Advice for a beggining programmer.

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i am just beginning programming, i learned java about a year ago, and thats pretty much it. I started making games (pong, mastermind, etc…) about a month ago. I would like to learn flash, and anything else i need to take my games to the next level. Any suggestions are welcome.


i recently created a game, (i call it P-i-NG), and would like to upload it to the web. However, it is nowhere near the quality of the games on Kongregate and i don’t know the first thing about uploading it anyway.
right now its in applet form, in a folder with the rest of its baggage.

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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It would have to be VERY bad to be nowwhere near the quality of the games here. True, many gmaes on kong are good, but some are simply awful. So don’t worry about submitting something that isn’t very good; as long as it is playable it’s probably OK.

Ok, and advice. If I have to give you one piece of advice about making games, it’s to keep working at them. My first two game idaes that I tried programming failed compleately and utterly. But I’ve made many more since, and most of them work.

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thanks for the advice

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For advice: Don’t be afraid to start over. When you do it a second (or third, or fourth) time, you’ll know what worked with the last time, and you’ll be able to make the next one better and easier for you to develop.

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Be one with your inner sponge, learn all that you can. If you find some tutorial on the internet don’t just say i dont need this for the game i"m working on right now, be like, well I mind as well do it, maybe it will be cool. From doing this you will know many odd functions that can come in handy in many situations.

Also, don’t be afraid to take the time to do stuff, Don’t Take Shortcuts!, it will lower the quality of your game.

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I’m sitting in the same boat as you, and just like to let you know of some things that are helping me: 1) other devs on Kongregate, this has got to be the most friendly and helpful. I ask my fair share of questions and they do pretty good job 2) The book: Essential ActionScript 3.0 by Colin Moock . The book is amazing it does a great job teaching AS3 syntax, or its laid out well if you just want to look up one thing. (man that sounded very advertisement, so O’reily books i want some royalties :P ) 3) Keep your you program simple, just get down the basic core functionality, then add in the goodies later. Its easy to get carried away with good ideas for your game, but it will make your job a living hell if you try and implement them all at once
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Spend as much time as you can coding. And be on the lookout for more techniques and skills to add to your virtual toolbox, all the time. Don’t get stuck to a particular way of doing something (unless it’s really the best way). I’m coding all the time lately and imo practice is the only way to get better at something… and there’s always more to learn.

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Great advice guys, I’m also a noob at this stuff but i just started reading books on flash and doing tutorials and I must say, I really love this program.