projection matrix

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I’m starting a project that includes some 3D geometry and I was wondering if someone can help me w/ understanding how projection matrixes work.


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using 3d in flash isnt easy and it is not all covered in tuts

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i know the flash part i just need help w/ the math

i built this using some improvised math:

use the arrow keys to rotate

AWSD to translate

and R,F to zoom

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I’d like to say I can help you, but I’ll be in the same boat as you shortly.

I took a matrix math class in my second year of university. I got a D, multiple aneurisms, and a strong distaste for the phrase ‘right hand null space’.

Since my first game is going to involve some 3D (I plan on cheating though) If I come up with something I’ll let you know. Otherwise you might be able to find something in a flash 3d game programming book. (or from another kong member)