Vote Minnakht – really clever puns and nice flow.

devourer359 VS funiax
Vote funiax – I just like his puns a lot better, especially “x pectations”.

GotterakaThing VS CowFriend
Vote CowFriend – much better puns, GotterakaThing should have written more for his counter.

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Adeeb is right, I am aggravated with the fact he took my burrito pun. It’s tortilla-y aggravating.

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Sumo Smash – Team 2

Oh, so you think you guys can heat up this match, beat us and earn nacho fame, don’t you? Well I’ll taco you out of this onion ring so hard that your body will fly onto the South Pole, and you’ll say: “Brrrrito!

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In punuka VS T6Pun, I vote for 1. T6Pun had to explain his puns, which means they weren’t very good puns, since good puns are easy to understand, at least IMHO.

In PunnerakaThing VS PunFriend, I’m voting for 2. PunFriend had more interesting puns, and they were rather funny, as well, where as GotterakaThing’s retaliation seemed slightly too boring for me.

In Mysterypunon VS GottaPunTheMan, I’m voting for 1. Mysterypunon seemed to make it faster to each pun (brake, wheel, exis, engine, exhaust) and GottaPunTheMan seemed to repeat himself (brake, bumper).

TheAznPunsation, I’m okay with the fact I don’t have an opponent. I would like to get one soon, though.

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ThePunPunsatpun, you should update that Sumo Smash list IMO.

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Well, this round is way to hard. Quite a large amount of us don’t even know what Taco Bell is. You can’t make the rounds nation specific, you have to make it so everyone knows what you’re on about.

Eg: Round could be fast food stores in general.

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I agree with t6, I’ve never been to a Taco Bell, and the only info I have on them is from the internet and all I know is they sell tacos and make you shit a lot.

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Forgot to mention, the praises I’ve been getting, despite me being an uber noob at puns, Have made me happy all day.

Thank you :3

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Originally posted by Mysterymason:

I agree with t6, I’ve never been to a Taco Bell, and the only info I have on them is from the internet and all I know is they sell tacos and make you shit a lot.

I was thinking about changing the thread to something broader like Foodstores in General, but hey, it’s part of the challenge to make puns about something you don’t know.

Maybe it’s just my quesa-dilla, but I like to think that this is going to be a very educative experience as well.