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ok well… i dont kno too much about game programing but i have worked with game maker 7 and rpg maker xp. I’m wondering what programs work with kongregate? and also if it has any tutorials….also i basically have a 0 dollar budget……

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I gather that you’re not really ready for a command line compiler… so for someone with your experience level I suppose the only good option is to get the Flash IDE… which runs about $400 at the cheapest.

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It starts with a F and ends with a Lash.

It costs $400 and as what fucrate said, you’re not ready for those freebies.

Because this thing is called animation and scripting.

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Download a demo of Flash if you want to make Flash games for Kongregate. But Flash isn’t necessarily the way to go. Flash games are generally considered the “red-headed stepchild” of gaming. If you want to develop real games, use your GML scripting experience (hope you used GML along your way in GM7) to start learning C++ – the syntax is very similar. You can download Visual C++ Express for free, just Google it.

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Yup, it’s true. Flash scripting is the first because it’s really easy to implement random stuff into it.

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For a zero budget you’re in a for rough time. You can try:

  • for scripting and putting everything together. The betas of version three are quite good and bundle all the command-line stuff into a new GUI. I had HelloWorld going in minutes and a simple mouse driven animations working within an hour from install.
  • 7-Day trial of 3d Flash Animator – for drawing graphics and building the trickier animations that you think that you can’t script. For about $50 USD it also does some basic game-like stuff. But, if you plan things right, you can get a lot done in 7 days. You could draw up your stills in gfx programs below and composite them in 3dfa. If you prepare well that 7 days will see you good for a long time of flash assets. (Yeah and I don’t prepare that well either).
  • Inkscape, Gimpshop, OpenOffice Draw – use these to make graphics.

But yeah, most of the tutorials you’ll find are for the commercial version of Flash.

If you’re a student then check if your school has academic licensing programs… you can get Flash (as part of a cooler bundle) for about $150 USD.

And yes, I (as a break from my RL) am slowly working on a flash game for KONG. I have access to Flash 8 (and 9) at work, but am specifically trying to do this game the free way for [insert reason here].

The other way is to collaborate with somebody who has Flash. You design the game and deliver the artwork and they build and code. You need high levels of trust for this – and I reckon it’s best to go with somebody you know IRL since you can at least go to their house and keep their caffiene levels high / distractions low while deadlines approach.

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A quick warning about the educational version of Flash: you technically can’t use it for “commercial” purposes. I’m in the process of contacting Adobe to find out exactly what qualifies, but it’s possible that while you could publish your game you might not be able to share in Kong ad revenue or win any prizes. I’ll let you know if I find out more.

EDIT: I just got off the phone with an Adobe sales rep. She told me that as long as I don’t make any money off of what I create I wouldn’t be violating the academic license. Of course, the legal technicalities might get hairy if you post it on Kongregate, since Kong would make profit from an academic license, even if you don’t. I imagine Kong has a don’t ask / don’t tell policy about it, assuming that whatever you do is within your legal rights. I also imagine that Kong is willing to allow you to opt-out of ad revenue sharing if you wish. Please note, I am not a lawyer, and neither is the person I talked to on the phone. This is just what I have to the best of my knowledge.