Championship Era

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This era will decide the top team for an entire year! Get your team together and dive into the best era BD has ever seen to date!

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You are kidding, right?

This will be a yawn fest. 1 tic worlds are just crazy boring.

There will be the usual red boosters spending stupid money for some pretend title.


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How are you awarded, “The Best Alliance of 2013” in April? You still have eight months left in the year.

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@wind, 1 tickers make you rely more on skill than activity. I guess you are saying you are not skilled enough to handle some red boosters though?

@Fox it is best alliance for a year period not necessarily the current year (2013). Although some people do think the era may go on for 7 months or possibly more. I personally do not believe it will last that long but only time will tell.