Pro Artist seeks AS Coder

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You: Are a programmer who knows Actionscript and Flash inside out and sideways. You’ve made a few games that have been technically impressive, but they’ve been knocked for the artwork and style despite the fact that they are genuinely good. You are intersted in making games that have elements of simulation and prefer simplicity as a rule.


You: Are a programmer who knows Actionscript and Flash inside out and sideways (see a theme here?). You have never made a game but have always wanted to. You don’t know where to begin with visuals and/or game design.

Me: I’m looking for a programmer to partner up with. What I offer is artwork, design, and technical abilities – I’ve been in the mainstream game industry for 10 years and have published several big games, but I think that Flash games and simple, interesting gameplay are where I want to start focusing. My goal is to learn Actionscript and Flash, and in the process, I’d like to make a game with you.

If you’re interested send me an email at benthroop AT gmail DOT com.

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Email sent.

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@ admin : what about opening a “Job / Meeting point” forum section ? cause programming is not really the place for that kind of post

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That’s a good idea. They actually do say that programming and art is the place to look for partners but your still right.

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Check out my game Braids NEON – though actually people have said its style is quite good. I’m definitely into simplicity and simulation.

I’ll send you an email.