Game Dialog (RPG style) AS3

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I’m creating an extensive dialog system and looking for input/tutorials/resources. I don’t have many NPC’s planned but each one should hold a decent conversation through a conversation tree, and can detect flags such as your holding equipment x or have talked with character x which opens up optional question x. Something along the lines of retro BaldursGate / Neverwinter Nights / Planescape:Torment.

I have a class that I’ve created previously which uses an array for the questions the player would ask. But it’s a bit clunky as it was created for Timeline animations and takes far too much work to edit each entry and doesn’t have anything for organization other then external documentation. I’m not against building a new system myself, but I know there are some Dev’s here who have already been there and done that.

I don’t have any problems creating the GUI, just the organization of said dialog tree with AS3