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Do you want to change Cadmus’s action in Turn One? You said store the water, but you can’t yet.

EDIT: Sorry, didn’t notice you already did.

Anyway, without a pick-axe, you cannot collect metals like gold and such. By the way, you can also search for gems.

EDIT2: I added a searching section in the “How To Play” post.


You can use the bronze and silver metals to make a pick-axe. You will need to research how to melt metal, bend metal, etc. first then you can craft it. Once you have a pick-axe you can get rarer metals and gemstones.

EDIT3: Added something to the “Mining” section in the “How to Play” post. Pick-axes give you a roll boost and let you mine higher-ranked metals/gems.

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How do you create a pick-axe without already having metal? Also, the instructions on Crafting notes that before you have a Pick-Axe you can search for metals.
Thank you Underlord, I edited my action.

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Baptist Christian Group (BCG)

TB 1 Collects wood
TB 2 Collects wood
TB 3 Collects wood

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John: Pick up rocks and a few leaves. (to start a fire)
Alex & Susan: Collect more metal in the caves.

Sidenote: Can you put up an inventory on the status screen?
Sidenote 2: How do we know what we can build?

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lol, I literally just finished doing that. :D

Also, you can build anything that you think is possible. You will need to research some stuff first and cut the wood with axes. You can use metal to make buildings, for extra reinforcement and defense, but that will need even more researching.

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Originally posted by Underlord:


lol, I literally just finished doing that. :D

Also, you can build anything that you think is possible. You will need to research some stuff first and cut the wood with axes. You can use metal to make buildings, for extra reinforcement and defense, but that will need even more researching.

Thanks :D

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All of my guys research bronze metal related equipment.
Also I shall rename my guys the following:
TB1 shall be renamed: Hans
TB2 shall be renamed: Fritz
TB3 shall be renamed: Jerry

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GotterakaThing, I gave you another bronze metal because I miscalculated. Just informing you. By the way, guys, when you command all your guys to research, you need a metal for each of them.

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What about warmth? etc.

This game needs more details, hard to know what to do without much statistics.

>TB1, roll: 67, collected 2 bronze metals
>TB2, roll: 62, collected 9 twigs
>TB3, roll: 45, collected 2 flint stones


1. Research Metal related equipment [specifically Axe].
2. Search for things like coconuts [Is this tropical forest? or what? MORE DETAILS]. If not, research equipment.
3. Get some rocks and leaves; stack twigs in 1 pile.

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Well, I don’t know where to start with the details. If you want, you can help me by making a list. :D

Anyway, you’re in a desert area. It’s naturally hot there.

And yes, it is a tropical forest.

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[The Reapers]


1 Search for food in the forest. (Berries, fruit, coconuts, ect.)

2 Search for flint/metal in caves. (Priority: Flint.)

3 Search for large unbroken shells at the beach.

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Update tomorrow, get your actions in.

Gotta go now, bye.

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Okay, waiting for Behemoth542 to update. I’ll give him some time, but the update is one-hundred percent today.

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Ups, forgot that you updated this.

Julie and Joan will go to drink water to the river.
John will try to make fire with some twigs

EDIT: Btw, Joan is a woman, so I think you should modify the ‘’Wool skirt’’ to ‘’Wool dress’’, unless you want her to be flashing everyone in sight.

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Day One, Daytime, Turn Two Results

ilovekirby12, The Kirbers

>Natalie, roll: 46, collected 3 flint stones.
>Lance, roll: 25, collected 1 bronze metal.
>Matt researched how to carve metal.

eProdigy, Frozenflame

>Antioch researched how to cool melted metal.
>Cadmus, roll: 1, collected nothing.
>Ignotus, roll: 98, collected 5 bronze metals.

ZombiestookmyTV, BCG

>TB1, roll: 41, collected 7 twigs.
>TB2, roll: 13, collected nothing.
>TB3, roll: 73, collected 13 twigs.

gammaflux, Influx

>John, roll: 95, collected 20 leaves and 5 rocks.
>Alex, roll: 58, collected 2 bronze metals.
>Susan, roll: 61, collected 2 bronze metals.

GotterakaThing, The Looters

>Hanz researched how to carve metal.
>Fritz researched how to cool melted metal.
>Jerry researched how to hammer metal.

DragonArcherZ, DreadHawks

>TB1 researched how to carve metal.
>TB2, roll: 19, collected 1 coconut.
>TB3, roll: 46, collected 2 rocks and 10 leaves, twigs stacked.

arkenarken, The Reapers

>TB1, roll: 60, collected 20 berries, 1 apple, and 1 coconut.
>TB2, roll: 40, collected 2 flint stones.
>TB3, roll: 65, collected 5 large and clean shells.

Behemoth542, Coyote Realm

>Julie drank water.
>Joan drank water.
>John, roll: 32, John failed to make a fire.

Day One, Daytime, Turn Three has begun!

Guys, can you please post the name of your tribe when you post your actions? Thanks in advance. :D

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Question: How often do we need to drink water? Also is it possible to squish (lots) of berries/apples/coconuts/other to gain juice to hydrate someone? (Like a lot of fruit though)

(I will make my turn after I get the answer :P)

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Are there some stats that you can post? hungar meter, research list, inventory, thirst list, etc etc.

it would make it alot easier. And, How much freedom do we have in terms of finding items?

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Coyote Realm

Juliet will sharp some twigs
John will go to drink water to the river


Joan will go to look for fruits at the forest.

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Your tribesmen must drink water every two days. They must eat every five days. And yes, it is possible to do that. I would recommend researching pans first.

Also, making a fire costs one flint stone, one rock, ten twigs, and ten leaves. The fire dies out on three turns.

There are five things needed to be researched before you can make axes, spears, swords, pick-axes, hammers, and pans. Four out of those five things are needed to make armor. Four of those five things are researched using metals, the other is researched using twigs.

Once you research something using metal, the metal weakens. When you research something using twigs, the twigs break.

Making swords, spears, pans, pick-axes, and axes takes five steps. Making hammers takes four steps. I will reveal the steps when someone researches all five researches needed.

EDIT: Okay kirby, I’ll post those stats. There is already an inventory, though. And the research list is supposed to be sort of mysterious so your men can find out. You can find anything that you think would help you. Like arken, he commanded one of his men to find five shells.

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Alex: Create a fire
John: Research bronze
Susan: Collect metal in the caves.

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Day one, turn three

Tb1- Research metal.
Tb2-Research Twigs
TB3- Practice using flint and rock. (Create Fire.)

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Antioch: Research metal.
Cadmus: Research metal.
Ignotus: Research twigs.

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reserve sign

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[The Reapers]


1 Research silver Metal
2 Search Forest for leaves
3 Research twigs.

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Reserve sign.