Update 4.11.2012

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Hi Everyone,
We updated KONG to version 18.7.2

The update include:
1. Daily bonus new boost…
Players can click on the “Your Daily Gift” button every 24 hours.
The gift can be one of the following options:

  • 50-100 Metal
  • 50-100 Oil
  • 5-10 Workers
  • 5-10 Bonus Tokens
  • 10-20 Energy

2. Players have option to hide missions for the world they are in.

3. New battle scoring system based on battles results.
Scoring formula as suggested.
How it working:
IN ADDITION to the current formula which takes power, workers, conquers, ops, relics and crystals.
It will also add the amount of score you gain from battles.
If you battle many battles along the round, then you should accumulate a nice score.
The way the battle score works is: battle score = number of workers killed in opposing army divided between the players who made the kill in accordance with their ratio of army sizes.
Example: if you killed in battle 30 tanks, and both you and your ally sent equal forces in a 2v1 battle.
Then each of you should get 45 points
30X3 = 90 / 2
If the power rating of one size on average based on the amount of units each player sent is more than double the other side.
Then the disproportionally stronger side will get 0 points.
While the very weak side will get double score for each kill he managed to make.
Example: DO NOT ATTACK players who have less than half your power.
This is to prevent bullying noobs for score and kills.

Thank you for supporting us.
Battle Dawn Team

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Good job! Keep doing what ya doin’!

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Thanks for the clarification.