Processing 1.0: The "Underground Flash"?

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So, I was reading in one of my Flash books, “Flash Hacks” by Sham Bhangal, about this program that he called the new “underground Flash”. For those familiar with the history of Flash, it was originally sort of an underground thing, before it grew to what it is today.

Anybody running Linux machines or interested in Java (this thing is Java-based), should definitely check it out.

Maybe it could be used to make games??
Processing 1.0

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Processing can be pretty helpful, if you want to learn some programming basics from a designer perspective. Its powerful graphical functions and good examples help you to see what you are actually coding. It has a huge user community and is especially popular in design schools. However the editor is a little bit clumsy and makes it difficult to use Processing for bigger projects.

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jp has a couple of processing games up on pepere, they don’t make much use of the pros of processing over flash but are my favorite games of his.

flash has the network effect behind it now so its unlikely to be replaced.

the 3d soda play thing is probably the most interesting processing based stuff if you haven’t seen it


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Yes, that is very interesting stuff, Kriss, and the game by jp was great. It definitely gave me an idea of what processing can do; what a cool program!

I, myself, will continue using Flash to make games for a number of reasons: because it has become a standard, because I love the vector tools it offers, and also because I prefer a C++/JavaScript syntax over a Java syntax.

But… I like the idea of coding something fun in processing, and besides it’s good to keep Adobe on their toes, so they will continue to make their product better! ;P